Pearl #251 -

Take a Vacation on 5 February 2015, if you live in New York?


Comment added on February 6, 2015:

Another Blood Moon Option Correcting Pearl #251 -

Some dated events on this Website may not be in proper sequence because we still have no agreement in science on how to measure “Time”. After a revealed divine schedule was announced by a mortal scientist, Jonah-II, only the divine owner can rearrange the timetable of some prophesied events similar to what Nineveh experienced. My bet is on what the Son of God Yeshua-Jesus has cast in concrete when he said, “This generation will not pass away.” Will it end what is written in the Blood Moon constellation sky on 28 September 2015 Gregorian calendar?   

In my previous version of Pearl #251, it became obvious that a big noise in NYC was missing when that event was mirror overlaid with an ancient Noah story recorded it rained 40 days and added 150 days for the ark to get stuck. In addition the prophet Jonah announced in 40 days Nineveh city will be judged for its evil. Many other 40-day events happened in Bible history. It could be linked to (Revelation: 9) which revealed 150 days of big trouble declaring God’s Wrath.

However, my mirror Bible prediction problem could still be correct by matching an overlay near-far vision Hebrew prophetic telescope if we start counting from the recent four Blood Moon constellations. We will see if it worked without an agreement to measure Time in science. The forefront Web has gone ballistic looking in the sky, which could be the bridge. It caused me to re-evaluate prophecy with second thoughts still using a Bible overlay matching a science perspective repeated many times in Bible history.

The Third Blood moon (4 April 2015) seems to be a central date which was predicted 10 years ago in the first two Babushka egg concept books, where it was linked to “Satan's shock troops” appearing for 150 days. This fulfillment is now seen vividly on TV when watching demon possessed ISIS. It is prophesied to get worse, as now pointed out much better on many YouTube videos with an expanded technology.

It matches the 150-day mini-apocalypse mentioned in Babushka egg #12, but when counting the 40 days Noah's rain or Jonah’s 40-day Nineveh warning (two witnesses), we should perhaps count backwards (40) forty days from 4 April 2015 using the third Blood moon constellation to arrive at 22 February 2015? Revelation describes a world beast city being thrown into the sea like the debris of 9/11, but remember that Revelation 18:9 city will never be rebuilt like Chernobyl.    

That new date is still in the range of the seventh Smitah. Perhaps Blood Moon dating is not influenced by the Age of deception and could be viewed as a pearl correction, which extended the NYC vacation by perhaps adding 17 mercy days to repent like Nineveh? The number 17 in the Hebrew Alphabet Number system means “victory” and could be useful in dating prophecy. If you survived the collapse of our civilization, watch the sky as an evil banking system based in NYC definitely will perish on schedule linked to God’s Wrath on 17 September 2015.

To sum up, what I learned from 5 February NYC projection silence is that God’s schedule is not based on man’s calendar, which lacks any unifying agreement among man from a science perspective, thus clouding our Bible knowledge, but it is one notch higher supported outside the control of mankind.

The biblical cyclic mirror image repetition is still preserved, but dating future events has only one hinge point outside the control of mankind. It is determined solely by God. Like a Hangematte needs two supporting nails - One is ISRAEL as a nation to date a generation linked to a covenant, the other is a constellation dating position, like the Blood Moon or sun eclipse are outside human control to change.

The time period of God’s Wrath is leading to clean up his (Elohim) Kosmos house, which will end Satan's domain. It was pre-designed on the fourth day of creation, by the cuckoo clock analogy demonstrated in my babushka egg concepts. Those who are a little educated in science linked to the metaphysics will have the capability to apply some logic to rearrange events as stated in Daniel - ending with Revelation. But even that requires putting together a lot of facts from what mankind learned from science and then linking them to what is embedded in the Bible.  The problem began when the fundamentals of good and evil were changed into relativism as we entered the Age of Deception. Satan won by spreading lies, so that no longer have a plum-line. I am still assured that God’s Kingdom on earth will start mankind over again as dated on 29 November 2017.

Original Article:

Dating future events is thought to be speculative, but if you overlaid true science with the Bible, it usually raises a forecast one notch higher. In my own experience as an old retired inventor-scientist, God totally re-educated me in the last ten years enhancing my spiritual insight that exposed Bible prophecy correlations of many events making more sense than what is preached in church. God’s Kingdom on earth will arrive shortly dated by many witnesses but hurry and investigate free 12 Babushka egg concept books soon will disappear on a free Internet, as mankind will regress to manual like 150 years ago.

