Pearl #204 -

The Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine #14:
Herbert's Perpetual Automobile Kit


To drive a car perpetually without gasoline is everybody's dream, but logic dictates that it requires energy. Free solar seems a candidate as early experiments demonstrate that it could work, but the automobile industry proclaimed that not enough energy is available to be practical for a standard automobile. Somehow we all know not believing the energy cartel trumped-up story it could be possible, so we keep searching for some alternate energy combination like building hybrids to fool you only offering more expensive electrical cars instead the cost reduction desired by everyone which is now possible if the energy cartel and government would allow it.

At this point in history, solar panels are still severely restricted by the government-cartel. They are kept limited in size very pricey and need a UREE motor to increase solar power output and make it portable. An attempt is made by expensive electrical cars seen on German TV build a 120,000 dollar model mounted a solar panel on top, but the range is inadequate needing costly lithium batteries. Only the perpetual motion principle of a UREE can extend its travelling distance even at nighttime and could reduce the price tag to $10,000 Dollars driving without gasoline obsoleting lithium batteries. Therefore, a UREE combination hybrid motor later described will give us the advantage using solar panels too to extent the mileage range a thousand times and much cheaper. 

It is really ridiculous showing us the most expensive car in the world with a solar panel on top to mislead the public that portrays the message we are working on cheaper energy. The roof of the German car converted to solar would generate about ½-Hp energy wise and under the hood a huge gasoline-electric motor combination needs 400-Hp which makes this deception obvious needs 800 times more solar power to drive this car. It does give a message buy our cheaper $65,000 hybrid version with the $18,000 lithium batteries.

Now we have real solar-car applications available just follow the trail of this UREE #14 Herbert's Solar-Water Energy Kit operates with totally free electricity generated using a streetcar motor and mounted on the periphery with a "single" flywheel linked to take advantage of stronger super magnets shared with an advanced printed board cup generator design. It could even fuel jumbo jets (UREE #16).

But let's just use what is available on the shelf. One choice is to connect a single solar panel to a smaller standard streetcar motor attached on either shaft side mounted with two generators purchased from the spare part dealer that acts as a flywheel.

This is a much better idea using electrical energy converted from the sun via a solar panel just can drive perpetual with a motorized flywheel generator combination at high speed. You might be surprised that the sunlight is considered the second entropy level, but could gain more electricity by adding the first entropy recycling a magnetic field similar to a streetcar motor described in UREE #11.

But in our solar car conversion we must have two generators and recycle a biased pulse from the left copper loop crossed over to right copper loop which creates a bias adding a little extra energy to the next wire loop continuously crossing over getting bigger until it reaches the critical resonance frequency according electrical principle.

Ordinary solar panels converting electricity are the cheapest energy source proven if you read the conclusion of UREE #11, but their use is suppressed by the energy cartel. Criminal nuclear-oil cartels cover up their polluting energy cost per KW by concealing the price tag of expenses incurred causing global warming, poisoning the environment, and not telling the public the horrendous cost of the highly deteriorated deadly nuclear maintenance.  It is never added for each KW produced and hidden in the US trillion-dollar debt. 

I recently found an article on the Internet that really shocked me as somebody sells a kit to make your own solar panel for $97 each. That is bad news for the greedy solar businesses or getting government grants.


That, my friend, is cheap and really surprised me comparing it with the latest NEWS, which made it obvious that our American politicians will do anything to discourage green energy. Green energy is the lowest funded appropriation despite the billion bonuses given to friends of the government and corrupt bankers to discourage the little entrepreneur.

Remember the new startup solar energy company in California visited by President Obama making big headlines on TV and filed bankruptcy three months later disappearing with half billion dollars of taxpayers’ money (December 2011). That bankruptcy was followed by a congressional investigation now vanished too, like vapor forgotten buried under our national sinkhole of debt. Both are rotten to the bone.

To put it in perspective, that evaporated money before it run into quicksand and fruitless investigated by a special senatorial inquiry could have bought solar panels from China to fuel the same town of 75,000 people with free electricity forever.  It is just repeating another political football facilitating the energy cartels and the Arab Oil Sheiks, making them rich with returned favors of under-the-table side benefits to get politicians reelected. They live at the billion-dollar level and enjoy being part of the class of privilege.

