Pearl #220 -

Endgame: Updated Apocalypse Projections and Satan's Biography


The 7-year Apocalypse intensifies into 3½ years Mini-Apocalypse but may be extended 5 years to 2017 based on Daniel 12

I am always on the lookout for reader feedback and appreciate their opinions. I usually benefit because it opens new discoveries to share and give back. In my nine Babushka egg concept books, much is postulated on physics overlaid with metaphysics. It is nice to be reminded one way another. It challenges me and still creates excitement in finding more pearls from the Bible Ocean. Eventually one gains the priceless treasure of knowledge like a royal inheritance.

Theological seminaries and many Christians will not look at my books that mix science and attempts in dating prophecy to better understand God's Plan for Mankind. One person recently sent me a little Schadenfreude on “what give's” being once more wrong in the missed projection date,            [4 January 2012], of Daniel's Times-Time-½Time mystery. “I see nothing has come to pass, ha …ha…ha. “

The reason is that the manufactured politics seen on TV is regulated by a central banking cartel: only the FED has the power to print fiat money. It is obvious their agents bought every TV-MEDIA-outlet in America to control every country in the world as prophesied in the Bible.

This daily-fabricated deception will not tell the public what is really happening on the other side of our borders. Their aim is to keep the public comatose on a steady diet of sex scandals by high profile politicians and mostly entertained in animated endless commercials.

They intend to keep us ignorant and afraid that America could have its own Islamic Spring. Now thousands security cameras are installed everywhere not only in airports. Distorted media will fail to report global events that could be linked to some projected Apocalypse dates like 4 January 2012. We are in the same boat, and I asked the Lord, “What do I answer, so much is dubious?”  

That email caused me to check some prophetic hinge points once more. Perhaps there is a hidden problem with the ancient Hebrew Calendar from before Noah's days (2288 BC)? Maybe it ran at a different speed, but it should correlate with the calendar that Julius Caesar (45 BC) corrected after he measured an earth axis wobble without computers. Could he have been wrong by inserting only 62 days?  

Even the experts do not like to use the name of Jesus in the world calendar. They ignorantly use something like "Common Era". They still do not know that Jesus’ birth remains the zero center of time and hence the corrected calendar (2 BC - 4 BC and even 6 BC). The global atheist priesthood controlling our schools is determined to eradiate the Bible, the oldest book on earth. They make many attempts to leave out the name of Jesus who invented the system and had the history of mankind recorded in the Bible. It’s no wonder they are confused. 

One who ventures into the prophecy dating passion needs an exact reference points to a day  - like gears in a cuckoo clock which will not work with half a tooth. Another problem to overcome is that any date you calculate for the year of Jesus’ birth, like I did, will not be accepted anyway by the atheistic brotherhood as nobody is crosschecking it with the metaphysics forbidden by the education establishment.

They ignore 50% of science facts embedded in the metaphysical laws, though even Newton's paper writes about it. Why are his papers still forbidden? They could reveal a treasure of higher understanding and answers why are you here on this planet? Could settle the paradox purpose or accident?  

These new science discoveries overlaid with metaphysics conflict with the establishment’s opinions. To convey new ideas for my grandkids, I used a Russian Babushka egg toy they liked. The big 7000-year Bible egg has a little egg 7 years on the inside, but the picture always is the same just scaling the same concept like a church tower clock miniaturized in my cuckoo clock. All measure the same time. Dating the Plan for Mankind reminds me of my cuckoo clock’s gears: each must fit or it does not work. Remember, prophecy is just history dated in advance to prove that it is divine information we can trust.

As a matter of fact, the cuckoo clock design concept is replicated in nature everywhere. It matches the Donut Atom model and DNA. It is mirror-imaged in what we see in the universe spread out with billions of galaxies like clustered atoms with the light on. Read Pearl #207 on the Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine applied to a UFO motor traveling through space. That discovery has become Jonah's Big Fish, the last WARNING for our civilization. 

