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Prophecy Update after 2008

Two new major discoveries
Daniel’s 70th week = 5 Years

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Dating the Apocalypse is risky will not have many friends among theologians might even get egg in your face. Conversely on TV prophesying the Bible is big business predicting all kinds of theories in conflict with an atheistic worldview. However as a retired scientist-inventor educated on both sides could be in the middle to divide the baby like in King Solomon story as God’s Plan for Mankind will become very obvious now seen from a better perspective never preached in church. I discovered that the oldest book on earth that is the Bible has much science embedded which got me exited. What I found could not keep quite now expressed in 6 Babushka books not talented to write being a German scientist therefore free on the Internet.

My detailed dating the Apocalypse 2008-2015 published four years ago ruffled some feathers in my church was right on target as expected but some events needs fine-tuning a little. The discovery of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) is still new to me revealing many more facts in science leading to better understanding of Bible prophecy.

When I first projected the Apocalypse four years ago I anticipated that the Apocalypse would start with a noisy big egg like NYC 9/11 but needs a little more examining as the devil is in the detail. HANS is a big egg too and required more seasoning. During the last four years God kept revealing more and could not be quite and eventually developed into six Babushka concept books around a Russian toy egg model. In my analogy the Bible is the biggest Babushka egg has imbedded smaller ones each having the same design pattern representing the big egg Bible concept mixed with science never done before. That should give more weight what we postulate.

The Apocalypse has started like an earthquake we all have felled it if you count your investment that something is going wrong with our civilization so many complex issues creating confusion among politician and just listing to the many discussions on TV. None has the answer with wild speculation in need of a solution. Only the Bible can give us a roadmap as it is prophesying that our civilization will be ending [17 September 2015] and that statement you should take serious.

I risk as a professional egg on my face but can still think logical not a religious fanatic but need to tell you how to survive these horrible events prophesied as they have started. Do not believe the misleading media lies or the many comatose theologians not educated in science who do not know what is the Plan for Mankind being steeped in false doctrines from the Middle Ages. My advice read the Bible prophecy yourself and asks the tutor Holy Spirit to guide you revealing his purpose for your life and could give you the information needed to survive the Apocalypse planned before the earth was founded.

Understanding that grand plan for Mankind will bring some order in the Christian faith distorted by opinions of unimportant mortal people most of them can never back up what they preach with witnesses. In any court of law you will hear a lot of speculation and outright lies therefore needs 2-3 witnesses, which were instituted by God during Moses time read Deuteronomy to establish facts. Therefore, always ask for witnesses in your faith application and do not trust opinions preached in your church. 

The many dates of the Apocalypse 2008-2015 mentioned in my first two books four years none needs to be corrected only fine-tuned a little as new science discoveries showed up in the meantime. If you are educated in an atheistic worldview please check out what I have to say as I need to warn you what God has planed cannot be influenced of what we think or do, as the cake is backed. Only your personal choice will matter where you will spend eternity as life is continued after the cocoon butterfly story told in the Bible.

An Expanded Overview of the Apocalypse

Dating the Apocalypse needs five Heh-witnesses each from a different perspective to tell the same story. When the data match we can accept that information as facts as it conforms to our legal witness requirement similar to any court of laws. In my journey searching the Apocalypse I discovered a Rosetta Stone in Daniel’s prophecy which got my attention as it overlaid many particulars in theology. But my newly discovered concepts meets a lot of resistances among many theologians not educated in science still mostly confused by outmoded perception of the Christian faith abounding with a lot of controversies just check out the many denominations in the yellow telephone pages under religion all claiming to know the Bible a little better.

For those who want to understand the Bible one notch higher from the science and HANS window I discovered three perspective systems as each can be cross referenced logical to reveal another viewpoint. Like in a round about 360° movie projection we can only see one third what is in front of us and need to turn right or left or around expanding our vision. Therefore looking around in a total circle will see more as the whole of God’s Plan for Mankind was designed like a cuckoo clock analogy previously mentioned in my first Babushka book.

It has embedded many historic cycles collected in the Bible but should now be measured against a parabolic time dimension recently discovered connecting the Heh dimension with the Daleth dimension. But that new discovery must have minimum three witnesses again to testify to its truthfulness for dating historic or prophecy events: Here are three witnesses from the Bible and three witnesses from science and later a (+One) now 7 a divine number again.

  1. Jewish Holiday cycles: 7 Feast & 5 Fast days
  2. The Rosetta Stone (HANS): 7:5 ratio
    Hebrew Alphabet Number System
  3. The Hebrew hand Rule: 1 + 4 = 5

But since we live on the Daleth side can apply physics which will add more information to our knowledge pool understanding the history of mankind a little better even projecting Apocalypse dates planed before the foundation of our earth was laid out explained later:

  1. Ancient Antikythera bronze clock in Athens museum gear ratio [1:½:¼]
  2. Daniel’s Prophecy week Calendar clock [Times:time:½time] = (2:1:½)
  3. Genesis Wobble Calendar [2.0: 1.0: .457]

These double three witnesses testify to the Heh and Daleth relationship conforming to physics which will prove my dating method of the Apocalypse which behave like three temperature scales Fahrenheit-Centigrade-Kelvin. They all connect even if they measure a different range for diverse application just like my 6 Babushka books. If you understand a little of physics and learn about those three Bible perspectives integrated in harmony can now better understand what is “God’s Plan for Mankind” and the purpose why you and I exist.