But the American way being very resilient could build your own Mini Power Plant on the roof saving 50% -70% - a lot cheaper. Once solar panels are installed not only gets energy free but some can even get money back from the energy provider due to state laws. Enough information is now available. The green energy avalanche has started and sliding unstoppable. Hopefully, it will bury the greedy energy providers that grossly pollute the environment.

In the meantime, that all would walk away if we could extract solar energy on top of your roof linked to a UREE in the garage for extra benefit totally free. That together would reduce the number of panels needed and make it a lot cheaper. Even without a UREE, solar panels now steady being lower priced guaranteed by China is at this time still the cheapest and cleanest electrical energy for home and office.

The Next Level: Herbert's Solar Powered Kit

  Again previously mentioned in a NEWS flash a automobile show in Germany 2012 showing some solar panel electric automobiles on display. They were very expensive - in the $80,000 to $120,000 range, only built for those who do not pay taxes. My question is, “Why do we keep building the same 100-year old automobile design after horses disappeared?”

Automakers have pushed to engineering extremes using expensive batteries to power vehicles as an alternate energy option meant for longer range. When electricity was discovered, it was the main fuel from the 1800 to 1920. Thereafter the oil cartel took over and the electrical transportation disappeared and with it the electrical automobile.

To make sure that people were forced to change, the streetcar tracks were irreversible ripped out to replace them with stinking buses and trucks plugging up our highways. If we had kept the technology alive our air and water would be clean and our mode of transportation a lot cheaper. Even trains would still use steam fueled by cheaper unlimited hydrogen energy extracted from the ocean the highest energy level cleaner and not polluting the environment, an infinite abundant choice.

Why has the energy cartel forbidden a German invention from a scientist Hofmann splitting water using hydrogen as a fuel?

That fuel is outlawed by the government and only allowed on rockets when sputnik was in space now cheap enough to go to the moon. We have lost 60 years going in the wrong direction and making the criminal oil cartel rich paying off corrupted politicians mostly lying only motivated to belong to the class of privilege with millions stashed away in off-shore bank accounts.

It gets worse with the automobile industry getting big bailout tax money for the upstairs executives. They are just as corrupt for mutual benefits collectively rip-off the customer taxpayer never improved the millage since my beat-up VW 40 years ago.

Check it out and resurrect that old technology just read my 9th Babushka egg concept book, free on the Internet. I proposed some unusual forgotten ideas for the automobile industry not interested to implement green energy fearing revenue loss.

It makes more profit selling horrendously expensive poisoned lithium batteries we do not yet know how to even dispose reactive substances damaging the environment. I am hopeful it will advance a new thinking process that redefines what energy is not interested to implement free green energy asking instead for repeated billion dollar bailouts.

To make my case I walked around a dealer showroom in 2012 looking at a $65,000 hybrid electric-gasoline car made in Germany that promised extended mileage. The salesman explained that the extended mileage is achieved by using $18,000 lithium batteries together with gasoline power switching back and forth.

Looking under the hood and seeing only a tiny generator I asked the salesperson why was this expensive car not designed with big extra generators to extend the mileage? Why spend $18,000 dollars for such a large bank of lithium batteries?

My little grandkid knows that one apple added to another apple makes two apples, which is more than one apple, but the automobile manufacturer does not seem to know it. I sent a courtesy notice to 25 automobile manufacturers, 55 global embassies and 265 Universities none replied except one.

A German lawyer returned my letter unopened with a response informing me they have their own ideas and cannot accept unsolicited information. In other words, they were afraid to use my free ideas, or they do not want to sell cheaper cars. They think ripping off the customer makes more profit. Again, they look at my finger and not what I am pointing to. They could make obscene profits with my free information on the Internet.

Adding my five cents worth of wisdom, notice usually a crankshaft sticks out both ends of the piston block. Why not attach a low inertia generator on each side will not eat up but produce more energy?  That makes the two apples my little grandkid figured out, which would eliminate some costly lithium batteries exchanged for a cheaper and improved generator similar to streetcars invented 100 years ago giving more energy. If inverted to a generator could change the whole automobile industry obsoleting dirty fossil fuel.

There is absolute no excuse as new generator designs are available on the Internet claiming 50% higher output and received a gold metal. Why are they forbidden by the establishment management already getting billion dollar bonuses from the taxpayers no longer need to make profit from cars? Why not use generators are safer rand cheaper than horrendously expensive batteries made from dangerously reactive lithium. The lithium extraction cost is really higher because they hide the damage of grossly polluting the environment, mostly in China. Please check out my different UREE model that gives more benefit.   

