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Over ten years ago Herbert R. Stollorz started his Bible knowledge journey from a scientist-inventor perspective. He soon discovered that his opinions needed continued updating to expand upon his early discoveries and to overcome the many theological false doctrines preached in most Christian churches made worse by biased unscientific theories taught globally in universities. These false theories were enforced by the education establishment due to receiving lucrative grants from the Illuminati World Bankers to gain absolute control. Their aim is to control and brainwash everybody in total atheism, which will destroy worldwide every culture of our 21st Century Civilization and fulfill Bible prophecy, now exposed from true science viewpoint.

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The Pearls from the Bible Ocean contain short articles highlighting Herbert R. Stollorz’s continuing Bible research. His fourteen Babushka egg concept books explore and connect many mysteries of antiquity as well as Bible prophecy. History and prophecy form a continuum in the Daleth dimension of time and space that is accessible in its entirety by the Creator God of Israel.

The Pearls introduce and summarize new developments in research methodology as well as new applications of the analytical tools such as the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), the Rosetta Stone 7:5 ratio and the Jewish fast and feast days explained in his books.

Jesus advised his disciples to watch and pray. God’s Plan for Humanity, now revealed using science, strips away the artificial distractions of this deceitful age. It exposes why our present civilization rebels spiritually against its Creator even as it applies its twisted scientific knowledge to materially destroy the very genetic structure of biological life and pollute the environment.

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The Apocalypse has Started...Why Doesn't Seem Like It?

Hope for Readers & the Saints

God unleashes the Apocalypse to save humanity, not to punish it. Left alone, humanity would destroy all biological life on this planet because of Satan the Destroyer!

GMOs, Global Warming & Physics
as Witnesses of Creation

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. (Romans 1:20)

Ancient Calendar Clocks

The Hebrew calendar used in the Bible has secular calendar-clock analogs found in other ancient cultures.

Questions for Christians

New York's Demise
and Ultimate Destruction

The attempt to identify an exact date of the coming Apocalypse is an extremely difficult chore. In order to identify those dates current research lacks the needed minimum of two [+one] Bible witnesses.

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