Pearl #250 -

The Science-Metaphysic Kaleidoscope
Reveals Jonah's Big FISH


The Divine Court calls its Final Witnesses


7. The Final Big FISH Dating Proof

Similar to what happened in Russia on February 15, 2013, an asteroid passed by, which will be repeated again being the greatest spectacle possibility of applying God’s Grace dated with science. On 17 September 2015 AD a 52 km asteroid rock will pass by the earth and be seen globally by everybody’s eyes big time on TV meant as a last warning of God’s WRATH, like the biggest JONAH FISH to appear.

Previously, I thought that Jonahs big FISH was "free energy" for the next civilization. But logic changed my mind from what was around for hundreds of years as demonstrated by many rebel scientists rarely would be extraordinary a big fish. But a huge asteroid in the sky seen by everybody passing the earth is truly a bigger FISH terrible scary unable to prevent it.

Let's look again if we can project an asteroid from the metaphysic perspective. If one orbit is extended from the 2015 schedule by God's Grace could mean a delay of the impact by 2.2 years (825:365 days = 2.2) still within the timetable of 2018 AD. But forecasting dating cycles must be linked to the Hebrew calendar gears being offset by 8 months to the Gregorian calendar. That would date the ending of the apocalypse (2015+2 = 2017 AD) on two entropy levels. But on the other hand, when a rock orbit is moving exponentially, it will get consequently a shorter time, too, making up the difference. But the metaphysical projection dovetailed more accurate than the previously dated 17 September 2015.

A little exponentially shorter time like 8 months must match the previous date perfectly and start the countdown of Daniel’s prophecy on 5 February 2012, now expanded using the 7:5 HANS overlay by five more years to 2017. The September 17 date is still linked to Jesus’ birthday on 18 September and 10 days later on 28 September ending with Hebrew Holidays of Yom Kippur and Atonement followed by the Feast of Tabernacles and centered on the most important date of inaugurating the newly appointed Jewish King as linked to an old Hebrew moon calendar New-Year festival.

All must match. In the case of clock gears, as little as half a tooth will stop any time projection. Check the Hebrew calendar system of the 19-year cycle. The cycles must mesh like gears inserting 7 times an extra Addar month to synchronize a Julius Caesar 21 December 2012 solstice calendar correction. Amazingly, moon cycles seem only three Jewish calendar days off looking at 2017. That is still astounding. I calculated the accumulating wobble fraction in math across 2000 years in the UREE Energy Babushka Egg book #9 if you are familiar with true science linked to prophecy. It must be perfectly aligned by seven Jewish feast and five fast days matching a divine HANS 7:5 ratio logic proving these dating opinions.

First Witness: the Metaphysics Bible

One more proof: start counting the 7-year Apocalypse from 21 December 2012, which is also the middle of twelve cycles, like 7:5 or the seventh (7) Hebrew cycle and add Daniel’s prophetic 1260 days to get to 17 September 2017. However, we must convert Daniel’s wobble axis calendar of shorter backwards days.

His ratio is (7:5=1.4). If we multiply it by 1260, we get a future adjusted time cycle that is wobble factor corrected to our calendar to be 4.8297 years (1260 x 1.4/364.24 = 4.8297) added (2012.9698828 + 4.829) = 2017.799582 Jerusalem time, with a leftover fraction to arrive at 18 September, Jesus Birthday coming back to start his Kingdom on Earth – a perfect match again.

Theologians are not familiar with a calendar change around Julius Caesar’s time in 54 BC. It means that any date from Moses, or 1400 BC (last wobble), must be multiplied by 1.4 to correct to the Gregorian calendar.

Second Witness from Science

Much information is available on the Internet that make universities obsolete. You can get a better education without paying a penny.

Check the address of the IDA asteroid mystery 52 km in size, which I pick as a candidate that must match the mathematics of physics with the metaphysics on a higher level now added the Enoch Pyramid information as a third witness combined with logic. The Hebrew Hand-rule 4+1=5 overlaid with the 7:5 Daniel ratio (#4) of ancient clocks measuring time (#5) should prove it to a brain-dead skeptic believing in an atheistic evolution religion. The 52 km IDA asteroid’s orbit was given 4.84, and if we calculate with Babushka egg method, we get the same date: a coincidence once more doubled. 21 December 2012 = 2012.972620742 + 4.84 = 2017.81262 fraction = SEPTEMBER 22.8

Again 4 days off, as the scientists do not know our calendar needs to be corrected again since the Middle Ages by 4 days to match the Jewish moon calendar. (Check the 9th Babushka concept book.)