To gain some confidence, you can check the date on the bottom page of what was previously predicted and compare it with today's TV. So far my projections have been right. Not one incident needed correction. Trusting what the Lord revealed, many times I got so excited and will miss it now coming to the very end dated on 28 September 2015. That Sukkot will be remembered for 1000 years as the holiest Hebrew holiday being special in matching the last prophecies of Jesus recorded in Matthew 24.

The Feast Of Trumpets by Mark Biltz

Sukkot is celebrated in a booth made of green branches after harvest. If possible, many Jews made a pilgrimage to experience Jerusalem. Like Yeshua-Jesus whole life on earth all matched the 12 Hebrew feast-fast days (7:5) his birth, death and resurrection. Therefore, expect him to show up on SUKKOT with his angel dignitaries as King of Kings to walk backward the 14 stations from Golgotha with the KING’S GATE witness now wide open.

Many theologians seem to have a mental blockage dealing with prophetic dating projection not realizing we usually switch back and forth from a Hebrew moon-calendar to a Gregorian solstice-calendar of a different scale. It is similar to measuring temperature Fahrenheit-Celsius which only comes together at minus 40⁰ reference points which is the same tracking prophecy times at       21 December 2012 with the earth axis wobble at rest.

The Hebrew-moon-holiday cycles reveals miniaturized a divine creation narrative also is exquisitely written in the sky by aligning zodiac constellation of ancient creatures and objects representing and telling the same redemption story. So to describe the prehistoric time cycles, we need to define which scale was used for each prophecy projection. Only the 6000-year-old Bible kept track recording three historic civilizations with their own calendars that can only change by a large asteroid causing a declining earth axis wobble.  Why does our culture ignore ancient clocks in museums?  

Science teaches that the earth must be extremely balanced to maintain life, not changing its gravitational orbit or velocity. Only an axis wobble could be allowed but will change the growing season to feed an increasing population. Scientifically, a society’s population size always correlates with the available food supply.

A wobble can only be produced by an external force and if linked to science could measure "Time" so necessary to maintain life. Clocks where needed or look in the sky watching constellations of the sun, moon or zodiac. Since a turning sun has no marker with our earth turning and orbiting too, it is only possible to measure time using the direction where our poles are pointing and observing solstice or moon cycles. But these cycles were not synchronized in a changing declining axis wobble. It takes a little time to figure it out. The ancients built pyramids, water clocks and later the 32-gear bronze Antikythera clock over 2400 years old now decoded in the Babushka Egg #3, if you want to check it out. So dating bible prophecy is only possible by combining three civilizations mentioned in the outlawed Bible, but each had a different earth axis, which produced special calendars or clocks.  

Therefore matching any prophecy projection is only possible by using mankind most accurate ancient history book authored by divine providence. It gave divine guidance for many nations proven by hundreds of historically forecast events that happened later to the very detail. The ancient Bible system can be expanded to modern science comparing the physical realities always mirror-imaged in the metaphysical gave me much fun to investigate. Why is it ignored in our contemporary atheist universities?

Many science facts are suppressed, being replaced with really stupid, totally unscientific evolution religion. That philosophy will never figure out why only mankind has a brilliant Mind to advance technical in unlimited superiority even designed to live forever. But why has this generation become so ignorant and brain-dead, much like an animal only interested in food to be ground up later as hamburgers to loose their unique identity being atheistic educated.      

But one notch higher food exists for the Mind if we combine physics with the metaphysics. Just check the 12 free Babushka egg concept books projecting Bible prophecy. Again it will end with another destructive asteroid strike changing our civilization to align yet with another calendar previously projected. It is even demonstrated in the Great Pyramid at Giza where we got all our mathematics from, as nothing new exists only repeating history.

The prophesied seven-year Apocalypse birth bangs 2008-2015 was calculated from a scientific perspective 10 years ago. I discovered some Bible concepts, which I overlaid to a unified Hebrew - Julius Caesar calendar. Later was surprised it matched an ancient Jewish holiday system of seven Smitah years. It started in New York City with a worldwide big bang; a global financial disaster unparalleled in history stampeded the Stock Market Casino.