Another Attempt at 4 January 2012

The first Babushka egg concept book made the assumption that God’s Plan for Mankind spanned 7000 years.  It ends with the birth of a 1000-year peace cycle of God’s Kingdom on earth, like a Sabbath of seven days. But any birth also comes with a placenta, which is the bloody something theologians refer to as an apocalypse of seven years.

That got me started can the Apocalypse be dated with science? Even trying to do so has upset many of my friends who warned me, “It’s too hot a potato!” Or, they would always quote Jesus out of context, "No one knows the time!" I do not think that Jesus the LOGOS was ignorant and forgot how he created the Time-Dimension being clothed in mortality. But why do comatose Christians always quote that scripture first? It seems to be the only verse they know - even quoting poor translations from the Middle Ages. 

Not educated in biblical language, perhaps is it possible that Jesus referred to a future New Heaven with God’s Oracles still embedded, never changed even when the Time Dimension is "no more". Only the Father can change the nature of the new Jod dimension. I am sure revealed later?

Jesus’ statement has nothing to do with the apocalypse! Wake up! The proof is found in the New Heaven because the Saints have God’s Oracles embedded in their new, eternal bodies like an immune system against evil experienced on earth. The laws of God are eternal and cannot change ever; otherwise, another rebellion could happen as it did with Lucifer in 4488 BC. Read about the Plan for Mankind. It is a good story crystallized, not preached in church and better illustrated by science linked to Babushka books.   

Before we dish out the main meal, I will lay out the dating calculation to overcome the trouble of the Julius Caesar wobble calendar that may not perfectly synchronize with a Jewish calendar thousands of years older that puts it in the middle of a Schammassel that cannot even mark when AD started. My calculations corrected this problem with a new, 35 AD date, now correlated to ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited globally in many museums. Why not accept my data, or do you know what these ancient clocks measure?

Here is a new discovery for me, I once more started from the previously determined [<1715 (2288 BC) 1715>] dating cycle which was converted to days for a 7-year egg (2008-2015). Analyzing Daniel’s calendar (Times=104 +Time=52 +½Time26 =182 weeks) applied to the earth axis wobble constant of 14.305789 will calculate a future date (182x14.305789 = 2603.6535). Counting from the Temple destruction [9 Av 588 BC] will get a special future date (2603.6535-588 = 2015.6535 AD) with fractions that could be mirror imaged linked to a future temple destruction.

9 Av 5776 = 25 July 2015

That date is verified by a second witness using Daniel’s 70 weeks but counting backwards from when "Time is no more." [3018 AD] But the Jewish calendar is 9 Av 3017 or 70 x 14.305789 = 1001.4052. Now subtract 3017-1001.4052 = 2015.5948 AD. Calculated with fractions yields exactly the same day!

Thus, 9 Av 5776 = 25 July 2015 using the Gregorian calendar because the wobble will finally stop on 21 December 2012. A few years ago the planetary wobble was measured with two laser beams still moving 16 ft. in one sun orbit.

But their published scientific explanation was wrong being biased by an evolution religion. They should read what ancient bronze-gold clocks measured globally in museums tell us as I cracked the code in my 3rd Babushka book where this German instrument maker gives the reasons why?

A Third Witness Proof

In Daniel 12:7 a big egg ends again with a time cycle (Times-Time-½Time), which is added together for a total time period of 182+70 = 252 x 14.305789 = 3605 yrs.?

Or, calculated in another way: 588 BC+3017 = 3605, the same number of years. After 3018 AD "Time" no longer exists, the flywheel has run out as energy linked to the White Throne. That starts the New Heavens & New Earth Jesus promised.

Daniel mentioned various day cycles: 2300, 1335, 1290 and 1260. In Daniel 12, however, some numbers are mentioned again in a very confusing way as some day cycles belong to the Apocalypse to start Daniel’s 1290 day projected on 4 January 2012, but seem to be mentioned again separated by 1000 years? However, I have now connected it to the last "Grand Resurrection of all the Dead", which opens the question,  “Do we have two identical Apocalypses, or does it reference to another event?”

