Pearl #115 -

Satan Over the Beast System

Discovering Dates in Biblical Numbers: 7 [+one] = 8


A different interpretation from an ancient clock perspective

This is a continuation of previous Pearls on one connected concept found in Revelation chapters 17-18:

The strange 7[+one] in the Hebrew letter numbersstumped many theologians. They have written hundreds of books for Christians but lack clarity as prophecy must follow a designed plan. Interpreting Revelation’s symbolic language usually ends up just being an opinion because it does not provide the three to five witnesses requirement.

The recent discovery of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) could solve that problem. HANS is a useful tool to decipher difficult prophecy passages by analyzing its embedded number patterns. It works like a key for a better understanding God’s Plan for Humanity.

Overlaying Revelation and Daniel with HANS reveals that the 7-years of Apocalypse prophecies have already started. This fact can no longer be denied as the global news is getting worse. That created more interest in Bible prophecy even on popular TV programs that showed our civilization ending in disasters. Now many people search for Bible answers but do not ask comatose theologians still waiting for a Rapture. To them, the TV news is like the iceberg hole in the “unsinkable” Titanic. It will be hard for them to accept we are all left behind and not raptured.

Undependable Bible Codes

Many TV programs discuss Bible codes, sometimes using massive computers to find hidden messages in the Torah, but they do not satisfy the 3-5 witness requirement either. Mostly the Bible Code shows discuss dead people mentioned in computer printouts alleged to be prophecy embedded in Scripture.

But these studies search for and interpret number sequences relating to past history, which makes it more a kind of coincidence chance with no scientific methodology and cross-checks. If Bible codes cannot identify events in the future, loose ends will hang in thin air without a plan. They become little more than curiosities or useless opinions ending in a dead-end road.

TV producers put a lot of fancy graphics, reinforced by thrilling or suspenseful audio tracks, in their programs to attract viewer interest and advertisers. But their content is little more than technician massaged opinions that make it obvious that the researchers haven’t got a clue about what the Torah really has embedded in it - God’s Plan for Humanity throughout history and into the future. Logic tells me that not reading the text and only looking at Hebrew letter numbers is not very bright and a waste of time and money.

I can understand the atheist scientist believing in evolution fairytales when he sees theologians on TV massaging computer simulations. If an atheist accepts God’s existence for the sake of argument, he should rationally accept as well that the Creator of the universe must be intelligent.

Why do some computer theologians postulate that the Creator is inferior or less intelligent than mortals? Why would he give us instruction shrouded in unintelligible symbols? Can we not simply read the text of the Torah as it is written and understand what is stated like a child reading the Ten Commandments? Trying to find Hitler or an American president hidden in a mass of numbered letters misses the point in why God has preserved his Word for mortals over thousands of years.

The first question in investigating Scripture should be what is God’s plan or purpose for humanity. Then, we can read his Word with understanding and context instead of looking under the carpet to find a design pattern that is says, what? We should look at the patterns on the top of the carpet and check it out with HANS to recognize how God designed his world for Humanity with intelligence. In doing so, we find a patterned system that reveals the meaning and significance of difficult passages of Scripture.

The 3 to 5 witness rule must be applied if an opinion is to be elevated to a dogma, and it must match the schedule of God’s Plan for Humanity. Without that plan even a massive computer will not make you smarter. I collected 66 observed witness events described in 6 Babushka concept books and checked it out against opinions. Therefore, I can make the claim, as an intelligent individual, of being able to discern fairytales from truth. Learning about HANS saves a lot of computer money.

Let’s look at the alphabet letters so fascinating to Bible Code specialists, which only lately appeared in human history. The alphabet developed from picture concept hieroglyphs invented by man and not by a mysterious God. Each pictograph captured a mini-story concept to communicate within a complete system. This is true for Egyptian hieroglyphs or Chinese picture letters. To read a Chinese newspaper, you first remember ten thousand mini-stories we call concepts. Explaining concepts needs a few words. They align with more concepts. Over time it came down to a shorter version like an alphabet lined up like number letters combined with math, which is itself another communication language we recognize.