Check out the best selling book written by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. It matches the free Babushka egg concept books detailing what will happen in 2015 as written in the constellation sky described in Pearl #666. It will end with a birthing of a new civilization, God’s Kingdom on Earth now more accurately dated to match the Virgo constellation 23 September 2017 with many YouTube videos to prove what this old-fashioned Christian German scientist-inventor predicted. A degenerate, atheistic mankind has reached the point of no return will be terminated by GOD’S WRATH projected from a science perspective and confirmed by Jesus Christ even dating his return on 23 September 2015.

An advanced society once more will experience a divine anger ending with another coming asteroid of 52 Km in size. The rock was photographed and measured around @ 2006. Its orbit around the sun was calculated by a number of science projections to be 825 days, which matched hundreds of Bible events to widen knowledge-faith horizons.    

The ELOHIM Creator God again is using the same method of God’s Wrath that destroyed the previous atheistic Atlantis Civilization in 2288 BC when billions of people perished. Believe me, was much more advanced in technology as shown by hundreds of collected evidence if you are educated in true science suppressed by the establishment. Babushka eggs could open your eyes to demonstrate that history is matching an axis earth wobble dated 5 February 2287 BC creating three calendars.

A residual earth axis movement proven in the Bible declining over 4300 years is now confirmed by NASA-space satellite G.R.A.C.E by playing back the computerized star constellations. The exponential math curve stopped at Noah's worldwide Flood, which only could be caused by an asteroid. It killed 80% of previous Life. Much proof is embedded in the fossil bones of dinosaurs and rocks discovered since 100 years ago and layers of compressed coal made from huge vegetative plants linked to three times bigger mineralized-petrified trees exposed in a California park could only grow in a tropical oxygen enriched climate. The evidence is even found buried under ice like tropical animal bones in Alaskan or Island coal seams proving a climate change around the world caused by an asteroid impact.  

The initial earth axis wobble in 2288 BC caused 3-mile deep ice on the Poles, now exponentially slowed down. The ice has now melted to one mile or less, as the earth wobble ended 4300 years later computer projected accurately finalized on 21 December 2012 matching modern technology with history. Pay attention to what is suppressed globally in universities enforcing an atheistic un-scientific evolution religion that does not allow the next generation to be educated in true science for political reasons not to raise the issue of censored free-green energy discovered 100 years ago.     

But the Internet cannot be manipulated by corrupt government experts sowing disinformation generated by the Military Complex controlled by the octopus evil oil-cartel altering worldwide the environment to extinguish most LIFE on earth. Worse our global food is now totally perverted by a destructive GMO technology and succeeded to produce forbidden half human-half animal species making the ELOHIM very angry. That EVIL is funded by FED bankers headquartered in NYC printing a fiat currency to gain absolute power to enslave everyone around the globe.

Check an Interview of Jim Richards video #41 - page 6

But the Elohim is not sleeping but watching the destruction of his creation. He will once more interfere in the affairs of mankind to start over again. Think in logic please. Investigate some forbidden suppressed facts, as I am not in the business of converting ignorant theologians or satisfy brainwashed atheists believing in enforced lies to feel better. To widen a knowledge horizon, start with Pearl #100 or pick a Pearl of interest which will lay the foundation for a higher level what is postulated next. Except remember, it was projected from 10 years ago not being perfect required some fine-tuning. But the evidence is staggering explained with more detail in Pearl #224 not found in any university or government library.  

I discovered that God’s Wrath synchronized with the same asteroid date 17 September affirmed in the Aztec-Enoch calendar before Noah's time like a mirror image. It revealed that a Genesis-Adam-Enoch earth axis position was found to be 52 days x 7 year-cycles for one orbit around the sun. The axis rotated horizontal, which made the North Pole face the sun seven times in one 360-day earth orbit. It never saw snow being very tropical, only the ancient Bible accurate records old ages from a science perspective obviously using a different calendar. For example, Methuselah at 969 years of age was equivalent to 135 of today’s (solar) years in tune with the Gregorian calendar to unify a perception.

