Forbidden Divine Paradox #20 -


23 September 2017 Sign in the Heaven [Revelation 12]


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Watching YouTube videos will confirm many projections of the coming God’s Wrath as the center of human history is linked to a King David, who purchased the footstool of ELOHIM -Temple Mount property in Jerusalem for 50 silver coins. It became a world political paradox like a coin has two sides. One is the blueprint of Israel’s 2500-year history as recorded in (Ezekiel 16:1-63), but ends with a promise from a divine perspective. The other side is from science found above in the zodiac sky that matches the Jonah-II Warning Date of the Apocalypse. Shortly, Jerusalem will be divided again by foreigners. This event is linked to worldwide wickedness accumulated beyond the breaking point, so that the Creator must intervene once more to make a correction in the course of human civilization. Many such interventions are recorded in the Torah-Bible. Global society is now ruled again by absolute Evil - powerful psychopath NYC bankers controlling all nations using the tools of war and calamities that will end in divine judgment. Though repeatedly warned, people ignore history and cosmic signs in the sky, thus replicating Noah’s time-2288 BC.       

God planned to end Satan’s ruling the world (Matt. 4:1-11) in the temporal Daleth dimension coinciding with mankind’s history where EVIL is totally judged. It terminates with a war in heaven that ends on earth in Armageddon with Satan’s influence finally purged from every Kosmos corner. Satan will be bound in the underworld then released once more to test mankind when God’s plan for mankind is completed. It was stated that his demonic fallen angels would come to earth for the only merciful option available for them: choosing Death to end their existence, which is possible only in the Daleth-Time dimension (Rev. 9). Being created with a free will have only one chance to end life accepting Mercy onto Death like mortals, or live forever in Hell. When Kosmos Evil is gone, it will give mankind a Sabbath rest with unparalleled prosperity lasting 1000 years of peace until the past ends in 3018 (JC). Revelations describes a New Earth and a New Heaven, which belongs to the Jod dimension designed to continue the restored Kosmos, finally balanced again without evil to enjoy a pleasant Life assured by the Creator. If you want Mercy onto Life ask Yeshua-Jesus freely offered.

Much has been extracted from the Torah-Bible in 14 free Babushka egg concept books containing dated warnings, Pearl answers to questions, and the Energy for Dummies series from a science perspective. Our civilization will end according to the Torah-Bible’s prophesied events announced by many prophets. I attempted to align sequential signs that could estimate the arrival date of Yeshua to start his Kingdom on earth, and I hope you survive. Remember: Time in heaven is different, perhaps 7x faster than clocks on earth, if you date the Apocalypse. (Babushka Egg #3 Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries)

  1. Yeshua-Jesus said in the Gospels that his return to earth will take place within “one” generation. The Hebrew calendar dating system (calibrated 21 December 2012) is 70 years from when Israel became a nation again. I dated it by a majority vote accepting Israel as a nation (21 November 1947) in a United Nations Resolution #281 counting + 70 years = 2017 AD.
  2. The end times will start with food riots caused by a global gigantic harvest failure when Patent GMO-Vegetable-Seeds fail to germinate. In parallel, major electrical power outages will disrupt computers and communications. It will get worse when the US Navy HAARP platform manipulating microwaves continue changing the global weather patterns causing horrendous floods & draught in many countries never observed before seen on numerous Web videos.
  3. America is governed by an Islamic Trojan horse directed by Satan Illuminati psychopath NYC bankers controlling a new world currency, will end enforcing Marshal Law by the DHS agency to restore order.
  4. Lastly Satan is thrown to earth will stir up the nations in a final attempt to exterminate Israel,
  5. Two Witnesses from heaven Enoch-Elijah (Mal. 4:5) will come back again to testify God’s final solution worldwide to mankind. Their public appearance will polarize global politics leading to conflict with a last world leader a Vicar-Pope representing a Christ imitation as the prophesied Anti-Christ.
  6. The Two Witnesses announced the last Jacob’s Trouble (Jeremiah 30:1-24) reminding Israel of their everlasting covenant now judged too. They tried to remove a “veil” of a Satan manipulated Jewish religion based on Lies which caused Jerusalem to be forceful divided again. Prophecy (Zech. 13:8) revealed two thirds of Israel’s population will perish in the final war on earth known as Armageddon.
  7. The worst unexplainable event is from the metaphysical side and will disintegrate society in a prophesied 200-million demon possession worldwide. Children will kill their parents and vice-versa copying Islamic suicide bombers on a huge scale. But God will cut Time short to save mankind. (Matt. 24:21-22)

An atheistic corrupted civilization will end again and once more perish by an asteroid strike check the orbit Dactyl repeating history of God’s Wrath dated with science after 1 Tishri 5777 (October 2016).