Pearl #296 -

Good Bye, the Prophecy Titanic is Sinking


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The noise of the prophesied Apocalypse got louder at the front door as most people are not aware that the New World Order system is sinking like a Titanic. However the Creator YHWH will always protect His creation as shown in history. When technology became more wicked aimed to destroy all of mankind, He will either terminate Evil like Sodom and Gomorrah or end like Noah’s civilization 2288 BC counting billions. But God loves mankind and will always counter with more grace, thus He will reestablish His “good or evil” agreement.

A prophesied Apocalypse will always be challenged by bankers or governments controlling global wealth causing many destructive wars. Recently the Illuminati FED bankers launched massive death worldwide hidden in various science experiments starting a planned depopulation. A public deceived in fake science will not comprehend the many evidences shown in some forbidden short-lived videos of manmade global weather changes. Microwave-tech caused earthquakes to trigger horrendous floods and inciting hot forest fires melting metals? Even deadly bacteria outbreaks, all is blamed on global warming making money.

Illuminati Device So Powerful it Can Erase Continents (May 15 - 2018)

Now notice when worldwide Christians are persecuted and murdered starting from the first century to our time like recently Islam counties, China, Africa and Europe will get an answer from YHWH repeating history. Yeshua’s prophecy Matt. 24 is in full progress and will end with the main attraction of Dan. 7:21, Rev. 7:13, the birthing of Firstborn Saints.

Devastating the Creator’s property is perpetrated by very few oligarch Illuminati FED bankers dedicated to Satan who ruled the world for 6000 years. Thus wickedness is again destroying the environment with high-technology that is causing massive life extinction. Many censured YouTube-Google videos exposing Truth revealed that the FED bankers stole all the gold to control worldwide thousands billionaires.

Therefore, the globalist and government executives will cling to many military industrial complex cartels dependent on an inclusive currency doled out quarterly by the FED banker. The commercial lifeblood of a New World Order is easy fiat credit to reinforce their global evil politics. Thus, everyone is coerced to their hidden secret Lucifer doctrines exposed in Pearl #233. Newsmax promoted a bestselling book (3-19-18) by Jerome Corsi who revealed a secret plan to destroy President Trump. Now he must fight back with presidential degrees to save his job, but the congressional gutting to obsolete the US Constitution is more important. If successful, that will destroy a deeply divided America in a civil war.

Killing the Deep State
The Fight to Save Donald Trump’s Presidency

YHWH has warned against a hi-tech civilization since 2008-2015 by an appointed scientist inventor Jonah-II linking violated Kosmos laws uncovered in prophecy. Thus, Evil is once more terminated in a single “event” but now unique stated (70) times On That Day profiled by four (4) penwriter-prophets in Babushka egg concept book #11. The same Endtime warning is also confirmed by every minor prophet. 

Mankind will soon begin a “New” Civilization worldwide related to a 7th Sabbath rest. The next society will be governed by a crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords Yeshua-Jesus, never experienced before. He will restore humanity and rule from a bigger rebuilt Jerusalem that was totally destroyed in Jacob’s Trouble. (Pearl #120) His divine Kingdom will endure for 1000 years with righteous laws hence reducing Evil. It will obsolete prisons and even money and moreover utilize infinite energy freely given in nature, no longer forbidden. He will refurbish a damaged environment fully recovering to the timeless Jod-dimension.    

Christianity was perverted when money was offered to theologians. Thus, they preached eternal damnation and later a beneficial rapture story avoiding death. But “EVIL” was invented by Satan to lull many Christians to sleep disregarding their divine destiny. Thus, the biggest denominational deception was taught for 500 years, which corrupted the Christian Church. (Rev. 3:14) It succeeded when the Bible was removed from every classroom and Public Square teaching. Now only fake science is taught in universities to obey a New World Order. It is no wonder the Christian faith became unattractive and worse blamed the Creator YHWH having pleasure like an evil psychopath watching his created mortals to burn forever in eternal pain. But the Truth is that God clothed himself in mortality to be brutally tortured and to die for our transgression on a cross, rejected by friends, even forsaken by his heavenly father? He atoned for an unpaid Kosmos Wrath, redeemed mankind from the original Lucifer curse, all confirmed by divine Love.

Only the Plan for Mankind has the answer never preached in any multi-million dollar campus center to keep people ignorant of the coming Apocalypse and worse concealed evil science causing mankind to perish again. Instead, the religious millionaires amused everybody with spiritual deceptive shows, via drums-guitars flashing blue light, to boost emotion with satanic tools. Thus, they ignored that the Endtime arrived and forgot that YHWH is utterly holy. Perhaps postulating prophecy with recent world events will come from unpopular quarters like a penwriter Jonah-II or by Two Witnesses from heaven exposing a mistranslated Bible. It will reveal that YHWH’s judgment of His Wrath is consistent, has not changed and thus is forgotten by corrupt Christian churches. Hence all ignored the Apocalypse, but if you survive (Matt. 24), you could confirm the next date projected to watch worldwide the sky: 9 Av 5779 (2019).



Starting Eternity with a
New Heaven & New Earth -
Jod dimension























World Cuckoo Clock



Mankind will be governed by Yeshua - King of Kings
and His Saints
in a divine Kingdom






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