Thousands of years after the asteroid impact in 2288 BC, Julius Caesar 54 BC found out that the empire had problems feeding his army. Food never arrived in the time. He investigated and changed his calendar from 10 months to 12 months calculated now proven with modern science the ending of the earth axis wobbles               21 December 2012. The Julian calendar is based on 52 weeks of 7-day cycles, but why is it opposite of the previous system? It was fine tuned once more by Pope Gregory the Great in the Middle Ages when he inserted another 14 days. It still matched the 360-day orbit but needed to adjust 5 days more for a slowing earth axis across 4300 years. That explains Global Warming from a different perspective with ice melting on the poles from three miles to one and less until the next asteroid.     

When an asteroid hit the earth against the direction of rotation a worse case scenario could be postulated. It will rise mountains, break up continents and produce horrendous waves creating the seven oceans reminiscent of the huge tidal waves during Noah's Flood much better explained by a true German scientist.

Die Entstehung der Kontinente und Meere
Kurt von Bülow - Kosmos Bibliothek #239 (1963)

The evidence is all around us verified like the Great Pyramid in Giza on top shows the waterline of waves unbelievably 200 feet high which can only be produced by violently rapid shaking earth-axis wobble movements. It is always accompanied with gigantic earthquakes like ripping apart the Grand Canyon requiring centuries to settle. More proof is demonstrated in global uniform compressed coal deposits and fossilized imprints to leave their footprint confirming that death must be instant not subject to decay to be examined by educated people 4300 years later.

My neighborhood can show more science fact witnesses on the other side of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. When you look up the access road vertical cutout from the cliff multiplied many coarse to fine silt layers, the same layers are seen in Tahoe Mountain on highway 80. That is repeated globally if you are not blind. Witnesses of high technology are seen in Peru and Mexico by investigating Aztec prehistoric ultra hard stone foundation walls. Each stone was perfectly straight with an estimated weigh of 1000 tons. They are put together so close that not even a razorblade can fit in-between. How do you move 1000 tons so precise? More amazing a 4000-year-old bronze three-plate Chinese clock has embedded 8-bit computer technology lingo shown in Babushka book #3 but much more is discovered later expanded in my Pearls.

This retired scientist-inventor credited with a proven track record of billion dollar high-tech devices habitual using the same method to investigate knowledge should qualify to express the forgotten laws of nature no longer taught in the halls of higher education. The discovered evidence points that Noah's generation 2288 BC was far more advanced in superior science. None of the universities globally can postulate with reason the many unexplainable phenomenon collected in 12 Babushka Eggs linked to true science while denying history defined in physics and mirrored in the para- & metaphysics. Being biased by an unscientific irrational atheistic evolution religion, a Mind is prevented to think in logic.     

Checking out the incoming 52-Km rock asteroid, we are lucky it is aiming in the direction of the earth’s rotation will not cause a worldwide flood again because of the promise made by the Elohim who placed the rainbow in the sky. So much evidence is suppressed in our universities to keep you ignorant to make you compliant for a corrupted government. Dishonest professors will not risk their high salaries and retirement benefits, blindly obeying mandated lies linked to an unscientific atheistic evolution theory creating a void to think in logic.

Enough said. Let’s check recent discoveries of the Apocalypse and God’s Wrath now linked to the constellation zodiac sky, which cannot be screwed up by theologians or atheistic scientists while ignoring museum display of ancient bronze-gold clocks measuring time. YouTube videos are the greatest invention, but also a great irritation for corrupt governments suppressing free energy extracted from gravity, not allowing the splitting of ocean water into hydrogen and oxygen the greatest non-polluting "energy source" worldwide available for automobiles only permitted in rockets.

Free energy was discovered 100 years ago by Nicola Tesla and Hoffman, a German scientist. Why is it suppressed and replaced with dirty oil to poison the environment causing enormous extinction of our earth? Free energy is not allowed by the crooked evil polluting global Oil-Coal-Cartels controlling every government and still suppresses 16 electric generators to produce totally free electricity to light wireless the whole house demonstrated by Nicola Tesla also useful for automobiles, freight trains, or parked Concord jets could fly again with free non-polluting energy.   

Suppressed knowledge kept theologians poorly educated too still embroiled holding on to denominational Middle Age confusion when science was still in infancy and never became familiar what the bible really teaches. Only interested in prestige and money, they have a problem to be convinced of Jonah’s Warning and dating the end of our civilization embedded by the Creator ELOHIM in his Bible book. His creation story of mankind was even inscribed in the kosmic constellations, which revealed how the universe started verified by additional witnesses from science and should no longer silence a historic Bible. Collected Pearls now proven with YouTube witness videos should not be denied, unless you are brain-dead.       

