Pearl #250 -

The Science-Metaphysic Kaleidoscope
Reveals Jonah's Big FISH


The Divine Court calls Witnesses


3. GMO Reflections : The Divine Court calls its First Witness

To start with the proof of the ELOHIM global case, let's visit the Insectarium at the Montreal, Quebec museum to check the world largest insect-bug collection as a witness, exhibiting a massive assortment of original living species, which lived on this earth 50 years ago now disappeared after having lasted 4300 years since 2288 BC as dated from Julius Caesar's calendar change to 2012 AD. An evil generation of MANKIND, once more since 1976 caused much genetic extinction repeating a gross violation of Noah's contract.

Estimating the many missing bugs expanded to fishless rivers and dead oceans, wildlife disappearing, we may soon witness the possible extinction of the environment as we have known it, unless the Elohim can overwrite Mankind's evil. God can preserve any species. He only needs two of every original species, not modified, a male and female hiding somewhere globally to start over again no longer having a flood promised.

However, God has already preserved 500,000 unmodified food seeds, stored deep inside a mountain surrounded with ice. When the Apocalypse started in 2008, this inaccessible vault’s steel doors were shut on the small island of Svalbard near Norway. It was constructed under UN supervision and meant to preserve non-modified seeds for the next generation. It became a concrete Noah's boat.

My Next Major Witness Called known as the "Angel of Death". The powerful global Monsanto conglomerate cartel originally made obscene money as the inventor of Agent Orange.

Forgotten history shows the effects of such horribly painful poison murdering millions of families with children in Vietnam, raining death from airplanes and applied to the many other wars, still suppressed by a corrupt US Government rewriting history.

Now the same cartel favored by US military establishment is making more profit manufacturing every year tons of lethal poison for military purpose among ROUNDUP just another name of the same deadly poison ten times worse than DDT, which caused more life to disappear, Silent Spring forgotten.

Have you ever wondered why so many pollinating honeybees disappeared? Brain-dead professors paid off by the cartel do not know the reason. Simple houseflies vanish together with wildlife.

I recently saw birds by the thousands falling from the sky on TV, along with literally thousands of beached fish, small and large whales, porpoises, and tuna mysteriously stranded. There were too many to count but still not enough death to wake up comatose people. The general public is unaware what is done worldwide to assault nature in a massive way.

Why do we see massive detergent foam so far away on the beaches in Australia killing everything in the ocean never investigated by corrupt governments protecting the oil cartel hiding the effect to cover-up oil leaks?

TV shows document how they avoid environmental laws and secretly spray detergent around leaking coastal oil wells. That becomes an invisible oil-gunk poisoning vast areas, even spreading submerged over the ocean sea floor to exterminate all life. Experience a Vietnam movie again, and apply it across the oceans from the sky, this time massively killing marine life for more profit.

Check the price of fish this year. They have tripled, and I cannot find my favorite anchovies and herring. They have disappeared in my neighborhood. This is all ignored by corrupt bureaucrat scientists believing in the unscientific evolution religion as enforced in our universities. They do not understand nature. How can they advise senators to make good laws protecting the environment?

It gets worse. If you are scientifically inclined a little and do not have a closed MIND, follow reason and check the shelves of fruits and vegetables at the food market. Have you wondered why they now glue sticker label-numbers, which was meant for lawyers to collect gene patent fees or if someone gets sick to alert the vendor to remove that product from the shelves.

Remember the spinach fiasco in California some years ago? This worldwide GMO cover-up started with 28 people killed by salmonella. Since then, hundreds and thousands got deadly sick, but it was suppressed by the governments. The death path followed a full circle thousands died in India and hundreds of farmers committed suicide, ruined from poisoned harvest.

A global trail of death suppressed across the USA to Texas Peanut-butter- Tomatoes- Jalapeños- Corn- Tea billion dollar losses, all the way to San Francisco my neighborhood too numerous to count. Farmers deeply troubled and confused by Salmonella invested harvests do not get any help from a corrupt FDA that covers up facts to protect the GMO cartel, which caused the destruction of most original food genetics by allowing modifying genes to permanently alter the original embedded intelligence.