When you get involved in dating prophecy make sure you have a calendar which is used by NASA calculating outer space which has the correction dynamic embedded of ancient bronze–gold clocks exhibited in many museums. Atheistic scientists do not know that and suppress the evidence in schoolbooks that back in history a time dimension was measured differently.

If you wondered why the Roman December=10 is the twelfth month check out the old calendars in history of what has happened in Julius Cesar’s time changing the calendar 62 days and further corrected by Pope Gregorian another 14 days in the Middle Age as an earth axis wobble caused by an asteroid 2287 BC the evolution religion priesthood controlling our universities denies because it is mentioned in the Bible. But we cannot deny that the Bible is the oldest ancient history book 4000 year old recording in Genesis the very beginning of mankind’s record with names linked to a lot of science and dates of a different calendar which reveals that the earth axis got pushed into a wobble during Noah’s life 2287 BC.

That caused a gigantic wobble flood even recorded in many other cultures and embedded in geology. Evolution atheistic scientists do not know that the earth axis had an active wobble after Noah’s time exponential declining resting finally at 2012 recorded by the Aztec to prove. That you can checkout in Mexico City museums or read my clock Babushka book to be better informed. Many special TV programs now wonder about what the Aztec mystery 2012 is all about, should read Babushka books to get better informed.

The earth axis is now fixed with 23.5 degrees we all agree, which makes a calendar predictable now having computers but still have a problem believing in science opinions not matching facts in physics taught in our schools. But true science is still around will always agree with Bible prophecy now better explained with six (6) Babushka books and gaining momentum in many quarters hearing what I previously mentioned. I am no longer alone as eventually many will be convinced of the dating method as Daniel’s wise men’s club will grow. (Daniel 12:10) I invite especially theologians to be wise and become members of the Wise-club educated by Babushka Bible-science books. 

My dating projection needs an update too after my second Babushka book was published four years ago. Looking at my time dimension graph shows a linear horizontal line representing the Plan for Mankind like a railroad schedule across 7000 years to better understand they way we modern men think but is really exponential like the curve shows and is enhanced with true historic science in my Babushka clock book. Understanding what is an exponential time would influence our linear dating method and should be corrected to the new science discovery applied to prophecy.

That means original like most theologians believe that Daniel’s last week is seven years long should be overlaid with a parabolic time dimension and Daniel’s 7:5 ratio which helped to encipher ancient clocks in museums and should be used if you want to be in the Biblical dating business. Daniel’s seven (7) weeks is shrunk exponentially to five (5) years matching as Jesus said that God’s Wrath will be shortened. That will rub the wrong way ignorant theologian picking up eggs calling me a heretic. Sorry I am educated in science.  

The Apocalypse Dated 2008-2015 - has started

Most Christians should be better informed rather believe the atheistic media hype which keeps on lying and tells us it is just another aberration like 1929 had bad times too. Nevertheless the Apocalypse Theater opened with a worldwide free fall of the global economy affecting every bodies pocket purse as an international crisis appeared globally. It initially was created by an America’s political corruption and greed in high place causing a financial demise portrayed of many hundred year old banking institutions collapsing in an economical meltdown. It was quickly followed by many huge insurance and manufacturing companies failing ushering a world crisis.

It seems that Apocalypse started with a collapsing world economy only slowed down a little by an Obama bailout that decelerated the free fall of a crashing financial system. The FED where printing unheard amount of money from thin air. It did not stop the cause paying billions of bonus Dollars to corrupt executive to transfer some money in their offshore bank accounts belonging to Politian’s pocket. The American Taxpayer and their grand children will never pay off the US debt, who are they kidding now many unemployed and Millions having lost their homes are being fleeced as usual.

In my neighborhood the apocalyptic waves passed over too as California seems to be weekly on TV with calamity waves getting higher as the biggest global agriculture producers are impacted by a draught now in the third year. This is affecting future harvests now accompanied with massive demonstration of unemployed farm labors as the State recently announcing it is bankrupt. The conflict with the bureaucrats in Washington is getting hotter too watching our Governor on TV shouting angry over the allocation of water turned off for farmers not able to grow food creating less tax revenues later on desperately needed for the State. The federal officials derailed the water flow in favor of some extinct fish nobody sees anymore. They are fooled by an evolution religion still believing that fish would evolve again by diverting the unused water down the river ending in a fishless ocean. Check out San Francisco–West coast fishing boats all parked and getting rusty.

The News media is nippy too; Texas ranchers selling off their livestock for lack of grass as the food for cows is in the stratosphere, other dairy farmers in another State have a different problem getting broke as prices of milk is collapsing and ask for a bailout or face the consequence of a failing milk production. Most people do not know that our food is produced by gigantic corporation as all seemed to be affected with the same corruption virus and asking for more bailout waiting in line to payout bigger bonuses for their executives which will eventual end the next year with empty shelves in the market if congress doesn’t print more money. Not planting seeds for tomorrow would face the consequence of massive starvation and will accelerate the Apocalypse on a parabolic time curve recently discovered. Read my Babushka books to be better informed.

