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4488 BC as the Beginning of Genesis or the Universe?


The Hebrew Alphabet Number System [HANS] is fundamental to the Hebrew language. There are 4,000,000 nouns in the English language; however, the Hebrew language is one of the most noun poor languages that man has ever used. Why?

If Hebrew was the original language spoken by God to Adam, why does it appear to be so limited? The answer lies in the recently discovered Rosetta Stone ratio embedded in the book of Daniel. The ancient alphabet was expressed as a pictorial concept similar to Chinese letters or hieroglyphs.

The first written language has imbedded a story with a numerical value and in addition incorporates special meanings for each letter. Each letter communicates four dimensions as described in my previous books found on Hebrew is a shorthand system that delivers a great deal of information to people familiar with that system.

For instance, we have a problem with the word “heaven.” In Hebrew, the one work has three different definitions. My books describe the two dimensions of the universe: Daleth [in this world in this time] and Heh [the other side or spiritual dimension]. In Genesis 1, you have to examine the context in order to determine which heaven is being described. To indicate God’s throne, Paul referred to a third heaven in 2Corinthians 12:2 so you'd know which one he was talking about.

The same principle applies when reading Augustine and other early Church Fathers. The word "day" in Genesis was translated by the vast majority that these days of creation must have been 24 solar hours long. Modern secular educated Christians influenced by a 1930 big bang theory changed it and invented a gap theory where a day is millions of year old. That logic would point out to me that God is limited too like humans and is consequently not able to do his job in shorter timeframe. Intelligence in genetics tells us now a different picture and therefore should expand our concepts to other possibilities. My third book presents an added perspective where I overlay the Aztec calendar with the Gregorian calendar system to arrive at a date of 4488 BC for the purpose planed for humanity’s appearance on earth.

My idea starts out with human eyewitnesses recorded in ancient books like the Bible and surrounding cultures connecting with God’s Plan for Humanity. Understanding that plan, we find out why it was designed and finalized when Adam was kicked out of the Garden on 4004 BC (Gregorian calendar). That does not tell us that the universe was started on that date, but the time machine of the material dimension, like the pendulum of the mortality clock were pushed into the Zayin age for mankind to begin.

Scientists have stated that time shows up in the equation only after the Big Bang, so we can postulate a universe without time. If we later find a time dimension, then that time period can be long or short. Let’s find out what mankind’s calendar and clocks really tell.

The billions of years time frame postulated for whatever reason did not affect mankind as he was not around to know about it. However, if you purposefully design a plan for humanity, then the time dimension becomes important and gives reason for it to appear later – something that can be accurately measured.

Purpose becomes the bull’s-eye from where everything starts. What came later can be expressed in a calendar humanly invented, which is not speculation but deals with historic facts. As a result, that is my starting point for my story. The earth is the only place in the universe where life is possible and consequently is the center of the universe.

The invisible God did not chose another location to become visible, mortal and die at the hands of created beings so that fallen humans may be restored to God’s original intentions for us all. A universe tying in with a time dimension and mankind’s purpose for being in this world is expressed as Daleth in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System or HANS.

Could be more then one universe? Mathematically, some state that it is possible to have two or more parallel universes. I have also read about a mini-universe in a science magazine that compares it to the body.

Each human being is a total new universe never ever duplicated and a unique one time creation. That means with over six billion people, no living person on earth has one duplicate. Looking deeper into the body, it is estimated to have over 100 trillion cells grouped together in galaxies and star systems working together with thousands embedded codes - each as different as our solar system is unique to others, yet all exist according to precise laws.

I am not surprised to have a next article in that magazine appearing, “The search for the Human Soul” and “Does time Exist?” So my story will give you a perspective from a Christian clockmaker who deciphers mystery clocks found in museums. Yes, I have also set dates for events of the Apocalypse embedded in ancient calendars.

I use examples from nature to show what can be known about the Heh dimension [Hebrew meaning–the other side] or the spiritual side that cannot be defined with laboratory experiments. Going back to God’s purpose in a complex world, I use the familiar analogy of a butterfly. This beautiful insect portrays our ultimate spiritual potential: people must first go through a caterpillar stage of mortal fallibility and death to be immunized against evil before emerging with the beautiful wings of eternal life.