When original gene information is no longer available to procreate, it will be permanently shut down as every generation of seeds gets messed up due to damaged intelligence, receiving injured or missing genes until extinction occurs. It will come in a very short time according to entropy laws. Once you run out of the original to start the GMO process over for another cycle will make that species permanently extinct. Damaged GMO intelligence grossly violates the Adam-Noah contract of ELOHIM.

This raises the question, “Why won’t the FDA enforce labeling laws to reveal the lie to make it obvious to the public what is inside the fruit, vegetables and Franken fish - especially meat, no longer genetic original pure?”

Look at the beef displayed in the market now only shows red fat. It should have a white marbled color, does no longer taste beef which is the indicator of foreign genes, no longer report Mad cow diseases secretly ground up in hamburger only time delayed, screwing up your brain, too.

Perhaps they inserted crocodile or elephant genes to make a bigger bull? Jewish people desiring to eat only kosher are tricked into eating forbidden meat violating the Torah. Worse, GMO tasteless chicken produced a million eggs unavoidably contaminated with deadly salmonella and recalled in 2012. I wonder where they vanished. Perhaps given to charity for a tax deduction?

Investigating so many suppressed facts leads me to believe a government conspiracy exists exposed by much evidence. The many lies on TV designed to keep the public uninformed paying off the media to protect the invisible evil brotherhood Death-Angel corporate consortium known as the Monsanto cartel and their deadly sisters. Both are plotting for mutual benefit to force the consumer to buy exclusively only patent modified GMO food to make obscene profits to hide in offshore banks.

What ticks me off as a German is that I can no longer buy original potatoes to make my ethnic Klöße-dumplings. Even pancakes fall apart with the starch spliced out. Worse are potatoes showing evidence of death turning green in about one month?

Poor farmers are being screwed. They no longer can store potatoes without expensive bleaching gas and paying extra lawyer fees, and I am too irritated, being forced to inspect looking closer for green color. That tells me that the potatoes should no longer be eaten if you want to live a little longer fearing salmonella multiplying when the poison gas is fading.

What is not told to the public prevented by the criminal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) not compliant to the US content label laws being corrupted to the bone making many decision in favor of the cartel being paid off under the table.

Check YouTube. Somebody noticed a relationship of FDA executives being paid back for favors changing jobs later becoming a vice-president of the Monsanto cartel to collect huge bonuses perfectly legal millions deposited in untraceable off shore tax-free accounts.

But when we follow the deadly money trail could reveal the path to permanent extinction of all LIFE ultimately will end in the Apocalypse prophesied as a covenant for MANKIND from ELOHIM is still binding. The comatose public is kept totally ignorant by a controlled media that silenced many strange diseases. Medical science is bewildered by cancer going through the roof. This generation of children is much sicker, obese, diabetic and mentally impaired, and many are permanently on expensive drugs.   

All can be linked to a new gene technology when the original gene immune system policeman was spliced out by a global cartel. We have forgotten that every food plant-animal genes were reproduced for thousands years by an embedded original blueprint saved in Noah's ark story told in the ancient Bible.

For those who cannot buy a forbidden Bible political prevented by global governments, I will print out a few verses so important not allowed in our schools either to find out why God in heaven = ELOHIM is horribly angry and infuriated at this generation of mankind.

Why are they screwing up his creation meant to last another 1000 years?

That will force God to return to earth and inspect the vast destruction of his despoiled garden and once more teach mankind what is good and evil and replace relativism, destroying so many cultures and all LIFE meant to last thousands of years.

Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight, and the earth was filled with violence. The Lord saw that the wickedness of humankind was great in the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of their hearts was only evil continually.

And the Lord was sorry that he had made humankind on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart. So the Lord said, “I will blot out from the earth the human beings I have created—people together with animals and creeping things and birds of the air, for I am sorry that I have made them.” But Noah found favor in the sight of the Lord. (Genesis 6:5-11)

Why do we repeat what occurred in Noah's time? Let me explain the GMO process once more for my grandkid.

