Pearl #172 -

Some Implications:
Why the Apocalypse?


Parabolas of Time The prophesied Apocalypse I dated 5 years ago has started, which motivated me to do some inventory of my dating projections. I questioned if my schedule was right. What else has crystallized out, or was there anything that needed to be corrected?

I am not a prophet but just an average guy with a little science-Bible education who is still able to think logically for himself. Dating an apocalypse is a hot potato and not for everyone, but as an inventor with an inborn curiosity about nature, my curiosity and research has resulted in 7 Babushka egg concept books to explain a number of Bible-science mysteries using the science tools I acquired in my profession.

Just as my hi-tech devices had to prove themselves by whether they worked or not, so must my research conclusions. The proof is in what will happen and how. Only afterwards will I finally see for sure where I was right or wrong. But then, many of my hi-tech gizmos worked very well making billions for a number of Silicon Valley companies.

Not surprisingly the apocalypse has started with a global event shaking our civilization that affected everybody financially. Many are now asking what else can be learned from scripture about what comes next? It is a fascinating subject for TV shows and even some theologians and scientists, who never postulated anything like what you can read about on these web pages. We must get ready for the terrible times already begun in order to survive.

Looking at the bottom line, it surprised me greatly that nothing of my previous writings need to be corrected, but my own understanding of the nature of God’s creation has changed from the perspective of an atom’s structure to that of galaxies and time.

Understanding the nature of time has resulted in dating the Apocalypse. It is primarily meant to give warning to each of us to build our own boats like Noah did. Perhaps you will survive if you have some facts not even allowed to be whispered in either churches or the halls of higher learning!

What I learned new is that we gained a little time as the Bible timeline for the Apocalypse aligns along an exponential curve, which shortens its total duration by God’s gracious will. He has shortened the punishment needed before mankind destroys all life on this planet.    

Checking out God’s revealed schedule, I discovered that my fudge factor of 35 years previously inserted within the context of Jesus’ life embedded in the Hebrew World Calendar was correct. Our calendar is divided into BC/AD linked to Jesus.

You can confirm my projections. Check the 9th cycle of the 7,000-Year Table of Human History published 5 years ago in my first book where I added 35 years to correct a Julian-Gregorian calendar calculated from the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS). If wrong, that by itself would have made all 7 Babushka concept books obsolete with just one stroke by missing those 35 years.  

However, its greater implications point out that the calendar needed to be changed by moving the BC/AD juncture calculated by Pope Gregory up to AD 35 to become the center of time in correcting the modern calendar once more.

My 7th Babushka egg concept book has expanded my understanding about the nuclear science embedded in the first verse of Genesis, which is connected to a time dimension. This discovery will take some time for scientists to prove. My deciphered ancient bronze-gold clocks gives the reason why an ancient calendar needed to be corrected twice - by Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory. That became a major witness for dating the apocalypse. Most theologians still think “nobody can know” while ignoring an embedded schedule in the Jewish holidays.

Not understanding the Hebrew mindset they totally misunderstand Jesus’ forecast of the coming Apocalypse reported by Mathew 24:35-36. Jesus inserted a verse of higher importance and referenced that God’s Plan for Humanity will never change even when earth and heaven is gone. That event will no longer have a Time Dimension embedded linked to a new earth-heaven Jod Dimension.

Bible translators made a big mistake and should not have made a division between verse 35 and 36, which belong together in one sentence. For a better understanding the details of the Apocalypse just keep reading but splice out those two troubled verses that Western cultural thinking has problems with.   

When time is no more, only God, the Elohim, will know its replacement; therefore, it is outside the perimeter of mortals to know. I dedicated a whole book to explain how a time dimension is possible in the material universe by applying high-tech invention experience to a new model of atomic structure.

This aligns with what the angel told Daniel concluding his prophecies. He stated that there would be a Wise-club at the end of our civilization, and its members would know the schedule of the apocalypse expressed in math [2:1:½ or Times–Time-½Time]. That ratio is now verified by many ancient clocks exhibited globally in various museums demonstrating an earth axis wobble caused by a mammoth asteroid strike on 5 February 2287 BC in Noah’s time.

