A Third Witness for the
Return of Jesus Christ
on September 28, 2015


Sid Roth’s TV show, It' s Supernatural, aired Thursday, June 18, 2009. Sid interviewed with Mark Biltz who wrote the book, Feasts of the Lord. Online at http://www.lightsource.com/ministry/its-supernatural/.

Modern theologians may be divided into two distinct groups like a balanced two-rail railroad. Many churches no longer follow the biblically teaching and became an unbalanced mono rail unstable blowing with the political wind. Then are those who still teach the scripture on a balanced dual rail system but many lack being educated in science, which could be helpful to expand our vision.

Hebrew Scriptures

We must always remember that the 40 authors who wrote the Bible were almost all Jewish. Considering this, we should know the Hebrew perspective a little bit of how to think “Jewish” in regards to what they are writing about in this very old scripture. The ancient Jewish traditions preserved for thousand of years shaped a cultural perspective, which ancient thought concepts and words got translated into our modern languages.

Western Christians are mostly ignorant of other cultures and are easily misled when a Bible verse is taken out of context and made into doctrine. A doctrine needs five witnesses - most theologians do not even consider that. This is why we have hundreds of Christian denominations in the yellow pages of any given telephone book.
The Jewish mindset organizes thoughts a little differently. The main feature is the headline followed by the smaller but more direct one. When a Jewish reporter describes a “fender-bender” auto accident to the police he will begin by stating that he is a professor and has family well known in the community. That he damaged the bumper is a secondary concept. We Westerners would first say, “Hey buddy, look at the bumper! It’s damaged!” Job descriptions and family standings are rarely discussed in the West when trading insurance information. Two other differences are that Jewish literature reads from left to right and their days start at sunset, which can be standardized at 6 pm.

So when you hear a theologian stating or quoting a Bible verse out of context such as, “No one knows the day and hour” (Matthew 24:36), he is a monorail theologian who is ignorant of the Hebrew manners or culture in how the Bible communicates the truth to us. The results are false teachings that are perpetuated and mutated becoming less accurate over time. Eventually this inaccurate information may cause a rift in basic beliefs and possibly result in creating yet another denomination.

Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.

Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.

But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone. (Matthew 24:34-36)

Let’s focus on Jesus’ statement that his word will not pass away. Jesus’ word is the foundation of all our existence past and future. His word created the universe and all the galaxies all subject to laws we recognize in physics.

I made an extraordinary discovery in science: because the speed of light is not constant, I must postulate that time conforms to a parabolic time-dimension equation - E∞=m(+∞C/–∞C)². The proof of a mystery light reduction recently got mentioned on TV and announced that the original Platinum Kilogram IPK in Paris vault with its 40 sisters around the world have become obese. This unexplained gain in weight shocked and confused most scientists.

If you follow the logic of a changing IPK standard, you will prove that the Bible is correct in stating that our earth (Daleth-dimension) is changing and will pass away according to the restitution plan of a new creation put into effect by God after Satan’s rebellion in 4488 BC. Satan’s rebellion caused the evolution of a new concept and the creation of Adam-Eve with an embedded plan and purpose spelled out in the Bible.

Mortal life cycles are illustrated in nature. Humans can watch the many caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly cycles and apply that analogy to mankind, which was inserted after Satan’s rebellion. The spiritual growth and salvation of people became God’s plan for the universe. It is like a detour correcting what went wrong when the angels rebelled.
Our existence on this earth is God’s restitution plan for the universe: it is how he will get the train back on track. The Apocalypse is the birthing event of 200 million Saints resurrected, who will replace the many vacancies in Gods administration, which need to be filled with loyal experienced Saints. Every Saint must graduate from Satan’s school of evil temptation. Many have been or will be executed and suffer much. (Read Revelation 6 and focus on who is under the Throne of God.) The Plan for Mankind spells out that mortals must be inoculated with evil to learn how it starts. It is like being vaccinated with an invisible immune system to prevent a future rebellion in the new heaven and earth Jod dimension.