It started when criminal super wealthy global bankers financed worldwide universities with big fiat money bankrolling the process in hundred laboratories. Kept secret, air tight with negative pressure not allowing modified dangerous pollen to escape into the outside environment causing massive extinction. Those hybrid laboratories, some deep inside mountains, were closed to the public. Experimenting at high speed to splice out the reproduction imprinted DNA-RNA genes now altered and modified by E. coli bacteria.

That simple bacterium, cheaply reproduced, is outfitted with an embedded feature like a drill on its head, can penetrate and bore into thick hard gene-walls, the perfect toxic tool for GMO to wreck cell intelligence.

Pay attention! The deadly E. coil bacteria is able to picky-back any foreign genes of a specie aiding to enter a host gene but will be destroying the policeman protecting the species family. God the inventor has provided a guarding on the cell level from preventing unauthorized entering the inner cell-life-center and when spliced out replaced with cloning to prevent salmonella still will become extinct in the next generation guaranteed by the divine Laws of Fertility.

Applying deadly bacteria has more consequences. They not only destroy the protecting immune system of the interior cell intelligence but also open wide the door for salmonella, unhindered, to enter the center on the cell level. It now permanently alters the original blueprint of the cell, which makes it easy for salmonella to multiply and kill its host, perhaps you. The Bible prophesied diseases recorded the eyes will rot in their sockets and their tongues in their mouth sounds like flesh eating bacteria military science created. (Zechariah 14:12)

Do not wonder anymore much is now cloned, but it will cause more honeybees to disappear poisoned the nectar on the GMO cell level guaranteed to cause food shortages that will elevate food prices astronomically. A hundred dollar bill does not buy much in groceries now - a bad bargain for consumers.

When corrupt governments enforce genetic modified foods generated by evil criminal cartels, it raises the cost by paying off expensive lawyers who control every food store will punish anyone with big lawsuits making obscene money. If a farmer grows clean, non-modified, real organic food, avoiding residues of antibiotic and pesticides, he will now be persecuted with frivolous lawsuits anywhere in the world. He will be financially ruined by paid off judges favoring the international Monsanto cartel, as demonstrated in Canada by the Perry Schmeiser case, which violated his Canadian constitutional rights and the many neighboring farmers, now bankrupt in the same boat.

Organic dairies are being sued by the Monsanto cartel manufacturing dangerous rBST to produce more milk. Inoculated cows create a lot of puss in milk now also overloaded with antibiotics to counter the infections. This causes horrible stress on the animals, but it is approved by the corrupt FDA favoring the cartel. Worse, the FDA recently permitted the nuclear radiating of food. Perhaps too many salmonella outbreaks were killing people. If you want to live a little longer, read that again, or tell the government to stop that evil. It is their job to protect the public, not make it sick. Check the evidence collected in the 4th Babushka egg concept book - Genetic Modification Exposed! free on the Internet.

Turn once more the kaleidoscope. It gets worse. You will gain another insight watching recent Nobel Prize speeches revealing who is a brain-dead PhD professor. When you can no longer buy true organic food, you should tell what it is forbidden by the FDA. Like in India where hundreds of farmers committed suicide because only 40% of the rice harvested in 2010 could be sold, so they could not pay back the lender. Even worse, they lost thousands of sheep and water buffalo that died after grazing on fields planted with Monsanto GMO rice.

That is no fun to watch, especially after being honored with a Nobel Prize in Sweden, the Nobel laureate professor derided America for being the only nation having some renegade scientists not believing in evolution. He did not realize he was a brain-dead victim of the Hitler-Goebbels pioneered MIND-CONTROL culture. He has spent his life in a closed university cage that provided a high salary and fat pension to keep him compliant. My dog shows more intelligence, but he is not dressed up in a suit and tie to look for Judah Iscariot money in Sweden after he hanged himself.

What is amazing to me that the Agent Orange cartels and tobacco industry are able to distribute their poison globally to every store from remote tiny, inaccessible village drugstores to skyscrapers? If the poison is globally distributed in every store, under the sink and in most households’ garages, heaven forbid gets into the environment over a wide area will eventually kill millions of people by starving them to death as GMO is no longer reproducing on top void of LIFE nutrition.