Perhaps automobile designers are either prevented from using alternative options or ignorant of electricity only educated by a faulty atom theory screwed up by unscientific fairytales taught in every college book.

When you smash atoms to smithereens like at CERN, scraping fractured atom residue off the Nebelkammer stuck like manure on a dairy barn, it ends with useless junk theories. Atomic broken particles have lost the built-in intelligence. It is missing, no longer available. This can only result in useless and opinionated speculation, which cannot understand or access the ∞ energy source fueling the universe as exposed in the Bible or seen in galaxies with the Hubble telescope.

That caused me to reexamine nature. It surprised me greatly to conclude that we can drive around perpetually due to a new concept of very cheaply extracting electrical energy from magnetized gravity, water and air. To gain inexpensive energy is a dream for me. Because I pay taxes, I have no money left over to test drive the latest expensive electrical cars seen on TV, yet I need to prove or disprove my new alternate energy theory.

It all arrived together and needed 9 Babushka egg concept books to explain physics linked to the metaphysics to expose the meaning of the infinite math sign ∞. Doing so revealed a model of how energy is looped, moving from one level to the other continually in an infinite energy circle from higher to lower entropy. It takes some time to sample what is on the table explained with the infinite math sign ∞E = m (+∞C /–∞C)2  - no kidding.  

Now I have designed a simple UREE energy kit that can be mounted in the trunk of a standard cheaper electric hybrid automobile. Once installed, it will demonstrate its ability to tap into electrical power at the atomic level. It will pull electrons from wherever they go when they disappear to physicists to reappear, pulled by design to supply a virtual endless current. That means, once started, a car will never need refueling until the police stop me because I have no license to use free energy.

Every country needs more energy, but they will not read the Bible with a scientific perspective, which would tell us where the free energy is stockpiled. It has been available for thousands of years.

That new energy discovery will be proven in my first attempt to drive perpetually. I call it, Herbert's Perpetual Automobile. With it I will repeat the history of the Wright Brothers who built their first airplane. Everybody shouted and laughed, “It’s NOT POSSIBLE!”  Of course, it took some time to understand the underlying physics, but later we built their contraption by the millions once their future had arrived, because we comprehended how the concept really worked.

Check once more my new Donut Atom theory model compared to the UREE patent application on page 15 (book #9) how the mechanized generator-motor combination is arranged. That can fuel a hybrid automobile with the possibility to drive perpetually by combining magnetism within atoms moved by kinetic energy extracted as outlined in the new Donut Atom Model.

It works because of two thermodynamic energy entropy laws moving ∞ where time is zero; therefore, perpetual energy is generated for us infinitely. When magnetism embedded in atoms is concentrated by super Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets described in the magazine, it should extract more energy.

That, by itself, will enhance the UREE like the blue color lines getting closer to the nuclear center of the hourglass galaxy, which raises the question, “Do we need both concepts in a UREE, or is just one enough? “ With other words is a hundred year old generator sufficient or do we need a motor to accelerate wire loops in a generator to gain perpetual electricity. I do not know how old is the generator design used in present cars.

This UREE #14 model assumes that the end motors connected to side generators may not be needed and exchanged the compressed air tank driven motor now driven by a solar panel streetcar motor combination.

This is another UREE option converting a cosmos energy via a solar panel amplifying free electricity by running first a small streetcar motor to generate electricity. It is really simple attach two standard electric generators bought from the spare parts department mounted on each streetcar motor axis side could be sufficient to drive perpetual around with a hybrid car. I haven not been able to check if the hybrid automobile generators from the auto store could generate energy using the crossover loop method, which makes the UREE combination work.

If it does not give us enough power to drive the hybrid car, we cannot proceed, as only stronger magnets will generate sufficient electricity to drive a true electrical car. The "old-fashioned" electrical generator design is the hinge point for more electrical profit or not. It's worth a try.

Phase 1
How does Herbert's perpetual car work?

I am now too old to gather all the materials needed from dealers selling spare parts or to rummage through the junkyard. I have difficulties working in the shop like I used to, or I would have asked some high school kids to read this story. If interested and a little practically motivated, they could become famous like the Wright brothers, being the first persons to drive around with a perpetual motorcar.