The Apocalypse

Satan’s school is closed down during the Apocalypse, and Satan bound in a Heh prison for a thousand years. Like the Flood destroyed Noah’s Atlantis civilization, all evil angels who transgressed are executed by the four Death Angels, together with an evil generation at the end of the Apocalypse clearly stated in Revelation. At the end of the thousand years of peace, Satan is released for one last job, and then he is executed for his evil deeds.
The apocalypse will come unexpectedly as most people have become totally atheistic even denying God’s breath residing in their own body. Mass culture believes in an evolution religion in rebellion to a Holy God. Romans 1:18-32 clearly states mankind’s last condition is the cause of an Apocalypse now dated 2008-2015. It is better explained in my Babushka book with 66 witnesses, Mystery of Tammuz 17

Questions arose among the disciples about what Jesus stated in the book of Matthew, “When and how will the Apocalypse manifest? And how will it affect me?” and “When is the end of this age?”

Jesus answers these questions of the end time as it is the main headliner for us mortals who live in the Daleth dimension. Therefore, one thought needed to be inserted contrasting it with the eternal aspect resting on the foundation of his word. All aspects of the many events forecasted rests on the same underpinning that the world was created by his word. Publishers of the Bible should have separated the paragraphs between the verses because it creates confusion for those who know little of the Hebrew culture. But understanding science could expand our vision and even date the Apocalypse.

Ancient Clocks

For example, modern clocks are designed around 12 hour cycles, but ancient clocks measured a wobble of the Earth, which was caused by an asteroid impact on February 5, 2287 BC according to the Aztec clock calendar in Noah’s time as described in Genesis. That clock later developed to measure 16-28 hours for a day dependant on an exponential declining Earth axis wobble, which eventually stopped at 23.5°.

The ancient Aztecs were confused and did not understand at first that the earth had a wobble never observed before. They needed to correct their calendars accordingly and built many pyramids – one on top of the other repeated 5 and 7 times but still not correcting them completely.

Later mankind corrected the wobble effects when Julius Caesar changed the ancient Roman calendar by 62 days. The calendar required a little more correction by Pope Gregory in the Middle Ages by another 14 days as our clock got closer to 24 hours in one day cycle. By using this information, we now see that the exponential time dimension will stop in 2012.  

Have a look high up the Prague Clock tower from the 15th century. It is a popular tourist attraction where we can still see a large dial and a smaller one inside off-center not incremented with equal hour markers. It still matches the ancient Aztec-Chinese-Hebrew calendars as confirmed by the NASA atomic clock.

According to my research, December 21, 2012 will be the center of the Apocalypse. To verify this, I had to find five correlating proofs or witnesses. Read my Babushka concept book Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries to understand what Jesus means when he speaks about “one hour.”

That book further expands on the many ancient stone-bronze-gold clocks that are exhibited in museums around the world of that scientists have failed to discover their purpose or what they measure. However, God wants us now to know what time it is on his clock and allowed finally to crack the ancient clock codes in order to reveal when the Apocalypse will begin and end. The new emerging NASA calendar can uncover the Apocalypse date. But we need three solid proofs (or witnesses) to establish the facts - the same as is needed in any legal court. I discovered 70 witnesses all of which pinpoint the Apocalypse occurring from 2008 through 2015.

We get more proof from investigating the clock from Daniel’s time, which had a time consistent with the wobble of the Earth as updated or changed in various later clocks every century. They were adjusted as the wobble of the Earth’s axis slowly stabilized.

The Aztecs had a stone skull calendar that sat next to five pyramids sitting one on top of the other. They can be seen stacked up on a wall in the center of the Mexico City outdoor Museum. Every time they finished constructing the project, it needed to be corrected with yet another pyramid on top. Finally there were five pyramids piled on top of each other.

