Pearl #119 -

Buried Treasure


Being exposed to corrupt bureaucrats makes life miserable. For example, it spoiled the sale of my property to get some money to live on. I felt it more perhaps due to the constant pain of aging and being rejected for what I wrote. I have spent most of my retirement savings on writing, editing, translating into 4 languages and publishing wonderful Bible expositions even suitable for those without Bibles.

It sometimes seems like it was wasted because no big publisher has picked them up. Church leaders don’t appreciate them, and I have been rejected by the very church I helped to found because I rejected the teaching about the Rapture. Christian missionaries have taken my donations without even a thank you note. My letters are overlooked once people see the web site. Some Bible bookstores censured my books without even opening the cover. Friends and my children have avoided me, not even a phone call. Lord, do you hear my lamentation?

“Sorry,” the Lord answered. “Look at Zacharias, a Temple servant. I could not reply to his and his wife’s prayers for a son, either.” The answer only came when the time was right to birth the messenger, John the Baptist. But that was no problem for me to answer a prayer for a child, as I control the affairs of mankind. It is written in my oracles that I sometimes answer prayers a little later.

But Lord, my Prayer is Different!

Why tell a story that a man found a treasure in a field, sold everything to buy the land to own the treasure? Why do I need to pay such a high price? Yes, I know I am not being worthy, but still it hurts so much. Why buy a treasure buried on an island with no one around to appreciate and share it with? What’s the point?

God answered:

Do you not know that the oracles of old are written on parchments for future generations? I took care of them for thousands of years and transferred stories from Adam and Eve to a future generation when all was destroyed by an asteroid Noah reported, collected and recorded by my servant Moses.

Look, you are a scientist. How are parchments made? They must be specially prepared. An animal is killed, and its skin is shaved with an iron. Then it is beaten up over and over and dunked into smelly lime soup washed with water to make it pliable white as snow. Finally, it is ready for the master to write his ideas so that future generations know what pleases me.

Are you any different than the Apostle Paul, who prayed 20 endless years to be sent to Rome to preach the Gospel? If he had gone without my permission, who would have written the epistles that explain my oracles from old? How many people have read those letters over the ages?

I sent him to Rome to answer his prayer at my timing, when he could be guarded by Roman soldiers to make sure he was safe to witness and to write some more. He was even shipwrecked, and poisonous snakes bit him without effect. He could have died more than twice, yet he was given lodging, friends and parchments to write God’s plan for humanity, now nearly completed.

Did he know what would happen later to the parchments and letters he wrote? That he would be rejected by the very churches he founded? At the end of his life I will reward him with a most important crown given from the five crowns reserved for special Saints.

Please Notice Herbert

The Bible has 66 Books at present time [2008-2015], which comprise all the oracles of God meant for the second civilization [2287 BC-2018]. HANS indicates that there should have been 70 books to make it divinely complete, which means that four books are missing. Perhaps the oracles given to mankind are not complete yet.

My tables and babushka books clearly state that there is coming another 1,000 years of peace, prosperity and justice under God’s kingdom, which will become the third civilization [2018-3018]. If four books are still missing, perhaps they will be added for schools to learn about when evil was lose on the world. It will be unknown then because the teacher, Satan, will be bound in the underworld. All his demon helpers will have been executed for their crimes by then.

However, future generations must be connected with the last generation as in both cases an asteroid will again through our calendars off a bit. A clock book needed to be written to tie the first calendar civilization, pre-Aztec clock to the second civilization now corrected NASA calendar and to transfer information towards adjusting a future calendar after 2018.

Any future oracles of God, now missing, Will then be aligned with the new calendar after the second asteroid impact on 17 September 2015, which you well know about from reading my Babushka books.

Read the prophecy oracles in the Bible yourself. Many places indicate a shaking of tectonic plates - even the future Fourth Temple will be built on a different location, high up a holy mountain in Jerusalem, with a river of clean water flowing from underneath it. That river flow will fill up the deepest salty hole (the Dead Sea) with sweet water. The number of fish will greatly multiply so that nets will be used to catch them. Therefore, expect a different calendar measuring solstice to solstice cycles.

Then, there is a need for additional information because people will no longer be plagued by demons that tempt them to lie and do other kinds of evil. But they will need special instruction since they are still fallen creatures who require learning the lessons of the Daleth dimension. Those lessons will be different from what we have lived through in the second civilization period.

Therefore, I understand to keep writing about God’s Plan for Humanity as the time will come when future generations will need more information starting with an adjusted calendar and new oracle revelation for the people living in a totally different civilization that cannot be compared with what has been.

I think that God will add oracles to complete the HANS indicated 70 books of the Bible. In addition, faithful servants will write further instruction tailored to living without the school of evil we endure in this age. Future generations will be trained against evil but focus more on the lessons on how to live “goodness” - living out a better choice.

God’s message to each of us is to continue to be faithful and look at the goal set before us. God will receive us into his presence with the promised rewards to his faithful servants, the Saints. So, we should not complain because God in Jesus is very well acquainted with pain, too.

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