Here is the recipe. I do not need the fame or money. All my Babushka egg concept books are free to pass on this knowledge forbidden in our universities for future generations. Modifying a car that could run perpetually in motion should get you the Nobel Prize. I likely do not qualify as it is only given to those who believe in evolution religion or given to corrupted politician even terrorist dressed in a nice suit with a tie. Bible science knowledge is forbidden, but it might be overlooked in a younger person.

To get started, find a cheap electric-gasoline hybrid car from the used car dealer lot at your expense, which we will modify together for perpetual motion. The goal is to drive around without gasoline in order to prove the theory and you get the fame on TV.

Notice we need to buy the following spare parts: two additional generators from the car dealer and three smaller electric motors of the same kind built into and used by the car purchased. The first test is without a streetcar end-motor and if not enough energy is produced use the second option. These parts will be combined into the perpetual generating UREE motor-generator system. Some other parts need to be machined to make the UREE motor platform, which will be connected to the purchased car.

This first version will look bulky like the first contraption of the Wright brothers. We all will laugh about it later, but the mechanically inclined can have fun. It’s your baby.

1. UREE Base

The UREE platform needs a base: perhaps ½” thick 2x6 ft. aluminum plate or ¾" plywood would do it.

2. Flywheel Motor-Generator

Look first at the UREE motor picture in the 9th Babushka pdf book on the Internet on page 15.

A) First, we must find out if the car’s electrical motor is too big to be linked to one or two solar panels mounted on the roof of our car. We may need to find a streetcar motor design from the catalog requiring lower power. That motor only needs to turn the flywheel with the weight of two generators at 3600 rpm.

Our UREE electrical car gains electrical energy from the generator-motor combination on a higher magnetic atom level. It gains electrical energy when wire loops more quickly pass a magnetic field. The field will intensify being elevated by adding energy from the first entropy level embedded in magnets’ atoms.

The solar panel only converts electricity from the sun on a second entropy level, but if both entropy levels are ∞ joined together coming from magnets via an energy storage flywheel using the combination of two electric generators will give us extra power to perpetually drive a hybrid car.

B) To attach a generator on each side of the flywheel-motor shaft, we need a 1 inch steel plate the size of the generator’s outside diameter, which functions as a platform to be mounted on each side linked to the other car generator to create additional electricity. These are arranged in parallel. Since both have substantial weight, they function as one solid flywheel. We need some taped holes (6-32x12) on the outside diameter to balance the flywheel motor assembly added later.

C) Each of the two flywheel plates attached to a small streetcar motor shaft require two insulated copper rings glued on their outside diameters to function as slip rings with carbon brushes to extract electricity with two wires from the generator while the motor is running. The copper rings are connected to the generator stator windings with spring loaded carbon brushes on either side of the flywheel base. But what is important the "output" of one generator wire must be connected to one "input" wire of the crossover generator to link internally like a ∞ math sign shows. That will amplify a pulse in each set of copper loops and increase the base current by adding a pulse to the other set of copper loops. Read Pearl #206 to understand the theory.

An afterthought it could be possible that the end motors are not needed for an automobile application. Test first "without" the end-motors as now the conventional generator is reversed as the rotor becomes a stator "fixed" bolted to the base. But electrical connect a wire from the now inside converted stator across the other side wire brush on the flywheel now linked to the rotating generating winding side.

We just reversed the generator function like a double math symbol ∞ and wired the right fixed stator windings in series across the left rotating armature wires and in parallel the same with the other left stator linked across to the other right rotating wire armature like two independent ∞ loops.

Once more backwards the rotating right winding armature is connected via the flywheel brush one wire crossing over to the left stationary armature winding coming out back across to the other end now linked to the right second brush rotating windings. Do the same with the left side-rotating armature winding crossing over to right fixed armature winding like two independent loops. But watch the polarity while crossing over as the armature winding direction must go opposite the spin.

Notice first test the generator without the streetcar motors attached, as rotors must be fixed to the base.  It becomes in inverse generator as the outer stator armature bolted to the flywheel plate is now turning from the streetcar motor energized from the solar panel.

Test both ways and find out which gives more free electricity. Again the principal of following the magnetic trail one generator creates electricity is put across the other armature windings increasing the magnetic bias gaining more electricity recycled gets bigger all along turning from the center motor linked later to a solar panel.

3. Testing with Two Smaller Electric Motors

A) Now the second test and check the side electrical motors linked together with a flex coupling to the generator shaft. Let it run with an external variable power source. We must first compare the data. The output of the three generators must be sufficient to drive the car without the gasoline engine engaged to be powered as a purely electrical car. Extra batteries are not needed: the UREE System will create the additional electrical energy for perpetual motion. That is our aim.