When it was excavated they found that the top level (point) was directly aligned through the entire stack. A two-hour drive from that amazing find is another site. It is another sun and moon pyramid complex that included seven stacked pyramids but spaced with a gap.

So why would they build so many on top of each other? The original wobble after Noah’s time was so pronounced it altered their calendar seeing two solstices in one year, which was based on the zodiac constellations clearly seen in the sky. That is the reason why Noah’s relatives are older than 120 years – God’s age limit for humans. Ancient clocks will tell you why.

Thousands of years later, the same wobble, albeit a little smaller, was better defined with 32 bronze gears embedded in the Antikythera clock. The clock was fished out of the ocean and is now exhibited in Athens. It is dated at 100 years before Christ. This is Daniel’s clock that exhibits one week as 14.30678 years.

The atheistic scientists who believe in an evolution religion choose to ignore it and monorail theologians are ignorant about it too. However God embedded his clock in Genesis which deciphers all the other historic “mystery” clocks hidden away in museums around the world. Check it out in Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries. 

The Dating of the Apocalypse linked to the Plan for Humanity is much better understood from reading my 6 Babushka concept books, which are available on the Internet for free. The first two are translated in Arabic, German and Spanish, which present God’s Plan for Mankind. They also cover such questions how the universe was created to the smallest force an atom embedded with life, “what is gravity” and “how magnetism is manufactured producing electricity.

These mysteries of physics are explained in a new hypothesis, never postulated before and presented in A Donut Atom Nuclear Story. I explain some other science mysteries in Reflections on Global Warming. I hope you will find it a little better than what confused atheistic scientists believing in an evolution religion write. 

Investigating the Plan for Mankind led me to write another Babushka book, Genetic Modification Exposed! This book is so important for us as it explains why God cursed man for experiments in genetic code. This is what caused Him to destroy the Atlantis civilization in Noah’s days (2288 BC). They, too, had perverted His world through genetic modification making many species extinct.

Historic proof can be seen in sculptures and carvings from antiquity. The ancients preserved the record of their prideful accomplishments in the form of stone monuments like the Sphinx, a half-cat half-man. Many pictures of half-men, half-fish (or mermaids) are found in Egyptian tombs as well as human hybrids of birds and horses.
This is all a clear exhibition of genetic modifications. The Old and New Testament prophecies and the book of Enoch all predict that genetic modification that will lead to God judging mankind again during the final months of the Apocalypse now dated as occurring from 2008 to 2015.

As educated Christians, we must use a dual railroad perspective for balance to examine a 360° panoramic presentation of the information included in the Bible. Only by applying all available information and processing it from all angles can we unscramble all of the false Biblical prophecy teachings from the monorail theologians who remain ignorant and confused.

A Third Witness for the Return of Jesus Christ

The Apocalypse is now dated and has begun. My hope for you is that you still have a job and have not lost your investment money or savings in the banking system. Our government lies to you as it prints our currency out of thin air as we wait for the next shoe to drop with massive inflation causing a new global currency, as the old US dollar will be obsolete.

Read the Bible from multiple perspectives. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System is the Rosetta-Stone used to decipher Biblical prophecy in the correct order. It appears that in the 4th Century while transferring Revelation to the more modern book form, the pages got mixed up.

This mistake was allowed by God because he wanted the Apocalypse to be “clouded” until the time came for the “Wise” club to appear as stated in Daniel 12:10. This way only a few will know the date and alignment of the event because they belong to the Saints. We have established that our calendar needed to be corrected to date the Apocalypse scientifically. Now we need more witnesses which cannot be manipulated by mortals. This is the greatest witness pay attention.

Jesus said look up in the sky to tell the time. Mark Blitz is someone who has never read my Babushka concept books. He has independently predicted the same date as I have. This proves we can trust these facts, according to the witness requirements.

