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Forgotten Apocalypse 3018 AD

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Dating the Bible Endtime required extra Grace, as given to Thomas. Why did YHWH appoint this time a surprised scientist inventor under a penname Jonah-II to warn a Christian Church that the Apocalypse is on the front door? Many inventors typical think outside the box, hence I was guided to reconcile numerous confused denominational Bible dogmas explained with science linked to suppressed physics-metaphysics laws now exposed unrivaled in free 14 Babushka Egg Concept Books & Pearls.

Overlooked in the Endtime and reviewing Dan. 12 described a last and final rebellion of Satan’s linked to Grant Resurrection when the Time Dimension is terminated. When prophecy is studied, pay attention to the forgotten Apocalypse 3018 AD [JC]. It will reveal that Creator YHWH knows your name personally.

Prophecy club headlines befuddled future events like a seven-(7) year Apocalypse linked to a rapture story to escape death believed by many privileged Christians. They misunderstood a Bible paradox from the Middle Ages. Did YHWH lie when He declared, “All who have sinned-will die,” It ended with Yeshua’s free gift of Eternal Life. (Ezek. 33:12-20, Matt. 5, 6, 7, Pearl #235)

Only in the Chet Age can we look back or forward in time to lay out prophecies across a Hebrew 7000-year cycle system that started with Moses and Daniel linked to a JC calendar. Forty (40) Bible penwriters forecasted future events that only make sense if the Plan for Mankind is compared to what YHWH revealed. Theologians still hold on to many satanic deceptions from the Middle Ages that kept prophecies mystified between two Apocalypses linked to relationships between two cities, two women, the Saints to a nation Israel and future unknown dating days seen on heavenly clocks by Daniel-John. It introduced the Time Dimension (Gen. 1:3) to expose a Kosmos Evil. (Gen. 3:1) Ignoring historic events leads to repeating a divine judgment foretold by Yeshua-Jesus in Matt. 24, now all arrived on time.

Hence the warning title Apocalypse 2008-2015 of Babushka books #1 & #2 is not mislabeled, maybe the Evil of the New World Order has not fully triumphed. Perhaps extra Grace is given to repent delaying God’s Wrath to save more people?

Only the Torah-Bible revealed the “End” for Satan’s 6000-year governance of mankind followed by a 1000 year Sabbath rest ruled worldwide by Yeshua the Christ dated on the corrected Hebrew calendar. (Pearl #276) Many experts don’t recognize that most prophesied Apocalypse events stated in Babushka Egg Concept Books & Pearls have globally already happened staged in illegal environmental events by a wicked New World Order.

Satan ruling this earth has become more wicked in the last 1400 years of history corrupting many people in absolute Evil. He invented a terrible deadly Islam Evil religion to subdue many governments to enslaved local cultures to murder Christians & Jews, embezzle their property converted in mosques to teach his crime. Historically millions of people where ghastly massacred, thus God restored a population with extra “Life” and saved the Torah-Bible in other places. Until once more Mankind exploited technology changing genetic nature across the earth for Life to become extinct, thus is shortly judged by YHWH. (Isaiah 24)

A Monstrous IMF Secret Is Going Viral

Checking in museums, ancient bronze-gold clocks revealed that Evil started in a Lucifer rebellion 4488 BC. (Babushka Egg Book #3), YHWH will always survey a previously created heaven-Heh dimension and earth Daleth-dimension [Genesis 1:1] and wait until the Kosmos is balanced again on the end of “Time” to deactivate Evil. (Rev. 21) Thus, mortal Mankind is born in nature on a two-cycle system like a caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly. Much of Evil will be inoculated on the first stage to become immune on the second Jod-Dimension cycle. After 1000 years Satan is allowed to test mankind; hence YHWH will now burn the old universe system of evil & death no longer needed. When all earthly knowledge is fading away, some will ask Yeshua what are those marks on your hand and feet? It will lead into your personalized story how he knew your name before birth. To live forever will be the biggest event of your life, just accept him as your personal savior and receive a free divine gift fulfilling all prophecies. Or a gained immunity will end in the next 9 Av Apocalypse judgment watching again the Wrath barometer of Jerusalem linked to a special divine Covenant.  (Ezek. 5:5-12)  

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YHWH has spoken, I will bring it to pass; I have purposed, and will do it.   
(Isaiah 46:11)

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