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Galaxy Black Hole Reflections on Global Warming

Global WArming Map

In the beginning of 2010, the global warming science community was rocked by scandal when it was discovered that they were falsifying data, which was noticed on the Internet. It fueled heated debates and shattered the confidence of a divided science establishment.

It seems that money again is the modifier, which will follow the path of entropy laws in physics, which has forgotten that Humpty Dumpty will eventually fall and will irreversibly be broken. Lies have short legs.  It is only a matter of time when corrupted politicians, aided by atheistic science, will be driven to push the nuclear button to start the chain reaction that will end in an Apocalypse and we all have heard about Armageddon by reading the Bible prophecy.

Global Warming became a political football with so many diversified opinions. It seems that much is no longer based on science as we watch the spectacle in the UN and listen to some university discussions. As a successful inventor/scientist, who is educated in old-fashioned physics and typically balances science with metaphysics, I cannot keep quiet when I hear fairytales postulated and sold as a solution to mankind.

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