HANS is a System - Not a Code

Overlaying HANS with strange Bible language found in Revelation can give us a new perspective of understanding. Many Christians are not familiar with Hebrew culture or their holidays and miss out some interesting concepts from a Hebrew perspective. We need this dual railroad as it is better balanced.

They do not know that Hebrew holidays have a pattern embedded aligning with the plan for Humanity laid out by God, which only then could foretell future prophecies. In the method I use, it must align it with a HANS concept. The HANS overlay reveals a divinely inspired schedule run by exact cycles like stretched out gears which functioned like clock calendar across 7,000 years and could prepare us from the coming Apocalypse 2008-2015.

Therefore the Hebrew alphabet has a number system embedded in it I call HANS for short. It is only an echo from the past, but we still can recognize the structure of the original concept picture language given to Adam in the meaning of numbers. It has changed over time being transmitted by semi-skilled scholars. Not knowing the creation plan for Humanity from God’s perspective will make even HANS useless as it is only a tool to reveal the initial structure mini-story of a limited letter version.

HANS, as a system, must be combined with the knowledge of God’s designed Plan for Humanity and only than can it reveal future dating of events as they must fit like gears in a clock revealing a schedule. A schedule is just stretched out clock gears designed to tell time like a calendar and other information if you have an expensive cuckoo clock as an example. An ancient calendar had flexible years and days Julius Caesar found out. He needed knowledge of a wobble declining, which was designed by a genius 100 years before Christ. The Antikythera clock in Athens has 32 bronze gears with three dials, but no one knew for a hundred years how it worked. It needs HANS to decipher it, which becomes a witness for the system’s authenticity.

I divided the God’s plan in seven cycles to get a better overview and overlaid it with the HANS concept which starts the beginning of time with Waw linked to the end expressed in Taw. That placed the Apocalypse is Chet position according to the number math which means “fenced in” or “a new beginning” as numbers express meaning in the hieroglyphic sequence.

They align to a schedule God invented, which can reveal the secrets of Bible hieroglyphs coming from the picture Hebrew language Adam coined instructed by God. Not being aware of a schedule sequence many Christians will be ill-equipped and perish during the Apocalypse as they should have been warned about the hidden Bible truth now exposed in the HANS discovery. When a fireman calls out “fire” in the middle of the night, let’s not be annoyed at him interrupting our sleep.

Number of the Beast

This calls for wisdom: let anyone with understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a person. Its number is six hundred sixty-six. [Revelation 13:8]

I wrote this last essay on 21 December 2008 expanding many concepts from the first two Babushka books where Satan is described in more detail. Here are some remaining thoughts linked to the Apocalypse Satan’s final act on God’s global stage play overlaid with HANS.

Theologians miss understanding the command to calculate the number 666. We must first understand a little more about who Satan really is. The mighty fallen angel is still a mystery, also pictured in the symbols of Revelation, the last book of the Bible. Very few will understand him, and it requires a little more study perhaps another Babushka book somebody could write.

Examining Hebrew numbers could reveal a little more about a strange number system: a seven that belongs to eight. Many scholars have different opinions on what it means. Here is another one as we get closer to its fulfillment in about 2012:

As for the beast that was and is not,
it is an eighth but it belongs to the seven,
(7[+0ne]) and it goes to destruction.

I believe that this strange expression “is an eight but belongs to the seven” represents an ancient clock spin axis cycle system. Numbers on the dial were only added recently but counted the crossover of a single hand to indicate solstice cycles. The smaller dial found in many ancient clocks functioned as the second hand. Check out your kitchen clock and move the long pointer “crossing over” the small pointer seven times will indicate the next number on the dial which is number eight and not seven.

Seven crossovers would indicate a number 8. (7+1=8) That is an ancient pre-Aztec-Hebrew calendar counting system from ancient clocks before the dual hands where invented. We have games remembering the 8 th system embedded. Think of the pool room, which has the 8 ball. If the eight ball gets into the hole prematurely, the game is over. So being behind the eight ball is something to avoid. In Revelation it ends the ball game of the Beast system.