But first let's discover if the first apocalypse dating is correct as calculated from another perspective and deal with the second question in the next chapter.

It could be argued from our original projection 8 years ago, now better understood, that Daniel’s 2300 days is a mini egg counted backward to start Daniel's 3½ weeks from the same Jewish holiday [30 June 2018]. Therefore, our first projection is across 7000 years, now a little better focused being centered exclusively on Daniel’s 3-1/2 years in a mini egg.

But this time we will use Daniel's 2300 days for counting backwards, and I am amazed that it again still matches the 7000 clock cycles discovered as the answer for my Internet readers on why the projection has not changed.

If we take 2300 days and divide into 365.24, we get 6 years - 4 months - 20 days. Counting back from 30 June 2018, we get 12 February 2012. That date matches Daniel’s 1260-day Jewish tree-holiday I linked to from Daniel’s dream interpretation of a tree cut down with the stump chained. (Daniel 4:4) Three years ago,

I thought it could be NYC once more in the headlines, which still is a possible fulfillment but at a future date now linked to 5 February 2015 (a Jewish tree holiday), matching Noah's calendar of one month + 17 days, which is the recorded date in Genesis as measured when God closed the ark on 21 December 2288 BC to the asteroid impact on 5 February 2287 BC].  Recalculating the Hebrew calendar fractions, I found that the present Jewish calendar is off by 7 days / @ 4300 years. Perhaps this corrects to a better 17 Tammuz 5778 date?

The problem is the Hebrew Calendar inserts an extra Adar month in seven leap years across a 19-year pendulum cycle. Check we have an extra month in year 2018, 2015 and year 2011 which needed to be inserted to match Julius Caesar’s' wobble correction.

Let's count backwards Daniel’s 2300 days from 30 June 2018 arriving on 12 February 2012. This requires correcting the Hebrew calendar by +1 month in 2011 for a TU-b'Shevat holiday (5 Feb. 2012) linked to Daniel’s 1290 days to again become exactly the same previously dated 4 January 2012.

Daniel's second Apocalypse cycle of 3½ years started 22 November 2011 with some events not seen on the controlled American TV, but the European channels showed a bloody Arab Spring getting hotter. Most Mideast Islamic countries were up in flames, fuelled by revolution, and Europe was on a knife-edge of financial collapse with extreme high unemployment.

However, I believe that the future apocalypse events will now follow exponentially faster and become more intense after the Antichrist appears. That will bunch up prophesied events very fast to a big bang on the 12th cycle.

This caused me to have some reservations about a new temple everybody expects to be built next to the Mosque in Jerusalem that may not be built in 2012-2015, reading Daniel 12 a little closer. The date pinpointed to start counting Daniel’s 1260 days again remains 4 January 2012.

The Great Resurrection Endgame

Satan’s last act while leaving the Cosmos Theatre stage

Daniel describes a resurrection of "All the Dead" linked to a temple violation by Satan as his last attempt to be equal with God. Maybe we have a 3½-year repeat a thousand years later, as concluded from studying Satan's final Endgame.

It stands to reason that God's Holiness abiding in his earthly footstool/abode, the Temple in Jerusalem, will never sit next to Satan's Babylonian religion mosque. Therefore, we need to look very careful at Scripture and fish out the key words and divide the concepts with logic. My previous opinion was that Satan would be thrown out of heaven during 2012-2013 as overlaid with the Chinese dragon-snake years. No longer found in heaven, Satan will decide to become human and slip into the dead assassinated body of a world leader, realizing that Michael is in hot pursuit and not having much time.

Satan, now mortal, will cause much trouble on earth with unheard sufferings, but will end imprisoned at the end of the Apocalypse. He too will die like every human, no exceptions exist, as mortality is controlled by eternal laws.