Seeing a monster asteroid fizzing by in 2015, atheistic scientists will postulate that a rock passing between earth and sun would more likely fall into the sun in order to reduce popular anxiety. However one more orbit is scientifically possible being invisible behind the sun, and it could also exponentially turning still to incline and plunge into the earth in 2017 instead as prophesied in Daniel 2:34, Revelation 16:17, Isaiah 24 and other Bible places. You decide.

Remember the number 17 overlay from the metaphysic perspective. A strong case could be made for 2017 in HANS. It means (Beth) 2 = house on a higher level (reaching hand =20) now linked to the Hebrew 17 = Victory Jesus appearing in the sky starting God’s Kingdom on earth eliminating EVIL as expressed in 10+7=17 (Jod-Zayin), as Zayin = sword linked to Jod on a higher level ending the Armageddon war. To learn more, read Revelation 11:15, 17:1-18.

But skeptics need more witnesses. The first became the ancient Aztec stone clock exhibited in the Mexico City outdoor museum having 52x7 years oriented toward solstice positions, but measured in short cycles reversed from our fixed axis projection.

It was demonstrated when hit by the first asteroid from Noah's time in 2288 BC. That date was 17 September recalculated on Enoch's clock mathematics? Why does it overlay with a recent date 17 September repeating? A triple witness number 17 was postulated 6 years ago published, but check this pearl has the number 17 in Bible verses buried, too. What a coincidence?

Believing in an unscientific evolution religion was designed to keep your MIND brain-dead loosing the ability to think in logically and should never be considered next to a Bible-science book. It only creates confusion. Our American education has sunk to #36 on the world scale. It used to be on top in 1945. Primitive bush people have jungle religious opinions too, but are not exclusively enforced on a Western Civilization.

Why impose a "evolution religion" violating science in every school system? It is criminal to force my grandkid to believe in religious evolution fairy tales not even logical and push an agenda purposely designed to keep the masses compliant and ignorant to accept corruption so prevalent in global governments.

The footprint of the sun-pyramid in Teotihuacán near Mexico City is identical to an inch with that of the Pyramid in Gaza - why?

But the apex measurements represent a different earth axis wobble being built later in time. Why is Enoch Pyramid math design showing the next earth tilt axis similar to a future Ezekiel Temple pyramid and even embedded in ancient stone-bronze clocks?

A different earth axis tilt would prove the prophecy projection of a major climate change to bring back what was before Enoch’s times, a land dripping milk and honey. High up in Israel's sacred mountain, the footstool of the Elohim will have plenty of water running to fill the Dead Sea basin once more, alive with massive fish again like before.

Every child and PhD regardless of education will be confronted with reality when they see a 52 km asteroid flashing by fire in the sky. My first thought was this asteroid is much too big could destroy the whole earth but coming by twice being first close touching the air atmosphere breaking up in a fire rain even the Aztec mentioned it check it out in the 3rd Babushka book.

Traveling one more orbit became a little smaller still is a big hammer. That matches Revelation 8:10 dated 2015, the third trumpet of falling debris poisoned the water like Wormwood many died from drinking it, followed by the fourth trumpet so much dust in the sky to dim the sun and moon one third now called out three (3) more WOES which is one more orbit coming back ending God’s WRATH matching Bible prophecy! (Revelation 9)

Now everybody will understand the nature of God’s anger to take it seriously but still will be debated by foolish brain-dead PhD and theologians speculating with unproven fabrication watching a disturbed TV. Or become educated in (9) nine Babushka egg concept book, and if not accepted: ...will perish like Noah's relative guaranteed. Watch

17 September 2017

This is what the Lord Almighty says:

“Look! Disaster is spreading from nation to nation; a mighty storm is rising from the ends of the earth." At that time those slain by the Lord will be everywhere—from one end of the earth to the other. They will not be mourned or gathered up or buried, but will be like refuse lying on the ground.

Weep and wail, you shepherds; roll in the dust, you leaders of the flock. For your time to be slaughtered has come; you will fall and be shattered like fine pottery. The peaceful meadows will be laid waste because of the fierce anger of the Lord. (Jeremiah 25:32-37)

8. Why did I Survive?

Nine (9) free Babushka egg concept books present much information never preached in any church or postulated in universities. God took me aside and said write a Jonah WARNING over my inner protest.