However getting back to our dating the Apocalypse should include the new discovery of a parabolic time dimension graph embedded in ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited in museums. Applied to the seven year Apocalypse could shrink too according to the 7:5 ratio implanted in Daniel’s prophecy which took me by surprise. Therefore let’s investigate it a little closer why would the Apocalypse be reduce in size matching a parabolic time dimension consistent what Jesus said that the Apocalypse will be shorted which I checked out against a seven (7) year Daniel schedule. Jesus implied that God’s Wrath is so gigantic if time was not shortened none would survive to repopulate the next civilization for lack of mankind not enough people leftover. The last time God saved only 8 people of Noah’s family the rest in millions perished in the Atlantis civilization 2287 BC as God said it was totally evil. They did not listen to God’s warning to repent as more could have survived perhaps by starting a boat assembly line. God described the boat in detail fit to survive the earth wobble caused by an asteroid which triggered continental shift with horrendous waves all embedded in geology if you are educated in true science, or believe in fairytales taught in our schools to remain ignorant.

The Second Civilization, which is our generation, was prophesied to end in an identical high tech apocalypse again turned totally evil measured against God’s standard to finalize God’s Plan for Mankind. The details are spelled out in the Bible that reveals that many people will survive but this time without a boat. God planned for more people to survive and changed the method by selectively discarding the evil placenta civilization, which must be destroyed with three “Woes” recorded in Revelation to allow a righteous civilization to be reborn. It is analogue like a new baby born God’s Kingdom on earth with more people surviving but the placenta evil world system will be discarded no longer useful. God’s kingdom on earth will be a totally different civilization with new global laws enforced with an iron rod when Jesus returned on this earth however this time will close down Satan’s School to teach us evil and sent him in the outer black galaxy no one around to tempt mankind again. God’s Wrath poured out will clean up this earth and stop extinction, poisoning the environment and will remove every single atheistic rebellious evil person not willing to conform to God’s Laws will be divinely judged.

Judgment will be executed very simple like a child is able to separate sheep from the goats as everybody will be agreeing with God’s verdict. No mistake will be made and if you are interested to know by what method or criteria God is judging every individual to be executed by the Death Angel or not, that is explained in my second Babushka books page 255 not preached in any church. Time is very short trust me, Bible prediction will come around and make sure you are in the sheep crowd following the Sheppard Jesus or end in the black hole destined for those rebelling against a creator.
Why be stupid, enough information exists to live a little longer perhaps forever but in the Jod dimension – a new earth new heaven promised.

Knowing a future time would give us the advantage for survival that therefore could answer the question why the Apocalypse schedule seems not seven years but shortened according to HANS’s 7:5 ratio. It sheds more light on Jesus sayings explaining the severity of God’s Wrath and is it possible to stay alive and know the date to be prepared. What is the reason time must be shortened if God wants people to start out with a new civilization. God’s Plan will continue after the Apocalypse with inhabitants and animals surviving.

That means the train schedule of seven years projected could be contracted a little time wise or accelerate the prophesied events faster as God’s Wrath is so explosive very angry. But sufferings therefore will be shorter too consistent with God’s mercy and could cause the four horse riders referred in Revelation to be slowed down a little in the beginning to give us more time being warned to repent and be saved.

Here are different coordination examples
for dating the Apocalypse now a little shorter: 5 years


1st Witness (HANS) - 5:7 ratio vs. 7:5 Hebrew Alphabet Number System

Theologian not interested in my 6 Babushka book will have a tough time understanding what I postulate. There is much information from the Bible and science and cannot be made all clear here in these short pages. But hopefully would convince some readers to spend more time reading the other material. If I told you to dig 12 feet down to get to the treasure to make you a billionaire, would you spend the time and effort. Becoming a Saint in the Jod dimension is much more precious only very few will qualify but needs to dig. Being a Christian saved and born again will not guaranty to be a Saint.

That statement will surprise many Christians should read the 10 virgin story all had oil but only 50% made it to the wedding when the bridegroom finally arrived. That is not preached in church as theologians do not understand the Plan for Mankind and would immediately throw eggs at me visiting their church telling them they are not appointed. I don’t mind if it wakes up comatose Christian sleeping in their pews. Some statistic report that only 3-4% of Christians still believe in the Bible believed 200 years ago much closer to the truth. Much bloodshed is seen in History from Jan Huss, Wycliffe, Martin Luther hundreds other standing up for the truth. Now we only worry how much more money we can make and that includes the pastor.   

Cross checking the apocalypse information recorded by Matthew and what Jesus foretold makes now more sense because of the severity of suffering God wanted to save additional people destined for the new civilization to give more time to repent and therefore have a chance to be saved. It says that the Gospel will be preached globally to give the atheistic society a last chance to repent. For God it is harvest time dividing the wheat from the tares and collecting a few more Saints his entourage one notch higher. (Revelation 14:14)

He shortens the timing of God’s Wrath perhaps by 5:7 ratio that would indicate 2 years shorter in a (7) seven year cycle. Let’s compare that with the Apocalypse cycles to overlay with the big egg 7000 years plan for mankind. 