Therefore, Satan now weakened can be chained by a strong angel entering the underworld. He will be resurrected according to the same law every mortal is subjected to. After a thousand years (one day in God’s prophetic time) he immediately starts another ruckus-rebellion in front of the White Throne (3012 AD) with another apocalypse showing his unremorseful exercise of his own WILL, which means he lost his royal excuse.

This time his unrepentant behavior will reveal that he can no longer accuse God that he was not immaculate created in the beginning as stated in the Bible but all along claimed he was created imperfect with gross defects; therefore, it is the Creator's fault that he missed and sinned in transgression. Many angels agreed with Satan. But God paid the price for all creation and mortals. That made the question very clear "who" is responsible for SIN, which gives humans a second chance before the White Throne.   

Mortals must have second choice that will reveal the real intent of our actions and expose the underlying reason we have no excuse. However, there are some who will forfeit "Mercy unto Life - Mercy unto Death" based on a teeter-totter balance system as many will be asked on the White Throne everybody appearing no exception, "Do you want to live in my house with my rules?" 

Many never had that choice in life. As some may not accept and rather decide “I want out and be gone.” Others may decide it looks good to them. But a Judge will decide for you, and He needs your agreement linked to the evidence presented on a microfilm of your life-story. For an example, if the balance is not in your favor, you have a choice to live in HELL forever-ever-ever… or ask for Mercy unto Death, always given because God is merciful and extremely awesome Holy.

God requires that everybody first must learn about the consequences of evil and be practicable acquainted with if you wanted to live forever. God implemented an immune system and required everybody to attend Satan's school to experience the consequence of evil but was never meant to "become" evil like Hitler or Stalin.

School time works like immune system as deadly "evil" (bacteria) experienced in life will be inoculated in the body to become submerged part of the immune system which works like a memory intelligence will be passed on to the new resurrected body (butterfly stage) to prevent further errors or sin never to be afflicted again. It is embedded like an immune system we are all familiar with similar if you where inoculated for typhus and cholera or others.

In the restored cosmos, once more balanced in harmony, it will no longer be possible for another rebellion to happen. Mortals resurrected with a new body are purposed to fill the vacancies in God’s administration to rule over angels since they will be well experienced and inoculated with evil to be watchful to prevent another revolution.

If you qualify and become a Saint, you will belong to the cosmos government. The majority, not interested in ruling, is not inferior and will have a good life on a big ranch and lots of parties. My dream is a boat on the river to go fishing. Read Pearl #200 describing a roadmap how to be appointed for high office which comes with privilege and near the heavenly Royal Palace of the Creator and King to be invited to his White House party.

Please consider your options. No one in the New Earth or New Heaven will be there without a second choice, but some have forfeited the option of a second choice. For example, Judas Iscariot sold his friend, the one who gives ETERNAL LIFE, for 30 silver coins similar to Josef being sold into slavery by his brothers. Once sold, you cannot get your life back. At Jesus Christ’s crucifixion one received LIFE from the One who is the LOGOS. The other did not care.

The Bible mentions some evil prophets and Antichrist who will bypass the White Throne, not allowed to be evaluated for the new cosmos system. Because they sold out totally to evil, they will never fit in a new society. Therefore, they do not need a judge to decide. They are thrown alive in the lake of fire burning forever. Check out the biggest galaxy plenty of room to disappear in space to be gone forever-forever-forever like an echo - Time no more.

Daniel Chapter 12

The last chapter of Daniel is a great mystery confusing many theologians. Why are two dates once more given, 1290 and 1335? Most Bible teachers believe they belong to the 3½ times of Daniel’s Apocalypse, separated by 1000 years but also connected to the last day of a Grand-Resurrection event we discus in this Pearl.   