Further more Rabbi Jonathan Cahn became a millionaire selling his recent best seller which matches free Babushka eggs concept to a day. Forecasting prophecy must not only apply to a future time but match the accommodated surrounded events, too.  Opinions need witnesses to reveal truth. Like clocks have gears must fit exactly to a day creating calendars to measure time. Many witnesses are now demonstrated on YouTube videos. A consensus is reached from history all pointing now to New York City, which is a global financial headquarters. FED bankers wielding absolute power over American politics and finally succeeded controlling the White House, Congress and Senate. They internationally enforce a computerized One World Order to abolish sovereignty of nations.  

The Bible reveals that a major world-city with a harbor will be uprooted and thrown down like a millstone sinking forever to disappear. Only in a computerized, atomic age is that possible. Our present consensus with all facts assembled point to New York City as described in Revelation 18. Too many science witnesses come together; all focusing on that same condition for the prophesied beast system still not understood by theologians.

Babushka eggs started 10 years ago to prove with science what Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has confirmed in the Hebrew holiday Torah tradition. I discovered as a scientist-hi-tech inventor the mystery of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) that combines the ancient writings with modern science. That idea is now proven also by a Jewish Rabbi educated in the Hebrew religion. Both align with logic the underwriting premises of an intellectual Mind educated in a divinely inspired Torah at a higher level of metaphysics.  

I decoded many ancient museum clocks, which measure an unfamiliar earth axis wobble embedded in the Torah-Bible. Being a curious inventor matching physics, these ancient calendars function like cuckoo clocks where every gear must fit, as half a tooth will not show a cuckoo 12 o'clock messing up the design. If we apply that concept to the universe running like a clock with the same laws, it would not exist without a designer. It is like a half evolution theory tooth denying a designer will not work? Why ignore an atom-clock ticking inside used by NASA, which synchronized the Internet with hundreds of satellites? Accepting unusual clocks can date future prophecy if they logically fit.

Here is one possible scenario fitting Smitah NYC cycles overlaid with mirror image of many Bible stories recorded for us by 40 prophet-scribes in antiquity, which described a neighborhood from their perspective. Human nature has not changed comparing a narrated Noah story recorded in the Bible, which reflects like a mirror repeating history. Notice even Noah perhaps did not know that his Enoch calendar had changed, it never rained before, thus he counted days only. Do not assume 24 hours for a day. 

He recorded 40 days of rain pouring from the sky. But overlaid with science revealed that a high-pressure atmosphere has collapsed mixing hydrogen gas leftover from creation being lighter than air found on the outer periphery of our earth. When Hydrogen is combined with a heavier enriched oxygen layer growing prolific denser by tropical bigger plant life will in time be expelled in higher concentration. But it takes only a spark to ignite the gas mixture like a burning asteroid from space, with thousand continues explosions of lightening formed water immediately frozen three miles thick on the poles with a new axis wobble. That was confirmed by the German scientist Hoffman, who experimented with splitting water also proven by many air bubbles and trapped insects seen inside of solid sap droplets found in Bernstein expelled by bigger petrified trees. A higher oxygen level creates bigger cells.    

Noah continues his report and said 150 days later the ark got stuck. He closed his report at one-year and ten days but he did not know his calendar had changed, as measured later by Julius Caesar. In Germany a farmer discovered a bonze plate with gold symbols (Himmelsscheibe). Some scientists believed it was a calendar of six (6) months in one year. That is proven by many bronze-gold clocks in museums (Babushka Egg #3); therefore, it is a mirror image of future prophecy repeating history with the same kind of event - perhaps could overlay and apply to the destruction of New York City matching some calendar math projection linked to the Bible.  

This idea is supported in many YouTube videos together similar to what Rabbi Cahn discovered while investigating the ancient Smitah cycles that align with my (12) free Babushka concept eggs and many Pearls, all pointing to a final 23 September 2017 prophecy, matching the Virgo constellation. It precisely overlays with the Bible and many science witnesses; therefore, it logically must indicate that prophecy has arrived. Even theologians screwing up Bible lessons colored with denominational false dogmas can now better understand revealed truth when framed by true science in unique Babushka Egg concepts now linked to nine (9) Smitah's explained by best selling author, Rabbi J. Cahn.  