This caterpillar stage of suffering and overcoming qualifies those who can function in a future new heaven-new earth as revealed in the last page of the Bible. They will be transformed – resurrected with a new Jod body that has no desire to sin or rebel against God’s ways. God used Satan’s rebellion against the heavenly order to inoculate us humans against evil, to acquire a program of fail-safe training.

When Satan rebelled against God in about 4488 BC, the Creator started a program for a future new world order as the old one was ruined. The date 4488 BC equates to the timeless universe pushed into a time dimension needing to be fixed, like car when it is broken.

My research has revealed the dates of God’s plan embedded in HANS from when the car broke down and not from when it was built. If you are not convinced, just read about the many mystery clocks built in antiquity and found in museums around the world in Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries.

Scientists still do not know what they are. If you are interested, then read my books to find out. Below is an excerpt from this third Babushka book explaining ancient calendars that match with each other.

Summing up the Strange Aztec 52,000 “Year” Cycle

Do 52,000 Aztec cycles connect with the Hebrew calendar for humanity of 7,000 cycles? I hope you followed my math without having first read my Hebrew Alphabet Number System explained in my second book, Mystery of Tammuz 17 you can read for free on the Internet at

Hebrew clock cycle gears must fit to a day. They cannot have even a fraction of one tooth left over or being short. The clock system does not work and should be rejected if it does not fit to one day in thousand years. There is no room for rubber dates to make someone’s pet theory fit. When we overlay clock cycles from other cultures, we expect to find transfer gears, as every clockmaker knows, to connect from one clock to another. Our kitchen clock has two pointers with a 12-hour dial; therefore, it is really two clocks connected - one for the big hand and one for the small hand.

The Antikythera clock mechanism from Greece showed a 64-tooth transfer gear among the 32 gears identified. Scientists have not yet figured out its purpose of connecting one internal clock with another. Seeing the same 64-tooth gear in other cultural clock systems found elsewhere in the world gives me confidence in my hypothesis because they all function according to the same 365.24 days in a Z-axis. Therefore, when we see cycles fitting to a day over a range of many thousands of years, we can trust that they are valid.

The architectural plan for humanity described in the Bible can be expressed in mathematical gear cycles that apply to all cultures. The correlations are aided by the Biblical Rosetta Stone discovered in Daniel’s prophecies. This gives us a way to decipher and crosscheck other clocks for accuracy.

As a young man, I learned the clock making trade in Germany that has become in so handy in understanding Hebrew clock cycles, which looked like embedded number gears. Mathematics is a wonderful tool to express a theory such as my spin-axis hypothesis outlined in Chapter 2. Understanding something about cycles let us look with a different perspective to find parallels in geology, history and science such as analyzing how the sky’s zodiac constellations looked at different times over thousands of years.

Coming back from a vacation in Mexico where I studied the Aztec culture, I discovered the same, familiar clock gears, which actually made a lot of sense. God is the greatest architect, and he planned something to satisfy our intellectual curiosity about how it all began.

Aztec Pyramid Art The Aztecs painted the creation story and Noah’s flood on palace walls that you can check out for yourself. You do not need a scholar to tell you what you see - just a little Bible reading in Genesis helps. So comparing clocks from around the world is no different, provided we do not violate and assume a rubber calendar, as theologians are famous for doing with the Bible.

There are so many parallels from other cultures that I must insert somewhere in my text without a chronological trail. Therefore, if you do not understand what I am trying to convey in some place, then just keep reading, as understanding will come a little later when you have covered some more information on other clocks and various concepts.

The scientist tells me that the Aztec calendar has 52,000-year cycles. I do not know where they got that information. Checking it out on the Internet, I can only find a reference from a Spanish Friar in the 1500s, but if I use it in connection with a spin-axis theory, it becomes very interesting. I hope you can follow my trail, as it will cross over into the history and beliefs of the Christian religion.

Aztec CalendarIf we divide the Aztec seven-spin axis into 52,000 cycles, we get 7,506 Gregorian years as measured by our modern calendar system. When I cracked the Aztec clock, I discovered that the earth was rotating horizontally before Noah’s time with seven (7) spins around the sun in one year of 360 days.