In God’s Plan for Mankind, we have two resurrections, one minor inserted in front of the Grand Resurrection meant only for the Saints (Pearl #200). That will disappoint many Christians to find out not being chosen but still saved on the White Throne event, do not worry. The other is the Grand Resurrection of all the Dead the end of Time. The first resurrection is a mini-mini egg and must be appointed by Jesus Christ a special selective process across 6000 years theologians mostly confused about (Pearls #107-108, 109, 110, and 168).

Let's look at some key words to find why we could have identical dates on the very end of time? Daniel is much shaken up like John in heaven meeting the LORD because he is so holy awesome. Here once more, Daniel meets that Grand-Person ELOHIM above the river revealing the end time, accompanied with two angels. Throughout the Bible, the LORD is always accompanied by two important Cherubim. Remember Abraham and Lot. (Rev. 14:6, 14).

Notice in Daniel 12: on each river side an angel stands separated by flowing water in between representing a (Time-Dimension), which tells us that the mystery dating must be connected to two apocalypses, not just one. They are connected and need further study, but all are linked to Satan, the main player of the Cosmos Theater restitution and restoration as the final act curtain falls down.

The main focus in Daniel 12 is:

Time will end (Times-Time-½Time) in 3018 AD, which is the end for two players as the curtain descends for the Time Theater of God’s Plan for Mankind. The show is over.  

The interconnecting keys are Daniels two dates 1290 and 1335 and in the middle between those two dates is the focal point - perhaps two parallel events separated by 1000 years.  Both are end games between two players of the final plan, or divided by a shared time dimension as symbolized with a river-water (Mem) based on the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. In the first event, Satan is removed from the Heh dimension. At the second, he is removed from the Daleth dimension.

First, focus on the mortal players who must go through the same cycles but in addition attend Satan's school to learn about evil. But those who graduate with special honors are the one who could solve the mystery. It would be nice to read the Ephesians letter in the Bible from the Apostle Paul.

Paul reveals the mystery, which Daniel was told to seal as knowledge will greatly be increased at a later time. When Jesus rules on earth, that will be the time for knowledge to increase as space travel will have become a reality linked to the eternal city descending to earth like a satellite. The golden city is the Headquarters for the Saints.

Paul is speaking of a great mystery. (Eph. 3:4) Notice some key words: What is the inheritance of the Saints - the Wise?

Your New Inheritance Identity (Ephesians 1:1)

  1. He chose me
  2. He adopted me
  3. He redeemed me
  4. He revealed his mystery to me
  5. He made me His inheritance
  6. He sealed me with His Spirit
  7. Why? Verse 17 to praise HIM and have fellowship like one big family.

Mankind is spiritually bankrupt, totally dead to the truth and slaves to sin and corruption. But God's LOVE overriding and wants to save some for a special purpose and offers ETERNAL LIFE to anyone interested. Since we do not have anything to pay or earn our way to heaven He paid for it, but we must accept or reject that great gift because we are created as a free agent to choose.

We see two stages of restitution like a caterpillar experiencing bad things most of us have a rough time to live but emerges from the cocoon a beautiful butterfly like a two fold pattern to explain our identity. It was planned to bring eternal unity to all things in heaven and earth.

The end-game points to an inheritance with two angels as a witness separated by a river time dimension reading Daniel’s last chapter revealing the mystery answered in Eph. 1:9-23. Please read. It will make better sense.

The mystery is now known to mankind, and its fulfillment linked to earth and heaven now revealed under CHRIST rose from the dead. A resurrection is the seal for ownership that provides protection against the Death Angels designed to eliminate those who do not qualify. (Ezek. 9:4) The same Death Angels are seen in Rev. 9:13 performing the same duty as the first death angel smote the firstborn in Egypt 3500 years ago as celebrated by Israel ever since.

Make sure your are sealed by blood only one option left shed for us Jesus the eternal life giver on the cross. He said if you come to me burdened and heavy-laden I will receive you as my inheritance. (Eph. 1:18) Being appointed for eternal life is great privileges do not miss it making the wrong choice.