Let's follow the dating trail of 17 September 2015 mentioned in the Bible. (Rev. 21:9) An extremely huge golden city 1800 miles across and brightly lit like a sun, known preciously as the Star of Bethlehem, again is hovering over Jerusalem to save Israel. The extraterrestrial UFO satellite arrived to celebrate a Resurrection Party of the Firstborn Saints, but on the outside will repeat Sodom and Gomorrah perhaps breaking up an asteroid into thousands of prophesied fiery 100 lb. stones.

As a scientist, I believe an incoming 52 Km rock is much too big and would destroy an earth orbit terminating life. It must be broken up in the air or be deflected before impact. That possibility exists if intersected by a divine UFO city satellite from space big enough (1800 miles) to break up in smaller “hailstones” as predicted in the Bible. God’s Wrath exploding will last for 10 days creating many destructive earthquakes worldwide with devastating volcanic fire eruptions to end this atheistic 21st Century Civilization, which should be linked to the first Atlantis Civilization in 2288 BC, repeating history in details, also alleged in the Aztec religion dying in a fire rain.

By analogy and mirror-imaged again on the inside of the golden satellite city is a big celebration starting the true New World Order linked to God’s Kingdom on earth. But this time EVIL has been totally eliminated in the Kosmos. The earth is purified with God’s Wrath and even the underworld is now empty with all the demons executed by the Four Death angels reported in Revelation. All what is linked to evil will be judged and terminated with few survivors.

Satan will no longer plague mankind now being bound for the purpose of closing the TIME dimension curtain, which he started in 4488 BC and to finally conclude in 3017 AD. It will complete the creation cycle God’s Kingdom on earth with another 1000 Julius Caesar years to 6778. But the 7000 Hebrew year cycles must be adjusted to Daniel’s 490-year cycle during the Third Civilization with the earth spinning to a different wobble calendar explained in free Babushka Egg #3 and Pearls.  

The prophesied Kingdom of God is born like a baby with a big bang noisy asteroid like New Year’s firecracker party. It is creating a new civilization with a new calendar embedded in the Plan for Mankind not taught in church. A Shemitah either signifies "fallen" or "rising" which is a crossroad choosing direction, one leads to destruction eliminated like a placenta, the other is a birth creating unlimited joy now matching science and true religion with many witnesses. It will start or end and dated on the Hebrew holiday of       28 September 2015 and linked to the last Tetra Blood Moon matching Ezek. 14:12, “…you shall know that I have not done without a cause all that I have done.” (v. 23) If you survive God’s Wrath, you will see Jesus coming in extraordinary splendor once more to save his people ISRAEL on the Yom Kippur holiday with terrible shaking and waiting desperately surrounded by a billion dead bodies piled up. It is comparable to suppressed facts about the end of the Atlantis Civilization on 5 February 2287 BC.

Traveling backwards 5 months or 150 days, Jesus said it would be the worst time on earth as the nether-world hell is opened known as the mini-apocalypse where 200 million people on earth will be demon possessed marked with the privileged beast-system and terrible tortured. That will force the atheists to recognize the metaphysic spiritual reality dimension denied in their evolution religion better explained in Babushka Book #11.

Still counting backwards to arrive on a sun-eclipse, which is the last warning in the sky on 20 March 2015, meaning the sun is dimmed matching and duplicated linked to Jewish Gedaliah - Yom Kippur holiday next to a partial sun eclipse again, which is the middle of ten days fury of God’s Wrath - pay closer attention.

Looking up to the divine UFO residence now identified, they will celebrate the Resurrection of the Dead or watch down underneath will be executing judgment of the 21st Century Civilization that can be proven for the skeptic. God has embedded in the sky a rare Hebrew Tetra-moon constellation spliced in between two solar eclipses dated 20 May, but the other focal point will indicate the middle of His Wrath on 13 September 2015. The ELOHIM will sound 10 days later the seventh Shofar trumpets to signal his arrival at Rosh Hashanah linked to laying the foundation of God’s Kingdom now visible on earth in a special New Year on 1 Tishri. The center of God’s Wrath is identified by a partial sun-eclipse as half a side is dark, which overlays like the 10 ancient Egyptian plagues judged like Revelation bowls poured out (Rev. 16:17), but the light side matches the Ten Commandments covenant given in ancient times (Deuteronomy 5) framing a beginning for a new nation ISRAEL always taught to the next generation’s children.