B) I do not know and is very important to find out if the three built-in generators from the car manufacturer combined together and spun at high speed will produce enough electricity to drive a conventional hybrid car at designated high speed. The solar power only provides perpetual motion to start or reset the system cycle as the main power must come from magnetism produced either internally or from fixed super magnets running with either two or three generators.

We will need to test each generator at highest maximum speed it will operate added together and compare the output with the manufacture’s requirements for driving that car without the gasoline motor engaged.

C) Pay attention. Only if we find the right combination of a suitable generator we are ready to connect two separate electric motors on each side with a flex coupling to the generator shaft. If we do not find a suitable generator in a catalogue perhaps a bigger truck generator or must wait for a redesigned generator to include super magnets mentions in UREE #11 and #12. There is no free lunch in technology. Look at the UREE motor picture in the 9th Babushka book page 15 once more. Acceleration of generator-motor has limits.

Some design fundamentals need to be considered for the new UREE. Do not overrate the streetcar motor design. It must be on the lowest power consumption level because it will speed up and give out more being maxed out at the point when the generator has the highest possible speed.

The difference where the power-generating curve flattens out is profit. There must be enough Kilowatts leftover for the weight and speed to enable the car to drive perpetually. Only when physics is balanced do we gain energy linked to good engineering practice applying logic.

Check that the units are aligned and bolted down to the base. Connect the external wires from the motor crossing over to the generator for each section to get added energy. But watch the polarity, as the flywheel motor speed must be opposite to the outside motors.

Mechanically check Herbert's UREE kit once more, It is mounted in the middle on the baseboard with or without a small streetcar motor attached on either side of the extending motor shaft a round one inch thick steel flywheel plate. On each steel face we screw on the generator stator turned by center main streetcar motor running at 3600 rpm and needs to be balanced a system. The generator shaft is connected on either side to the rotating streetcar shaft with a flex coupling. Attach the wires and test.

4. Testing the UREE Concept

If we assemble the right generator-motor on a UREE platform, it can be tested and later put in the trunk and connected to the car’s electrical system. The UREE kit is an add-on to the car’s standard electrical system as the extra electricity is needed to drive perpetually with the same car motor running during the daytime using the solar panel to amplify electricity.

The attached gasoline motor is still being used but with a different fuel. I explain next how it permits driving perpetually at nighttime, too. But first we need to test if our UREE works to give extra electricity in the daytime. Now test the UREE concept if it produces the extra electrical energy needed for perpetual motion from the solar panel. We test first with the platform UREE system assembled on the floor. Now we connect the center flywheel motor to a variable controlled electrical power outlet as the solar panel will provide the same current when later attached.

We start first by very slow raising the voltage - eventually to a maximum speed of 3600 rpm. Check for vibration, and let it run until we feel good about listening to your inner sense. We probably need to attach some lead weights to the outside of the flywheel plate. They can be easily cut and screwed on the outside of the flywheel plate using the predrilled 12 taped holes 6-32 x 1/2" to reduce vibration. That will take some time in trial and error. Maybe it can be connected to a tire balancer.

We should measure the voltage at various speeds and compare it with the output voltage of both generator slip rings brushes and keep records. If you used the same electric motor specified of your purchased automobile, compare the present output data with what the electric-motor input would normally be with the generator to drive the car at normal speed.

Play around for a safe flywheel speed versus output of the generator. That will decide which way to go for higher electricity output possibilities for maximum speed of the flywheel motor. I cannot second-guess the outcome.

Phase 2
Connecting the UREE Generation System to the factory automobile electrical system

If the high-speed flywheel test is OK and generating sufficient electricity, we can proceed to connect the automobile electrical system together with the UREE platform mounted now in the trunk, or rear section of the car. We need to see if it will work together with the same generator-motor parts used by the manufacturer. In Babushka book #9, the picture of the UREE motor on page 15 is connected with the opposite generator motor. We need to duplicate the two wire pair's connection by wiring our two generators in parallel.

A) Connect two wires from the car-electric generator to one of the UREE generator output brushes. The output of the car-generator is now wired in parallel and operates like two matching generators with a pair of wires going to the UREE-generator stator slip rings.