We are all born on this planet with a MIND, seems naturally to think of an infinite God, being conscious defined with five senses functioning inside the box controlled by an intelligent SPIRIT. But outside the box looking up at night see so many lights wonder how is it formed burning with energy, the circle of life and death the finality of it. We all wonder is that all? I started with that question as a kid in East Germany occupied by the Russian Army. We were mostly starving, living on the wrong side in Germany. Always being so hungry, the oldest ran away from home and tried to cross the military East-West border to the food on the other side. Sneaking up to the border, ignorant of its danger I sprinted at the proper time like a rabbit making a dash to the other side.

But I encountered an unscheduled party of two soldiers patrolling and inspecting the military trenches, a highly decorated officer accompanied by his bodyguard. The bodyguard looked at me, aged 17 I remember, but now ordered to shoot as no one was allowed to cross the boundary supervised by military force. But God said, "NOT this ONE." His machine gun got stuck, useless, to give me life a little longer. Now 81 years later, I write about God’s infinite GRACE once more, never was forsaken and never been hungry again, should read more (Grace bathed in mortality - Pearl #227).

In closing this important Pearl, I want to leave you with a thought like a little Kabala in a nutshell as an Apocalypse only makes sense outside the box. We were created by God who has many names. A few were defined in Babushka egg concept books trying to define a higher intelligence. Anyway we could accept that the infinite God is the energy source, and we are the receptors designed with five senses inside the box.

God designed a box with purpose like an inventor. He miniaturized and replicated himself to exist forever, "Let us make mankind in our image." Perhaps fun to watch having a free will not being a robot but meant for important application in God’s administration. Read the Bible to get a different view.

My electricity energy and new Donut Atom egg book defines a little what energy is seeing galaxies brightly shining in the night sky. Try to think of them on the metaphysic imagination as created shiny angels from another dimension. Each is different but seeing it from a creation perspective, a universe so many stars why do they exist and shining like angels? The other spectrum we cannot see in the sky many invisible planets on a lower domain, cold, and no longer light energy emanating from inside, empty decayed the final death stage of God’s purpose. That is our domain, being mortal also part of a universe but no longer shining.

The mortal box was designed with five receptors our five senses to convert energy to fuel our MIND therefore being aware of our existence. Originally, Adam was created similar to an angel-body brightly shining like a radiant 1000-watt light bulb cannot see the inside invisible like our sun. Mankind became a new invention not yet final, God said there are two trees to give our parents a choice what you want to be with the light on or off? But do not eat the forbidden fruit, if you do, the lights in your body will be off.

Now Adam’s children live in darkness made the wrong choice and ever since our body is decaying like a cold planet no longer shining following physics ending in death according to entropy laws, but still have the box receptors functioning with five senses receiving invisible energy we call life to live a little longer.

The design of the box has hidden possibilities to move some receptors a little to reflect energy back where it came from like a mirror now becoming a reflector as a contributor of energy sent via our environment we call Christian compassion, reflecting the ∞ energy light.

Some of our five physical senses now reflecting ∞ energy could morph outwardly into the metaphysic sixth sense that works in addition as demonstrated in charity activities. Now we – mankind, children of Adam, can mysteriously function again according to the original design, transforming the built-in receptor of energy only turned a little like a filter becoming part of a reflector-conductor of a higher level energy source to pass on God's Grace of Blessings.

This is how humans become suitable to reflect light, shining energy back to a lower environment poverty, despair, hunger and help the sick. We can shine brightly in a dark hateful evil world, looking like angels of light becoming visible again. The modified box is now once more united and linked to the ELOHIM Creator closing an infinite energy loop to be connected to the source to match the original purpose that started with Adam.

By recycling his infinite energy once more we become visible even shining on a dark earth matching the original design purpose. It is like an inventor building an electric generator running from an outside source will give us light passing energy from our five receptors for the benefit of our surrounding environment. Or when the lights are turned "on" will make the theater stage curtain rise to make everybody happy who came to learn more or be entertained.

Please take the opportunity to turn the lights “on” like Adam to experience God's GRACE being designed with receptors but could make a difference turning and become reflectors passing on God's Grace.

Checking the Gospel reflectors, you could discover that Jesus will make the difference in your life, too. Mortals were created to be redeemed to live forever but first need to be inoculated with a good dose of evil learned in Satan's school, thus building up an immune system against evil never to get corrupted again - even if surrounded with hellish fire like a sun shining again.

