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The Arrival of Yeshua's Kingdom cannot be Dated on Fake Calendars

Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. (Matthew 24:42)

Therefore Jesus said: WATCH the man-made signs (ORGANIC GMO Viruses) pestilence, earthquakes, floods & (draughts) discovered in amended Babushka Egg Pearl #142 of a Resh typography. [Click to download Pearl #142. Or download recently discovered Pearl #215.]

The Echo of the Last Atheistic Generation

Many of previous Babushka Egg Concept Books and Pearls showed a World Cuckoo Clock to indicate the ending of an atheistic civilization to start Yeshua’s Kingdom ruled by a King of Kings & Lord of Lords. They came in preparation of the eternal Jod Dimension. Thus, read the final amended Pearl, which tells how a 6000-year Creation is changed by divine Law ending Western Civilization, the Catholic Church and its Protestant denominations along with an evil Islam religion.

The oldest book on earth is the Torah-Bible written by the Creator YHWH and contains the story of Mankind. It is the greatest information source of real science, religion and the Endtime of humanity bathed in Truth and Evil. But most people are usually educated in fake science, falsified calendars that project only lies and deception.

Therefore study the Torah-Bible, especially the last book of Revelation condensed in 18 chapters not meant for Christians. Or read the forty (40) Prophets foretelling the future history of Mankind as long the web is permitted. Please “watch” the many present manmade events unfolding as revealed by an old inventor scientist Jonah-II in his Babushka Egg Concept Books and amended Pearls recorded in heaven, if you don’t mind fake science mixed with Truth.

A Mystery Apocalypse Date requires correction due to a wrong Hebrew Calendar. Thus the Creator YHWH recently appointed a scientist and inventor under the penname Jonah-II to “warn” our 21st Century of the greatest foretold Apocalypse at the front door.

Many dates of Babushka Egg Concept Books should be amended because everybody is mostly educated in atheistic fake science. Consequently current political events will cause updates to some Pearls similar to the Corona Virus infestation. A worse Virus Plague is foretold in the divine Torah-Bible. (Zech. 14:12)

This forbidden Truth is now explained to reveal the divine purpose of humanity using true science linked to the last birth pangs in Babushka Egg Book #15:

Hence, expect the next prophesied events to arrive before Yeshua’s Kingdom: the foretold Two (2) Witnesses coming from heaven to cause the destruction of the global Banking-System in one hour (Rev. 18) perhaps NYC or the Vatican? God’s judgment is repeated again to climax in Wrath of YHWH to end the Anti-Christ at Armageddon, like Sodom and Gomorrah stll dated to after Solstice 2021 AD?

Once more a high-technology civilization will totally perish, similar to God’s Judgment like in Noah’s day (2288 BC). Yeshua-Jesus will come back as King of Kings and Lord of Lords to govern mankind and replace Satan’s evil domain judged by cosmic Laws. Since no original calendars exist, it is difficult to announce the date of the forecasted Wrath of YHWH. Fake science is taught in every school for a hundred years, but Scripture recorded (70 times)

On that Day.

Thus, analyze Matthew 24 in the Gospels and believe what Yeshua-Jesus emphasized, “Watch!” His disciples asked in private about when those events will start now shown in many YouTube videos. But hurry, they are disappearing fast as they recently removed sixteen (16) thousand videos from the Web to keep everybody ignorant of true science and mankind’s history linked to divine Truth.

The prophesied Endtime has finally arrived, though not theologically possible to date, thus Jonah-II used the Julius Caesar calendar as a reference. It should include some decoded ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited worldwide in many museums and relate it to the Torah-Bible banned in all public squares. Hence, Bible knowledge of factual science was collected in Babushka Egg Concept Books and many Pearls being preserved for the next generation. They will be divinely educated to live in peace prophesied in Yeshua’s Kingdom for a thousand years, forgetting recent fake science linked to atheistic lies & deception progressing to absolute Evil.

Thus, the Star of Bethlehem (Golden City) will be seen again in the sky after 2022!

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Pearl #300 -
The Resurrection Plan of Mankind

Decoding some unknown Torah-Bible perceptions were
presented by an old scientist-inventor from Germany appointed to
be a messenger under a penname Jonah-II. He declared the
Apocalypse birth pangs and many prophesied events now shown
on TV-Web to terminate the recent Civilization. Pearl #300 was
not written in logical order thus amended many times revealed in
small steps. It will end in a foretold Credenza with international
radical consequences not reported in atheistic faked NEWS. Again
an ancient judgment will be repeated linked to worldwide iniquity
to be concluded next in a divine Yeshua’s Kingdom. (Rev. 11:15)

The 7th Trumpet

Announced seven months ago 12-10-2019 [page 21] on the
web linked to Daniel’s Abomination on the Temple-Mount.
The Jerusalem event could be: 1) An altar sacrificing a red
cow; 2) President Trump start a Temple; 3) A missile attack
to launch Jacob’s Trouble; 4) A Vatican peace proposal, or
5) Two heavenly Witnesses; 6) Satan forced into mortality?