But just knowing about the ancient wobble calendar created the need to know more about the nature of time as the ancient clocks tell us that a day was not 24 hours at various points in antiquity but much shorter. To project a future Apocalypse date with a flexible calendar could be a problem, but the effort could also point out errors of previous historic dating.

It reveals that the Egyptian dynasties are off by 350 years, and the First Temple destruction in Jerusalem was not 586 BC, but corrected by ancient clocks to 9 Av 588 BC. Check out my 7,000-Year Table of Human History, which shows that same date postulated three years earlier using the HANS code applied to Jewish holidays. Now deciphered ancient clocks verify it. If that dating had been incorrectly projected, my Babushka egg concept books would be obsolete.

There was another minor date I wrestled with at the very end of the Apocalypse. There is about 4 days difference caused by fraction across thousands of years in calculations linked to the 3rd Woe of Revelation, or the next asteroid appearing on 10-17 September 2015. In Bible prophecy all must match to a day or it is just an opinion. That can be proven as Daniel’s [times-time ½ time] that matched a future destruction of a Temple to a day. Check it out in Pearl #103 –Two Fast Days Tammuz and 9th of Av.

I learned that a research scientist at Princeton NEC Research Institute discovered that light is not constant. Some experiments indicated 300 times faster light. That has consequences because light is in a teeter-totter relationship to the Time Dimension.

Pope Gregory added 14 days to the Julian calendar, but it now needs another correction adding an extra 4 days to amend our calendar again if you do the math when light is faster. Once more, it saved my books. Only one mistake would make them obsolete as my projections included those missing 4 days. God again made sure my pen was writing not just an opinion.

Time seems to be a rubber band affecting a calendar; therefore, dating the apocalypse needed more witnesses for comatose theologians to educate them in science. Many still hold on to a belief system from the Middle Ages where science still was still in infancy. This is reflected in their dogmas and false interpretations. But the love of money seems to be the motivation for many pastors. They are not interested in investigating the Bible linked to science and will not accept that a second Jonah came into the town-square announcing, “Time is up! Get ready. The apocalypse has started!”

They still preach Christians will escape in a rapture because judgment is meant for non-believers rather than God first cleaning His own house. You may not recognize it yet because you are still around, but what raptured away was your pension. It is gone, and many have lost their homes or good paying jobs. The Apocalypse is not tomorrow: it has started. Perhaps “the left behind” books lack witnesses from science and are therefore obsolete.

Investigating further the Time Dimension to date the Apocalypse is so important to us because we are mortal, God opened my vision to look into an atom how is structured. Schoolbooks do not tell much other than massive confusion based on atheistic opinions never proven. Inside the atoms, time is measured in Femtoseconds, which is a tiny micro-measurement of how quickly nuclei of atoms rearrange during a reaction. A Femtosecond is a pulse of a millionth - billionth second on our clock.

Measuring time that short was totally new to me. Then I discovered it happened 2,000 years ago in open public watched by thousands people but never noticed because Zero time cannot be measured with instruments. But zero time can be defined mathematically.

Such a measurement is very important for mathematics because it means that a cosmic Big Bang event can be reversed to return all of creation to NOTHING - back to a DOT bathed in Kelvin cold. That we are still around living on earth is a miracle explained in my 7th Babushka book: the whole cosmos should have ended in a Femtosecond DOT according to ancient prophecy embedded in the Bible and needed further scientific investigation from the metaphysic perspective to get an answer.

That discovery became the 7th Babushka book postulating a totally different concept never discussed in universities anywhere. Check it out. It opened more on how and why the universe was created and even further revealed the total Plan for Humanity now better defined and never preached in church.

That also expanded a Hebrew calendar of 7,000 years to include the date of Satan’s rebellion 4488 BC collaborated by the Aztec calendar, which has a serpent embedded in their calendar ending 21 December 2012. The 12x490 years Hebrew cycles have now an extra 13th cycle, and if you investigate the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), you will see that 13 means judgment - even the Aztecs prophesied an apocalypse of fire rain ending human civilization closely matching Revelation.

Then, the biggest surprise I experienced overlaying the HANS code with the first three verses of Genesis, which again expanded the Time Dimension perspective, the circle getting larger verifying my previous 6th Babushka concept book, A Donut Atom Nuclear Story, escalating to a total creation projection to include galaxies.