It is time for us to be educated. Hopefully you are motivated, or see a war-movie from Vietnam once more to see how to kill on a big scale and should learn from history. However, to become truly life essential educated should not forget ancient GMO technology. Let’s follow a historic path to add something to our general education, like my grandkid turning rocks over in hope of finding something alive.

Pay attention. Your grandchildren will die - all of them. Being the next to the last generation as nature now is nearly totally screwed up, every original food gene will soon disappear according to entropy laws.

Get the proof. Your nursery flower plants die soon after planting being cloned. They can no longer reproduce the now genetic mortified, damaged seed stamped with a patent number on the outside package or skin changed to make obscene money even sanctioned by our corrupted FDA government. Being a favored class of privilege should for God’s sake protect the consumer paying their fat salaries and big pension. Notice the many angry scientists on YouTube who were misled by universities. This will cause a total collapse of what has been taught for 150 years as the many lies are now exposed.

Lastly, Shoreline Aquatic Park in Mountain View was set aside to protect wildlife on the inside edges of San Francisco Bay. It is an important stopover for migrating birds every year. Recently, I sat in an outdoor restaurant and noticed not a single sparrow or ground squirrel around begging for french-fries. Even the hardy pigeon has disappeared.

I discovered a box labeled POISION next to the children’s playground, even translated in Spanish. That explains the mystery why most wildlife has disappeared. Ducks and so many other birds no longer come there. A lonely Canadian goose was surrounded with piled garbage looking at my face, and looks do tell. “Why have you turned off the water leaving only burned grass, no more food for all my friends starving to death?”

A big expensive sign announced, "No Fishing" at a dead lake now poisoned with ROUNDUP, tons bought by corrupt, evil bureaucrats getting 6 digit salaries and fat pensions. What a joke! They never do their job to visit or check the park. They believe that kindergarten kids can read the POISON label boxes surrounded with invisible ROUNDUP soaked into the dirt all around the whole lake killing everything.

If we just fired one lazy upstairs bureaucrat lacking solid education, we could save some life and would have enough money left over to improve the whole Aquatic Park. Applied to minimum wage unemployed Mexican boys lingering around, they could collect the garbage and feed the stressed wildlife and turn the water "on". It would greatly benefit the next generation of kids seeing life again, provided those curious kids do not eat the poison bonbons if their parents are not watching.

Stupid, highly paid bureaucrats are protected by unethical bosses. This will lead to an Apocalypse affecting a huge population starving to DEATH worldwide. We are next to disappear as demonstrated in the Park. Do not blame God of coming disasters but rather be informed of Jonah's WARNING revealing forbidden prophecy on my web site. Turn the kaleidoscope again and watch God's WRATH the next asteroid already on its way similar to Noah (2288 BC) coming by, or compare it to the asteroid seen in Russia as shown on TV 15 February 2013.

Hundreds of people were injured and many buildings collapsed from the asteroid’s shock wave. Billions of people were warned and will die being found in violation of his covenant. God's Kingdom on Earth will start over again another civilization with free energy no longer polluting and poison globally the environment prophesied to last thousand years and will not let puny mortals trained by Satan destroying all living things on earth once more. Why not be safe asked the ELOHIM how do I survive? Read Pearl #126 on the reason for the population spike and the Bible verses on page 7.

4. Free Electricity - Second Witness

Turn the Kaleidoscope once more while tracing forbidden GMO needs ENERGY to see the parallel-described Babushka egg concepts revealing deadly secrets hidden from the public. I wonder why President Obama never acknowledged my courtesy letter to inform the US government that electricity can be extracted free from Gravity-Water and Air.

Instead, pay attention to make my point. Recently CNN TV showed President Obama visiting a South Korea University in Soul (3/15/2012) where he reaffirmed nuclear power once more. The students listening had scared looks on their faces upon hearing that another lethal nuclear power station was to be started in America without the American people agreeing. Guaranteed it will end in massive numbers of future deaths not mentioned. It is obvious the US government protects the oil cartel and is not listening to the United Nation Energy Department warnings.