B) The car should be started in park with the motor clutch disengaged to test the electrical function of the car-motor-generator crossing over to the UREE generating more electricity. Electricity is now added to the car-electrical-motor. As the system gains more power an infinite loop producing surplus energy is set up and routed to the battery for storage. The automobile is now running with a moving flywheel still linked to the UREE external motor power source generating the extra UREE electricity produced, which is internally charging the existing car battery system. The car batteries should get warmer because they are not needed to power the vehicle. Later we will only need one battery for storage saving money.

C) should start out slow, to crank the flywheel a little with a variable external battery source and test some output on the test generator compared with previous readings. Watch the flywheel speed accelerate as the voltage is added from the UREE flywheel-motor. The voltage is redirected to the car-electric-motor as it gains a little more voltage, if connected. The internal car-generator-motor system is now connected to an external UREE electrical source. The extra voltage produced by a UREE flywheel motor system going faster since it is recycled in the car system. This should increase the voltage to the battery. Be alert. Keep ready to stop everything with an emergency switch if the flywheel should go too fast. Testing will give confidence. Try it with caution. Expect surprises. If it blows a car fuse, we need a higher fuse as we have now more energy. If the flywheel gains maximum   and runs perpetually, we are ready for the next phase. Otherwise, it is back to the drafting board like the Wright brothers needed to test over and over. That is the fun; do not miss it. Suitable electrical generators are the very heart of the UREE system.

They may be difficult to find because industry never improved the design since horses moved people. A new Donut-atom theory describing magnetism forming atoms could open the door for understanding magnetism better as applied to high technology.

That would gain higher output possibilities now postulated I am sure. The external UREE flywheel source connected from a battery, or 110 volt controlled regulator, needs to be replaced with a suitable solar panel. The flywheel, like my cuckoo clock, needs very little energy to keep it going.

Phase 3
Solar Energy for Daytime Driving

My plans for free, green-clean energy are still suppressed by the establishment. The matter will not be decided by the experts, but someone will start the process. My grandkids will prove free energy by driving around without gasoline. His friend will copy him, and before you know it, a big crack in the Hoover Dam will have been announced making it obsolete and creating confusion in the Government establishment.

Perpetual motion is achieved by an electric motor run by solar energy. Now connected to generators gets free amplified electricity.

Remember to first check the output of solar panel specifications to determine how much is required to start a smaller suitable UREE electric streetcar motor. Bear in mind, less solar electricity is needed once the flywheel has accelerated to the maximum speed with a little help from the starter motor left on a little longer. 

Once more all along electricity is fed to the flywheel streetcar motor turning faster from a totally free solar energy extracted to effect perpetual motion converting more electricity. That is what surprised me greatly, if my logic is correct. It works like my cuckoo clock once the pendulum is kicked it needs very little energy to keep it going as long the infinite higher chain energy is available. Once the solar energy panel is checked together with the UREE system, we are ready to test drive how long will the car run when parked in the sunshine connected with a solar panel on top. If nothing happens after a few hours, drive around a parking lot and smile a lot.

Lucky for my grandkids that energy from the sun is free. They will prove that fueling the many electronic gadgets in the house is cheap making their dad happy.  Why? The solar do it yourself panel costs a mere $ 97 Dollars now priced very reasonable from China. Read this story again from the beginning. It raises the question, “Can solar electricity in addition be economically converted by splitting water to extract the hottest hydrogen fuel according to a German scientist Hoffman – therefore, also free?”

My grandkid asked me why it is not used and why is it forbidden? All we hear from the energy establishment on TV is that an idea like this is "NOT POSSIBLE" as published on the Internet and copied in (Pearl #218) with my comments. But a teenager who builds an automobile kit could prove it. If you are ignorant of science could become educated, go to page 62 of Babushka Egg #9. If you are not demented by lies, you could right now use the hydrogen fuel in your present automobile every day totally free even at night.

Phase 4
A Final Joyride Test

The fly-wheel motor can now be connected to a solar panel via the car generator charging the battery for a final test driving your modified car in a real world environment and have a friend follow you with another car and listen to the noise and slowly accelerate to see if nothing is different while driving around, eventually to the highway.

Test it, test it, and once more test it, to make sure you can fly and look out for the police going faster as everybody will not believe it and have another big problem to overcome. How to convince the expert in universities linked to the government controlled by the energy cartels, as all will shout - NOT POSSIBLE. Or sell Herbert's UREE Kit to make more money to the windmill manufacturer. He can add it to the system to get more energy producing obscene profits.

