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Some Comments by Herbert R. Stollorz


The Apocalypse has Started!

Then I saw the Lamb open one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures call out, as with a voice of thunder, “Come!” I looked, and there was a white horse! Its rider had a bow; a crown was given to him, and he came out conquering and to conquer.

When he opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature call out, “Come!” And out came another horse, bright red; its rider was permitted to take peace from the earth, so that people would slaughter one another; and he was given a great sword. (Revelation 6:1-4 RSV)

In 2004, my first two books appeared with the years 2008-2015 boldly printed on their front covers. Without bothering to read them, theologians and Christian Churches immediately ignored or censured them. Perhaps the visual date was in conflict with the cherished rapture story of what to expect. Some pastors might have feared revenue loss. Looking at headlines from around the world it becomes now much harder to ignore the thought that the Apocalypse may have arrived. Should we really be surprised that it started differently than expected?

Most prophecy teachers assured many Christians that they were to be raptured before the trials got serious. Instead, most have now experienced the loss of their hard earned savings and retirement accounts still hoping to escape from trouble on the next turn. If they are not feeling left behind yet, they are feeling left out – victims of a lost American dream. Could the rapture dating sequence from little girl in England elevated by John Nelson in the last century be a faulty doctrine? Modern science has increase knowledge but theology is still stuck in outdated concepts? The Apocalypse will teach otherwise.

Current Events Can No Longer be Denied

The first of the four apocalyptic riders has arrived. (Revelation 6:1) The seven seals are now being opened in spite of theological ignorance.

Notice the news screaming threats of war in the Middle East on one hand along with the politicians’ irrational proclamations that peace is around the corner unsolvable if you watch the white apocalyptic horse rider appearing and will become from now on more obvious during 2009.

The Apocalypse got an early start in late 2008 when America’s irresponsible greed finally shut down global financial markets. The White horse rider’s successfully built on the waves of unemployment which started in Ireland now sweeping the globe caused by the collapse of the internationally corrupt financial system. The many global bail-outs will not fix the financial problem by printing massive paper-money from thin air not supported by value.

Also, observe world climate changes like draught, food shortages, a collapsing environment and synthetically engineered modification [GMO] by scientists gone totally mad. They are destroying genetically our food causing the extinction of many insect species, birds, wild-life, fish and other life forms in the ocean. Confirm how the pharmacy industry is systematically poising globally our drinking water by dumping its massive chemicals in the waterways around the world. Those toxic waste products will kill your children and threatens our world food production and in addition to make things worse permanently embedding terminator genes-all for excessive profits paying CEOs billions in bonuses each year. Check out the real reason and expose the lies why honeybees are disappearing.

Cross referencing events with the Bible is a much better way to learn about the Beast cartel system headed by the Antichrist. Soon we will face an imminent threat of NYC nuclear destruction as outlined in my books written four years ago. My forecast can no longer be ignored if you want to survive this current events freefall without a parachute.

Many still hope that these present economic crises are only a short term aberration – perhaps as bad as 1929 where America lost its freedom and nullified major parts of the US Constitution. Most people are not aware that our government has exchanged a 230-year old republic for a sham democracy that is in reality a communist–socialistic system controlled by a private Federal Reserve Corporation bent on unifying a world dictatorship. You way not know that the secret money cartel have been indirectly selecting our presidents and senators ever since. The candidates running for office all must first be appointed to the Club of Rome if you follow the money trail gullible people never noticed.

However in time, everyone will discover that Bible prophecy is a much better source of information and can be trusted more than the lies and disinformation coming daily from the biased news media and the government announcements.

Prophecy is history written in advance. It was only meant for Israel and the Saints. It will become fulfilled as God’s Word remains the only anchor in turbulent times and continues to be useful for instruction on right living for the rest of mankind. Living by God’s Word permanently embeds God’s will in the Saints and educates them for the coming civilization of Jesus’ reign.

The final countdown events of the Apocalypse synchronize with Jewish holiday cycles as corrected to a NASA calendar. Their end is described in the book of Daniel with its 1,260, 1,290 and 1,335 days. That time period is summed up by more than 66 witnesses to make it very certain. The last final act of the Apocalypse stage play focuses on a few major actors and is dated accurate to a day.

Series of Discoveries Matching
[Time x Times x ½ Time]

My new discoveries are summarized in six Babushka concept books. They include new research methods and a new dating system from ancient times. Babushka concept books are much more than announced dates as it describes a system of how to better understand God’s Plan for Mankind, which for the first time is explained from a much different perspective that includes science.

I am a high-tech inventor and not a scholar of Greek and Hebrew. In the process of reading and studying the Bible, I discovered an unfamiliar tool that works like a cryptogram in Daniel’s book. I named it the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS). It is unknown to theologians who have not bothered to investigate it further because it conflicts with some popular Christian doctrines.

Many people are unaware that the Apocalypse represents the apex of human history. It will become the dividing juncture between two civilizations and leading mankind into the third civilization. Our present civilization is governed by Satan. It is a school where a person can experiment with evil by experiencing how bad it can get and comparing it with God’s oracles embedded in our consciousness.

The next civilization to come will be totally different announced by Jesus Christ the Redeemer proclaimed as the Kingdom of God. It was forecast to last 1,000 years of peace governed by the Saints and not by corrupt politicians working for atheist governments.

The Apocalypse is described by Daniel and John’s Revelation in symbolic picture language that needed a Bible Rosetta Stone to understand it. In addition we need to learn a little about Bible history – to reach into the last days, when the time arrived for its proper interpretation. The missing key to crack the timing-dating code comes from science and was found in ancient clocks hanging in museums.

