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Have the Heh Witnesses Arrived?

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The Torah in Genesis 1:1 started with a mystery name “YHWH” (Elohim) mistranslated by most bible publishers as “God”? Recent YouTube technology showed that Hebrew letters have implanted a computer code. Thus, ancient writings revealed more and expanded the meaning of the oldest book on earth concealed with many mysteries. Why was it outlawed worldwide by atheists? Especially the letter Y-Jod =10 will support a divine creation by multiplied overlays.

Therefore, it stated right upfront how the universe was fashioned and the reason why the Creator decided to transform the existing Kosmos, which became corrupted by Satan and send his demons to the abyss. (Rev. 9) To restore and expand his creation, YHWH replaced it then with mankind born mortal on a two-cycle system illustrated in nature as caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly. But the newcomers first needed to be inoculated with a good dose of Evil to become immune for future Eternal Life.

So all of mankind will now be special tested more than any generation since Noah’s time. They will be asked, “Do you want to live in my house with my rules or not?” All are sinners, and so need washing of their past transgressions and given a free gift, a new resurrected body like Yeshua-Jesus with a sinless Mind amid a new heart loyal to love the Creator YHWH forever. It will soon be mirror imaged in a new society launched after a short Apocalypse (after solstice 2017-5778?) where Evil will be severely judged to have peace on earth for 1000 years. The next NEWS is that the last prophesied events have arrived to start Yeshua’s Kingdom. Hurry, read Jonah-II last warnings and decide for Eternal Life before the web is gone.

Hence the name YHWH revealed the Plan for Mankind from a cosmic Heh dimension [=5] connected by W [=6] with a Heh dimension again in a full-round time cycle, (evening to morning –V5). Only the Torah letters were designed with an advanced computer code that was first invisibly pictured in a World Cuckoo clock (Babushka egg book #1) linked to Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) with a Chet Age = 8 dating the final Endtime of the Apocalypse.  It is followed by a Teth Age = 9 meaning “New Life” continued in the Jod dimension.

The blueprint of the universe was guided on the first day by an extraordinary divine intelligence fuelled by infinite light energy, which is still denied by corrupted world governments believing fake science that was globally enforced in the last century by atheist NYC bankers with drastic consequences. They still deny an unlimited energy source of free Electricity & Hydrogen to seven (7) billion people unlocked in Babushka eggs explaining hidden and forgotten nature laws exposed in a forbidden Torah history.

Accordingly the New Testament recorded extra details to reveal more of YHWH by a different pennames John, now worldwide known as “the Word” expanded in Yeshua-Jesus. (John 1:1) The invisible Kosmos spirit is beyond a Trinity but became visible on a mortal Daleth dimension explained like a vine & vinedresser abridged in (John 14:9 & 15:1). It further uncovered a Y-Jod dimension with a historic Resurrection to confirm Life to be continued now answered Pontius Pilatus, “What is truth?”

Mortal Time was planned to continue for another 1000-year cycle in a special Jubilee Sabbath rest to complete a Hebrew world calendar [6000+1000=7000 yr.) not preached in Christian churches or synagogues. (Pearls #270, #276, #285)

Finally, true science has decoded many ancient stone-bronze-gold clocks exhibited in global museums dating the transition time of the Apocalypse.

All Bible prophecies are now confirmed by an ancient HANS math structure how a heaven-Heh-dimension was created with a temporal earth Daleth [=4] dimension. Thus, the last prophesied Heh witnesses appearing will be in conflict with two (2) mortal Daleth eyewitnesses to end six months later in a final battle on earth know as Armageddon. It will totally destroy the Second Civilization of Mankind to start over again, however now specially blessed never experienced before.

A World-Evil influence will be outmoded when Lucifer is jailed for 1000 years no longer to plague Mankind. A Kosmos Heh conflict from the other side can only be finalized in a temporal mortal Daleth dimension now worldwide noticed when Yeshua introduced a divine DEATH, as angels were created to live forever. That new option was instituted on the cross and applied to both dimension as explained in Babushka Pearls unknown in Christian churches. But this time YHWH needs no Noah’s boat to save Mankind again. Check Babushka eggs to widen a Mind.

Rapture ready Christians were recently disappointed hoping to bypass the Apocalypse baffled by a NASA planet alignment to mislead many in YouTube deceptions (9-23-2017). Dating an Apocalypse with fake science theories and false denominational Christian dogmas will cause big theological confusion.

Flat Earth: Jesuits & the Global Conspiracy! (3-4-16)

Nevertheless pay attention in this Jubilee 5778 could be the biggest global event in the sky when Yeshua returns in cosmic power with thousands of his angels. A different story is told that only babies who have not sinned will be raptured to continue mankind with some marked survivors of Israel. (Pearl #120)

An evil hi-technology like in Noah’s time (2288 BC) is changing once more nature with GMO extinction repeated in this generation, worse added nuclear radiation of absolute evil. To save Mankind this time YHWH is compelled to end EVIL corrupting every world governments. It will not be allowed in the new Yeshua’s Kingdom.

Thus all of Satan’s demons will be released from the abyss (Rev. 9) and together with this atheistic Civilization will perish with fire from the sky repeating history. Check free Babushka egg concept book and get ready for an early departure from this earth when you see prophecy fulfilled! 

Most worldwide events foretold in the Torah-Bible have been realized up to the 120th Jubilee 1967-2017. Jerusalem became again a stone of contention matching a Hebrew calendar 5778. When universal Truth is converted to fake science just pray for your own eternal security, as an atheistic economy is destroying the global environment of an unforgiving nature with a penalty.

So all of mankind will now be special tested with God’s Wrath once more than any other generation since Noah’s time. The creator ELOHIM planned a new society where Evil will be severely limited now causing peace on earth in the next 1000 years. The next NEWS is not fake but will announce shortly that the last prophesied events have arrived to start Yeshua’s Kingdom. Hurry, read Jonah-II last warnings and decide for Eternal Life before the Web is gone to disappear like an unsinkable Titanic.

Again every mortal must pass a test with a choice, like Solomon the wisest and richest man on earth. He saw the evidence of a supernatural Shekinah, but why did he offend YHWH by bowing down to stupid fake idols he fashioned? Thus, he lost his father’s kingdom and worse, the gift of Eternal Life. But reported across ancient history is a Jewish slave girl Esther being faithful to the end who saved her nation Israel: consider all is recalled on a final Jod balance test at the close of the Time.

Once more, dating the Apocalypse is not possible with falsified denominational Christian dogmas will only cause theological confusion. Why not check Babushka eggs looking at science and from a Bible-history perspective forbidden in every university and global government evil to the core?

Watch, the Creator YHWH is not sleeping, surveying his creation now permanently destroyed with gene-trans-human technology and nuclear radiation terminating all Life for the next generation. Please read: scripture foretold that a worldwide vast destruction of nature will be reversed with plenty of food for a bigger population using free “energy” suppressed by evil governments. Surely he will repeat a Sodom and Gomorrah Judgment everybody has heard about, endorsed in a forbidden Torah-Bible prophecy, guaranteed after Solstice 2017. Pearl #270

8 But I will spare some, for some of you will escape the sword when you are scattered among the lands and nations. 9 Then in the nations where… they will loathe themselves for the evil they have done and for all their detestable practices. 10 And they will know that I am the Lord YHWH; I did not threaten in vain to bring this calamity on them. (Ezekiel 6:8-10 NIV)

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