21 December 2008 – 21 December 2015


Hi-tech inventor Herbert R. Stollorz has uncovered natural mathematical ratios and cycles in the Bible that date the Apocalypse from December 21, 2008 to December 21, 2015. Mr. Stollorz, inventor of the flying magnetic disk head and a number of other hi-tech instruments, has identified a number of chronological cycles in the Bible that interconnect with the twelve main Jewish feast and fast days. He sorts them out using the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, which is more dependable and simpler to use than the Kabala.

Two recent scientific discoveries will forever change how we understand the Bible. Because of them, future events prophesied in the Bible, and confirmed by many ancient calendar-clock systems from around the world, can be accurately projected and calibrated to our modern Gregorian calendar.

These 3 discoveries will transform your perspective - GUARANTEED!

Three major discoveries you can read about right here for free will explain the arenas of action, main actors and the gear-driven, cyclical chain of future events that make up the main focus of Bible prophecy never revealed before.


Deuteronomy 19:15 states:

..on the evidence of two or three [2+1] witnesses a matter shall be confirmed.

NOW! For the first time in the 21st century, you can learn an amazing amount of detail concerning God’s Plan for Humanity! That's right, there is so much more than what has ever been preached in most churches!

Very briefly, these three research tools establish the basis for our claims:

  1. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) is NOT a Bible Code. [Click here to learn more about HANS.] It is an analytical matrix, a Rosetta Stone that deciphers the Bible’s prophetic language symbols with NEW insights. You will not find these spiritual and prophetic insights taught in any church!
  2. Applying HANS to Genesis reveals the original calendar of the patriarchs used during the pre-Flood civilization. That major discovery helped to crack the Aztec stone calendar clock with its 52,000 cycles ending at the winter solstice, December 21, 2012. That date emerges as an extraordinary nexus intersecting Bible Prophecy, the ancient Mayan-Aztec Calendar, the Greek BC Antikythera Mechanism-clock and the Chinese Zodiac to provide startling confirmation that human civilization is about to experience the most dramatic change since Noah’s Flood!
  3. These new discoveries in natural science and the Bible align in parallel to reveal the true dimensions and implications of God’s Plan for Humanity for the first time! Human history and prophecy is ONE continuous web of authentic relative time driven by the multi-scaled gears of a cosmic calendar-clock first recorded by ancient civilizations around the world.

These three major discoveries unlock the strange symbolic language of Bible Prophecy as well as explain the ancient bronze-gold clock and calendar mechanisms exhibited in museums around the world. Their very structure reveal vital keys to understanding God's Plan for Humanity from the beginning of this dimension of time and space.

22 Hebrew Alphabet Dates for Human History

Much has been written about the coming Apocalypse. It is a popular topic for TV documentaries as well as a common movie theme. Most people intuitively feel that the time is at hand, though we may humanly hope that the apocalypse will be delayed further so that it does not take place in our own lifetimes.

Previously missed predictions were greeted with relief. Many mocked God and the Bible because of human error. Today, most Christians avoid thinking about the coming seven years of severe trial by repeating in shadenfreude a much misquoted Bible verse, “No one knows the hour.”

I disagree. The Bible states that “those who have insight, the wise, will understand the counting of the days given to Daniel over 2,500 years ago. In my books, I give you my whole methodology as I discovered it. You can check each step out for yourself! For those who want a quick rundown, here are the dates I have discovered over a 4-year period of research. There is one for each letter of the Hebrew Alphabet:

22 HANS Dates for Human History


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Two Rails Perspective: Science and the Bible

Institutionally acceptable science rejects the Bible. Theologians reject the application of science to solving Bible prophecy problems. Personally, I think that that these two perspectives should be merged with an open mind. That is what I have done, and the result is better insights and understanding of both the Bible and the natural world.

I refer to my viewpoint as one that rides on a two-railed track. It is more stable than the monorail approaches taken by too many Christian professionals and university scientists. Another way of looking at it is to think about riding a train along California’s Pacific Coast. If one is sitting on one side of the railcar, he or she would see the ocean. The other side views the mountains. It is not possible to see both sides unless a person rises above his or her present viewpoint to go up to the upper level seats covered by an observation dome set in the roof of the railcar. From that upper level (Heh dimension) one can see the whole picture. In short, that is God’s view of the universe: He sees everything.

Monorail perspectives lead to bad science and erroneous theology. Some scientists assume life started with a big explosion in space, and evolution took over from there taking billions upon billions of years. Many theologians do not think that Jesus will soon return to rule over the mortal nations of the earth. Most who do believe in the faulty Rapture Theory. Both issues are discussed on our web site.

We attempt to give you a 360° perspective along the 14 railroad stations of Bible history and prophecy spanning 7,000 Hebrew years. When one can see the world from a full rounded world viewpoint an ancient calendars and clocks to pyramids and old stories recorded in ancient languages, he starts to see what is missing from the most popular theories of science and theology. Also, dating the Apocalypse is then possible. The process is trustworthy and exciting like a ballgame. I use a familiar Russian Babushka nesting doll illustration where each doll has an identical pattern replicated on a different scale from the smallest to the largest. The scope of my books follows this pattern going from 7,000 years of world history and prophecy to 7 years of the same and then to topics of smaller scope, though also very important. [To learn more about the research methods used, click here.]

Railroad Stations of Human History


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