Germany, usually a leader in technology, is the first country to realize nuclear power’s extreme and irreversible danger to society; therefore, it announced that it would shut down every nuclear-power-station under their control. In 2012 they discovered underground drinking water exposed to radiation seepage near to a nuclear plant.

It got worse when they realized that not a single container was designed to safely store nuclear rods. The storage tanks were not designed to use the original water pool 50 years. It now has cracks in the cement liner revealing rusting iron that had deteriorated much faster with hot radiation. The corrupt American government flouts dangerous facts and conceals the NEWS to keep the public deadly ignorant.

Their nuclear garbage is sent to Oak Ridge, TN in America to be burned with the radiation ashes returned. It makes lucrative profit for a private corporation that is shared with the governor and their friends under the table.

They staged a short NEWS clip only seen in Germany. Two old women were in a coffee shop. One said, “We need the jobs.” The other replied, “It is cheap energy.” In the next scene by a big river, a man saying, “We can no longer eat the fish.” The dirty, radiant hot air is not mentioned. The citizens never gave permission to the state government, which made a lucrative deal without them. A quote from a local, “A public who chooses to be uninformed deserves to eat radioactive eggs for breakfast. Where is the money? Cheap energy?”

Tell that to the Japanese people not yet educated. Most still trust their government’s lies despite dirty hands under the table grabbing illegal tax money. They seem to need another accident to convince them of permanent, unavoidable Death. The sun not having set, they will not escape the next time around.

China suffers from horribly thick, polluted AIR, and I cannot understand why so many governments still suppress clean free energy for mankind invented 100 years ago by Nicola Tesla. Why is free electricity still silenced, although it is demonstrated on YouTube by many young renegade witnesses, people excited to show motor-generators that can run perpetually. They have found something denied in universities around the world avoid teaching it, not understanding what electricity really is.

No wonder global governments are stupid, too! In my neighborhood, why would an immoral US Government Energy Agency suppress the evidence and dictate to the Patent Department preventing free energy. I wonder why bureaucrats and the US Congress protect the dirty OIL cartel and the nuclear coalition club? Why do they allow environmental poisoning worldwide by deadly nuclear radiation killing all LIFE for 100,000 years? Highly paid scientists cannot stop deadly radiation from leaking out willfully lying, degenerate to being criminals guaranteed will fry in Hell for not shutting down nuclear power?

In spite of the evidence on YouTube, energy policies still have not changed even today. They squash unlimited available energy, free ELECTRICITY for eighty years. How evil can you get?

Free electric energy has been confirmed by many science witnesses in YouTube videos, but discussion of their discoveries is prevented in the global universities. Sadly, these degenerate lowlifes have been paid off with lucrative Judah Iscariot grants from corrupted governments. Perhaps Tesla was too advanced for his time and needed a new Babushka Donut Atom theory to explain it, but that has been suppressed, too.

Tell me for heavens sake, why is the boundless electricity invented by Nicola Tesla and documented in his 700 patents still forbidden? Why is that technology censored and kept buried in the US Patent Department? Why would a US State Department confiscate so many energy patent applications perceived as military sensitive? Some inventors were also mysteriously murdered to discredit the evidence.

Why does the public allow a criminal energy cartel to silence and deny that ELECTRICITY could be totally free? Even worse they deny that energy can be extracted from embedded magnetic Gravity, super-magnets or air-atoms. They point to upside down physics following an infinite energy path. Just check my 16 new UREE generator inventions: they work, if you are educated enough to test them.

The Chinese government is not controlled by America, yet I really do not understand why they go on suffering from thick polluted sulfuric air when clean electricity is freely available? That proves that a coal-cartel is more powerful than the Chinese government.

I could go on. Why not, for an example, become a billionaire and apply what was testified in the ELOHIM trial case as more witnesses lined up to establish TRUTH can no longer deny the concept of The Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine now postulated on the free internet town-square.

The new light bulb sold in America is just a coiled up light pipe demonstrated in 1920 by Nicola Tesla wireless connected if grounded. Why is it suppressed? Our computers, telephone, Internet already is wireless. Why not go further and obsolete ugly wires on the pole and drive cars without gasoline and get clean air in the bargain? Universities should not deny Babushka books that trace where the energy comes from.