The 6th Trumpet (Rev. 9:12-20) will shortly sound


Certain is our Death

Certain is divine Judgment

Certain is the WRATH OF YHWH

Certain is for some a Resurrection

Certain is a divine Gift of Eternal Life

Certain is a New Heaven – New Earth the Jod dimension

[Revised 3-1-2020]
Download a pdf of this Pearl & Addendum.

The Creator ELOHIM will not permit
this civilization to continue
to the next generation!

According to the Torah Scripture:

The Apocalypse will end when the two prophesied witnesses have appeared in Jerusalem,

Enoch and Elijah

Thus, “Your” days on earth are numbered! Choose wisely:

An atheistic
New World Order system

Yeshua-Jesus the Christ

Your only option for Eternal Life

The gap between fake science and Bible prophecy accelerated beyond comprehension. New discoveries in computer science will totally change a Christian interpretation perspective of the coming Apocalypse, as Babushka egg concepts were written before the invention of YouTube videos.
What is amazing to me is that the forgotten true science of Babushka Books #4, 5, 6, 7 & 9 and numerous Pearls needed very few corrections, now proven in recent YouTube videos? Fake science taught in every university for 100 years and recent NASA fairy tale deceptions are now confronted by newly discovered science facts found in the oldest book on earth – The Torah-Bible.
Those seeking Truth can redefine divine revelation for the future Apocalypse Endtime found concentrated in Babushka egg concept Books #10-14!
You decide if YHWH the Creator will judge both an atheistic New World Order and corrupted Christian denominations? Pearl #290-Parts 1-3. Or check Dummies Lessons designed for entrepreneurs desiring to become millionaires like Lesson #32 Flying with Compressed Air.

It is big and shocking, but many YouTube videos now demonstrate that Lucifer-Satan has finally succeeded. From researching prophecy, this is the last generation of mankind to perish because we are repeating the trespasses of absolute divine Laws. Nuclear radiation causes painful diseases followed by early death that will end in extinction for a zillion of sub specie creatures moaning for restoration.

Many warnings from a science perspective were explained by Jonah-II in free 14 Babushka egg concept books but globally ignored like Pearls #244, #233, #240 linked to GMO patents. It will soon cause a food chain harvest collapse followed by massive starvation worldwide, as nature cannot be changed on the gene level to less than 100% intelligence.

Now seen worldwide, an unforgiving nature cannot overcome the aftereffects of a global radiation meltdown in Chernobyl, Fukushima and a hundred facilities severely leaking, kept quiet. It will change the “Reproductive Genes” thus causing extinction. 

Massive Death is now shown in Nature, the cause of built-in absolute laws that even God cannot change. Otherwise he could not be omnipresent controlling his Kosmos full circle. If you want to widen knowledge horizons, listen what world scientists postulate, or check some free Babushka concepts linked to the Torah-Bible now revealed in Pearl #290, not fake science.

Pearl #294 -

Estimating the Return of Yeshua 5781 (2019)?

Babushka eggs in Pearl #276 asked which one of seven (7) calendars is correct when even the Gregorian calendar is fake science. The Elohim appointed this time a scientist-inventor under a penname Jonah-II to announce the Apocalypse birth pangs (2008-2015). But previewing back overlooked that the 7000-yr. Hebrew calendar was adjusted ten years ago by 35 years in Babushka egg #1, page 489 dating 24 May 2018. The schedule of the return of Yeshua has not changed but should have looked ahead to distinguish that 6000 Hebrew years have elapsed with the Yeshua’s Kingdom still at the front door. It will end with Two (2) Witnesses from heaven to battle against demons of the New World Order controlled by Satan as the outcome is assured to end absolute Evil of the 21st Century to perish in fire like Sodom and Gomorrah.  

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Pearl #290 -

Rosh Hashanah … 5779? - Part 1

Dating the Apocalypse is worldwide sidestepped. Conceivably Sodom and Gomorrah was not warned either. Only lately I discovered that seven (7) world calendars needed to be corrected because I initially accepted NASA lies that ignored exponentially declining earth wobbles and assumed an earth axis coming to rest @ 23.5° on 21 December 2012. It was in conflict with Daniel’s 490-year cycles, thus a 7000-year Hebrew calendar was corrected ten years ago by 35 years, and I did not know why. The earth axis should be re-calculated and rectified as “wobbles” of solstice years are “time” sensitive and not constant, if applying true physics.