Why do we see some galaxies expanding, others contracting to cause much confusion in the establishment. I tell it from the atom level about what happens inside the nucleus, which is replicated in galaxies as the intelligence embedded inside the atom is the same in galaxies.

Inside each atom lies an embedded time dimension expanded to our mortality in calendar projections that verify the end date with Satan closing down the time dimension theater curtain in AD 3018 – just as his rebellion started the Time Dimension in 4488 BC described in my 7th Babushka concept book.

My metaphysical science opinions are verified by many facts-witnesses in science and confirmed in the very first Genesis verses, misunderstood and mistranslated by theologians. Check it out.

Even the reason for an apocalypse is now better explained from this time-dimension perspective. Our civilization has become totally evil like Sodom and Gomorrah as proven by the science inventions being used to destroy us. Satan wants to bargain with Jesus once more as he did 2,000 years ago by showing that he has control over all the kingdoms of the world. For a second time, Jesus must remind Satan, “It is written…”

Many theologians will perish with the atheistic world, just like Noah’s relatives missed the boat not believing. God sent a messenger to save those destined to become Saints being resurrected for a specific job. Others are appointed to survive as mortals on earth starting a new civilization of God’s Kingdom on earth after 18 September 2015.

In addition to my Babushka calendar-dating recently even seen on TV (2010), Mark Blitz projected Jesus coming back to earth on his birthday linking it to an unusual event matching astrological sun-moon eclipse aligning with the center of the cosmos Milky-Way never before calculated. It also coordinates with the special Hebrew Fast of Atonement, which lines up with the prophesied resurrection of the Saints in a triple overlay.

The Saints will have a birthday matching Jesus’ birthday. What a coincidence! Jesus reminded us and said look into sky, which will announce my coming back to earth. My Babushka books again being saved from becoming obsolete in two seconds matching a flexible calendar to a day, if you include the fractions in your calculations.

However, it seems never ending. One more idea surfaced about why God would cause such drastic events as an Apocalypse, and I think that is the biggest reason why God must intervene in human affairs again with such massive destruction before he comes back with cosmic power.

The apocalypse is not just the birth of a new civilization but requires the destruction of genetic perversions and the cleansing of other evils before the era of peace and prosperity can be established. That goes beyond anything ever preached in church. Mankind has experienced many cycles of concentrated evil, which needed correction like that reported in the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah or the Atlantis civilization that ended in 2287 BC.

But what is God’s reason for destroying the whole world today? Hear me out. Basically, the modern hi-tech world is severely violating the contract God made with Adam and Eve and renewed through Noah. Severe violations require severe consequences: God’s Wrath has been incited again - big time!

Modifying the First Law Given in 4004 BC

Our 21st Century civilization is engulfed in a destructive phenomenon controlling all nations - a departure from what was experienced by humankind going back as far 6,000 years.

It is like a computer virus has entered the pattern of our thousands of years old civilization and changed everything totally upside down. It reminds me of how a computer acts when a destructive virus or worm wrongly programs it. A computer faithfully repeats “garbage in - garbage out” and does not care about its implications.

The Apocalypse has started with a crash of the global financial system caused by the extreme greed and corruption of many governments. Atheistic politicians want to restructure and control a New World Order. This can only be achieved by destroying our existing culture and brainwash our children falsified data as early as in kindergarten and on up through to the PhD level of every education department.

What we see on a grand scale is the rewriting history and forbidden objective investigation of physics. They teach unscientific fairytale speculations invented by an atheist priesthood managing our universities and pretending to be in the education business.

The overall expectation for the greater masses is to become numbed and brain-washed by a controlling media to accept a quickly changing political world system not realizing why is the environment changing so fast. It dovetailed being reprogrammed to accept a deadly virus and think it is a better agenda what hundred generations of grandparents taught us.

Seven babushka concept books can be read and downloaded free on the Internet, which try to stem the tide and fill the gap of missing information falsified by the establishment. They boldly proclaim why God must destroy this civilization with an apocalypse.