Universities have the money and faculties to prove or disprove Internet facts. The public should wake up now because they can watch many YouTube movies revealing the censored reality. Perhaps they are afraid of exposing evolution lies, or is corrupting money still the driver?

TRUTH cannot be forever silenced. Perhaps students watching YouTube will no longer being swindled out of an education exchanged for a questionable sheepskin charging $200,000 for an American college education. Ripped off students are being forced to go deep in debt, a poor investment wasted as many jobs disappeared by following a brain-dead doctrine based on evolution fairy tales. The cost of university education has increased 10 fold and surged 1120% since 1978 compared to the price for food 144%.

Do you wonder where our hi-tech society is heading by denying free energy, not bothered that millions were killed in the last century from useless wars over oil. It seems every other year the same story is repeated around the world. Suppressing free energy will make it obvious who compromised with evil, linked to the Military Complex Cartel, forever building new equipment and smarter bombs to recycle DEATH.

American corrupt politics appoint Pro-Fracking, Pro-Big Oil Scientist to Head the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)?

Word on the street is that President Obama will nominate Dr. Ernest Moniz, Big Oil and fracking cheerleader, to head up the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). If you think blasting toxic chemicals into the same ground that gives us the food we eat and the water we drink, is dangerous, if you think allowing fracking to destroy our farmland, contaminate our groundwater and endanger our health sounds like a bad idea, you’re part of a growing movement that is determined to ban fracking across the U.S. and move the country toward a sustainable future of clean energy and organic food and farming.

Mr. Moniz is poised to leave his perch as director of MIT's Energy Institute, which boasts such Big Oil financial backers as BP, Chevron and Saudi Aramco. Think former Monsanto lawyer, Michael Taylor, appointed deputy commissioner of the FDA. And Tom Vilsack, another former Monsanto shill, named head of the USDA. (Like fox in the henhouse) Our voices may fall on deaf ears at the federal level….we owe it to our farms and our future to educate, speak out, mobilize - and oppose this appointment. (Organic Bytes a publication Organic Consumers Association 2/28/13)

One more example, many new technology applications are seen weekly in Popular Science magazine. In March 2013 page 8-9, the author speculated to keep the consumer ignorant, along the vein of the world’s largest windmill turbine manufacturer in Germany. Recently, Siemens built 300 dinosaur windmills for the UK costing the usual billions for taxpayers.

Each of its three rotor blades measures 246 feet - nearly the wingspan of an airbus A380. It will produce only six megawatts of electricity. But the well-known company favored by the energy cartel suppressing free energy will not look at modern electric generators producing free electricity. They build outdated designs invented 50 years ago all for higher profit.

Why are YouTube experts demonstrating free electricity oppressed? Or prove that just one of my 16 UREE generators do not work! They could give 1000 times more electric power a lot cheaper, guaranteed if you understand what magnetism is.

Discovering that clean electricity is available totally free was first so preposterous to me, too, which urged me to investigate where it starts. I looked at the universe with thousands of galaxies shining brightly with energy and uncovered physics proving that Gravity is magnetic. This source for electricity is summed up in Babushka egg concept book #9, The Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine, meant for a future generation.

It explains how infinite energy is embedded in atoms and easily converted to 16 UREE electric generator inventions. One is enough to fly a Concord-jet with totally free energy. That needed a different Donut Atom theory postulated as the old one from smashing atoms for 40 years is really pretty stupid and needed to be replaced with a much more logical theory linked to Babushka egg concepts books, without an unscientific evolution religion doctrine to make more sense.

In the 2012 elections for president in the USA, politicians raised two billion dollars to be reelected, but no money was appropriated to the millions starving around this globe. Many drought stricken areas do not have water anymore and could be helped by water wells, cost as little as $4,800 to drill a hole. [Contact Life Outreach International based in Texas.] Converted, it means 400,000 water wells could give clean fresh water to 40 million people in 1000 villages.

