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Seven Abominations Changing Christianity

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Researching the coming Apocalypse Endtime from a factual science perspective, I discovered unusual historic information in the Torah-Bible reported at random in Babushka concept Pearls. Israel’s latest NEWS: We will build a future Temple, but prophesied could have a different purpose? (Mini Question Egg 3, Pearl #172, #247)

Around the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, many have a little black Torah box on their forehead and a desire for a new temple but reject that animal sacrifices were obsoleted when the Temple curtain was rendered at the same time Yeshua-Jesus cried out loud his last words, “It Is Finished.” That was celestially confirmed by YHWH with darkness and earthquakes causing great confusion. (Matt. 23:37)

Examining history, both the authentic Christian faith and Jewish tradition got corrupted with very successful Satan lies and only a few will see the effect. The Apostle Paul, an eminent Sanhedrin lawyer said the Body of Christ is a new “Covenant Temple”, thus an Inner Holy presence of YHWH, never seen by anyone, was transferred and replaced in every individual believer. But when a heart is defiled by iniquity, the Shekinah glory will leave, like the missing Golden Ark thus end in temple desolation. (Heb. 10:26) Ultimately, Satan the source of Evil is trying to pollute an inner temple sanctuary with an abomination. (Ezek. 3:17; Rom. 9:16) It is similar to when Eve was tempted in the Garden of Eden by the deception, “Did God say?” That started a new creation - the Plan of Mankind with Redemption and Restoration.

Once Saved, Always Saved: The ''Eternal Security'' Deception!

Mankind has again reached the point of no return, still controlled by absolute Evil proven by corporate systems operating outside common law and worse, destroying worldwide many laws of nature like Trans-genetic technology and GMO patents. (Pearl #270) Internationally an atheistic World Order controls and regulates every activity of nations in opposition to YHWH. The 21st Century Civilization is ruled by relative small billionaire club governed by an Illuminati NYC banker cartel similar to psychopath criminals. They originally financed mass-murderers like Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong and some recent American Presidents now totally evil, determined to destroy this earth with high-technology managed and directed by Satan. Thus only an imminent Wrath of YHWH can save mankind once more. Keep praying that Yeshua soon will return in power to rule as King of Kings on earth.

Thus, an evil system enslaving all nations is finally terminated now governed by higher divine laws. After 6000 years Evil is no longer permitted for 1000 years. Watch next the AntiChrist is appearing on the Earth as Satan lost the war in heaven bound in prison, followed by Abaddon with his 200 million demons being judged with only a Death option, thus evil finally is no longer in the Kosmos. (Rev. 9)

1. Abomination causing desolation – of New World Order

Soon the birth pangs of the Apocalypse will end with Two Witnesses from the Heh dimension-heaven, Elijah perhaps Moses or Enoch for the final countdown conflict in Jerusalem. To record the last events, the ELOHIM appointed a Jonah-II to first warn the Christian church to announce “On That Day” mentioned 70 times by four prophets. Check Babushka Egg #11. But this time the Creator did not send a prophet or theologian but employed a scientist-inventor like Enoch, the builder of the Ancient Great Pyramid before 2288 BC. (Pearl #224)

He firmly warned Noah and his perverted evil hi-tech generation destroying genetically the earth and Mankind. Now following the trail as a scientist investigating the Plan for Mankind, I discovered a hundred matching events detailed the same, even projected by Yeshua-Jesus. The Endtime juncture has now arrived to totally collapse and change atheistic civilization worldwide, once more to perish in a massive Apocalypse. Why not preach repentance in churches or Synagogues still in conflict to a holy YHWH like a Nineveh society was spared.   

Thus, Christians or theologians please ask, “Does my life reflect God’s Word in clarity or is it rebellious, believing the many deceptions and lies from Satan embedded in Christian denominations and Jewish sects both ignored the many science warnings?” To prove the Torah-Bible roadmap with a newborn faith, please check some Babushka concepts Pearls, but hurry, the free web soon will be gone.