The HANS ratio can be mathematically reversed like 5:7 or 7:5 that could reveal more if we compare them with each other and give us proof what we postulate. The ratio is exponential difficult to understand but for most people thinking linear it indicates two time cycles across the seven (7) years schedule [4+3=7]. We could linear count the first four years forwards starting the Apocalypse on 21. December 2008 to 21.December 2012. However that is not God’s Wrath but the initial birth pangs events prophesied in the Bible getting more intense exponentially by reckoning globally calamities beginning with shortage of food around the world, followed by conflict and wars, ethnic cleansing, Christians and Jews being persecuted and killed in various Islamic countries, accelerating the biological poisoning of our environment eventually using bio and atomic bombs.

We are already noticing a free fall of the economy in shambles and will exponential speed up getting worse according to the parabolic time curve. The four horse riders in Revelation may represent the four years or overlap after 2012 judging by the effect of an atheistic generation in rebellion to God’s Word which has manmade consequence and will kill a quarter of the population prophesied the first time around no longer caring and destroying the environment. That is not really the Apocalypse God’s Wrath poured out as we are in control of our earth managed by our own selfish evil lifestyle destroying much in nature causing large amount extinction, changing genetically most food, making many species in the animal and vegetal kingdom being wiped out.

Bible prophecy outlines that mankind will become totally atheistic (Romans 1:23-32) and be forced into a fast spinning vortex of inescapable evil stirred up by demons from the underworld once Satan shows up in person with his evil associates at the end of 2012 imitating a resurrected Messiah. (Revelation 12:12) Because the world system has become totally rebelliously rejecting the creator and must now chose eternal death enforced by Satan their God coming from the Heh dimension. Jesus gives eternal life and rejecting Him leaves no other option.   

The vortex of rebellion destroying massively our environment God created for our use still is blessings us in the midst of rebellion with free energy from the sun to grow our food; God must now intervene to save his world for future mankind to continue. Assaulting genetically and poisoning the environment, fishless oceans polluted, destroying animals and plants to become extinct stretched His patience to the limit and will usher in the other five cycles influenced by the metaphysical side Heh dimension ending in a big bang God’s Wrath. However God’s mercies like light in total darkness is spreading the Gospel Good News to everyone by TV and the Internet in spite of it will be preached globally around the world. The message is simple just “call on Jesus name” will be saved in the midst of destruction.

After 2012 the mini-apocalypse has started coming from the Heh dimension. It changes into a metaphysic perspective intensifying the Apocalypse gaining speed become more intense erupting like a volcano on the end in God’s Wrath. God’s cup to measure the evil perpetrated by an atheistic mankind keeps filling up for God to react becoming very angry. Many signs and wonder will appear demonstrated like the three (3) woes as the first one is a resurrection of the demons from the underworld Satan’s evil angel associates explained in Revelation 9:1-10, the second woe the four Death Angels the executioners of God’s judgment to kill every person not having the mark given by Jesus (Revelation 9:15) and the third woe an Asteroid (Revelation 8:8) [a 52 Km large rock reported by science]. It is linked to the only sun-moon eclipse discovered by Mark Blitz wrote a witness book matching Jewish holidays (Math.24:29) which is ending in a loud big bang God’s Wrath poured out (Isa:24:1-23) from heaven the Heh dimension but only 7 days long the last  Zayin cycle. That could explain why was NYC spared and not destroyed in the beginning of the Apocalypse but still affected by the corrupt people who live there, prophecy delayed a little with more time allocated just like Nineveh ultimately got destroyed a little later too. I got a tip from God check out Isaiah’s chapter 66:7 refers to a future time for Israel read the whole chapter. It is obvious that in this verse Israel’s gives birth (God’s Kingdom on Earth) as it will happen a little faster; think that through as it has a 7:5 ratio consequence:

…before she (Israel) was in labor she gave birth; before her pain came upon her she delivered a son [Jesus the Messiah and King]. (Isaiah 66:7) 

The key word is “before” mentioned twice which must be important to look a little closer. It linked to a pregnancy mini-Apocalypse cycle suddenly violent interrupted ending similar to a 9 month pregnancy range now shortened 25% to 7 month asked any mother unexpected what it would be, now overlaid to a 7:5 ratio. The apocalyptical painful pregnancy cycle becoming more intense will be interrupted by God’s Wrath seeing Israel in terrible dilemma (Jacobs Trouble) swamped by 200 Million demonic possessed Islamic controlled military bent on exterminating God’s promise to Abraham at Armageddon.

God’s Wrath is now explosively timed to destroy totally the whole atheistic Schammassel of all the world governments jointly assembled put together by NATO-UN-EU union amalgamated with an Islamic military force assembled in a massive 200 Million army at Armageddon. Hatred against Israel reached the boiling point to totally eliminate Israel from the pages of history in a massive Holocaust again. It is dated as the 12th cycle of the Apocalypse matching the hammer of God’s Wrath as God’s patience has run out but still is merciful to the last minute shortened to 7 Zayin days, check it out with the Babushka book tables referenced which give you the dates not changed published four years ago.     