I started out 5 years ago with a warning by projecting dates of the coming judgment and announcing the emergence of a new society. It described the cause of prophecy linked to a deadly global virus destroying a hi-tech civilization. The apocalypse is exponentially getting worse. Let’s find out the reason and identify the virus contrasted with history, how mankind started with a number of witnesses to establish facts forbidden by the establishment.

The first witness lets look what was published some times ago, Professor Edward Hull M.A, LLD, F.R.S., Barnes & Noble Publishing Inc created a 14 ft long world chart. He is dating every possible culture since 4004 BC with thousands of names controlling various civilization epochs of every country detailed and related to each other.

It is a masterpiece of literature unequaled in content and pulled meticulously facts together from history which took a lifetime of dedication, but why is it totally ignored by the establishment controlling our education for the next generation grandchildren?

Another witness is the Bible, the oldest history books of mankind. It is also rejected globally by the same establishment. The following new insights gained should be added to my babushka concept books reestablishing and subsidizing what is forbidden in our schools. Nothing needs to be corrected but a few points are worth mentioning.

A new worldview virus now controls the 21st Century, which is driving mankind like comatose corralled cattle into a closed circle without escape never experience before. A new phenomenon appeared controlling everybody down to the kindergarten level now predominately embedded in our education system, which caused a fundamental change as far back since Adam and Eve who wrestle with life’s reality to learn what the difference is of good and what is evil like two opposite polarities.

That experienced wisdom knowledge shaping history was passed on from one generation to the next, right to our time, influential to our Western culture creating many nations. That ancient knowledge accumulated like computer data memory only possible because mankind was original designed with superior higher intelligence. Among millions of extinctions mankind seems to expand and flourish being programmed with a better microcode.

Not too long ago German philosophers, Hegel and Marx, started a new path to eliminate conflict or the many wars aimed to reengineer civilization to finally usher in the golden century of mankind’s lost paradise promised. The good and evil polarity was rejected and was morphed into a Third Point Worldview where everything is “relative”.

Evil and Good are now reinterpreted by authoritative, well-financed political leaders who comprise a worldwide power structure elite of banking-military cartels. Sovereign nations are forced into the vortex of a Satanically inspired conspiracy to accept an atheistic, politically correct worldview virus of an ultra- liberal- democratic- Marxist-capitalist hybrid Third Point Worldview enforced to achieve total control over every nation.

Offering bait or strangulation politics will corral every politician and head of state to comply and adapt the newly established banking regulations as international laws supervised by an international supreme court controlling all of life on this planet.

It will cause, according to John’s Revelation prophecy, the total enslavement for every person requiring an identification number with a microchip embedded in the forehead and right hand to be easily categorized by computer controlled machines linked to a massive central processing system to be eligible to buy, sell and make even the simplest transaction possible, a total cashless society.

Looking back the last 100 years, the result of the democratic socialist Marxist Third Point Worldview virus experiment has seen more destruction with billion people killed in gulags, many old cultures exterminated as mankind leaders lost the reference basis ignorant and no longer cared about a proven biblical computer program which has consequence which will be repeat history right to Armageddon.

A historically accurate Bible gives us many illustrations and examples on what made many nations fail. We can now witness on TV the destruction of our environment seeing the result of a wrong belief system like a deadly virus. Previously it was still based and rooted even a child could understand to know the difference of good and evil.

That is no more as it now morphed into a Third Point Worldview totally different and will only prove again like a computer virus will change a good working microcode into - garbage in garbage out without any leftover choices. What has emerged is a deadly fast growing cancer and will ultimately self-destruct the whole planet - the only place life exists.

For example, America murdered 50 million little babies in abortion-mils turned into a huge business selling body parts to hungry laboratories around the world involved in DNA research to ultimately create artificial life to prove an atheistic evolution religion. The 200 year old American Constitution was changed respecting life now morphed into a Third Point Worldview and put into law 1970 by our atheistic Supreme Court Judges.

The American judicial system has obsoleted the American Constitution based on the 10 Commandments (thou shall not murder) and other Christian principles. Killing so many babies for profit exceeded the mass-murders of Hitler and Stalin based on their socialist Marxist-Hegel philosophy, which was enforced by thousands of atheistic lawyers and a police force like Hitler’s black uniformed thugs enforcing corrupted, evil laws from the highest court.