An asteroid hit the earth on 4 February 2287 BC, which caused the Flood. The Aztec clock now deciphered measured that different spin before and after the Flood as expressed in a pendulum wobble until it almost stopped at 23½°. That is why we have two-three dial ancient bronze-gold clocks in museums measuring changing X-Y-Z axis positions.


Genesis & the Length of Pre-Flood Years

Genesis states that Methuselah lived 969 “years,” which is impossible if this means our present, Gregorian years of 365.24 days. A pre-Flood year (shanah – turn of year/cycle) is actually only 1/7 th of that, so 969 becomes 138 Gregorian years, which, as a scientist, I can accept. To convert a pre-Flood calendar of 52,000 years and express it in terms familiar to us, we divide the pre-Flood calendar years by a factor of 7.02384461 cycles to yield the equivalent of 7,506 Gregorian years. (52,000 x 1.0145/7.028 = 7,506).

The Hebrew Plan for Humanity cycle of history and prophecy is 7,000 cycles, which translates into 7,086 Gregorian Years. When we deduct those cycles from the Aztec calendar, we get a difference of 420 years (7506-7086 = 420). Check out the 7,000 Hebrew cycles, and you will find that Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden in 4004 BC.

From 4004, go back another 64-year gear. (Remember, I just wrote to watch for 64-tooth gears from other cultures that would validate different calendars.) to arrive at 4068 BC, which could be construed as the year that Adam was formed. Now we get another date, which is further down in history by 420 years and coming from the Aztec culture stone clock. Added together with the fraction rounded off is 4488 BC.

By applying the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, we see it with Hebrew eyes (aynayim) and notice ending calendar dates with a number 8 that tells me I got it correct. That date 4488 BC could be thought of as the beginning of our earthly purpose and history as it coincides with the rebellion of Satan.

Before the birth of Adam, God removed Satan from high office and immediately set his plan in motion for new creatures, humans, to replace the angelic government of the universe when perfected as Saints. You can learn about the Saints and how to qualify to be one in the Bible. It is also summarized in my first book. Basically, God needs to fill the vacancies made when Satan and his demon companions were expelled from the divine government.

Now we need to tie in the historical missing link as it must match the Hebrew clock cycles revealed in the Bible that came from God. Genesis reports that God created and prepared this earth with seven (7) cycles. Christian theologians concluded that God created the world in exactly seven 24-hour days, which upsets the evolutionists.

The Bible does say “days” in the original Hebrew text, but the Hebrew “yom” means evening-morning or dark-light cycles. Both theologians and evolutionists expound wrong theologies built on wild speculation, one with a “gap” fairy tale as taught in many churches, and the other a humanistic fairytale to fit an evolutionary hypothesis with huge rubber bands in a “billions of years” theory. Neither one fits historic clock cycles.

God gave us the Bible. In it is buried information we can dig out if one knows where to look. We now have a starting date that must fit the 4004 BC garden expulsion date, or we must otherwise reject the clock cycle if it does not match to a day. Let’s find out how the Aztec clock cycles could fit from a clockmaker’s perspective within a Hebrew calendar. You will be the judge whether it makes sense. Do not forget to check out witnesses to collaborate truth found in other areas.

From 4488 BC to 4004 BC we find 484 years difference or 4488-4004 = 484. This to me is a Taw or last Hebrew letter. Its meaning encompasses an entire time dimension I call Daleth. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System expresses with first letter of Adam-Eve=humanity formula as 1-4-40-400, beginning with God as number (1) one [Aleph] and ending with [Taw] 400 the very end of time as expressed in Revelation the last book in the Bible.

Genesis reveals (7) seven creation cycles in which there are (6) six cycles where God said “evening and morning” and concluded “It was good” six times, but on the seventh day it is open ended just stating that God rested. There is no mention that it was good. So God’s rest will be disturbed, which is not so good. He already knows that the humans he creates will fall because of his 7,000-year plan during Zayin age commencing in 4004 BC.