It has big consequence obsolescing somebody's oil business, obsolescing somebody's nuclear business and even the energy transmission provider charging me double the electrical energy bill will be out of business, too. I hope the government will get more taxes with new electrical technologies appearing. That should stop the now emerging, most destructive technology of fracturing the underground soil rock ecology to extract gas.

Fracking creates deadly chemical by-products that permanently destroy productive farmland with lethal radiation and poisoned groundwater. This problem is now being exposed by some in the media, but the pubic doesn't even know that these chemicals are simply dumped into their drinking water, as reported for New York. The bureaucrats make the excuse that no laws exist to stop that evil. They are allowing the race to obscene profits to destroy the environment for our children. My prayer is for the Lord to speed up the apocalypse to save mankind so that we can continue on this planet the only place in the universe where life exists. Why let Satan rejoice when we demolish our surroundings causing massive extinction by crooked corporations and corrupt governments helping Satan to devastate this earth.

By adapting the many green energy possibilities of GRAVITY, AIR and WATER, a different age could arrive, yes, but civilization will go in another direction different from what we expect as happened to the Wright brothers. They never dreamed where their efforts led. But why not make some money in the meantime - even if you are still not sure that my logic is right? Maybe this old man will yet hear some laughter or see rotten tomatoes flying in the air ruining somebody's business. It might take a minor inquisition, but not another hundred years, like it did to prove Galileo right?

Phase 5
For Driving at Night

Nighttime travel needs another fuel source. I propose one even crazier - WATER guaranteed everybody says, "Not possible!" Ask my grandkid, educated in true science. He is glad to demonstrate in any high school laboratory that unlimited fuel can be extracted from saltwater linked to some solar panels to release the atom bonds and separate hydrogen and oxygen. It is a free fuel and could be improved for higher output via the patent applied electric generator in UREE #16. That would give big-time energy for trucks, trains and industry even a jetliner flying totally without fossil fuel now possible.

To make a kit to drive around at night in my car without gasoline, I went shopping with my grandkid in an auto store and picked up a cheap $25 air-tire-compressor quite useful for flat tires. I will use it for compressing and collecting the two separated gases extracted from water. The collected gases will be put into (2) one-gallon green, steel bottles everybody has seen one used by wheelchair people. It is small, a nice handy storage container for the high explosive fuel to be safely handled.

When using solar panels for free electricity can be connected to two copper rod electrodes immersed in a plastic container filled with saltwater gets an reaction separating hydrogen and oxygen every other day visible seen now compressed in a small tank. Controlled with a timer switch ($5.00) will transfer the gasses in the air tank and when full, start over with another bottle. The full bottle is re-attached to the return intake of my car with a quick connector ($15).

That has enough accumulated fuel for daily exchange-use and would not need a massive distributing system of wires and pumps. Forget the gasoline: it is no longer used. That is a huge savings for a teenager. It is a lot of money saved, and I will happily point it out to my corrupt government that protects the energy cartel. The time has come to end massive pollution and create many jobs for unemployed people like my grandkids’ father who now drives a taxi and wastes his skill from building many houses. It could start many new businesses to make America great again.

It gets better. When your car is parked and plugged into your home outlet, you can turn on the electricity even at night with the leftover energy linked to a generator described in UREE #13 or UREE #16. This amplified energy gains a 1000 times more power extracted from the same solar panel via super-magnets, totally free. Unbelievable! Tell your friends. And it is all packaged with readily available, low technology from your local store or online. You do not need a government subsidy!

That, my friend is what the energy cartel fears most. It would end their greed and corrupt, under the table deals. Tell Obama that the time has come for the consumer to be ripped off, no longer and lied to. I have proven it with just one of the 16 UREE options. By applying forgotten logic, even my grandkid says it works. Read the same paragraph once more to get educated and not be blinded by an unscientific evolution religion ignoring thermodynamic laws.

But it is not too extreme if you recognize a steam engine running on water used in the last century to fuel an economy with a rising population curve. But now we have electricity, a cleaner fuel, and should visit museums demonstrating how a German scientist named Hoffman built a contraption that split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen gases all explained better in Babushka egg concept book #9 page 90 and (Pearl #202 UREE #12).