Atheistic governments control information imposed on the media to keep their license to comply down to the level of universities in the same boat. They all depend on handouts, as money either silences the truth or distorts it to enforce a political correct lifestyle. The only remaining place where truth still can be proclaimed is the Internet open forum. That soon will be tightly controlled, too.

God, who created the cosmos and purposed mankind, will not be silenced in the darkest hour of human existence. He will not allow Satan to enslave the whole world and destroy this planet. God will end this civilization gone totally atheistic and evil. Watch, the Apocalypse has started!

Most people have seen many TV programs on various Apocalypse concepts as preached in many churches. What may not be known is that it is a correction of what went wrong as well as the birthing of a new civilization. Those few individuals who look beyond and want answers avoid theologians engulfed in denominational interpretation poorly educated usually distort the Bible should be educated a little in science to become balanced.

Most theologians and scientists are opinionated seeing the world with dark glasses and so have not found the answer why. You will not hear in church that everybody born has two dates embossed on a personalized tombstone referenced to Jesus Christ linked to his BC/AD calendar. It is embedded in God’s Plan for Humanity, which can explain why so much evil in our time is concentrated, how a God can watch the world to run its course, is he interested in my existence heading for an invisible exit, I just would be happy to survive those difficult times.

Seven babushka egg concept books and a number of Forum Pearls will expose new concepts buried in the Bible from a science perspective never attempted by humankind. In the meantime I discovered that the Apocalypse previously dated (7) seven years long is further defined by an exponential curve similar like the Population curve of mankind, which shortens time.

That was new to me as I expected the Apocalypse to start with a big noisy bang event like 9/11 making global NEWS again centered on New York, which is the world center of global finance and the military complex known as the big Satan from the Islamic perspective or prostitute riding on a beast in Revelation. Therefore, I noted that New York gained a little time like Nineveh and should watch the next alternate date mentioned to see its possible total destruction prophesied.

The Creator can control his train like an engineer and can accelerate or slow it down, but I doubt he would change the schedule original established before the earth was made. The 13th station of the Apocalypse was started right on time 2008 with a crash costing billions more than 9/11 trade center buildings linked to the New York Stock Market caused many bank failures creating globally a tsunami wave bankrupting nations and many towns in America even in my neighborhood declaring total economic failure in California. Our many business closures cause high unemployment cascading into a monsoon not yet stopped. Only printing more money covered up a bankrupt governments failure expanding globally.

When you read the Babushka books expect more science discoveries to show up adding to the witnesses requirement to establish facts for even the hardest skeptic. So many unscientific fairytales are postulated to educate the public primary detailed to prevent the truth controlled by a government media deceitful brain-washing American citizen to comply with a Third Point Worldview.

The only choice left is the free Internet soon to be closed down too to control those not conforming to the establishment. Concentration camps are made ready now being staffed as 2015 is coming fast for ending all.

But if you want to survive the terrible time prophesied, please get educated speedily as only a little time is left; take the opportunity by reading Babuschka egg concept books still free on the internet not yet forbidden by the establishment. Perhaps if you want to understand Bible prophecy better, check out something very interesting unacceptable to the atheistic priesthood controlling universities.

To explain what are saints? They where created on a two stage system like illustrated in the caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly check out nature. But mortals, made in the image of Elohim have a superior mind and destined to be resurrected, must first be educated and inoculated with a good doze of evil to get thoroughly familiar what is evil.

A Third Point Worldview will not do. They need to know the consequences of violating Good and Evil principles especially designed to prevent a repeat of Satan’s rebellion and to become citizens of the Jod dimension meeting a Holy God who created the system. The caterpillar stage of mortality will be embedded with an immune system against evil to recognize it immediately if it grows again, like a mushroom overnight, to snuff it in the bud.

Successful candidates passing Satan’s school to learn the tricks of evil without becoming evil rather tapped into Gods grace will enter the cocoon to immerge as a totally new creature like a beautiful butterfly proud to have graduated from life’s school acceptable to God’s standard. That will get you a new job assignment in God’s management in a very high position to govern an expanding universe, which was put on hold when Satan rebelled. Becoming a Saint is to attain a highly privileged position better explained in my babushka concept books and pearls than in church.