1290 days (2012-2013 AD) Near Vision

Now look at the endgame an Adar II month (1260+30) added are embedded in a dual apocalypse time of identical periods. A shaking Daniel is standing next to an awesome angel contrasted on one side of the river across with another angel each representing a different time periods. One announces 1290 days that terrible big troubles will accelerate in intensity never any nation experience before.

The other 1335 days rejoicing and celebrating the survival for those predestined written in the Book of life. In between is water symbolized as Time flowing but ending eventually, too. The reason for such celebration is that the main player Satan is forced to depart ending the great opposing evil force, which exploded in a huge rebellion 4488 BC now to be totally eliminated from the Cosmos Theater. The acting out is in two stages interrupted by 1000 years, which is one day in God’s calendar.

The first act better explained in Revelation Satan as an angle was cast out from the Heh dimension-heaven which is the first 1290 date setting in 2012-2013 AD perhaps now dated Tammuz 17 (5 July 2015 AD). Satan will be cast out from heaven by Michael. Satan was given to rule the world empires still had access to the Heh dimension accusing and causing much affliction to the saints, but now forced out of the angel domain being thrown out of heaven by Michael to settle on earth.

He used the opportunity to become mortal not wasting time by stealing an assassinated world leader body. That starts worldwide terror with Jacobs Trouble in the middle read about the three WOES in Revelation. The apocalypse is in full swing fuelled by demonic influences resurrected from the underworld to be eliminated by the laws of the cosmos appointed 4 Death Angels for this task (Rev. 9:16-21) the Second WOE.

It was never understood by theologians that during the Apocalypse there is a resurrection from the underworld of evil demonic angels appearing on earth, which is the First Woe referred in Revelation. They will be eliminated by Four Death Angels appointed for this special occasion.

That emptied HADES and ended Satan's evil domain on earth too by closing down his school forever. That will include billions of mortals now living during the Apocalypse being killed by the same Four Death Angels selected not having the mark of God’s salvation to enter a new civilization after Armageddon.

Only one survivor is left over from the corrupted global World Order linked to the rebellious angelic domain previously led by Satan-Lucifer - now mortal, disembodied and imprisoned. Notice what is found in the mortal section of HADES-underworld hearing like an echo, "He has become like one of us" read the first Babushka egg concept book (Page 102) Satan's Demise and Attributes. (Ezek. 28:16, Isa. 14:4-20 and many more)

1335 days (3018 AD) Far Vision

Now on the other side of the river time water flowing a date 1335 indicating in the far vision Bible telescope Satan resurrected close to the last day (3018 AD) allowed reappearing again but no sooner will start another apocalypse rebellion duplicated once more to show to God and all the angels world watching the last drama event.

But this time it will prove to everyone that Satan was not imperfect created from the beginning therefore not God's fault but willed once more to be rebellious to a holy ELOHIM. He forfeited Mercy unto life not possible to live on and will get Mercy unto death instead, it is still mercy given without measure to any created being from the one who created LIFE as no power in heaven, earth and under the earth has the authority to create and dispense of LIFE which is the sole prerogative of the Creator.  

We cannot die and would live in HELL forever, unless we receive and asked for mercy unto death and make an end for me one way another. Either for good or worse, that is the mercy law unaltered since the beginning even angels know about as DEATH was created too by the one who created LIFE.

It is a great mystery why the one who created LIFE and much wonder, why would God experience a death cycle too in the Daleth dimension to be identified with the "born one" to join a restored Angel domain with a newly created family which will live forever in a new Jod Dimension. If you had much pain in your last life asked Jesus to show you his horrible shredded mutilated back and the holes in his hand and feet even pierced side, which is more what some mortals suffered and did not mind to suffer greatly being divine to identify to show his great LOVE for us.