Sadly, Torah-Bible Truth is no longer taught to the next generation. Time has run out, like the last day in Matt. 24:35, as everyone will be destined to stand before the White Throne, either rewarded or shamed according to - if much was given, much will be required, vice-versa. Every mortal will be exposed to their personal good achievement or secret evil Abomination: Maybe you can change your Life before the butterfly cocoon birthday cycle. Only one option is offered: 

Mercy unto Life  or  Mercy unto Death

2. Abomination causing desolation - Two Resurrection Errors

A great division exists among theologians who failed to properly interpret Scripture not knowledgeable of a Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) which superimposed a divine Revelation matching a math base seven (7) system. It must be agreeable with what we teach. Every Mortal will be resurrected on the last day. Only a special staff serving Yeshua the King became an exception for extra training.

The Torah-Bible mentioned “the Saints” 500 years before the Christian Age (Daniel - Psalms - John) and is also the very last word in Revelation. (Google it for more information) They were appointed across 6000 years of human history. Thus theologians should not interpret that a Saint is a privileged Christian and the rest are lost going to damnation. It made a lot of money since the Middle Ages, but when you look around in your neighborhood seeing empty church building should ask a question. If you really want to know what a Saint is, please check the free Web: Pearl #888, #110, #109, #107.

3. Abomination causing desolation - A Fake Rapture Story

The biggest deception preached for hundred years to corrupt most Christian churches is a fake rapture story caused by mistranslations of Scripture not understanding lessons of three Resurrections from the Apostle Paul. A deception was caused in a subtitle by the J. Nelson Darby Bible 1890 which mentioned a vision of little girl in Scotland. Because it was in the Bible became a popular dogma adapted in America and Germany to evolve into many conflicting denomination.

In particular some Christians believe they are exempt from God’s Wrath alleged being a privilege class favored by God distorted by many bible verses. It got worse promised some would not to die and rise to glory invited to dine with the King of Kings. That is sold by many theologians to make money, not changed since Martin Luther immortalized a German practice: So wie der Tahler im Kasten klingt, die Seele aus dem Fegefeuer springt. 

No wonder many misled Christians ignore that a raptured person checking true science would become a different species linked to modern genetics, thus exalted above Yeshua-Jesus who died. Worse, it indirectly portrayed ELOHIM to be a liar who said to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, “If you transgress and sin, you will die.” Hence, the rapture story is an Abomination lie ignored by many corrupt theologians only interested to make money, thus they remain stuck, not willing to investigate many sciences –Torah witnesses to be well-informed by still forbidden opinions. (Mini-question #8, Pearl #270)

4. Abomination causing desolation - A Three Person Trinity?

The Ten Commandments given to Moses, the first most important spelled out there is only (One God) YHWH no other person exists to be placed alongside like a Trinity? Why is that not taught in history? Thus, the Trinity doctrine was invented by Caesar Constantine, which became the foundation of the historic Catholic Church ever since.

To benefit everybody across his empire Caesar stopped the killing of expensive Christian slaves and mixed a Babylon sun religion with Christianity of various Jewish doctrine divisions. Later a Protestant movement adopted the Catholic Trinity doctrine, too. Not believing usually got you burned as a religious outcast in the public market place; thousands were murdered during the Middle-Ages.

Today we think that we are superior, theologians still control and suppress what was originally proclaimed by the apostles. To better harmonize with Scripture, focus on an invisible Godhead YHWH, only shining with brilliant light on his Throne. (Rev. 1:8)

But only a Creator can make himself visible shrouded in Yeshua-Jesus, thus he created another dimension defined by HANS as Daleth. That is precisely confirmed in the Gospels when Yeshua repeatedly said: I (the I-AM) and my father (YHWH) are “One”. He used a familiar cultural father-son association recognized by simple people. Thus YHWH-Yeshua is (one God person) still rejected in our time.   Many Church Christians are scantily educated in science and believe that a Mind, creating heaven and earth, or controlling an environment must be a Trinity person. However, I noticed in Scripture that before the Throne are Seven Spirits ready to serve YHWH the One God. (Rev. 1:4) That is ignored in many church meetings, as some speak in tongues to demonstrate they have a Holy Spirit like in Acts 2. But it is faked when no interpreter is around to translate Truth to a foreigner, or show me a flame on top of their heads, another Holy Spirit sign to express a supernatural energy and not another person.