Basel Jesus

Being infinitely linked to the outside energy source invited to move my reflectors to redirect the energy helped a little by Jesus Christ - the WORD who loved us much, did not mind to come to earth and became flesh like mortals to let me find my hidden light switch now turned "on" reflecting his love.

Now we have the chance to become a one notch higher - SAINTS, shining in heaven like the angels and invited to the entourage of the King of Kings, Lord of Lords being privileged by intimate fellowship with Jesus Christ. The nature of light, like God’s Word, will illuminate anything outside the box. Seeing more, like Adam originally and the angels, they communicated back and forth with reflectors to be united with the energy source to live forever in total safety never to live in darkness ever again totally immune from evil, being inoculated while mortal.

Lucky for me, rising from the cocoon by God’s Grace, I will become a beautiful butterfly in a world now open to expand my MIND. It will still have the receptors brought along to the next dimension to investigate my new environment that is promised to be without pain, tears and death no more. I could not keep quiet about God's GRACE, though even being unpopular, so it became my Grandmother Babushka egg story.


7 Babushka Clocks

The Evidence Trail Continued -
Nine Babushka Egg Concept Books

(Printable free on the Internet)

1. The 1st Babushka egg concept book tells the st ory of God’s Plan for Mankind, which has never been preached in church. If you want to know what happens after death and what our destiny is, which is not answered by the many confused theologians, here is a simple book with profound consequences. My promise is that you will never be the same. Apocalypse Prophesied 2008-2015, From Eden to New Jerusalem. It is translated into German, Spanish and Arabic.

2. The 2nd Babushka egg concept book tells the story about what will happen during the Apocalypse. All events are dated. Mystery of Tammuz 17, Ancient Hebrew Keys to Dating the Apocalypse, also translated into German, Spanish and Arabic.

3. The 3rd Babushka egg concept book deciphers a number of ancient mystery clocks, which are exhibited in museums globally. I am sure it will become included in the canon because it connects three civilizations with different earth axis wobble calendars. All it needed was science and mathematics, linked to ancient prophecy and history. Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries, Aztec-Mayan Calendar, Antikythera & Other Ancient Clocks Confirm 21 December 2012 in Prophecy.

4. The 4th Babushka egg concept book is about dangerous Genetic Modification Exposed! Atheistic, criminal scientists do it again. Just like the Atlantis civilization, they incur God’s wrath once more, as they genetically destroy God’s creation. Check out the consequence in physics linked to the metaphysical, and why we have an apocalypse in our time.

5. The 5th Babushka egg concept book corrects prevailing false opinions: Reflections on Global Warming, which gives answers to the question ‘Why’. It will destroy the myth postulated in many universities, which are only interested in grants for higher salaries, but are not paying attention to the cause, since they reject Bible information that is linked to the moon’s gravity.

6. The 6th Babushka egg concept book demonstrates a new representation in physics: A Donut Atom Nuclear Story, How the Universe was Created. A totally different atom theory; linked to galaxies and never before postulated. Gain an understanding of how nature works and how it is connected to the metaphysical. For the first time, it will explain how life is embedded inside the atom. It will also explain what gravity, magnetism and electricity are and explain why the Platinum Standard Kilogram PIS and its 6 sister copies have changed after 135 years; and how it is linked to the ancient mystery stone-bronze-gold clocks?

7. The 7th Babushka egg concept book expands a new atom theory, now proven with more scientific facts linked to Genesis 1:1: What is the Time dimension? An Invisible Galactic-Atomic Force Connecting Gravity with Magnetism Linked to the Strong - Weak Force. It is still a mystery, as the missing

links could define a New Model of Structural Physics. It became a special synopsis that explains what a Time Dimension is, which is associated to our mortality.

8. The 8th Babushka book, New Research Pearls, is a collection of unusual questions on the Internet. Requested by readers and answered from both physical and metaphysical perspectives. In the HANS code, the Hebrew letter Chet = #8 and corresponds to meaning, “corralled in – a new beginning”.

9. The last Babushka egg concept book describes a new invention The Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine (UREE) that creates a free electricity profit. If it works, it will make nuclear, coal and oil energy obsolete, whereby we could be driving an electric automobile perpetually free. The energy is extracted from Gravity and will prove that Elohim controls the infinite energy cosmos. The Hebrew letter Teth = 9 “New Life” (air-breath) will start a new civilization with cheap ∞ fuel.

To measure time, we need clocks: "You cannot turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again" – to receive ∞ Life. Bonnie Prudden (added) Herbert R. Stollorz

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