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Galaxy Black Hole What is the Time Dimension?

Time Dimension

Mortality is linked to metaphysics, expressed mathematically as a DOT or Zero time black hole.

This is a paradox. Time did not always exist. At some point, the Time Dimension was spliced into the cosmos. Why?

A totally new model of atomic structure emerged by examining a set of unusual photographs by the Hubble telescope. My previous book showed how many galaxies and other galactic phenomena reveal diverse structural variations. Their process of transformation and operation can be applied to the internal structure of every atom.

Thus the macro-cosmos is joined to a mirror imaged micro-cosmos inside atoms by the same laws of physics. This book will demonstrate that the universe is replicated down to every nucleus and must be fuelled by a timeless and invisible, infinite light energy coming from an extra-cosmic source. These relationships are expressed mathematically by a new w formula:

(+∞C /–∞C)² = ∞E/m.

This equation may prove to define a unified theory regarding the nature of: (1) Gravity and (2) Electromagnetism, as linked to the (3) Strong and (4) Weak forces controlled by embedded (5) infinite intelligence.

These four natural forces and their one metaphysical source can be summed up by the Hebrew hand rule:
1+4=5 (Aleph+Daleth=Heh).

Trying to explore unusual, new concepts, a paradox developed as to how one dimension of the cosmos started and is moving into another dimension. Yet, this motion is now frozen because we see expanding and shrinking galaxies. The mysterious Time Dimension only exists embedded in mortal humanity on earth.

However, the material universe is linked to an infinite energy source for a purpose, which is revealed by God–Elohim. The oldest book of mankind, the Bible, can therefore explain the paradoxical nature of the Time Dimension. Thus, the Hubble telescope picture of the Hourglass Galaxy illustrates a perfect model of:

Three Dimensions


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