Once more since we have excess electricity available when my car is parked during the daytime, it can generate electricity while working in the office and become useful storing up water energy. When the solar-UREE section is kept running it can convert additional energy by splitting water. The separated two gasses will make Hoffman happy on the other side. Occasionally, when the gas is building up, it must be pushed into a special air tank collecting the split hydrogen and oxygen gas accumulated and compressed in a small wheel chair steel bottle for future nighttime travel.

Now it can be reused connected to the gasoline input pipe filling the cylinder with collected explosive water fuel. Stored Hydrogen gas compresses with an upward stroke of the piston timed to the remaining oxygen gas using a fuel injector with a spark plug fired to explode it as in a gasoline engine. It will be the cheapest alternate fuel with very little mechanical change to an existing car. Expensive batteries are not needed for a longer range with a small gas engine for emergency back up. If you are happy with your car’s performance and have found the right generator, you could make another Herbert's Automobile Kit for your garage. Just link it to a few solar panels on the roof. That gets electricity for your house saving the utility bills forever. Now you are happier, I am sure.

Sun and water energy is cheap and free as postulated in the Babushka egg concept books. You can have a repeat of what HP did in the garage in the Silicon Valley. Hire your relatives and friends. Design a plastic box packaged to sell a portable kit to every kitchen. Customers no longer need gas or wood to cook food especially in Africa and India. That will result in a new hydrogen energy company and become a billionaire guaranteed on top selling Herbert's automobile kit cheap made in America. But do not forget the charity FFF feeding hungry children and educating the younger generation in true physics linked the metaphysics for a 360⁰ science perspective.

A subsequently designed UREE kit will have a different high-tech flywheel. It will be a lot smaller and linked to stronger Neodymium-Iron-Boron generator magnets packaged and miniaturized inside a little black box connected to your existing electric hybrid-car to run perpetually. That should reduce the cost of an electric car from a $100,000 range to $10,000 for honest people paying taxes, once the automobile industry is, hopefully, no longer married to the corrupt energy cartel, both could make more profit.

That is a paradox again: to sell something cheaper makes more profit with less pollution and will also stop global warming to make governments happy saving money. The principal proof that the UREE system works was mentioned in my previous Babushka egg concept book #7 on page 132.

Two years ago I explained that light runs in parallel to an invisible magnetic dual rail. If light increases so does magnetism and visa versa.  Look at the picture of the UREE motor-generator in Babushka egg #9 book page 15 showing the arrangement. Now use a solar driven motor in the middle and mount a generators-streetcar motor spinning at higher speed on both sides.

To prove the principle, take a flashlight and shine light through a narrow slot and measure the pulse profile on the other side. Then use another identical flashlight and shine light on top through the same slot. It will not double the output but quadruple the pulse profile.

Therefore, magnetism running on the same rail will quadruple in the UREE system, as every bid of energy is stored in the flywheel converted to electricity. The light driving the streetcar flywheel motor linked to the dual generator generating magnetism will quadruple the output. If once more, you put in a motor linked to the same generator axis, it will again quadruple using still the same slot in the middle. It is gaining more electricity, passing more wire loops perpetually at high speed through a magnetic field.

This #14 UREE story was meant for high school kids to tinker around or perhaps picked up by patent lawyers always looking to make money. I hope it can convince someone to try what may not seem possible. It will open the floodgate unstoppable to utilize the ocean for the next energy provider.

In the meantime, to my high school friends building that contraption some advice: have fun like the Wright brothers. If it does not work the first time around, do not give up, as technology is more complex for some. But the true logic of the energy theory will never disappoint because our MIND is replicated from the bigger infinite ELOHIM MIND one notch higher only revealed in his divinely inspired Bible.

This ends Herbert's perpetual UREE automobile KIT story for now. It is never finished, like the infinite loop of ∞. If you should tell your friends that ocean WATER is the cheapest energy fuel (Pearl #202), they will think you are crazy, too. Packaging dangerous hydrogen and oxygen gas in a small bottle used daily in smaller chunks with a solar panel on top is the biggest invention on this planet hopefully will no longer hear laughter of ignorant atheistic university establishment believing in an evolution religion avoiding hidden mysteries collected hundreds in nine Babushka concept books meant to better educate the next generation.

Look out for the UREE jet engine (Pearl #206) discovery identical to how a Donut Atom is energized could explain the physics why UFO saucers could fly so fast. Or it could be applied to my much cheaper, newly designed 500 mph gravity levitated bullet train introduced in Babushka book #9 page 77.

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