It matches previously dated Mini-Apocalypse now identical examining Daniel’s 1260 days beginning on the 6th cycle [4 January 2012]. That would be in character of a loving God even while poring out his Wrath reduced the apocalypse schedule to half of the seven year Daniel’s week allowing more Mercy to flow to ease the pain for God’s kingdom to be born, or explain to me the missing Daniel’s other halve week projected from 29-33AD obsolete theologian still looking for and invented a gap theory not knowing God’s clock.

Therefore it looks to me please check it out to help me if you are a member of the Wise-club that the Apocalypse maybe conforming to an exponential parabolic time dimension too, starting out slow on [21.December 2008], not with a big noisy bang but along a Donut Atom theory postulated following physics which only exponential blows up on the very end like the spike of the population curve. Check it out in Forum Pearls. It follows as Jesus said that the Apocalypse is similar an Atlantis civilization disappearing suddenly caused by a big bolt from the sky with a lot of noise shaking the earth with a wobble at the end. That affected later ancient clocks to measure time much shorter solstice, which confused the Aztec building 5 and 7 pyramids on top of each other like a 5:7 ratio as seen in the outdoor museum in Mexico City.

The last Judgment day is a repeat of Noah’s days as Jesus said so and is accompanied with another asteroid blast too from the heaven dimension again already on his way even scientist in astrology tell me of a 52 km size rock in orbit to rendezvous with our earth now dated better [17 September 2015] which would be causing seven days earthquakes prophesied in the Bible ending our civilization.

For some mystery reasons the dating is similar to Noah’s time comparing the Aztec calendar also has the 17 September 2287 BC embedded with the same day-month linked to equinox-solstice dates of a corrected earth axis spin aligning a NASA modern calendar what a coincidence.

When no loud noise was heard in NYC only the financial global system collapsed it became a smaller egg and needed to check it once more to investigate how the dates would work aligning with the mathematics of a 7:5 ratio I previously discovered. Remember the seven-year of the Apocalypse is divided into 12 periods. It is a mirror image of the big egg 7000 years plan for mankind but scaled down like Babushka eggs to seven years with cycles according to the Tammuz Hebrew holiday cycle dating the Apocalypse from 2008-2015 with 2012 in the middle offset by a [7:5] ratio. Or [4:3]=7 the last 3 years remaining as in Hebrew number system the middle is four if you have an odd number, explained in my second Babushkas book.

Hebrew culture thinking reads from right to left opposite to our western thinking, also the day starts at 6 pm. That is why we count backwards from Tammuz 15, 2018 the two cycles of 1715 days and get a date 21 December 2008. But Jewish holidays have got to be cross referenced to a day and must overlay in the middle linked to Tammuz holiday with the next holiday 9thAv at the end of the Apocalypse 2015. It is the center of Daniel’s and John’s prophecies with precise clock days like 1260, 1290, 1335, total 12 like the ancient clock cycles in museum all matching to day. My second book Mystery of Tammuz 17 explains it more in detail assembled a lot of data that is the first witness to testify.

2nd Witness - When does God's Wrath Start?

(6th cycle = 4 January 2012?)

When we apply the 7:5 ratio or 7 cycles plus 5 cycles of the Apocalypse matching 12 cycles of the big egg years (7x70=490) we get a total of 7000 years. But in the smaller egg analogy scaled down it gets reduced to one cycle =7 month multiplied to a total 12 cycle ending as 7 years known as the Apocalypse now dated.

However counting backwards or forwards a 7:5 or 5:7 ratios has embedded more information. Like multiply (7:5 x 5:7) equals One or the (+One) infinite Alpha force embedded in ever Donut Atom creating and refueling a universe to exist. This would explain the Hebrew Hand rule witness 1+4=5 explained later. Daleth=4 represents our material world “in this world and in this time” a dual application and therefore our world is related to a parabolic time dimension overlaying the Zayin=(7) sevens Age as opposed to Heh=5 “the other metaphysical side” a model for our mortally and life after. The parabolic time curve intersects at zero BC/AD.

The infinite God is born in the Daleth dimension and crossing over in a finite world but is graphed on a straight horizontal historic time line as we can only commonly think linear. The big egg 7000 years overlaid become the apocalypse 7 years long scaled like the mirrored big egg to the next smaller egg along a horizontal time line seen on my graph. But mankind’s 7000-year history is really a parabolic time curve as time is exponential changing now reduced by a scaled egg too finalize the birthing of the Saints the Apex of God’s intend. That is a new concept for scientist and will take time to understand Einstein theory now expanded in a new Donut Atom theory. 

Previously we established thinking linearly seven cycles from 2008 to the seventh cycle on the seventh month which is 21 December 2012 as solstice and five cycles to 2015 a solstice again thereafter, all intersecting in the beginning, center and on the end on a solstice 21 December date we cannot adjust even one day. Therefore solstice is a marker for counting properly. That ratio is 4:3 years, which has embedded the Jewish moon calendar adjusted to solstice every 19 years by adding extra Adar months in between so that all Jewish holidays run according to divine space instigated and recorded by Moses.

Notice that one Adar was inserted in 2011 and 2015. However let’s take the seven cycles previously counted forwards but this time reverse count backwards and see what we get. Seven–Zayin means “sword” and is applied to our Daleth the mortal side which can be dated. The Heh side has no clock therefore dating is only made possible through mathematics supplemented from what we can measure.  