On TV we see kids walk five miles to a dirty slimy mosquito-infested waterhole surrounded by a collapsing local economy. We should tell our US President to make the next Presidential Decree and become famous, forcing the media to give free voting coverage and apply the collected money to stop global hunger. The public airways belong to the people. It is pathetic to watch little children walk miles for water, hungry and barefoot, to help the family survive. The overabundance in one country should alleviate global hunger. The UN official statistics shows that our food outlets throw away 50% of the food wasted as GMO is spoiling sooner, not aware that God in heaven sees it.

From my perspective it does not matter anymore. Mankind has become totally evil. Our culture based on relativism is evil to the core, which got God the ELOHIM’s attention to send a Jonah to the global town square to announce time is up on God's clock. The judgment is now dated, and it gives us very little time to repent or think about Jonah's WARNINGS.

Why is true science forbidden by world governments although demonstrated by so many witnesses on YouTube? This free Internet witness has hundreds of witnesses demonstrating free clean energy and exposing many lies. Surely our 21st Generation will end in chaos. We should not blame God.

Personally, be informed. Whatever we do is recorded in books opened at the White Throne on the last day. We will appear naked with a record of our deeds on earth opened to the divine judge to be evaluated.

Then I saw a great white throne and the one who sat on it; the earth and the heaven fled from his presence, and no place was found for them. And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened.

Also another book was opened, the book of life. And the dead were judged according to their works, as recorded in the books.

And the sea gave up the dead that were in it, Death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and all were judged according to what they had done. Then Death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire; and anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire. (Revelation 20:11-15 NRSV)

Summed up:

The ELOHIM has presented two major witnesses from recent science, plus ONE, your and my grandkid. Proven even on a kid level, investigating nature can no longer find bugs crawling under every rock in your neighborhood indicating death toward extinction.

Your food market points to massive GMO destruction by charging increasing, astronomical higher prices every year, which is making billion dollar bonuses for the Death-angel cartel. Lastly, the energy supplier is suppressing free ENERGY proven by hundreds of witnesses on YouTube, still raising the energy cost.

Check the latest gasoline price hike. Look at how the environment is polluted globally with dirty coal poisoning the air and worse deadly nuclear radiation leaking over vast areas, no longer managing the cracked cement-lined pool not designed for 50 years to be a safe nuclear storage container to protect all LIFE.

This evil generation is grossly violating the ELOHIM's contract. On top of being totally evil, its leaders forbid free ELECTRICITY for mankind, still suppressed. This deadly cancer has gone too far to be healed.

Global universities should have perused true physics but now will witness an irreversible revolution storm turning upside down a 100-year old atheistic counterfeit science forum on a free YouTube. It will be reminiscent of the Islamic Spring and spread uncontrollably to expose the evolution religion’s hatred bent to destroy Christianity.

Against the many criminal lies rooted in an unscientific evolution religion taught globally in the academic world, it will gain speed similar to a gigantic snow avalanche to bury obsoleted, irrational theories in an icy balled up mass getting bigger.

Even scheming to close the Internet can no longer suppress TRUTH! It will grow stronger ending with divinely directed consequences, unstoppable and will surely cause a response from the Creator ELOHIM with an Apocalypse PENALTY for breaking his covenant to allow LIFE to continue for the next generation.

Watch, announced now greatly angered, furious, extremely incensed because mankind has messed up his garden genetically and grossly polluted the earth causing extinction. Condemned are those who deny free energy for mankind, ripped off by corrupt governments protecting wicked cartels.

The evil tenants will be thrown out to burn in Hell forever. They never paid their rent to acknowledge and honor the divine benefactor in heaven who gave us LIFE, nor were they gracious to his children living in utter poverty. But one more witness for the skeptic, one notch higher linked to the metaphysic ancient history dated to seal the ELOHIM prosecution case against a corrupt MANKIND destroying all LIFE on earth.


DDT (dichloro diphenyl trichloroethane) is an organochlorine insecticide, which is a white, crystalline solid, tasteless and almost odorless chemical compound...

Biomedicine-Mad Cow Disease might linger longer, N.S., Science News, July 15, 2006,

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