Pearl #133 -

Bible Written to Introduce Jesus Christ


Parabolas of TimeThe Bible is a library of God’s oracles written to introduce himself and his plan to humanity. The focus of the revelation is the person of Jesus Christ who is the ONE God in Spirit from the Heh dimension made flesh in the Daleth dimension. The parabolic history-prophecy time line doubly centers on his appearances.

Jesus/Yeshua is the only person in the world with a confirmed genealogy to Adam. Every forefather mentioned in the gospels is surrounded by stories linked to a particular time and place as culture changed from century to century. Going back 59 Hebrew-Aztec calendar generations gets us to 4004 BC. The last generation has not happed yet, which will complete the Chinese counting system of 60 that ends with the First Resurrection of the Saints after the 4 th Jewish fast day, Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement.

God told Adam that a special person would appear in the future to crush Satan’s head and thus execute justice for Adam’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Then oracle after oracle were added by authors from a wide spectrum of people including high government officials, kings, sheep herders and priest to accumulate hundreds of prophecies making up about 25-33% of the Bible’s 66 books.

HANS suggests that 4 are still missing from the Bible in order to make a completion perfect 70 (=Ayin) number of books. These four books will be written and/or inserted after 2015 by Jesus. They will probably contain instructions for a totally different civilization to last 1,000 years. A just and peaceful civilization will be possible because mankind will no longer be tempted and plagued by demons since they were executed during the Apocalypse. Only one lone survivor, Satan, will be left jailed in the chains of outer darkness. Aztec history and culture provide additional witnesses to this prophecy.

The Bible is revealed from the Heh dimension to link the Aztec religion of Satan’s culture with the Aztec calendar’s Daleth dimension measurement of time. It is a dual track railroad that teaches there will be 3 civilizations ending with asteroid strikes.

One asteroid came on 5 February 2287 BC near the start of Noah’s boat story. The next is already in orbit mathematically projected by scientists to hit the earth on 17 September 2015 ending the Mini-Apocalypse. The last asteroid strike will totally destroy our planet on the 9th Av 3018. That will end the Daleth dimension in the Taw Age.

About 90% of Bible prophecy will be fulfilled by 2018, and a new Bible will be published for the next 1,000 years. The major focal points of all prophecy feature the destructions of the Temple in Jerusalem and first and second appearances of Jesus. These events provide the key points and axis centers for the parabolic curve of time as it has unfolded from the beginning to its yet future end. Prophecy articulates in the Plan of God for mankind.

The First Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed in 588 BC and the Second in AD 70. Jesus appeared at the BC/AD transition. In 33 Jesus, eternal God shrouded in a mortal body, atoned for the sins of those who accept it in faith. He comes a second time for the Saints. These historic hinge points are framed with a resurrection into the Jod dimension.

The books of Daniel and Revelation provide the data to identify those 14 stations of God’s railroad time line within their symbolic prophetic language that parallels the Aztec stories but is more reliable. These unusual ancient calendars are two different systems that measure time like how the Fahrenheit and Centigrade scales measure the same temperature data using two autonomous systems. When the international train of God’s plan passes through a different time zone, the schedule automatically reflects that change.

If one does not know that different time zones exist in prophecy, then comparing the schedule with our modern calendars becomes confusing. These various ancient parallel chronological systems measure the past to future timeline at meet at one point - just as minus 40° measures the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade scales. That one date in Bible prophecy when these ancient calendar systems meet is 21 December 2012.


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