Remember before that date, Adam and Eve lived in the Garden, and the earth’s clock was still in the Waw age of a sinless human environment. God, who is Holy, visited them every evening in the Garden. It was like an invisible greenhouse Heh (heavenly) dimension surrounded by the Daleth (material) dimension where life and death coexisted inside and outside the greenhouse. God visited them everyday for the enjoyment of Adam and Eve’s fellowship. They also eagerly look forward to when they heard God’s presence moving in the garden. During these visits, God would check out how the humans’ education about nature and the world was progressing.

The Garden was surrounded with an invisible sphere of the Heh dimension on earth like we have greenhouses to separate the environment from the outside. The outside is called the Daleth dimension where rebirth and death already existed created on the third day with shrub and tree seeds dying, procreating and multiply itself at a fast pace according to universal laws of genetics.

Christian theologians are confused. They mostly believe that death in all nature was the cause of Adam’s sin based on Romans 5:12 and concluded that all living organisms before the fall did not experience death and that the lion must have eaten grass and changed his diet when Adam ate the wrong fruit. This is a false idea believed by many Christians that is not biblical or scientific. Unfortunately, not many theologians are educated to understand genetics or science.

Just looking into an electronic microscope, we see a world of bacteria and viruses we cannot see with our bare eyes. Using the aid of that instrument, we can observe billions of living cells at war, killing each other a million times a minute. That is the process for fertile soil to be created and for seeds to germinate into a forest of ancient vegetation that we can still recognize in coal deposits and shoal rocks.

To connect scientific death and life cycles of creation with the fall of humanity sinful behavior is dumb to say the least. The train system was built on two rails with station planed from the beginning to the end. That the passenger messed up is not the systems problem when the train experience is no longer pleasant. It has nothing to do what you see outside observing death and life cycles we as mortals are subjected too.

This monorail, old-fashioned, sin-causing-death idea applied to nature from past centuries should no longer be preached in church as we have become more educated in science since then. There was death replicated everywhere in the Garden of Eden and to say that creation did not have death and man’s sin caused it is utter nonsense. If seeds do not die, no shrubs, trees, flowers can grow on earth, and the third day would be a total failure. Therefore, death existed as part of the Daleth dimension before the fall of Adam and Eve, and I hope opinionated preachers will change their outlook to reflect what the Bible really teaches, which is totally scientific if you are not brainwashed in atheistic evolutionary theory as applied to the Christian faith.

Check out the new science of Intelligence Design not allowed in our schools by an atheistic “priesthood.” It could give us a better perspective to understand God’s wonderfully designed creation functioning with imbedded intelligence. Getting exposed to controversial opinions never hurts the advancement of science or improvement in theological understanding.

Think of it. God’s breath gave life to Adam and Eve. It also gave life to every biological cell, like bacteria, which are complex living creatures that must eat something. Bigger fish eat smaller ones to exist. This is a total system put in place on the first day of creation to maintain it. It cannot be altered or corrupted to exist, and that is what is demonstrated in science and reflected in my theology.

The Garden of Eden experience was surrounded by the Daleth dimension, meaning in the Hebrew context “in this world in this time.” During that time dimension, seeds were planted that sprouted to multiply; therefore, death coexisted with a sinless Adam and Eve. Why does the Bible describe a tree to give eternal life if it was not surrounded with death to be compared with the tree of death?

We learn from concepts in nature we call science. Unfortunately, Eve was only interested in sex and procreation and ate from the tree of the Daleth dimension ending in death. Satan lied, “You surely will not die!” Therefore, Eve was deceived and should have been educated in science as explained by the Creator, or she should have asked her husband, Adam.

He seems to have been more scientifically inclined as he catalogued animals and plants. God used Eve’s fateful decision to start a school program for everyone to learn about good and evil. It is the only way to reach that second time around in our butterfly cycle as a member of the Saints who will not be mislead by that evil Deceiver lurking in the dark, camouflaged as a beautiful, enticing serpent.

We do not know the outer limits of Waw before Adam and Eve, except the Aztec system give us a new date of 4488 BC. So let’s summarize, The Bible gives us six defined cycles and one open ended cycle to fit the 4004 BC clock gear. When I looked at 420 Gregorian years, I can easily see 7 cycles of 70 years with the exception that the last cycle is short hence open ended (7x70=490). So we can define 7 creation cycles counting from 4488 BC as 70 x (7 times) starting from:

1. [4488-4418], = 70 years

2. [4418-4348], = 70 years

3. [4348-4278], = 70 years

4. [4278-4208], = 70 years

5. [4208-4138], = 70 years

6. [4138-4068], = 70 years

7. [4068-4004], = 64 years = a gear of many Mystery clocks.