Pole Shifts Growing Evidence for Catastrophic Shifts Past and Present

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Pearl #288 -

Will Yeshua’s Kingdom start after 5779?  

Many Torah-Bible prophecies will mirror echo a Hebrew overlay of the Chet Age unknown by the majority world population of the last century. When people are educated in fake science, they become brainwashed obedient slaves to a few closely-knit oligarch families that control every aspect of common life. The ultra rich formed an international shadow government to oppress worldwide every nation through a veiled www bar code system managed by pliable psychopath FED bankers printing money authorized by US Congress since 1913 revealed in Rev. 17:1-6.

It was prophesied to evolve into a global Chet 8th horn Beast of absolute EVIL in rebellion to YHWH. Unlimited fake money financed military complexes aimed to reduce an earth’s population and altered the laws of nature affecting the environment. Absolute evil science technology of major cartels like Bayern-Monsanto will now terminate most “Life” on earth. The Creator watching his creation is not sleeping and exposed on the web how the New World Order incited constant wars to terrorize and enslave everyone. Hence when historic truth was falsified, some good NEWS remained. Mankind will be redeemed from absolute EVIL now forever defeated, being judged on earth and in heaven by divine Wrath.

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If you survive God’s Wrath, watch the sky. The only hope for mankind is for Yeshua to return and rule as King of Kings -


A Resurrection is “confirmed”!

For the skeptic check-out a divinely designed nature:
A caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly or a seed buried becomes a tree.

Make sure your name is in the Book of Life.


God's Kingdom on Earth is projected
after Solstice 2019 (5779)

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Storm GodA schedule of the Apocalypse birth pangs was revised in Pearl #276 from what was calculated previously 2008-2015 by a hi-tech inventor from a science perspective. A screwed up Hebrew calendar needed to be corrected, which extended God’s Wrath by two years. A dead American Christian Church will now perish. It falsified truth with denominational dogmas, thus became corrupted and would not listen to the many Babushka egg warnings sent from the Creator ELOHIM.

They totally ignored another chosen Jonah as Time has run out to get educated 1 Tishri 5778 (21 September 2017). The Seven Thunders in Revelation 10 is now decoded to finalize this last Jonah-II Warning and is added to Pearl #270 previously sent as letters to 100 global Embassies, 300 universities and 80 Christian TV stations to let the New World Order know that the prophesied global Judgment has arrived.
(Pearls  #175, #666 and #777)

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Pearl #237 -

Sound Bites in Front of the Abyss of God’s Wrath

Until this civilization ends in a Big Bang Apocalypse repeating God's Judgment. 


Pearl #234 -

Mini Questions & Answers
matching the corrected Hebrew World Cuckoo Clock,
a Calendar with a Jod Dial

[The most recent is at the top of the list.]

Mutated Child

Pearl #242 -

Index of Seven Thunders

[Formatted for handheld devices.]

Take a moment to read the revised schedule of the Apocalypse Birth Pangs in Pearl #276 -
Which Calendar is Correct?

or, Pearl #278 - How did Evil Start?

Check the other Pearls to widen Knowledge Horizons -
Summed up in Pearl #270

Babushka Dolls

Pearl #230 -

Babushka Pearlettes

Condensed to one page.

[Formatted for handheld devices.]

  1. A Tiny Body Organ
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. The Return of Yeshua is Dated!
  4. Last Notice to TV Pastors and Christians
  5. Why American Christians will not be Raptured, thus Perish
  6. Suppressed in Christian Churches
  7. What Happened at CERN?
  8. A Veil Partitioned
  9. What is the “Abomination which makes Desolate”?
  10. Forbidden Divine Paradox - Karl Marx Forecast
  11. Obsoleting Space Rockets with Energy for Dummies?
  12. A Business Friend Internet Reply
  13. Who is right? Flat Earthers, NASA globalists, or the Torah-Bible?(Parts 1 & 2, new on 3-6-2017)
  14. The Fake Rapture Theory vs. Appointed Sainthood- 11/16/2016
  15. A Flat-Earth versus a Globe-Earth a Worldview Paradox - Why not propose a marriage?
  16. The Bad NEWS - The Good NEWS
  17. The Hubble Telescope is a Big Lie
  18. Apocalypse 2008-2015 - Typhoon Black Hole
  19. Breaking the Code of Seven Thunders in Revelation 10
  20. 23 September 2017 Sign in the Heaven [Revelation 12]
  21. My Name is Legion
  22. The Dual Mystery of the Hebrew Letter Taw

Skin Signs of the Times?

