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The Biggest Proof Dating God’s Wrath

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American Christians are a peculiar bunch, most are well off and easily persuaded by anyone as long the Bible is massaged to what they want to hear. The Apostle Paul had the same problem going from church to church to his grief constantly had to wake up a congregation and warn them being misled by wolf people in sheep clothing hurting the flock.

John was the last Apostle who saw the Lord and describes in Revelation addressed to the Seven Churches totally ignored the warnings and disappeared. Repeated again, it will happen to American churches the remnant of a reformation. They will follow the path of European empty churches now dead no longer follow a higher calling.

The patterns many times repeated when Christians gaining wealth their faith becomes saltless. No wonder when a fireman came to save your life yelling and screaming “fire”, the Apocalypse is around the corner will be annoyed now treated like an outcast. But God in his mercy will use another wakeup call, perhaps if he sends a scientist like a Jonah to rattle the cage for seven years giving warnings, to no avail.

If a pastor is a good entertainer for his church will be seen on TV many became millionaires some with a corporate jet, all selling a popular story people want to hear. Money attracts prophecy teachers to sell expensive opinionated books meant for the Apocalypse connoisseurs projected always in the future. They usually explain prophecy why a Jerusalem Temple is delayed thus dating God’s anger is foolish not possible.

False denominational dogmas are more profitable thus can sell more CD’s and books galore for a donations aimed to be enriched. Selling heaven while the surrounding world system is collapsing and the environment is self-destructing is a Kosmos crime, watch ELOHIM. Why is it grossly ignored by Christians preferring to be entertained with what feels good.

Most Christian organization will share a common faith paradox always ask for donation as their God must be very poor. This could explain why ten virgins in Matt. 25 desired to live with the King. Not knowing the date slept a little more in church waiting for rapture. This caused some lamps to become dark for lack of oil thus needed some donation money.  If you want to dine with Yeshua read the next chapter of Matthew that is never preached in church. Before donating money to an organization think do I want to belong to the privileged elite or dine with Yeshua’s on his table?

Driving around any city in America to test if a church is known by Yeshua mentioned in Matt. 26, just check if they have a shipping container in the parking lot. Most will not be bothered to collect junk clothing and obsolete food cans meant for the European Christian refugee families with kids stranded in mud and rain without anything.  

The problem is that most pastors and prophecy teachers are scantly educated in true science, which makes for foolish opinions interpreting the Bible but should look at the other coin side investigating history, ancient artifacts in museums and a general knowledge of the laws of nature to have a balanced believe system.

Thereafter, I could postulate some free books if you belong to the family of God. Perhaps could find out if my God is poor or rich. Satan promised money and prestige, but if shared what was received given away free would identify the real God. 

Would he hide a forecast warning to get your house in Oder, or charge to be ready for God’s Wrath on the way? Do not believe the liar’s prophecy club still guessing seven years to keep you ignorant.

Only one option exist either serve Yeshua or Satan each promised a reward. Babushka books are free, linked to God’s warnings as dating the Apocalypse is not allowed, but science logic is still around. Most Christians have been brainwashed eager to repeat a mistranslated verse: “no one knows the time” to correct your dating. Only to make it obvious repeating history, like Noah’s relatives who missed the boat not investigating prophecy with true science.  

Dating God’s Wrath on this website cannot be found in any global libraries as true science was suppressed for hundred years. If you want to know and can still read a few pages without being bored,which is an indicator what used to be normal to enrich a healthy mind no longer exercised in universities or Bible seminars.

A thousand new discoveries in science can be linked to the Torah-Bible will take some time to assimilate and can only be presented in some appetizer here and there.  Could have some fun investigating history not allowed in the public forum. Being married to Mexican women now visiting the family and a scientist had a closer look of an Aztec culture. It caused my third Babushka egg book encoding ancient clocks linked to different ancient society. Everywhere in Mexico is an outdoor museum, surrounded with pyramids, which gave me a full rounded Bible science-knowledge forbidden in universities. 