The Bible prophesied the sun and moon would be one third darkened caused by the asteroid creating worldwide dust, linked to horrendous shaking earthquakes, erupting in many global rings of volcanic fire that will take some time to settle down. 

Think in science: a huge asteroid impact will also create a new earth axis wobble again which can be noticed in the night sky is seen from earth like moving stars osculating and shaking like a falling sky matching prophecies better described in the Holy Bible. (Matt. 24:29) If we overlay the mini-apocalypse with what Noah said (150 days) was the flood before the ark got stuck, it matches the sun eclipse to a day. But let's not forget to add one more month, which factors in 30 days to account for Adar-II to adjust for the Jewish calendar of that year. This sun eclipse warning is linked to NYC destruction or matching two dates. 

21 September 2015 -150 days + Adar 30 = 20 March 2015

Now let's find a prophesied NYC destruction date, could be seen mirror imaged during Noah's days or later definitely will end in God’s Wrath described by Daniel 4:10. It is also recorded in the Torah that God closed the door of Noah's ark on 21 December 2288 BC, now count the first month and 17th day. Suddenly a catastrophe started outside the ark creating disasters with a collapsing bigger atmosphere with thousands of lightning bolts ripping apart an ancient civilization. God’s Wrath asteroid just like an A-bomb will shatter the sky causing massive death of a hi-tech society linked to Gen. 7:11. It too removed an evil controlling atheistic social order.         

One month 30 days + 17 days = 47 days

Counting from 21 December and adding 47 days on the Julius Caesar calendar = 5 February 2287 BC, it matches the recent Hebrew calendar to a day overlaid with a Tu B'Shevat holiday, which is associated to New Year Trees. This festival is linked to the Smitah on 4 February 2015, but this time applied to a nuclear bomb parallel to Noah shut in the ark heard an explosion followed by 40 days rain similar to radiation from the fiery sky. The math counting backwards from:

17 September 2015 = 40 + 30 (Adar) + 150 = 220 days

That equals 7 month and 10 days. Therefore, counting backwards gets us to the same day, 6 February 2015. Like Noah's calendar or mirror imaged in Daniel 4:14, now overlaid with Rabbi Cahn’s NYC trees matching a tree holiday, and a Smitah give five witnesses to possibly prove a legal case prophetically applied to NYC, the center of absolute One-World power being destroyed.

Smitah means falling or a new beginning like a New Year matching the NYC tree planted on the 9/11 grounds by the American government depending which direction we are looking. Therefore, in my opinion, I would take a vacation if I lived in New York City. Better yet, why not tell your neighbors, synagogue or church of Jonah’s Warnings. The evidence of the Big Fish should prove that the ELOHIM-YESHUA will arrive in splendor as prophesied. You should read my last Pearl #666, describing the death of the American Constitution.

5 February 2015 

I hope you are now convinced our domestic life will be over, or using the other NYC date will happen on 17 September 2015 even embedded in the Enoch-Aztec calendar revealing extraterrestrial information designed into his Great Pyramid in Giza.

Much of ELOHIM’s anger is man-made consequently will follow the law of nature. When Evil is sowed, it harvests absolute evil starting with when "Money is Dead" (#41, page 6) to bankrupt GMO cartels which obsoleted original food seeds for farmers. Now linked to massive starvation and will accelerate in an uncontrollable global chain-reaction guaranteed will collapse the 21st Century Civilization summed up in many science inventions. (Pearl #233)  

Daniel’s prophecy will now become reality. Check his tree story in (Dan. 4:10) overlaid with Babushka Egg concept books #1 & #2 describing God’s Plan for Mankind. Why was it rejected 9 years ago by every Christian Book stores and suppressed by Christian Publisher but took the money sadly avoided by Christians and family. The title Apocalypse 2008-2015 was too controversial against the mainstream of comatose churches mired in faulty biased denominational doctrines leftover from the Middle Ages.

But God wanted it preserved and translated them into German, Spanish even Arabic editions. Ever since they were published free on the web no longer suppressed. Jonah’s Warning still stands strong as witness to testify what the ELOHIM has planned for mankind. Just check out the diagram (Babushka Egg #2 page 191) with familiar dates first projected in 2005 and now verified on many YouTube videos. But hurry; print it out to be educated in what is unwanted in church attesting to their false theology, now made available at cost by  Many collapsing world events will prevent reading it on the Web next year. 