Between those two dates 1290-1335 in the near and far vision Bible telescope we see a resurrection principle the focal point of creation to make restitution and restoration for what went wrong in 4488 BC Satan's rebellion now finalized in a dual birthing event of the apocalypse 2012-2018 AD, but linked to the endgame 3012-3018 AD replicated. That will give us a better understanding why is there a First Resurrection only for the Saints and a Second Grand Resurrection one day later for everyone on earth to the last soul under the earth, the multitudes sleeping in the dust.

Daniel's sealed mystery is now revealed to the appointed Saints belonging to the First Mini-resurrection not going into heaven which will pass away but returned from the clouds with Jesus coming back to earth to be further educated once more but this time in God's school with Jesus as a teacher.

That will be much fun for me to be introduced to the Jod dimension and become well-informed on what angels are like, destined to govern a future cosmos in a new administration. But the rest of mankind living on earth will get a foretaste what it will be in eternity when Jesus rules on earth mirror imaged of the new earth, which comes with untold blessing planned to last 1000 years of peace overflowing with milk and honey, bees once more seen.  

But what cause great jubilation in the Heh-Dimension among all angels watching glued to the heavenly TV seeing Satan executed gone forever. Blessed is he who waits and comes to the 1335 days - a big party in heaven and earth.

Evil No More

My friends. do not look at my finger dating, it is not that important, but look what I am pointing to.

Is a 5 year Apocalypse Assumption at the very end correct?

In the Second Babushka egg concept book Mystery of Tammuz 17, Page 337 - (The Seven and Five connections) we described how the 7-year apocalypse as floating designed around the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, which has a recurring 7:5 ratio. A closer look now would indicate that the Mini-Apocalypse is either floating within the grand apocalypse period of 7 years but also could be spliced out from the existing schedule being separated or added? The Daniel's 2300 day mini-egg linked to 1290-1335 day cycle will show it, why is it on end of TIME too?

Theologians dealing with a half of Daniel’s week invented a gap theory lacking witnesses. That tells me there may be a bigger cycle as HANS ratio 7:5, which indicated a seven-year cycle linked to the Mini-apocalypse could be 5 years long, or the 5-year cycle could belong to the Grand Resurrection 3018 AD.

In the previous option, when events are exponential compressed in shorter periods Jesus mentioned to save LIFE, mathematically the linear apocalypse may actually be longer when the mini-Apocalypse is added. The ratio 7:5 many times in HANS is added to 12 "perfection". It could be argued that the sixth cycle (22 November 2011) of the Grand-apocalypse starts the last half of Daniel's week but also could continue with a floating 5-year time cycle of a longer period now added mentioned by Jesus which looks like an exponential apocalypse spliced out from the schedule. Many theologians postulate 7 apocalypse years, but that exists only one time in Scripture: when overlaid with 70 Daniels years. It needs more witnesses. The Mystery of Tammuz 17 once more is showing up linked to an extended Mini-apocalypse.

That would allow connecting the mortal finite domain (7) with the infinite domain (5), shifting the previous event projection of Satan being cast out from heaven-apocalypse (5) on 21 December 2012 to perhaps a much better extended date of an earthly Mini-apocalypse event (7) of 5 July 2015, now a little longer perhaps concluding 2017 matching 9 Av 3017 AD?

Perhaps a prophesied key event in the near vision indicates that Satan will either enter a replicated "temporal Moses Tabernacle Tent" on 21 December 2012 or 9 Av on 25 July 2015? However, in the far vision we have actual "temple" defilement mentioned in Daniel chapter: 12. It could be overlaid [21 December 3012 AD] 5 years before time ends [9 Av 3017 AD] to the HANS 7:5 ratio.

The third Jerusalem place of worship desecration begins the prophesied terrible time of Jacob’s Trouble toward the remainder perhaps dated 17 September 2015 to be severely shortened for all life prophesied to be preserved. Or could it be extended another 1½ years ending on Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement in 2017 matching 3017 AD another possibility as 1000 yrs. is a schedule? Prophecy definitely stated another temple desecration the fourth is the Ezekiel temple at the end of time.