Jonah-II appeared in the global Town Square announcing God’s Wrath after 1 Tishri 5777. God appointed someone from Germany born under Hitler’s NAZI system in 1932. Firebombs were literally bursting around me when I was baptized as a Christian in my early teens. My family was persecuted belonging to a controversial Christian cult, so I grew up being sensitive to Christian denomination dogma spins. As a 14-year kid, I was pushed by my father’s absence as a prisoner of war to be the sole provider starving in Russian occupied East Germany to find food for a mother and 4 siblings or die.

My journey to becoming a scientist-inventor started at age 17 as a hungry, dirty refugee escaping the Iron Curtain set up by the Soviet Union (now Russia). Eventually I ended up in California via Canada after surviving on a 10-cent/hr. midnight dishwasher job for a few tumultuous years. As a miraculous survivor of World War-II and mostly self-educated, I became a hi-tech inventor outside of a university environment. After some years I founded my own, self-financed million-dollar corporation. As president for 20 years, I managed hundreds of employees and created thousands of jobs for an emerging Silicon Valley.

Along the way, I got married, raised two girls, and became involved with Christian missions and starting churches.  I learned that an invisible providence guided me around cliffs, such as the theft of my patents making billions and a number of Christians misusing my trust. God taught me lessons. All along I was learning more as I searched for God’s Plan for Mankind, as many theological versions exist. I consider myself the last generation working on a farm where I learned about animal husbandry with an environment bathed in a thousand nameless critter insects, millions of flies, honeybees - now all gone. Even new Bible versions cannot be trusted, thus I use a standard Bible printed before 1950.

The Lord has given me much in life, along with deep valleys and storms. I was raised from utter poverty, but I always gave more - a paradox. I attained prosperity ending with a higher-knowledge education with a unique overview to see a space-time dimension overlaid with physics-metaphysics. If you do not believe in miracles, you should look my way: though I cannot write and only speak street English, I ended with 14 Babushka egg books filled with important concepts of science and religion simply expressed. They are avoided in churches and universities, being totally different viewpoints not found in any library; hence they are definitely original, not copied from someone’s opinions.

A basic rule to separate opinions from reality is to require (5) five witnesses. That can raise an opinion to the level of demonstrable facts to win a case in a Court of Law. Theologians will not do that, as general knowledge of science in the last 100 years has been suppressed worldwide with gigantic deception and perversion of Truth. But the YouTube-Genie will never go back in the bottle, but it is also used by degenerate atheists paid off by special interests to keep spreading lies and deception, thus confusing this generation, preventing the Truth.

When a generation has grown up in a belief system made up of thousands of lies and deception, it will never have the opportunity to compare truth and understand an unforgiving nature, which was defined in the physics and metaphysics no longer taught in any school. Reading the Torah-bible will help to get us a balanced viewpoint as most PhDs degenerated to an 8th grade level a hundred years ago. Even the American Christian Church is totally dishonest. No wonder they voted in evil, corrupt atheists only to destroy a Christian-based Constitution look around and see the evidence if you are not brain dead. In short, look at the clock now at midnight and compare it with ancient clocks in many global museums. Together they expose 11 April 2017 as the date for Yeshua’s return.  

  1. The GMO race toward extinction has become irreversible. Check the level seeds I bought in a store 2016 of vegetables, beans, parsley, chive, onions and flowers. If you are a gardener, you will have noticed many did not even germinate in your garden.  Popular shrubs and flowers around 10 years ago are gone from any nursery, and the few leftovers are small and fragile - all being cloned and disappearing fast. The latest NEWS: the Monsanto Cartel, the biggest GMO patent owner is for sale. Why?

  2. Oil – coal, dinosaur-windmills are way down in price. Why? YouTube teenagers proudly show free electricity gismos, and in Peru highland Indian woman laugh and say we all piss in one pot and extract hydrogen to cook our meal as no wood is around. In Mexico a teenager put extra copper winding inside the motor stator, and it runs perpetually as a generator? Free energy still suppressed!

  3. Have fun watching, you might get educated about what was censored for 100 years, or read my Pearlettes…

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Herbert R. Stollorz
9 Video Sound Bites (2015)

Will the 5 world calendars be
synchronized after solstice 2017?
5777 Jubilee 5778?

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