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Fine-tuning Some Creation Dimensions


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A. Garden of Eden - Daleth Dimension

The original Plan of Mankind in the Torah-Bible - Let us make Mankind in our image (Gen. 1:26) will be concluded in the grand finale 1000-year Sabbath rest of Yeshua’s divine Kingdom.  It will close all prophecies with a new earth creation. (Rev. 21:1-15, 22:1-21)

Adam and Eve were given two fruit tree options, one to live free forever in YHWH’s house by his rules, or to choose mortality linked to Good & Evil. God knew what their choice would be and made two mortality cycles with the promise of a savior. It was finally explained when Yeshua revealed a wide gate leading into final destruction and a narrow gate toward a safe place. (Matt. 7:13) Nature also exhibits a two-cycle concept: caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly. If still puzzled, test out (John 10:27),  “My sheep hear my voice.” Thus, Mankind was created in two stages to immerse everybody in a mortal Daleth dimension to distinguish what is Evil. Hence the first cocoon death is temporal and will decide the eternal destiny to examine everyone for a final disposition: Mercy unto Life or Mercy unto Death at the Great White Throne in the Jod dimension.    

Most people on earth never heard the good NEWS of eternal Life, but all know the difference of experiencing Evil. Now ask, “Why was mankind then destined to two cycles: either to die with Evil or made righteous to live forever? The future New Earth will never allow or repeat “Evil” we all experienced. Thus, our life contest could also be mitigated in science by an inoculation process of evil bacteria. This immunization was planned to prevent a deadly outcome transferrable to the next resurrected eternal body. Every mortal was designed to be forgiven and vaccinated against the awful consequences of evil to protect life forever on a future New Earth. The popular wide gate lured many trusting Satan’s deceptions and fake science enforced by FED bankers and enslaved by a New World Order. But many read the Torah Bible to be saved from judgment accepting a final pardon offered by Yeshua Jesus. 

However, most died ignorant and never discovered Truth; therefore, they cannot return to the small cocoon gate. Viewing YouTube videos, some pious individuals were judgmental against evangelist Billy Graham, who recently died, which is similar to why our civilization will perish as mentioned in many Pearls #241, 291. To malign a Christian testimony (I John 2:22) can be linked to the Bible story of fake prophet Balaam where a heartless mind and money is used to slander God’s people. (Num. 22-23-24) It is repeated in modern times by many phony Christians confused by a contradiction, “Who is privileged to be saved?” Perhaps they hunger to copy the wisest man on earth, Solomon, but forgot that he perverted Truth and provoked a Shekinah presence at the end of his life? Why do so many miss true salvation offered to all mortals?   

The answer is settled at the end of the Time Dimension before the White Throne Court where every mortal is represented by the High Priest Yeshua. He is the only qualified legal defense lawyer that can change a guilty verdict. The Torah-Bible clearly stated that all human beings since Adam are guilty of Sin. (I Cor. 3:10-23) Evil is ingrained genetically in our mortality, as Satan will try to deceive the Elect to make them ineffective. (Matt. 24:24, 1.John 2:18) But notice only one “Kosmos law” will establish the final Court sentence, which must be agreeable to both sides. For nothing is hidden that shall not be manifest. (Luke 8:17)

To redeem mortals from the eternal Second Death, a divine atonement on the cross paid for every Sin. The Garden of Gethsemane exposed the inner emotions and actions of the Creator and showed that in Yeshua the cause of Satan’s Evil was fully paid, symbolized in a lamb. Thus, the Supreme Judge required a settlement either paid by a qualified defense lawyer, Yeshua-Jesus, or agreed to a proven verdict by the accused. Legally if all sins are forgiven then every mortal will only be judged by the last committed thoughts or deed of an “intended evil offense” That determines either a pardon to live in eternity or to perish in fire! 

Again, the Divine Court will examine the last irreversible good or evil imprinted intent just minutes before the first mortal death. It was made clear by the Prophet Ezekiel deciding who will live or die …When the righteous man turns away and commits iniquity.... shall die. (Ezek. 18:26) This chapter confirms facing a last court session and going through the portals of a cocoon death, that every forgiven mortal can become guilty once more by the last intent of inoculated Evil, thus being judged by two rooted options: Mercy onto Life or Mercy unto Death

B. Demon Possession of the Heh-Dimension (Mark 7:14-30) 

The Plan of Mankind foretold that a wicked world system is judged once more in God’s Wrath to end the kingdom of darkness ruled by Satan and his demons. But in the beginning angels and mortals were created to live forever? Thus, Yeshua dying on the cross also gave the fallen angels a second choice to end their lives in the lower Daleth dimension. To terminate a horrible existence of eternal darkness and attain mortality, the Creator permitted them to indwell and possess mortals to die together. As prophesied, they will soon arrive on earth (Rev. 9:1-12) and kill many hostages on the way. Read Babushka Pearlette #12, My name is Legion.

Yeshua made a special journey across the lake to reveal a Kosmos law: if you transgress, you will be isolated - separated from the source of Life. Thus, divine Death was introduced on the cross to also open the door for demons to end their outer darkness existence sharing a common destiny. YHWH loved his creation and created a new Daleth-Time Dimension to send his Light-Spirit now made visible to mortals shrouded in Yeshua-Jesus and used a familiar “son” relationship to explain it.