Mr. Blitz investigated all the solar and moon eclipses from Moses’ time and compared them to ours using the modern NASA calendar. He wrote a book that postulated that the return of the Lord Jesus can be dated. He states that Jesus will appear at the end of the Sabbatical year 2014-2015 overlaying it with the Jewish Feasts of Passover and Tabernacles.

That same date will also end the Apocalypse on September 17, 2015 and start the 1,000 years of God’s Kingdom on Earth. That date is mysteriously framed by 2 solar and 4 lunar eclipses a set of events only seen in this century. No other set of eclipses on holy days is found throughout history even searching through computer calculations that can play back the planetary sky.

Blitz also matches the Asteroid date of September 17, 2287 BC, which is identical with the second asteroid scheduled to collide with Earth as projected by both Bible prophecy and astronomy based science. How is that for a balanced or dual rail projection?

He noted that a total sun and moon eclipse exactly matching Jewish holidays in this century only for the following:

No other eclipses are seen matching Jewish holidays 1800, 1700, 1600, 1500 AD.

The 4 lunar eclipses will be on:

His conclusion is that the Lord will come back September 28, 2015

Please be reminded that the Hebrew calendar is pegged by moon cycles, which are asymmetrical to our earth orbit and changing every year. This requires adding four extra months of 30 days added to Adar II six times (in the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th, 14th, 17th and 19th years) every 19 years to keep the months in their proper seasons.

Calculating its correction with the NASA computer calendar and corresponding to solar and lunar eclipse harmonizing to the most important Jewish holiday is mathematically a probability extremely large. That mystery of a supernatural event in the cosmos calendar and intersecting only on one point still in the future and came about by connecting prophecy with 70 witnesses now established. Even if you throw out a few witnesses you may not accept there are the others, need only five to establish facts, as they all project a future date only comatose theologian have a problem. They cannot think logically biased by false Bible teaching and can only repeat their ignorance “nobody knows the hour”. 

Western culture celebrates Christmas in December as the Birthday of Jesus. It coincides with the heathen festival of light. It is a cosmic event that is called the solstice. The joining of the two dates was ordered by an early Pope to promote peace between Christians and heathens. However, Christmas day is actually the day of Mary’s conception with the Holy Spirit and Christ is born 9 months later. But the celebration of Christmas has been linked to calendars of various dating cycles depending on the changing wobble of our earth.

It is actually recorded in ancient calendars and in the Bible time when the sun rose in the East but was reversed twice when it rose in the West. NASA clocks date that occurrence at about 1715 BC. When reading about the King Hezekiah you will notice that his sun clock runs backward. Theologian and atheistic scientists have no answer. The last time the reversal occurred it caused a heathen religion to arise whose followers worshipped the Sun. They believed it signaled that the Sun finally was victorious in the “battle with giants” in the sky now no longer changing sunrise.

Check out history from all the dynasties of Egyptian kings one is worshiping the sun upsetting the priesthood. But correct the dating calculated with a calendar wobble which would prove why they are off 230 years. We can count years more accurately by understanding ancient clocks dating back to Adam. They stop at 4004 BC. But Adam was 64 years old and enjoyed the Garden of Eden, which dates his birthday at 4068 BC.

However, the calendar reveals more. By investigating the Aztec clocks we discover the time frame for Satan is now dated at 4488 BC. This is the date slated for the “big bang” in the universe scientist heard about but was wrongly dated not understanding ancient clocks and believing in an evolution religion distorting facts. It is linked to a cosmic rebellion as God is extremely upset and begins correcting His creation by modeling a new creature. His plan is now better revealed as modified and created mankind on a two-cycle system no longer be “cloned” like the angels.

Men are born in the Daleth dimension like a caterpillar entering the cocoon emerging as butterflies and could end up in the First Resurrection belonging to the “Saints” or receive a body on the Second Resurrection day destined for the Jod dimension. But the Heh dimension required correction as well. God appointed Satan to establish a school for mankind to teach them evil.