What is not taught in Christian Churches or Synagogues about why ELOHIM created Mortals? It is revealed but hidden within the total Torah in a collected united story within the Old and New Testament. It became the central most important Truth of a modified creation plan the "restitution and redemption" of the KOSMOS. It caused the ELOHIM to create two Dimensions; Heh-5 and Daleth-4 added together becomes New Life Teth-9 linked to a Jod-10 dimension better described in HANS. 

Genesis starts with: The ELOHIM created heaven and earth and decided let us make MAN in our image. The first two words should be linked to last two words of Revelation - The SAINTS. Many Christians have no idea what a Saint is, even theologians are confused. It is hidden in the completed Torah and can be traced throughout in the scripture wherever the word SAINT appears.

The very first Hebrew letter expressed in Bereshyt "create", as "Beth" meaning duality in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. It will open up the mystery of creation linked to God’s Plan for Mankind embedded in Hebrew symbol letters. That plan started with Satan-Lucifer, a light angel and highest officer of the group of Archangels rebelled around 4488 BC and persuaded one third of God’s government (200 million) to oppose the Creator. It created EVIL. The rebellious bunch were removed from heaven and put in a netherworld prison except Satan. Before being executed for his crime he was told to stick around and become a teacher in the Daleth dimension, a new universe parallel to the Heh dimension that angels occupied. God's administration became corrupt with evil and needed replacements, being vacant.

The ELOHIM designed totally new beings called MORTALS as some will be appointed Saints to govern over angels, as angels can no longer be trusted to avoid a repeat of a possible future rebellion. The removal of EVIL which now has entered and became the central theme of a restored Kosmos will be finalized in God's Plan for Mankind. But first a new reality had to be invented realizing that God is absolute LOVE and merciful now to see fallen angels forever living in darkness netherworld. It required a solution but must be agreeable to both parties as all beings are not created like robots but can choose to abide in God’s house with his rules or segregated out. Another option had to be introduced again dual which is a cosmic DEATH event, a new reality never existed before in the angel world designed to live forever.

But the consequences were unspeakable for the Creator who by nature is LOVE and exclusive of any earthly religion; therefore choose to experience death, too. It is only possible in another dimension as the Creator is eternal. Since He is beyond spirit and one dimension was polluted, another one needed to be created which became a new earth-heaven Jod dimension. It will incorporate the principle of Resurrection seeded in the temporal Daleth-earth dimension in the midst of the battlefield where EVIL will be terminated by Yeshua-Jesus in this generation consistent with the signs in the sky.

If you want to read the rest of the Bible story matching God’s Plan for Mankind told much better in free Babushka Egg #12.  Mankind appeared on the Daleth dimension designed on a two-stage creation cycle (caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly) to be inoculated with Evil to become immune and learn the lesson of what wickedness is never to appear again in the Kosmos.

But more importantly, the ELOHIM sent the eternal Word-Mystery reported in John's Gospel born to become mortal and to die on the cross experiencing the painful DEATH he created. Yeshua (Jesus Christ) decided to be subjected to the same option to demonstrate that the Creator is absolute love. Every religion is imitating salvation, not one is based on love. He was without sin, but experienced the same consequence of sin to identify with his created beings and make atonement for whole human race, as the eternal unchangeable KOSMOS LAW required, should accordingly not blame Adam forever.

That gave MORTALS another choice: to live eternally in God’s house either getting Mercy unto Life or to opt out, condemned to outer darkness. Perhaps you will then choose Mercy unto Death another option being rational not a robot, like that given to the fallen angels. The great plan of redemption to end EVIL is continued as is much better explained in my free Babushka egg books to widen a knowledge horizon. 

To have a legal case, we need minimum of THREE WITNESSES.

  1. 12 Babushka Egg Concept Books (Apocalypse 2008-2015) started 10 years ago overlaying science with prophecy.
  2. Early reader responses generated PEARLS to explain the nature of physics overlaid with metaphysics in more detail.
  3. The GLOBAL WEB & YouTube provide modern communication tools as the 21st Century Civilization generation is more oriented to video media but still needs the LIGHTS ON in their minds to understand Gods Love and abolish EVIL to enjoy Eternal Life.

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