Starting from 22 November 2011, count 1260 (3 yrs - 5 mo-12 days) add two 30-day leap months get us to 5 July 2015, a Tammuz 17 holiday! It begins a period of mass global destruction and horrendous death symbolized by Armageddon lasting another violent year, perhaps ending in the new Jewish Year parallel to 2017.

Jesus said that this period will be the worst ever on this planet with another asteroid appearing before 2018. Destroying an atheistic civilization will never be repeated again. This is the special period known as God's Wrath concentrated on Three Woes ending a global, united Satan-controlled society. It is linked to the same overlay previously predicted the Jewish holiday Feast of Tabernacles with the Lord’s coming back to earth on September. Apocalypse events must be aligned in parallel with Jewish holidays overlaid and can be dated in previous projections. This will start of a new civilization as half 2018 of the Gregorian calendar will start a new Jewish year. 

We must delineate when we read about identical time periods is it embedded in a schedule or is it just a time period that can float any place. For example the counting 1260 days to 5 July 2015 linked to 25 July 2015 is a schedule connected to fixed Jewish holidays but the two Witnesses showing up for a period of 1260 days can float anywhere between the five years?

Comatose Christian do not believe we are in the middle of the Apocalypse. They still wait for a sign that gave reason for the Internet reader to say I missed the date because where are the prophesied witnesses? The same for the Antichrist leader previously fixed dated now could float not necessary synchronized with the schedule, as a schedule must overlay like clock gears with the 7000 years and not be a rubber band theologians apply to match an opinion.

To sum it up in a flexible wobble Julian calendar certain identical time periods linked to events could be floating between Jewish calendar stations which are fixed like gears in a clock. I could accept a 5 year Mini-Apocalypse starting with the four apocalyptic horse riders accelerating events for the Antichrist to appear in the next two years who will be assassinated before 5 July 2015 an important date wrote a whole Babushka egg concept book overlaid with the HANS code in Mystery of Tammuz 17.

Satan cannot create a body therefore he steals a body as according to entropy in physics energy is only going down hill. Fallen Heh dimension angel can become mortal man on a lower Daleth level never the other way. But Christ the LOGOS is the only exception because he is the Creator: he announced a new resurrected creation moving toward Jod.

Your resurrected body embedded with eternal life was designed with a new construction, but we kept our faces to recognize relatives and important people. We will shake hands with Adam. In another aspect it will be different understanding nature look at the caterpillar previously can only crawl very restricted but as a butterfly flies 10,000 miles proven with a totally new nature.

Dating the Apocalypse is risky business not too important but what is central is the Apocalypse warning everyone knows will imminently end. Expect the global problems to get worse. Jonah's message is the last chance to repent because God is very merciful and will stretch his patience.

The first and second Woe Death Angel in (Rev. 9:17, 16:14) coming from the underworld is reality as demonstrated in an example before 3500 years ago in Egypt liberating some people and killing other which became a Jewish holiday?

We have a repeat only bigger now four Angels and millions more will be dying in a world (Egypt overlay) causing gigantic havoc ending a corrupted evil mankind. A matter of fact all evil is terminated from the underworld angels kept in prison will be resurrected on earth and killed totally eliminated and only one survivor Satan chained in an empty Angel-prison kept for the final act for the theater curtain to fall down for the Time Dimension to end 3017 AD.

The Third Woe ends with a 52 Km asteroid perhaps will turn once more another orbit for an extended time previously predicted but will surely hit the earth a little later according to prophecy. My opinion warning was given with a big fish even a king in Nineveh with a half a million soldiers paid attention. It was obvious for me that free electric energy extracted from Gravity, Water and Air was not believed by the atheistic establishment corrupted to the bone.

That is reason to believe and have a hunch God will send another big fish now everybody will see the 52 Km asteroid passing by very close to the earth making big NEWS on TV warning once more but only one turn around the sun and will come back and not miss again. It is just my projected fish opinion knowing God’s character and studying his prophecy.

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