Pearl #250 -

The Science-Metaphysic Kaleidoscope
Reveals Jonah's Big FISH

A Micro-Babushka Egg Concept Booklet #10





The US President Obama and Israeli Knesset
received in 2011 a courtesy Babushka Publication #9 about


The Ultimate in Renewable Energy

Since there was NO RESPONSE, I ask:

Why are they ignored by churches, universities & governments?

This 21st Century Generation must be the most depraved civilization!

WILL YOU to help the EARTH and MANKIND to survive and:


Will You continue to live with:

High cost of gasoline? Polluting the environment?
Poisoned dirty AIR - Expensive automobiles?
Water shortage - Food shortage
Dirty coal - Diminishing oil resources?

A Precursor

Announcing the discovery of free ELECTRICITY, I expected live TV coverage or a visit from our government. Instead, total silence. WHY?

Across Western Civilization a deep-rooted worldwide apathy dominates as conditions on earth sinking faster than the Titanic. Many politicians have discovered what Hitler-Goebbels pioneered with devastating results throughout Europe: a new science, a powerful force useful in MIND-Control to manipulate people from kindergarten to retirement aided by an atheistic professor priesthood infesting every university. Being deceitful, both suppress TRUTH instead of being open-minded enough to welcome challenging dialog, thus they have become totally destructive and evil.

Because of MIND-CONTROL, the NEW WORLD ORDER has skidded down a slippery path. It changed the fundamental values that enabled mankind to survive for 6000 years and distorted the divine law defining Good and Evil. The modern world lives by Relativism with all of its confusion and conflict. Relativism is destroying eternal values in conflict with the Creator ELOHIM, who will soon interfere with mankind's mismanagement.

Watching worldwide NEWS, not a single government has a program to stop the escalating destruction of our environment. The public does not seem to care and is mostly comatose ignoring logical conclusions of what can be observed with common sense by a child. Mankind has become so ineffective, paralyzed in thought manipulated by the illogical atheistic evolution theory. Unscientific theories can only exist if fuelled by lucrative government grants. Teachers brainwash every child in irrational speculations, thus corrupting the human spirit into atheism denying the Creator and challenged his commandments clearly identified in his Bible. Degraded minds are hell bent to destroy HIS planet. But the Creator is still around; He has declared another asteroid judgment is waiting on the horizon to start mankind over again. The ELOHIM will end this last Civilization know historically as the most Evil generation. This is Jonah's Last WARNING: your LIFE may be over after 17 September 2015 - 2017 depending on God's Grace.    

Mankind's dilemma comes from denying a creator and the creation story, replaced by evolution fairy tales. Science rejects the idea that LIFE must be protected both in the physical and the metaphysical realms. Modern society does not accept the fallen sinful state of human nature in need of a savior. Everyone born, no exemption, must answer the question, “Was Jesus human or divine?“ The answer will determine your future and mine, guaranteed.   

World Cuckoo ClockThis last generation has implemented high technology to end most LIFE on earth. Instead of maintaining Life in procreation, modern GMO science is causing massive extinction, an irreversible Death affecting all LIFE. The genetic modification of original seeds and animal life is totally evil and screws up the unique intelligence information of every living thing that has survived the last 6000 years. That challenge of a modern civilization will be answered by the ELOHIM with the prophesied APOCALYPSE, now dated 2008-2015 - God's WRATH.           

We are now in the middle of Apocalypse, which will end with an asteroid strike in 2015-2017 AD. The Bible prophesied that mankind would perish when it became totally evil by violating the ELOHIM contract. Once more God's WRATH will be poured out on seven billion people. It repeats Noah's boat story from the ancient times reminiscent of a technically advanced Atlantis Civilization that totally vanished and was judged on 5 February 2287 BC by an asteroid strike resulting in a flood denied in our universities controlled by the evolution religion priesthood. 

If you base your values on the brain-dead Atheistic-Evolution-Theory enforced in every school, you may have a problem reading my Babushka egg concept books. If you are offended, consider: an Infinite Energy big bang can never evolve from a NOTHING as energy must be controlled by intelligence, the precursor for anything in existence. Just track thermodynamic entropy laws in physics. That should convince you that a monkey could not possibly evolve and become president of the USA, because a cuckoo clock needs a designer. Denying logic is only useful for La-La-land and makes it difficult to understand my Jod Supreme Court story, so ask ELOHIM to turn the lights "ON".