Therefore counting seven cycles x 7 month =49 Months backwards from (21 December 2015) according to the 7:5 ratio should line up exactly with the shortened Apocalypse Daleth dimension day [21 December 2011] which is an Adar month and on my previous table indicated as the [6th cycle of the first month]. (49:12=4.083 years) [.083 is 30 days] Counting back from 21 December 2015 - (4) years is 21 December 2011 minus one month more or 30 days= 21 November 2011 the 6th cycle as formerly written four years ago the first witness my second Babushka book dating the Apocalypse on a Table page 517 exactly to a day, what a coincidence. That my reader friend is extraordinary if you do the math all matching the same date.

Summed up it matches the Mini-Apocalypse cycles counting forward original from 2008 Apocalypse dating table; is it a twist of fate or divinely planed? Remember each cycle has 7 month if we divide the seven years into 12 cycles to match the HANS from Waw age to Teth Age. See the Tables on the end of my Mystery of Tammuz 17 book. (If we count backwards the first cycle would be the seventh.) Again counting 4 years backwards from 21 December 2015 gets us to 21 December 2011 and a fraction. That was previously determined by counting forwards coinciding on the 6thcycle was dated:

21 November 2011 to 2 June 2012

Daniel mentioned one date of 1290 days as all the others seven are 30 days shorter 1260 days. Why? 

That one 30 day difference is an Adar month inserted to correct a Jewish calendar with fraction Daniel prophesied and applied 2603 years later was inserted in our modern Hebrew calendar which gets the remaining 1260 periods Daniel and John’s forecast exactly dated and positioned as prophesied on the sixth cycle first month 2011 and 30 days later all the other 1260 days will start what a coincidence again?
4 January 2012

That date will set in motion the Mini-Apocalypse of God’s Wrath getting warmed up again from the Heh dimension exponential parabolic, as all eight (8) of Daniel’s-John’s prophecies [Page 421 Mini-apocalypse Table] and will be ending 1260 days later on 17 Tammuz 5775 Fast holiday (5 July 2015). It is linked three week later to zero time 9thAv 5775 (25 July 2015) of the Apocalypse dating method previous footnote mentioned where all the other Jewish holidays dates all match to a day for that year.

The 3rd Witness from Science: 25 July 2015 - 9th Av (2nd Fast day)

The Aztec-Antikythera clocks exhibited in museums is a science witness and reveals a time constant 14.305789 applied to Daniel’s kitchen clock [time-times-½time] is dating the destruction of the third temple on 9 Av 2015 to an exact day backward and forwards in time all matching my previous 7000 year Hebrew calendar developed three years ago. God instructed me little by little expanding and now looking back not even one day correcting the calendar still corresponding on every point. Perception of events must link with three witnesses otherwise it is only an opinion subject to miss-interpretation.

The Temple destructions in Jerusalem (9 Av 588 BC, 70 AD, 2015 AD) are important time markers in God’s Plan for Mankind like a main station of a railroad schedule. God’s train runs exactly and even one day missed would reflect on God not being perfect. Therefore we must look at our witnesses to get assurance in our dating technique. When we use the wobble constant 14.305789 from ancient bronze and gold clocks calendars and apply it to Daniel’s 70 weeks it will calculate a date, 25 July 2015, exactly to a day.

Read the Forum Pearl for more details. Notice that date was previously referred as part of the Mini-Apocalypse dated and was counted forwards from 2008 with another overlay on top of another matching.

The 4th Witness from Sun-Moon Eclipse

Another supporting witness showed up matching moon-sun eclipses to Jewish holidays only harmonizing on one specific date checking out the calendar past the Middle Age only one date is showing up even projected in the future. It is discussed in more detail a Forum Pearl. That is extraordinary as Jesus said if you want to know the time look up and see the sun and moon relationship corresponding Jewish holidays. Again briefly it is so extraordinaryMark Blitz wrote a book in which he checked out all the sun-moon eclipse since the Middle Age when the earth axis became more steady and projecting into the future of hundreds of years. Could only find four (4) eclipses harmonizing with Jewish holidays during the Apocalypse time frame across dozens of centuries:

  1. Passover        April 15, 2014
  2. Tabernacles       Oct. 8, 2014
  3. Passover          April 4, 2015
  4. Tabernacles    Sept. 28, 2015

His conclusions Jesus return on 28 September 28, 2015 on his birthday matching a Jewish holiday appropriate celebrating a birthday party on the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles. That means God’s Wrath is over on 17 September, three days later ending with Daniel’s 1335 days prophecy falling on a Atonement holiday followed in shorter cycles five (5) days later the reason for the Apocalypse with the Resurrections of the Saints and Israel celebrating victory over Armageddon all saved on both dimension Heh-Daleth; check the matching dates on many Tables.

It is extraordinary corresponding the table printed fours years ago page 518 and notice the 11 period 6 month - 4th April 2014 the same date mentioned which is overlaid with a Jewish Holiday Passover and will have ended God’s Wrath exponential further explained with more witnesses to prove the dates by different people aligning what is presented here for the first time.