Then an additional major discovery made it possible to put prophecy in a proper order. Questions that confused theologians for thousands of years can now be clearly understood. The mixed up prophecy events recorded in the Bible can be put in their proper order and context. It is an interpretative system that deciphers the meaning of Hebrew letters with a mathematical 7:5 ratio relationship to provide 5 witnesses.

HANS functions like an analytical template to end theological confusion as the prophecy puzzle picture is now so much more clearly identified. It also sorts out controversial end time doctrines taught in many churches to give us a much better understanding of many sealed prophecy mysteries.

It seems that God purposely sealed up the meaning of Daniel and Revelation and left it to the WISE. [Daniel 12:10] Now is the time for the wise to understand and God’s counsel for mankind is no longer confusing to everyone. Those rebellious to God’s Word will have increasing difficulty in discerning spiritual truth because deception will only increase from now.

Seven Seals have been Broken &
First Two Riders have Left the Barn

The seven seals are dated with scientific methods deciphered by an Aztec and Chinese calendar dating constant of 14.305789, which perfectly matches many Bible prophecies like Daniel’s Time x Times x ½ Time. The result is an identical future date found in ancient mystery stone bronze-gold calendar clocks like the Mayan-Aztec calendar and the Antikythera Mechanism found at the bottom of the Aegean Sea over 100 years ago.

Daniel’s ancient calendar revealed that his public clock was different as the earth still experienced a wobble slowing down from the asteroid strike that broke up the fountains of the deep at the start of Noah’s Flood on 5 February 2287 BC. If you wanted to know more about Daniel’s clock read [New Research Pearl #103] where you find three witnesses matching 9 Av 5775 (25 July 2015) linked to the [Time x Times x ½Time] formula, which is the apex of Jacob’s Trouble at the end of Armageddon.

Earth’s Ancient Rotational Wobble

Most scientists do not realize that our calendar had a spin axis wobble which got corrected by Julius Caesar who had the power to change it from 10 months to 12 months in a solstice year. Known as a Julian calendar, it needed more adjustment after 1500 years; so it was changed again by Pope Gregory in the Middle Ages. This exponentially declining wobble stops at 2012.

The last backward spin velocity change is extremely small over a 400-year range only one day and some hours. That could explain global warming that still confuses scientists. A newly corrected world calendar is now used by NASA which matches Gods Plan for Mankind to a day, which is explaining prophesies from a different perspective now clearly exposing what soon must show up in the present Daleth dimension planned for mortals.

That will end hopeful theological confusion as we should be preparing for the next seven years God's Plan for the Apocalypse laid out perfectly on this internet address or as written in the second Babushka concept book Mystery of Tammuz 17. Knowing what will happen being informed could give us perhaps a chance for survival.

Check out the Research Pearl #103 to get the three witnesses needed for 9 Av 5775 (25 July 2015) date calculated from ancient clocks hanging in museums using science. Remember the closing act for prophecy history written in advance must be seen from God’s perspective crosschecked with the Rosetta Stone and HANS before curtain falls down.

The final prophecy acts will conclude first with a horrendous crescendo in the heavenly cosmos and will take place in both dimensions as history is acted out on both stages Heh–Daleth dimensions. In the Heh dimension the birthing is started with the Saints and on earth Daleth side the full restoration of Israel governed by the Messianic monarchy ruled from Jerusalem by a resurrected well known historic person Jesus Christ, shrouded as eternal God.

He became visible to mortals in BC/AD and will soon be visible again after 17 September 2015 matching ancient HANS-clock calendar now deciphered. In line of importance Jesus-Yeshua will be coming first to save Israel from extermination during the Armageddon timeframe by the Beast system which is ending with the Second Coming as King and High Priest. It will also simultaneously climax with the First Resurrection for Saints from the Heh dimension.

Remember, in the Jewish perspective the chronological perception is reversed as recorded in Revelation as the main feature in the Heh dimension is explained first. (Revelation 13-18)

My discourse describing the final act of God’s Plan for Humanity is better illustrated by using a newly discovered HANS, but we must not forget to lay it along side the Bible chapters for a better understanding of its symbolism and metaphors and do not start another false denomination theologian are known for to add to the yellow telephone pages.

The Apocalypse date for 21 December 2008 is not changed, but watch for the next event accelerating to reveal the Antichrist in Europe. Three events will probably happen in 2009, like the building of the 3 rd Temple in Jerusalem next to the Islamic Mosque. That will hasten the Apocalypse watch the riders in a 360 roundabout movie projection.

If you live in NYC, I would seriously consider leaving town before TU-B’Shevat (15 Shevat, 9 February 2009) as my first dating option, but reflect on that fixed schedule could be changed a little by the management as God is gracious and long suffering and can delayed his announced program like he did in the Nineveh destruction repenting which came a little later frustrating Jonah. Sodom and Gomorrah did not have that option should therefore read again to be further instructed by New Research Pearls #101,102 & 103.

The final apex of the Apocalypse is the First Resurrection of the Saints and restoration of Israel and is the center of God dealing with mankind [Daniel 12:10) prophesied 100%. There is no fudge factor one way another as the rest of mankind will be discarded like a placenta not allowed inheriting Gods Kingdom of blessings and must face the final disposition of all evil goats separated from the sheep will die and be resurrected on the last day before the White Throne at the end of Daleth dimension of this material age. God will not allow unclean evil people to enter his Kingdom. Seven year from now is ending the Beast-cartel-dictatorship global system with 90% of its world population perished. My advice; choose wisely.


Prophecy Probability Projection in %







NYC nuclear






America declined





17 September

Temple built





9 Av - 25 July


22 HANS Dates

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