God’s Plan for Mankind represented in a Hebrew clock across eons of time 4488 BC - AD 3018



A historic ELOHIM Court Case from 21 December 2012
The ELOHIM appointed as prosecutor the inventor-scientist
Herbert R. Stollorz.
The evidence is presented in ten Babushka Egg Concept Books for a global jury.

Ignoring Jonah's Warnings on the Internet caused the creator ELOHIM to make a final court case against the United Nations World Council to confront the entire 21st Century World Community of gross violation and desecration of the divine cosmic contract made with the representatives of Mankind in ancient times - Adam and Noah. He appointed a qualified technical prosecution to introduce the evidence.

His divine court case will end with serious consequences against this generation, here and now accused of High Treason in committing the greatest crimes in violation of God’s Creation on a path ending with the extermination of all LIFE on Earth. A 6000-year old COVENANT has been desecrated. The divine covenant spelled out the penalty of God's WRATH, and if repeated once more, the ELOHIM will implement the same terms as demonstrated in history by the destruction of a hi-tech, advanced society resembling the Atlantis Civilization. Billions of people were executed who violated that contract. They were judged totally evil and consequently disappeared as the result of an asteroid strike on 5 February 2287 BC. Only Noah's family of eight, being found righteous, survived.

Most people do not realize that much of science taught in universities is evil in God’s sight. It no longer follows sound logic in physics, being muddied up by lies to pervert true science, and worse, to promote corruption by misusing modern computer technology in opposition to ELOHIM. It switched our collective mindset back to the Dark Ages and subjected every child worldwide to mind-control hostile to God. The ELOHIM of the Bible is thrown out as irrelevant. If you want to survive God's WRATH and live a little longer, choose wisely who you will serve:

ELOHIM or Satan

The message of Jod #10 is addressed to the 21st CENTURY GENERATION,
which focuses on God's divine WRATH scheduled in the Apocalypse 2008-2015,
ignored in the public town square in spite being confirmed by science.

For the skeptics, I will provide witnesses that God will once more employ the same methods previously used to execute his WRATH, this time by a 52 km asteroid publicized in various science magazines. It was projected to arrive 2015-2017-2020, depending on which 825-day orbit that gigantic rock will hit our earth, in a manner similar to what happened in Russia on February 15, 2013. The exact timing is wholly conditional on ELOHIM excising his unlimited grace according to his calendar as confirmed by the ancient Bible story of Jonah warning Nineveh.

Babushka egg books were meant for the next generation as a testimony that
true science still existed at the beginning of the 21st Century.

The big JONAH FISH has vomited out a last warning for 2017!

Babushka egg concept books were designed to collect science and metaphysical data across the 21st Century to reflect on our collective culture and explain why God-the-ELOHIM will totally destroy MANKIND on earth again. They give the reason why this Second Civilization will perish like the ATLANTIS generation did on 5 February 2287 BC?

Our civilization can be compared to the Atlantis Civilization, which also used hi-tech science to transform God's creation, violating his contract by genetic perversion that modified the hereditary blueprint of all LIFE. Notice: when we repeat the same evils from ancient times, we will get the same catastrophic result. Corrupted by wealth, world central bankers FRB cartel financed World Economic Forum (WEF), an exclusive international elite, now force every government and university to accept their atheistic, corrupt belief system or cut off their funding.

The FRB controlling the World Currency continues to print massive amounts of fiat money to keep a global economy afloat. Aided by modern computers, they pay off global institutions with generous bonuses. But it is stealing real wealth from the common people to force them to obey a one-world-centered business plan. That will make this global generation once more in conflict with ELOHIM.

It started in 1976 by appointing atheistic judges ordered to throw out the Bible as the foundation of the Supreme Court of America. They changed the US Constitution that has been the envy of the world. Modern Christian culture can now easily be manipulated like the Islamic spring nations. Both enforce an unscientific atheistic evil worldview creating chaos, which is the fuel for more death and destruction. The fundamental laws given by ELOHIM to MANKIND, which made civilization survive for 6000 years, have been totally altered or lost to human consciousness.