5th Witness - The Hebrew Hand rule 1+4=5

The 7-year Apocalypse has started 21.December 2008 was previously counted forward seven (7) period cycles by using the (7:5) ratio. It overlays the big egg of Satan’s fall in the Heh Dimension heaven crossing over the parabolic time dimension of the Daleth dimension on our earth. That became the second stage for Satan [21 December 2012].

Previously being expelled from God’s Throne he becomes now mortal like angels did before Noah’s time to end on the last stage the underworld prison and is executed 1000 years later appearing the last time before the White Throne like the rest of mankind. He gets no privilege previously being a powerful angel now sunk to the lowest level of mortals appearing in the underworld it is said he has become like us.

Then the Mini-Apocalypse overlapped on 4 January 2012 counting Daniel’s 1260 days and a little later will end on 17 September 2015 to conclude God’s Wrath on a Jewish 3rd Fast day of Gedaliah to save Israel and some of a human remnant designated as sheep nations.

Five days later on 10 Tishri we have another Jewish Fast day Yom Kippur – Atonement where Israel will be mourning and ask forgiveness from their king Jesus Christ who saved then from total annihilation the smoke of Armageddon still lingering being shocked to see a radiant glorified Jesus in splendor surrounded with millions angels in festive garments.

The surviving remnant of Israel will be aghast and horror-struck seeing Jesus wounds on his hand and his exposed back horrible marred to reveal the evidence that Jehovah paid a high price to redeem Israel and endured horrendous sufferings. The marks on Jesus body will forever remind the Saints and Israel that God treasured us very much and became mortal on the lowest level Daleth creation to make atonement (Yom Kippur) for all mankind now forever will celebrate this holiday 23rd September 2015 remembered for a thousand years also a cosmic date an equinox of our earth orbit a Heh dimension witness. It will always be a reminder that He took our place what the laws demanded in exchange to make us perfect and acceptable to a Holy God. I will ever be grateful and loyal to my king and savior making me a Saint. 

Then counting backward from 21 December 2015 with a (5:7) ratio reveals a unique pattern of the seven (7) year Apocalypse. It shows exponential declining cycles all in the Hebrew number 7 Zayin. At each intersection it reveals a pattern of specific events with accelerating intensity coming at you faster and faster and more intense just like a woman identical experiencing an unscheduled birth with painful shorter cycles getting shorter. All in sevens cycles of sevens ending with an explosive God’s Wrath poured out lasting seven (7) days. That is confirmed in the Hebrew hand rule


The Apocalypse was planed from the Heh dimension=5 but executed on the 4=Daleth dimension indicated:

(+One) Alpha Force + [7year@7cycle@7month@7days]

The same exponential parabolic time dimension was previously recorded in ancient time as Genesis is describing a cosmos model with Donut Atoms forming a universe with galaxies and a previous rebellion caused by Lucifer ending in God’s Wrath on the Heh dimension level now a repeated but this time in the Daleth dimension. Both dimensions where united in a Grand Plan continued in another universe Jod dimension with the original blueprint revealed in God’s Plan for Mankind just another cycle copied from the Heh…

...closing in a climax of GOD’S-WRATH again (Daleth) and ending with a seven (7) day earthquake. God’s Wrath can also be mathematically expressed in same parabolic time dimension all designed to match again three witnesses:
Ancient Antikythera bronze clock in Athens museum gear ratio [1:½:¼]
Daniel’s Prophecy week Calendar clock  [Times:time:½time] = (2:1:½)
Genesis Wobble Calendar [2.0: 1.0: .457]

These three witnesses mathematically have the same ratio to establish facts, save for Apocalypse events played out  as an exponential time curve all told in six Babushka books more elaborated. The exponential curve has 4 Daleth points well designed and all dated with a pattern laid out in 6 Babushka books of many tables which will take some time to understand God’s Plan for Mankind a little better.

If we look at 7 years period and apply the (2:1:½:0) ratio, we will quickly see overlaid 4 Daleth dates either counting forwards or backwards from the 2008-2015 date and will not matter - just like the 7:5 to 5:7 ratio, as all the dates overlay specific cosmic days, which cannot be massaged by theologians.  




Here are the dates matching the exponential data stretched out over the Apocalypse of seven years subdivided in 12 Periods previously published in the Great Apocalypse Table more explained on page 51 The Mystery of Tammuz 17. Please check my math to be convinced that those years with fraction and using the NASA and Gregorian corrected calendar mysteriously matching the many solstice–equinox dates and ask the question if you can think logical?

Why would ancient Antikythera clock (100 BC) with 32 bronze gears on three dials link to Hebrew Daniel’s Prophecy (600 BC) and align with the oldest manuscript of mankind–Genesis (2288 BC) and the Aztec-Chinese-Hebrew calendar matching the Apocalypse 2008-2015 date in the future thousands years later on an exact cosmic day five times in a full circle around of our earth now with stabilized earth axis 23.5° which was different had a wobble in ancient times? This is a mathematical probability number too immensely large to fandom. That is a miracle for me as I am speechless cannot explain it as a scientist-inventor with our Daleth instrument only the Heh dimension can design a divine schedule for mankind to arrive at the exact day. Counting either back or forward the exponential ratio reveals dates of the Apocalypse that cannot be altered linked to our earth orbit. 