It is therefore related to a timing event. During Jesus age, they measured months and years differently than we do now. We find traces of that system recorded in Mathew’s and Luke’s gospels. Julius Caesar had just corrected the solstice year to 12 months, but old calendar practices reaching into the past do not die over night as we still have December=10 the last month of the year.

Here we stumble on the genealogy of Jesus reaching far into ancient times to Adam confirmed in 14 Aztec calendar cycles (2x7) but recorded from two different perspectives to prove in the genealogy of Jesus that he was on his legal human father’s side from royalty – King David and from his mother’s side – also still from a king both ways. At the same time, it proves ancient calendars. Both counting systems reveal the legality of being a descendent from royalty. God said that King David’s dynasty would last forever. The reason for this double recording is easily seen as Joseph, the adopted father, is a descendant of royalty expressed from a Daleth perspective while the Virgin mother’s reflects the Heh dimension eternal side.

Consequently, Jesus–Yeshua will be crowned as a rightful king in the future as all prophecies dovetail to that event. He is also the Holy Spirit revealed in the flesh, the next High Priest due to his accepted sacrifice and resurrection. It is like 2x7, a double math meaning. Those 14 ancient calendar cycles where recorded and probably recognized by John in Revelation who must have known about bronze-gold clocks of previous centuries now exhibited in our museums in so many ancient clocks displayed and some still needs deciphering as most scientist degenerated now believe in an atheistic evolution religion invented by Satan.

Today, we can check out those cycles with the Antikythera clock in Athens which revealed a constant of 14.305789 with more fractions. They match an older system from Aztec times reaching past 2288 BC. Jesus is the only connecting bridge in science across two civilizations to demonstrate accurate time cycles overlaying faultlessly human history. In addition, it links the last or Third soon-to-come Civilization after 2015 when Jesus rules for thousand peaceful years.

But now from a science perspective, we see a schedule with precise cycles from the beginning of time allowing different expanding–contracting solstice calendars to come together in a NASA corrected atomic calendar matching every cycle to a day with a mathematic probability too large for me to comprehend. The HANS system is very large. What I use is like the smaller, visible part of an iceberg, which is mostly hidden under water.

Jesus is the key, and the only person on earth who becomes the proof with an unbroken genealogy all the way to Adam. No other mortal has it, which demonstrates a divine power of so many established facts. If you go as a tourist in Jerusalem, you will follow 14 station cycles along the traditional path traveled by Jesus and the. Why 14 and not 12, overlaying the Hebrew holiday cycles?

So check out Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries, which gives you some understanding what a number 8 means as it belongs to a Hebrew-Aztec system counting in sevens. The Aztec system needs two cycles 2x7 which is 14 linked to previous solstice earth axis positions changed with a wobble, which gets us to Adam in an unbroken time record. That by itself is a miracle. We must consider this positive proof of a calendar with a flexible earth axis wobble, which can be mathematically correct now for the first time using a schedule of unbroken cycles for the history of humanity.

That, of course, will be suppressed by an atheistic education department usually being blind to the obvious but still making TV programs based on fairytales trying to figure out the Bible without believing the records of Genesis. Many theologians not educated in new scientific discoveries are confused, too. They cannot do the math of 10 minus 3 kings from Daniel’s perspective of seven kings mixed with 10 horns, which must be seen from the Heh perspective where it ends the G7-G8 cartel of the Beast system. (Daniel 7:24)

7(+one) = 8, a Mystery

Seven kings belong to the earth beast system but are controlled by the [+one]. (Daniel 7:21) This special “horn” (10 [+one]) is from heaven - Satan expelled to earth in (2012) becoming a seemingly “resurrected” mortal person from the Heh to Daleth dimension. He will rule over seven kings. Seeing a seven again means it is from the Heh perspective, where Satan comes from.

Let’s now focus on the mysterious beast not understood by theologians. The dragon is Satan with seven heads and ten horns. There should theoretically have been 14 horns (7 heads x 2 horns = 14), but there must be a different interpretation from what conventional theologians explain, as four horns are missing with only 10 horns shown. These horns do not mean 10 kings. Rather it indicates that it comes from a Heh-Daleth system now dividing the past-present-future from the horn perspective in the Hebrew. It is mentioned with “was, is and is to come”,whichmust be important as it is mentioned four times in Revelation. According to the Hebrew hand rule 4+1 = 5, a double-double meaning like two witnesses needed.