He introduced a Kosmos divine Death principle to atone for every SIN on the cross, saving guilty sinners authenticated by a divine Resurrection. It became a solution to being condemned to utter loneliness, separated forever from the source of abundant Life. The new Kosmos law of divine Death gives every mortal a choice of Mercy unto Life or Mercy for Death not granted to fallen angels. Only those inoculated with embedded Evil will protect the Kosmos from being corrupted again.

A new civilization is at the front door to be governed by a deity, Yeshua in a newly formed divine Kingdom. He will re-introduce the original Plan of Mankind messed up by Adam but implemented where evil is completely constrained to finally reveal the ultimate, mortal Daleth creation design. Thus, evil will be terminated by [4+1] Death angels from the Heh dimension (Rev. 9:13-15) especially designed as recorded in the Torah-Bible. (Isa. 37:36, Exod. 12:29) Satan is bound and put in jail and all his demons permanently terminated to have lasting peace on earth.

Only Mankind was created in the divine image of the Creator; consequently must show the evidence for what was originally designed for Adam and Eve. They had a choice of two trees to test their loyalty. Did they know of a prehistoric evil rebellion of an Arch-angel Lucifer with one third of his angels to deeply affront his passion for his creation? Was Mankind’s purpose concealed like today many have never heard the good NEWS Gospel? Much is stated in 14 free Babushka eggs and Pearls to explain how the Plan for Mankind is restored and finalized.

C. The Mystery of the Jod dimension (Genesis 1:1)

The Plan for Mankind was started on a two-cycle system that is poorly researched by Christians. The last reference by Yeshua in Revelation 21 revealed what will be similar in the New Earth creation. Again, true science may have the answer. Perhaps the universe is expanding; hence the creation is not a shut book for the Creator to retire. It is like an inventor working on a next bigger stage to expand the Plan for Mortals. Investigating the Bible from a metaphysics perspective reveals what is hidden in nature, suppressed by fake science for hundred years. It exposed future events of Yeshua’s Kingdom mirror-imaged in the Jod dimension. For example, the last word of Revelation, The Saints, is still a mystery for many Christians believing in denominational dogma deception. The Saints is really a special class of appointed mortals. They will govern in Yeshua’s Kingdom and sit on his Table being a tested, trustworthy loyal staff of pre-resurrected Mortals specially trained to administer stiff-necked mortals and restore a damaged nature.

Looking into an expanding universe, one could speculate that the Adam and Eve story might be replicated by these special Saints? Notice in history most of Yeshua’s disciples were executed, and millions of his followers severely persecuted by Evil summed up to end like Rev. 6:9.

Many had their lives cut short passing early through the cocoon door, but we should not fear death now to live forever in a restored Kosmos purged from evil. It makes good sense that some will be specially rewarded to Sainthood, hence pre-resurrected for an extended purpose in a future Jod dimension. Why not appoint the millions of Saints being rewarded to repeat an Adam and Eve story to greatly expand and multiply unending Life in a universe, structured by different nations and cultures pleasing a Creator. Nature displayed colonies of bees & ants of 200,000 of sexless pro-created workers. That would be in the character of Yeshua who indicated great plans prepared for those who are loyal to him. Much Torah-Bible Truth is suppressed. One example: it mentioned that angels do not marry (Matt. 22:30) or procreate, would it include mortals? Then, what is the purpose of two resurrections? One is relative small and pre-selective “the Saints” while the other is the major resurrection when Time is obsoleted to start eternity in a Jod dimension.

Once more, YHWH appointed across 6000 years some special mortals to sainthood pre-resurrected to be trained with Yeshua the King of Kings to govern his divine kingdom of 70 nations. Many Christians will perish in the Apocalypse 5778 and not bypass the cocoon stage similar to the two witnesses, Elijah and Enoch coming back to die. Perhaps some are raptured after the 1000 years in the last Apocalypse when the Time Dimension obsoletes mortality. Satan is let loose for the last time to test mankind - once more become rebellious showing the need for a new body because Sin is so ingrained genetically. What will happen at the last insurgence against the ELOHIM? Not much is revealed and again, it will end in fire. It is not important for us and would only create another unnecessary rapture story to be more confusing. Evil, death, diseases and mortal life in nature will be totally changed in the New Earth mentioned by Yeshua in the last chapters of Revelation. (21&22) We can trust him who is so well acquainted with pain and absolute evil.

Perhaps the core to populate other planets is the same size of 200 million demon angels (Rev. 9) now replaced by Saints invited in a Golden City (Rev. 21:9) to have an office in the headquarters of the universe. YHWH could create a million more planets to expand creation. But it will no longer reflect a former reproduction life & death cycles linked to Evil. The old history of mankind is recaptured midpoint in a pyramid museum for each planet. On the inside is a rotunda with a Remembrance-Table of three mortal civilizations. Perhaps added historic videos to the Torah Book like Babushka concept eggs & many stories next to a large replica the Book of Life centered by a big Urn-container printed in golden letters in the first language given to Adam and Eve: 

The Original Dirt of Earth
4488 BC – 3018 AD (JC)
Yeshua the Christ Born-Died-Resurrected



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