Many preachers interested only in prestige or collecting money will use various tricks like psychology to deceive the gullible sheep. But if honest, you can read some Research Babushka Pearl opinions linked to many science perspectives could prevent being misled. It is always going back to the same Garden of Eden problem: Did God say? 

Watching Christian TV programs showing people claiming they were in heaven usually to sell books for the TV promoters, but Scripture reveals that some were appointed to write a Torah portion, thus invited to visit the other side in ancient times, but all had a similar reaction. Daniel was perplexed being troubled. (Dan. 7:9) John passed out (Rev. 1:17), and the Prophet Isaiah facing the Throne was shaken horribly, “Woe is me, I have seen the King. (Isa. 6:5)

Thus, the (One God) YHWH from the Heh dimension is awesome and became visible on the Daleth-Earth dimension still the same person. The Endtime is now correcting many false denomination dogmas for those who search for Truth, maybe destined to sainthood.

Moses was born into royalty and educated in ancient hieroglyph and developed a unifying Hebrew Alphabet. Now we deciphered the meaning of four (4) Hebrew Alphabet letters YHWH encoded on a higher math base seven (7) levels not preached in any church.

That system could correct many false denomination dogmas to a fuller understanding of Scripture, but sadly money is the real reason not to investigate it. Yeshua said, “You cannot serve two masters, either mammon or truth.” Pick a Saturday church to please YHWH.

5. Abomination causing desolation - Dating 7 yr. Apocalypse

The Word of ELOHIM (John 3:16) is like Salt to preserve society, which was embedded worldwide in Christianity. But an atheistic society suppressed many laws of nature (Rom. 1:18) controlled by Satan working hard to destroy this earth and corrupt Christian faith into many denominations. Many pastors and rabbis will teach Satan’s lies and deception, like the Jews exchanged the Ten Commandments into traditions and most Christian Churches teach fake dogmas. Only Babushka Pearls point to unpopular science matching prophecy not allowed in the Public Square. Thus, it is no wonder that everywhere knowledge in our institutions is denied believing fake science to wreck many ethnic global cultures. Understanding true science dating the Apocalypse was forbidden in every Christian church ignoring (7) seven world calendars, thus they will always date it the next seven years not knowing that clocks in heaven are different as confirmed by ancient stone-bronze-gold clocks exhibited in museums that were deciphered by science dating the Apocalypse. (Pearl #276)

6. Abomination causing desolation - 200 million Demons

The last sign exploding an Apocalypse was prophesied by Yeshua to be the worst time on earth never to be repeated. (Rev. 9) Angels and Mankind were created to live forever either on a “New” Earth - New Heaven or Outer Darkness following the teaching of the Torah. God’s love introduced a disposition to save mankind by a divine Death on a cross. A deity Yeshua died to atone for a Kosmos transgression to introduce to mortals a new Resurrection principle. The only option for living forever is either choose to live in YHWH house by his rules, or beg for a Second Death to avoid being cast and burned in a sea of fire. A balance on the last day will decide. Only evil demons forfeit that option, but will take the advantage if allowed visiting the Daleth dimension where mortality exists, thus could die, a better option. They will indwell to control people and drive them insane committing heinous crimes, similar to last year 26 riots in the USA repeated globally caused by the shadow government soon will murder billions with hi-tech linked to the Bible prophecy or Babushka Pearl #270.

7. Abomination causing desolation - Forbidden Free Energy

Theologians could not be trusted linked to a worldwide atheistic university only teaching fake science to the next generation. Thus a German Jonah-II upset the establishment and exposed a Jonah big “Energy fish” of totally free Electricity and Hydrogen, which is denied to (7) billion people worldwide. It was summed up in many Babushka science references all embedded in the Torah-Bible. Check Lessons for Dummies-Electricity, Energy-Pearl #259, #248, #240.

Seven Thousand Year Table


Isaiah 40 - Shabbat Nachamu / שבת נחמו

Flat Earth: Proof Is All Around You !! (8-7-2017)


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