Satan, the 7-headed red dragon operating from the Heh dimension control room, means five (from the other side) where he has 5 heads with 2 horns on each head for a total of ten (10). (Revelation 12:3-4) The Heh=5 dimension and horns expressed in multiples of 5 mean a divinely given power over a dual, Heh-Daleth dimension with one horn for each dimension. That is why we see Satan with horns in many Catholic Church paintings. We also operate in two dimensions Daleth–Heh. Our physical body and in the Spirit, but we do not have horns because we are mortal without power. The hidden meaning of 7 heads adorned with 7 crowns is expressed in a math formula:

5 + 1 + 1 = 7

What is + is + is to come = 7

7 in HANS (Zayin) = Divine Perfection

That leaves two heads [1+1] left over on the dragon without horns to represent a lower Daleth level we operate in. Remember, we mortals in the Daleth dimension do not have horns either. Horns are connected with supernatural power, and seeing two heads without horns means that Satan is divided into two, split-dragonhead personalities, which indicates a time change from the “is” to “is to come” - no longer having power in the Heh control room but now reduced to a Daleth earthly existence on our mortal level.

The number “one is” in the Bible verse means the present, and “one to come” means a future. The five (5) heads symbolized Satan in the heavenly Heh control room with five horns now demoted and reduced to possessing the body of the Anti-Christ to manage his influence over a world system severely restricted now with his power horns removed by the Archangel Michael.

Satan’s sometime access to God’s throne is over. This access originally belonged to Adam but was given to Satan to start a school in 4004 BC. We can check it out on the 7,000-year Table of Human History. It shows all the important dates from Satan’s rebellion in 4488 BC until his end in 2015. In the Daleth dimension, Satan runs the school to teach evil to mortals, but it will soon be closed in the Heh dimension control room. Satan is cast to earth on 21 December 2012. Then he will be very insanely mad and furious but his power limited to a lower level. (Revelation 12:7-12)

21 December 2012

Reading about 21 December 2012 coinciding with the earth wobble cycles established a schedule that will be ending according to the Aztec-Hebrew calendar explained in my other Babushka books. That is a special dispensation date connected with Satan being cast out now ending his power in the Heh dimension control room and arriving now severely limited in a dead assassinated body of a world leader. (Revelation 13:11-12) Losing Heh control power symbolized by lost horns, he imitates or duplicates a resurrection similar to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Jewish Messiah.

We have previous examples of prophecy fulfillments pointed out in the reappearance of the Son of God who became flesh and is now linked to a promised Messiah who will be crowned king in the Daleth dimension. Satan wants to imitate to be that. He always wants to be equal to God and be worshipped by all of humanity. Nothing has changed in his ambition.

During the Apocalypse, in the midst of massive starving and horrendous political unrest around the world, everybody will anticipate the promised Messiah prophesied to return. Even the Islamic tradition now looks for a Mahdi-savior prophet - a replication borrowed from the Bible.

At that juncture in 2012, Satan is thrown out by the Archangel Michael from the Heh control room, an event even recorded in the Aztec calendar. Since Satan needs a body in the Daleth dimension to exert and regain some of his lost power status, he kills a very popular, brilliant world leader of the European Union known by Christians as the Antichrist only to show up three days later inside that assassinated body.

Angelic Heh dimension merging into a Daleth body was done before in Noah’s time as reported in Genesis. Chapter 6 states that fallen angels cohabited with mortal woman giving birth to giants, which was strictly forbidden by God causing the Flood. The Aztec prophecy reflects past occurrences from before 2288 BC and weaves them in their religion, which states that the serpent will appear from heaven on 21 December 2012.

The world media will think that the assassinated world leader is resurrected from death after being mourned by hundreds of dignitaries around the world. It will be seen on global TV; therefore, it must be divine. Seeing it only from a Daleth perspective, people will think they are witnessing a resurrection only heard about, but recorded in history.