SolsticesThese are cosmic dates preset by the earth going around the sun. There are only 5 cosmic positions across the Apocalypse indicating they belong to the Heh side as timing markers on the Daleth side. (2009-2011-2012-2013-2015) all those dates like a roadmap linked to events and that my dear reader was mentioned four years ago not changed the mathematics you can check out in the Babushka book.

Therefore the Apocalypse is shortened upfront by (1.75 yrs.) or 1 year 9 month and at the end 3 month totaled two (2) years all linked to equinox-solstice cycles. Please check out my math. Remember these are the same four (4) pointers on the exponential graph embedded in ancient clocks, Genesis and Daniel’s prophecy never known by any theologian or scientist guaranteed only divinely revealed on the end of our time as Daniel was assured that at the Endtime some would be wise to understand God’s clock explained with an exponential curve (times-time-½T) which must crossover the equinoxes-solstices so many times to elevate it to a cosmic level geared like a previous cuckoo clock cycles explained in the first book and can not be massaged by puny mortals because the cuckoo clock gears are fixed. How much more proof do we want?  

Another overlay of the ratio is exponential counting backwards. Because Hebrew HANS clock is backwards, we have a ratio 1-2-4 which is doubling as an exponential curve; therefore, from [2015-2014=1] + [2013-2012=2] (21 December 2012) one side and the other side like maxi-mini Apocalypse starting out 2008 [2012-2008=4] indicated by ancient clock ratio, including Daniel’s. The big hammer of the Apocalypse, I expect, will start with the appearance of the Antichrist around in the middle of 2011 who will make a peace treaty with Israel and the Palestinians. My cuckoo clock shows the Dark Kingdom and the Light Kingdom is North Pole, a good overlay. 

At the appointed time for God’s Wrath will be ending on 17 September 2015 with so many witnesses testifying as I have stopped counting. It sets the date for the skeptic aligns many Prophesy Bible verses telling us of a firestorm and earthquake coming which is even forecast by the Aztec culture matching the Revelation prediction. Like in Noah’s days Jesus said will be identical and will finalize our civilization with a big noisy bang too concluding with an asteroid ending the Mini-Apocalypse now dated.

Jesus has no pleasure judging the atheistic world and stretching the birth pangs by seven years but interrupted a normal pregnancy cycle and made them shorter by accelerating his train schedule by two (2) years exponentially heating up to just 7 month the 12th cycle on my table climaxed in still shorter cycles exploding with seven days (10 September 2015) God’s Wrath poured out. It will be a cosmic event accompanied with brilliant light flashing bigger than a hundred New Years fireworks celebration put together all around the globe from the Heh dimension. Now the earth will be shaking in gigantic earthquakes and people screaming terrified:

When he opened the sixth seal, I looked, and there came a great earthquake; the sun became black as sackcloth, the full moon became like blood, and the stars of the sky fell to the earth as the fig tree drops its winter fruit when shaken by a gale. The sky vanished like a scroll rolling itself up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place. Then the kings of the earth and the magnates and the generals and the rich and the powerful, and everyone, slave and free, hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains, calling to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the one seated on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb; for the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to stand?” (Revelation 6:12-17)

As Mark Blitz recently explained in his book seen on TV (It’s-Supernatural-Sid Roth) revealing that this last cosmic event is also matching the only sun-moon eclipse demonstrated in the sky corresponding to an important Jewish holiday exactly to the hour previously mentioned in this conclusion. It is also in addition directly linked to Jesus Birthday coinciding with the Resurrection of the Saints from the Daleth and Heh dimension. Therefore suffering caused by God’s Wrath poured out is shortened by a 7:5 exponential ratio or two (2) years discovered in HANS in line with God’s Mercy and character. The number (5) five Heh for Daniel’s 70th week conforms to his Rosetta Stone prophecy which is actually now five (5) years perfectly matching the HANS structure.

Read the many more details in my Babushka book to be better informed before you make up your mind. Please play it save and do not mess with your creator when he offers you a way out even will make you a Saint, a very special privilege to belong to Jesus entourage, the creator of the universe as even his divine energy Holy Spirit is embedded in every Donut Atom the (Alpha (+One) force to give it Gestalt. Check it out.

God’s Plan For Mankind
7,000-year History of Humanity
7-year Apocalypse
7 Periods
7 Months
7 Days
 God’s Wrath
17 September 2015

  Basel Jesus  
  A photo of a cathedral window in Basel, Switzerland.


For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have Eternal Life. (John 3:16)

5 Babushka Eggs

1 + 4 = 5

Alpha (+one) Force

One large egg scaled downward to an embedded smaller egg with the same pattern.

The Great Apocalypse
4 January 2012 – 25 July 2015
God’s Wrath

Starting 7th month of the 12th cycle exploding

10 September 2015

Plus 7 days ending

17 September 2015

Three birthday parties:
Jesus Christ
The Saints
Israel Reborn

Feast of Tabernacles
a Sun-Moon eclipse
15 Tishri 5776

Starting the Third Civilization
28 September 2015

6 Babushka books have now accumulated 70 witnesses.

The Holy Bible, New Revised Standard Version, 1996.


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