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Galaxy Black HoleDivergent Calendars

A note about these divergent calendars would be in order as it expresses a viewpoint different from what is usually taught in our schools. All three calendars, the Hebrew, Chinese and Aztec, began counting the years from before Noah’s Flood. They are more than 5000 years old, and they all use a 360 day year as do the ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian calendars, too.

Our schools commonly teach that prehistoric people were primitive cave or ape men with no knowledge. The image presented is that they were stupid being below our lowest intelligence, but in our ignorance we fail to ask a few questions. We know today that the earth completes its circuit around the sun in 365.24 days each year, so why is there a difference from the ancient calendars of about 5.24 days. Let’s not assume that these people where not educated enough to notice the five days difference!

The fact of the matter is that history reveals that humanity’s first civilization (before the Flood) was more advanced than ours is today as evidenced in mythology and artifacts from around the world. If you could produce for me a mermaid creature – or any half man half animal creature as are so commonly depicted by ancient cultures, then I would believe you that we are on par with that first civilization. We are dealing here with physical laws, which have not changed since the beginning of creation, and the only way those creatures could have existed back then was if the first civilization knew more about gene technology than modern science does today.

Because natural law works on a basis of “cause and effect,” I believe that there was a scientific reason for an ancient solar year of 360 days. With the Hebrew, Chinese and Aztec calendars we have three independent witnesses from different continents and cultures with totally different languages and histories. Therefore, when they agree on something, we should believe their testimony that there was a 360 day-year cosmic relationship between our earth and the sun in antiquity. To deny such testimony is arrogance of the highest level.

The Bible is the only ancient book telling us anything about the civilization from before the Flood. It mentions that aliens (angels) from the outer space came to the earth and reproduced offspring by having children by human women, which were called “nephalim” or giants. These giants were bigger than normal people inspiring fear and awe.

These aliens/angels brought a very accurate calendar that positioned the earth and sun as projected from space. The Aztecs copied it and thereby became famous for having the most accurate cosmic calendar – one that even surpasses ours today. Because of this angelic connection, the ancient Aztecs relate their religious teachings and calendar with the serpent from heaven, which descends to the earth at the end of some future age.

Now back to the law of cause and effect. Today’s annual cycle of 365.24 days/year means that the earth experienced an event that caused it to decelerate in velocity by 5.24 days/year. What caused this change in the calendar? The Bible gives us the answer. It speaks plainly about a worldwide cataclysm that took place in 2288 BC called the Flood.

Science indicates that a huge asteroid hit the earth at the same time that the “fountains of the deep broke up.” The impact of this asteroid (the cause) resulted in horrendous effects on earth. I will mention a few of them out of thousands. If our professors were not blinded by their devotion to the theory of evolution, they would recognize most of them.

First, the earth’s crust was severely damaged resulting in the shifting of tectonic plates and the separation of the continents. Mountains lifted up and other areas disappeared below sea level. The dinosaurs were not roasted, they died in water and their bones are now found in silt. The atmosphere of high pressured 30% oxygen (Check out the air bubbles found in amber and measure the oxygen content.) collapsed, igniting with hydrogen to make it rain 40 days.

This was the first time that it had rained on earth, and it produced the very first rainbow. Instead of a gentle mist to water the ground, now there was rain and sometimes rainbows. Where as people previously lived hundreds of years, now they lived only 75 years, because of the change in the atmosphere that not only reduced the air pressure and oxygen content but also increased the amounts of radiation that reached the ground from the sun.

Under the former atmospheric conditions plants grew stems and trunks with big cells, and animals had big cells in their bone structures. This profusion of big animals and tropical plants found all over the world under the old atmospheric canopy was gone. Now atmospheric air pressure at sea level was reduced, and two thirds of the globe was frozen under thousands of feet of ice, which had condensed at the poles and spread towards the equator. The resulting temperate zone around the equator birthed the second human civilization in areas now buried in sand.

The Bible predicts that another Apocalypse is planned by God, and its agents are already set in motion in the cosmos. In the near future another asteroid will strike the earth with devastating consequences. This asteroid has been on its way for thousands of years. That is the discovery that I am writing about.

This future asteroid is smaller and will not cause a flood. God made a covenant with man and said that he would never again judge the world with a total flood of water. This next time his judgment will be with fire this time around. This gives us hope that some will survive the coming catastrophe of the Apocalypse - mostly because God said so.


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