There are many stupid lies taught in universities that do not make sense. Like looking for a bridge where the Aztec came from, while decoding a famous stone clock, investigating a skull head calendar and artifacts. Recently the Aztec hieroglyphs were enciphered the only book not burned by Catholic priests found in 1945 thrown out from the Berlin museum saved and decoded by a Russian soldier. 

Tourist books postulate that the original Aztec came from China and journeyed 10,000 miles over the North Pole regions with families and kids. But do not think crossing ice cracks hundred feet tall when thousand years ago the poles where three miles think without food. Compare that to Europe (Völkerwanderung) many tribes traveling in a searching for land to feed a growing population across Europe.

But checking history with true science could understand oceans currents from Mexico in a big loop from China drifting with a boat. Remember Noah was a boat builder and passed knowledge to his children floating down the biggest river in China mentioned in encoding ancient clocks free Babushka egg concept book # 3. The ancient Chinese hieroglyphs where enciphered by an Australian scientist who lived 40 years in China which opened the way for a good history lesson to link how Noah’s descendent travelled to populate our earth.

My wife’s relative tells a different tourist book story of a big lake near Mexico City and pyramids. Being a scientist naturally visited many places not printed in tourist books. Look at my photographed wall picture I made 20 years ago. It is now plastered over by ignorant bureaucrats, but Babushka egg preserved it for future generation that tells the story of Noah.

I wondered why the Aztec priest would correct a zodiac sky 5+7 times in two locations building pyramids on top. I notice the ancient first used only uncut volcanic rock and not the quarried sandstone to build the hundred pyramids that came later. The apex of the Sun pyramid near Mexico City - Teotihuacan is wider indicating a different earth axis wobble. Looking out the airplane seeing thousand miles of vast empty jungle landscape only with raised spots perhaps indicting another pyramids. It is still buried no roads or towns can be seen. Why has that civilization disappeared?  Only the Bible has the answer.

Checking Google Popocatepetl 80 km from Mexico City and Teotihuacan, Xitle has a number of active Volcanoes that could explain why they rebuilt in the center of Mexico City on top five pyramids now became an outdoor museum? Why would they build a town again on that same location what was buried before and should ask what was the costly attraction?

The French government has sent the last 25 years some scientists every year to measure the magnetic North Pole which is moving 40 km in a year pointing to Siberia in 50 years. It could be linked with the earth circumference of 40,075 Km which means that the inside magnetism travels one time around the earth in thousand Georgian years. When we check the present magnetic pole location and counting back four times or 4300 years to 2288 BC will arrive in Mexico to find the Aztec culture. A magnetic pole could be linked to some nature observation caused by the sun radiations? We can see in the sky green-blue round circles of a dancing light curtain?

Northern lights movements can be projected back thousands of years to an Aztec religion perhaps used that nature phenomenon to build a monument copying the Enoch Great Pyramid in Giza but with a flatter apex? Why does the Great Pyramid in Africa on the other side of ocean measure the same footprints of the Sun Pyramid in Teotihuacan? Should ask again why it is linked to a common architectural design matching to an inch only the apex is different?

In addition must have wondered too, using a magnetic stick like a compass fasten to wood floating always pointing to the center of the lake. It is like the French scientist identifying the magnetic pole linked to colored curtain of light display. I am sure that the display of light and magnetism not understanding science became a sacred location. When a volcanic outbreak once more buried a society as seen in many Mexican towns with covered churches towers still sticking out, will no longer wonder what a priesthood did in Mexico City. That is not mentioned in tourist books postulating university fairytale. Why not check a better story collected in 14 Babushka eggs teaching concepts not embraced, banned in the public square. 