The ancient laws of Good and Evil were morphed into relativism based on an unscientific evolution theory now turned into a religion that caused the MIND to be controlled by what Hitler-Goebbels pioneered. The result is witnessed by our grossly polluted environment: fishless oceans, all vegetable and animal food are genetically screwed up, down to my grandkid’s level of observation: he can no longer see life crawling under rocks as experienced by his grandfather.

Babushka concept eggs were designed to tell future generations why scientific knowledge was so screwed up and grossly misapplied to endanger all LIFE on earth, making it possible to become extinct in one generation. Why were 50% of Sir Isaac Newton metaphysical writings suppressed? They link to Herbert R. Stollorz’s discoveries that Newton's gravity is magnetic, changing science upside down into totally new theories presented in 9 Babushka egg books free on the Internet.

They reflect a 4300-year-old history and reveal the many counterfeit science theories developed by an atheistic mindset denying TRUTH. The essence of mankind's knowledge was crystallized into a complete concept from philosophy across the bandwidth of science linked to the metaphysics denied by this last culture due to belief in evolution fairy tales. The sum total was projected in a 360⁰ vision exposing why it is so difficult to understand TRUTH. Being brainwashed by political MIND-CONTROL, worldwide every establishment enforces many lies and pays off people with fiat money, the root of all EVIL. Logically, it becomes obvious why our generation will collapse in 2015 or 2017!

The future generations surviving the global Apocalypse will greatly appreciate that someone collected and preserved mankind's knowledge from the eve of the APOCALYPSE. Read about a new Donut Atom theory, free electricity - what is it and where it comes from. Discover a new perspective of the universe linked to space-magnetism and fuelled by the invisible infinite Alpha(+ONE) force.

∞E = m (+∞C/–∞C)2

How and where is life implanted on the atomic level? Why only on earth? And what is the purpose of MANKIND? A kaleidoscope of unusual concepts across ancient history, prehistoric bronze-gold clocks, pyramids mathematics linked to a better Bible interpretation ending theological confusion. It will prove Jonah's Apocalypse Dating for the skeptic.

PEARL #250,
A Jod-Babushka egg concept book

A Science-Metaphysical Kaleidoscope

Reveals Jonah's Big FISH

Click on the following chapter titles to go to that web page:

  1. Introduction: Why God's Wrath?

  2. God – ELOHIM: Covenant Violated

  3. First Witness: GMO Reflections

  4. Second Witness: Free Electricity

  5. Third Witness: Enoch’s Pyramid

  6. Apocalypse Dating Adjustments

  7. The Final Big FISH Dating Proof

  8. Why did I Survive?


Give ear, O my people, to my teaching;
incline your ears to the words of my mouth.

I will open my mouth in a parable;

I will utter dark sayings from of old,
things that we have heard and known,
that our ancestors have told us.

We will not hide them from their children;

We will tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders that he has done.

He established a decree in Jacob,
and appointed a law in Israel, which he commanded our ancestors to teach to their children;

That the next generation might know them, the children yet unborn, and rise up and tell them to their children, so that they should set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments;

And that they should not be like their ancestors a stubborn and rebellious generation a generation whose heart was not steadfast, whose spirit was not faithful to God. (Psalms 78:1-8, NRSV).

A footnote:

As a scientist, I like to use the illustration of a kaleidoscope. When it is turned, the student sees different color patterns, but on the inside, nothing is changed, except the rearranged pieces of colored glass to reflect a mirrored pattern. It highlights exposed different perspectives useful to teach principles of life. That could broaden our minds’ horizon needed for survival of what was prophesied only in the Bible. When studying God’s Word and searching for its logical conclusion, we should include true science to better understand the APOCALYPSE. Being retired, I have had more time for research, which have become the best years in my life, isolated in barn, surrounded by a vineyard fenced in by redwoods. It took some time to gather all the information in these nine Babushka Eggs. I hope you will benefit from my journey of linking true science to forbidden metaphysics.

Herbert R. Stollorz,
Philosopher, Author, Vintner, Hi-tech Inventor
Founder and Director of Faith in the Future Foundation,
an educational charity to further biblical knowledge linked to true science


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