The atheistic world system is now put on notice. It still does not accept the existence of the Heh dimension. Soon they will witness a resurrection, but they should cross reference it with the many hundreds of Bible prophecies and remember the true Messiah, Yeshua-Jesus. Being spiritually blinded by a false evolution atheistic religion prevents them seeing the reality: all must follow God’s schedule for human history into the future.

Satan will appear on earth camouflaged. His true identity cashes in on the faked resurrection event. The second resurrected Anti-Christ leader (“is to come”=1) is now claiming to be the coming expected Messiah prophesied by the Christian church. He wants desperately to become the rescuer of the whole world, a counterfeit savior for a world embroiled in nuclear destruction and massive starvation.

Satan, masquerading as the popular leader, now gains enthusiastic acceptance through the imitating of a resurrection at the middle of the Apocalypse on 21 December 2012. It precisely matches God’s schedule of the Hebrew Holiday seventh month of the seven-month religious cycle for a total of 12 cycles, which is the seven years of the Apocalypse - previously dated by my 6 Babushka books.

Satan will even be proclaimed God by an Islamic Mahdi. He will be pointed out as the savior of the world prophesied in the Bible. The expected Islamic prophet is revealed in Holy Scripture can be checked out in Revelation 19:20. He will unite the Islamic with the Hebrew and Christian religions within a world congress government system. The Bible calls that united world religion Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations of the Earth. (Revelation 17:5)

To repeat because it is so unusual and only expressed in biblical symbolic language, Satan from the Heh dimension uses the body of previous assassinated UN president, the one often called the Antichrist, who formerly controlled the world from the Heh control room. That event of being cast out from heaven follows the same path of a historic resurrection from the Heh dimension. Now Satan enters the assassinated body of a dead man mourned by billions of shocked people who fear greatly for another nuclear military reaction. Being born in this Daleth world, Satan becomes subject to the entropy natural laws of physics to exercise his power as a mortal politician.

Even God in Jesus Christ previously coming to our Daleth dimension earth was not exempt. He was born shrouded in mortality conforming to Daleth laws. If he did not, it would prematurely have ended all of creation as having a plan for humanity would be pointless.

Therefore, we will see Satan stealing a body he just assassinated. At the point of being thrown out from heaven, he will choose the body belonging to the most powerful President of the world EU-UN confederation. That gives him political status to continue his opposition to God on the Daleth dimension with a mortal body, but he is very angry and furious being defeated by Michael’s army and thrown out of heaven the Heh dimension control room.

Humanity will now experience increasing destruction, corruption and horrendous suffering. They will be ruled by the prince of evil himself, now visible on earth in fleshly Daleth dimension body. The ancient serpent has arrived on earth – even as the Aztec and Chinese calendars predicted. The invisible Heh dimension can only become visible in the Daleth dimension in the same fleshly way the invisible God became visible according to entropy laws in physics.

Satan (+ONE)

Satan’s reign will end when he is bound in Hell the underworld after the Apocalypse birthing process. All the other demons and fallen angels, including the Beast-Antichrist with his prophet were executed by the four Death Angels and thrown into the lake of fire on 17 September 2015.

Satan arrives in Hades as a lone survivor to be chained in a special cell sealed by an angel. He will be greeted with great surprise as his status as a mortal, “He has become like us.”

You can read more in my first Babushka book Apocalypse Prophesied, From Eden to Jerusalem–Gods Plan for Humanity on page 102. His final execution day is at the end of the time dimension 3003.7 according to Daniel’s 69 th Heh week (14.305789) measurements where it is said the anointed one is cut off. That ends Satan’s last rebellion and his job of being a teacher for mortals in evil. His life cycles were illustrated in the small diameter cuckoo clock dial. Check it out.


Solstices have two poles, one is North Pole and a South Pole. If in times before Noah, there were 7 spins around the sun within 360 days, then alternating poles at seven Aztec cycles will point to a South Pole solstice and need another cycle of seven to have a north pointing solstice again. Therefore, the calendars count 14 spins or (2x7) in a given wobble.

Nova tracing ancient Bible events of new discoveries aired December 22, 2008.

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