Apocalypse Prophesied 2008-2015 Informational Note


Galaxy Black Hole Babushka Egg Concept Book #13

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A Notice to Religious People

Worldwide everyone feels that the prophesied Apocalypse is very close but no one can agree when. Many TV theologians still adhere to flawed denominational Bible interpretations, and it seems little has changed in the last 200 years. Rather, it got worse. Global atheism is affecting the Christian faith. Many in unbelief malign the creator ELOHIM and Yeshua-Jesus degraded to lying. Accordingly, why do Christians still practice many erroneous Bible dogma falsehoods believing theological opinions that ignored the witness requirements in any court of law to establish Truth? [Click on the title.]

Five documents to download:

  1. Pearl #252-#257 - Another PROOF that the 4 April 2015 Blood Moon will start the 150-day Apocalypse!

  2. Pearl #251 - (Updated 2-6-2015): Take a Vacation on 5 February 2015, if you live in New York?

  3. Pearl #666 - A Possible Forecast Ending God’s Wrath

  4. Pearl #249 - Jonah' s Last Warnings

  5. Pearl #248 - Epitaph of the Big Jonah Energy Fish


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