We count 6 standard creation periods plus one cycle for the Lord to rest, which must be a shorter time interrupted when Adam and Eve sinned. So the seventh cycle is 6 years short (4068-70 = 3998-4004 = 6).

The seventh creation day is open ended because it now continues from the missing (6) six days start the Zayin Age expanding to a 6,000-year Hebrew cycle until the Apocalypse (Chet age) 2008-2015. As one day is before the Lord as 1,000 years, so 6 days short become now 6,000 years as God cannot rest until He has all the Saints gathered at the First Resurrection according to the New Testament prophecy and His plan.

After Adam sinned, it would take 6,000 years of clock cycles for the restitution of his descendants to Saints. God’s resting period will happen after 2018 when the resurrected Saints enter the graduate school of 1,000 years of peace on earth under Jesus’ direct rule of many peoples in various nations. The experience gained will be applied to a future government of a new universe using redeemed, resurrected former mortals who have been reborn like a butterfly with eternal life wings.

When in a future time some Saints or Angels will be tempted with the evil, the immunization system will be activated. The Saints, who were formally inoculated with lessons learned from the teacher of evil, Satan, will know what evil is like with all of its very unpleasant consequences. With Satan, the unholy teacher of evil, no longer useful, he will be stripped completely of his demonic helpers and chained in the abyss until after graduate school is over. He will wait for final judgment day. Only after that day may God rest in the midst of His creation and no longer worry about another rebellion. That is the plan for humanity - for you and me, if we want to be children of God.

Two years ago, my books showed a 4068 BC date as the birth date for Adam and Eve. It must be in the 6th cycle of 70 Gregorian years (4138-4068) because the next 7th cycle is when God rested and had fellowship with man He created but cut short. God’s rest was interrupted and disturbed when man sinned and was removed from the Garden of Eden, losing fellowship with God.

The greenhouse Heh sphere “from the other side” was returned to the Heh dimension-heaven, as man thereafter had to live and adjust to the outside-the-greenhouse environment of the Daleth dimension.

Learn all about the plan for humanity in a wonderful book written for those who never realized why we are born on this earth or where one goes after death. Has God forgiven the mistakes we made in the caterpillar school, and we can be sure about that. How can I graduate to become a saint?

Previously, I described five clocks exhibited in museums. Most have some features similar to each other. I am not a writer in theology but just a plain Christian forgiven who learned a clock making trade. As a Christian, I have been forgiven a great debt before a Holy God, which has created a desire to share and tell everybody about it.

Investigating an X-Y spin-axis hypothesis and mystery clocks has been fun for me. I hope you have learned enough clues about mystery clocks and my unifying solution that explains why they are the way they are. At the same time, I hope that you learned something about the Bible plan for humanity.

The Aztec calendar clock is structured similar to the Hebrew calendar clock. We can find clock cycles imbedded in the other mystery clocks, too. They connect with ideas I could not resist to highlight. These many “coincidences” give us a lot of confidence in the plan engineered by God for us to discover.

I hope you would tell your friends and share your discovery. A consistent correlation of various calendars from other cultures fit to an exact day in thousand-year range like clock gears. Such precision can never be invented by any human no matter how brilliant he or she might be. The underlying logic and mathematical probabilities are outside the bounds of any university-trained mathematician. Keep riding on the two-railed train for better balance and understanding!

I am only a messenger finding buried treasure, which I want to share it with my friends. I hope that you do not construe my opinions as an attack on your belief system. Rather, I invite you to reexamine your faith and adjust your thinking a bit, which perhaps could lead into receiving Eternal Life, a cosmic Noble Prize well deserved.


Discovery, Special Issue June 2007, “Your Body is a Planet.” Of the 100 trillion cells inside each one of us, only 10% are actually human. The rest are aliens: bacteria, fungi, and other microbes.

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