The Third Point Worldview is Satan’s invention like a computer virus to destroy totally God’s creation. Check out what evil scientists invented. You will be stunned! The truth has been kept secret for the comatose masses, but I dug it up from science literature. Go on the Internet and read the story on page 99 of the 7th Babushka book “Hidden metaphysics facts will be shocking ending our civilization - Satan’s final meeting with Elohim”.

Our 21st civilization will end on 17 September 2015 as calculated from ancient clocks, HANS and Bible prophecy and many more witnesses in science. There is no longer an excuse to miss the boat like Noah’s relatives. Chose “Life” available freely offered by God the Creator and at the same time it was much fun for me to be educated beyond my wildest dreams, claim the treasure for yourself that is all what matters. 7 Babushka Clocks

The Metaphysical Audit Trail

Free on the Internet

The Plan for Mankind is now revealed with science to better educate theologian and re-teach logic for those who want to be well-informed from 360° science perspective replacing unscientific evolution fairytales with Biblical truth for a factual understanding of nature.

  1. The first Babushka egg concept book tells the story of God’s Plan for Mankind, which has never been preached in church. If you want to know what happens after death and what our destiny is, which is not answered by the many confused theologians, here is a simple book with profound consequences. My promise is that you will never be the same. From Eden to New Jerusalem Apocalypse Prophesied 2008-2015. It is translated into German, Spanish and Arabic.

  2. The second Babushka egg concept book tells the story about what will happen during the Apocalypse. All events are dated. Mystery of Tammuz 17- Ancient Hebrew keys to dating the Apocalypse. It is now translated into German, Spanish and Arabic.

  3. The third Babushka egg concept book deciphers a number of ancient mystery clocks, which are exhibited in museums globally. It connects three civilizations with different earth axis wobble calendars. All it needed was science and mathematics, linked to ancient prophecy and which all match history. Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries: Aztec-Mayan Calendar, Antikythera & Other Ancient Clocks Confirm 21 December 2012 in Prophecy.

  4. The fourth Babushka egg concept book is about Genetic Modification Exposed! Atheistic, criminal scientists do it again. Just like the Atlantis civilization, they incur God’s wrath once more, as they genetically destroy God’s creation. Check out the consequence in physics linked to the metaphysical, and why we have an apocalypse in our time.

  5. The fifth Babushka egg concept book is about Reflections on Global Warming, which gives answers to the question why. It will destroy the myths postulated in many universities, where they are only interested in grants for higher salaries, but not interested in the true causes.

  6. The sixth Babushka book is a new concept: A Donut Atom Nuclear Story - How the Universe was Created. A totally different model never before postulated. Gain an understanding of how nature works and how it is connected to the metaphysical. It will explain for the first time how life is embedded inside the atom. It will also explain what gravity, magnetism and electricity are and explain why the Platinum Standard Kilogram PIS and its 6 sister copies have changed after 135 years; and how it is linked to the ancient mystery stone-bronze-gold clocks?

  7. The seventh Babushka concept book describes the “Invisible Galactic-Atomic Force Connecting Gravity with Magnetism linked to the Strong - Weak force” - A New Model of Structural Physics that reveals the Missing Dimension in Science. It defines the Time Dimension linked to gravity, magnetism and electricity and also explains how and where life is embedded inside the atom.

Let’s not forget the New Research Pearls. People from around the world ask questions, which then become special reports, such as trying to understand what a ‘time dimension’ is because we are mortal.

I always link science and technology together with the Bible and get answers that are never preached in church nor are even allowed in an atheistic forum. My purpose in life is not to make more money, but to warn comatose people. God’s wrath is activated and unstoppable. It is coming our way based on physics and metaphysics, a double witness.

The Time Dimension Measured by Clocks

And he said to me, “These words are trustworthy and true, for the Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, has sent his angel to show his servants what must soon take place.”

“See, I am coming soon! Blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book. Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is near. Let the evildoer still do evil, and the filthy still be filthy, and the righteous still do right, and the holy still be holy.”

“See, I am coming soon; my reward is with me, to repay according to everyone’s work.  I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.”

Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they will have the right to the tree of life and may enter the city by the gates. Outside are the dogs and sorcerers and fornicators and murderers and idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood. (Revelation 22:6-1, NRSV)

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