Those who successfully graduate the school of Satan will have learned to recognize evil deeply embedded in the soul and will be inoculated with a good dose of experience. They will then snuff out evil like a mushroom growing over night without light if it ever should appears again thereby protecting God’s Throne so the Almighty will never again experience a rebellion in Heaven. Therefore the everlasting and loving Lord God can rest, assured in the fact that His Saints are faithfully watching.

Belonging to the entourage of the Saints and arriving in the air with Jesus Christ being resurrected from the grave is a supremely privileged position. If you want a seat in the privileged position as a Saint, read Revelation 6 and notice all of the beheaded people situated under the Throne of God. After understanding this I don’t believe many Christians will be standing in line to become a Saint. No, not many, I am sure. They rather be resurrected the second time around with all the others.

My Babushka concept books projected by 66 witnesses many dating events ending on September 23, 2015, or the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. That date is also linked to the only equinox on September 21 matching Jewish holidays.

One way or another it is also linked to our corrected NASA clock. It will start with Atonement and end with a Tabernacle holiday (fun for the kids) lasting five to seven days. Daniel noticed how important a week this will be mentioned seven days as one week. If we link it with a wobble calendar and correct it to NASA we arrive at the ratio of 7:5 or a mini egg of a HANS overlay.

In my Babushka concept book Mystery of Tammuz 17, is the “second witness” you can read on page 518 indicates the last or 12th cycle of the Apocalypse Table and marks a pivotal date of April 4, 2015, which point to a total red lunar eclipse matching with the Hebrew holiday of Passover Mr. Blitz mentioned in his book. That date begins the demon resurrection just like the Death Angel recorded in ancient times. However it now lasts a full 150-day filled with an assault of Satan’s shock troops followed by the appearance of four Death Angels ending the war in Armageddon. It results in a reduction of the human population by one third. It will end our civilization marked by an asteroid-earthquake event on:

September 17, 2015.

It is followed by Jesus returning to earth seen by everybody still living looking at a brilliant light exploding globally in the sky one week later on a Jewish holiday now better understood a future event by true scientists educated in the Bible.

The last Passover to Tabernacles period in 2015 will end the seven trumpets period in Heaven. According to cause–effect laws this will become the three woes linked to the seven (Zayin=which means “sword”) bowls which equals 10 (Jod) as a full measure. It all comes to a conclusion with the birthing of the Saints on a Jewish holiday. That coincides with the birthday of Jesus calculated from Mary’s conception on December 25th and celebrated wrongfully by Christendom not knowing the calendars of ancient times.

World PyramidNote: The pyramid diagram I displayed in my book has a square foundation. Diagonally across the apex, we see two tri-angles. If we number the corners 1, 2, 3 and 4, with 5 at the top, then mankind’s line would be 1, 5, and 3 with Satan’s lines being 2, 5, and 4. The apex is Jesus Christ. He is the center and top of the  pyramid timeline.

To sum up mathematically the Hebrew letter overlay  [1+5+3=9] means “new life” and [2+5+4=11] means “Judgment” representing Satan’s time line. The two invisible tri-angles represent the Jewish star. The square foundation has four (4) corners which signify the Daleth dimension but is expanded to the top and encompasses the (5) Heh-dimension.

Pictures tell a lot but we need a key to open our vision to facts by way of understanding the Jewish mindset.

If you want (4) four more witnesses totaled now 70 dating the Apocalypse, we should be looking in the cosmos sky, which cannot be changed by opinions of scientist and theologian. If that does not convince you is beyond hope might as well go back to the Stone Age to become educated.

New Research Pearl #158 – A Prophecy Update 2008. This third witness projection, believe it or not:

A - Ω is coming!

Atonement festival first; then we can all have fun celebrating Tabernacle and watch the sky for the Lord of Lords - King of kings arriving on earth:

The Heh Dimension linked to the Daleth Dimension





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