Now take my headliner of this pearl serious pointing to our 21th civilization looking in the sky once more will report the same history told to the next generation. Being trained to read the Bible prophecy has the advantage for me to widen a knowledge horizon. Ancient disasters of a disappeared culture flying over Mexico the Bible tells me will be repeated. On the front door is God’s Kingdom on earth and again will fly over vast empty areas and wonder too where have the people gone, no towns or road with overgrown vegetation passing over America, Europe or Russia. Our civilization is like the Titanic the biggest boat ever built but sunk on the maiden voyage with a big hole. It was advertised as unsinkable believe by many who had the money and being privileged for the fastest ride to the Promised Land NYC.  While the Titanic was sinking the musicians last played a familiar Christian song just like the ending of a Billy Graham preaching on TV. We should delineate the many fake TV preachers selling tickets and expensive books with a promise to be raptured not needing to fight to get a seat in a lifeboat shown in the movie. A false rapture theory mistranslated from the Bible totally changed America and made Satan shout for joy Hallelujah, wining once more to corrupt a Christian church again to become ineffective now silenced.

It got worse, Christians voted for their “own” executioner similar to Hitler not having learned the historic lesson which degraded a Christian faith which permanently corrupted America in one generation the root cause of atheism. A Christian society is the most educated around the world, why have they become an associate of the greatest crimes committed collaborating in the destruction of America. Like a public lynching, watching one crime committed after another against humanity, while every Christian church with their staff of well paid pastors looked on and said nothing fully agreeing what was done, repeated over and over. Collaborating and not protesting against what the Constitution guaranteed which is the law of the country; it violated Kosmos laws against the creator ELOHIM.

For example, it started with the freedom dream movement of Dr. Martin Luther King on August 28, 1963 that was high jacked by three well-known leading black criminals going to the same cultured church. They were propositioned to destroy the American Civil Right Movement intended to the end American racism on the highest presidential US government level. They obeyed, well paid off by the psychopathic NYC Illuminati banker cartel controlling a New World Order to rule the UN world system with absolute power. It is documented on many YouTube videos recorded the history of how this civilization ended.  

Check it out why a saltless Christianity again allowed the murdering of 50 million children and sold their body parts to gene corporation to the highest bidder, were not angry when they threw out the Bible from every class room and every hotel drawer, tolerated when they forbidden prayers in public and the military, did not care when they dismantle historic monuments stripped bare and radical removed any resemblance of the US Constitution to be governed by absolute evil psychopathic degenerates.

They no longer care, destroying world- wide nature and poison the environment air-water and earth now totally collapsing in gene Transgenetic technology mutation buying GMO vegetable to help Monsanto’s profit collapsing the food chain. Worse do not protest of nuclear radiation with thousand deadly consequences. None was ever mentioned in 40 years on the pulpit of any American church and kept silenced playing kindergarten holding on to faulty good old church dogmas corrupting the Truth.   

Wake up your Death has been projected from a science perspective because no longer believe the Bible. While a Christian culture with the highest living standard envied around the world is forsaken and no longer care being free. Now being blinded by wealth not responding to a tremendous effort of the creator ELOHIM to wake you up and get ready for the biggest storm. Do not blame God being very angry to save a future mankind when this generation on their watch allowed nature to totally collapse causing massive extinction of Life the only place in the universe created for a purpose. They all will perish ignoring an unforgiving nature, forgetting the many warning recorded in the Bible repeating history. American Christians you were educated on a higher level and think will be exempt from being executed like the many millions in Europe during Hitler and Stalin paid off by the same psychopathic NYC Illuminati bankers.

Or forget history when the first Christian recorded in the Bible where murdered in public for fun in the coliseum? Why is Christianity in America unconcerned when thousands Christians globally are butchered and think they are exempt but soon will wake up exposed to US government Marshal Law and will put Christian in detention camp like they did before recorded in history. But similar to Hitler, they will kill much more undesirables this time efficiently with robots. Seeing a worldwide environment totally collapsing to terminate all Life on this planet will surely invite again God’s Wrath judgment linked to a historic last Warning repeated again, thus you should listen to an appointed Jonah-II scientist dating his notification: 

1 Tishri 5777 (2016-2017)

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