Pearl #238 -

Why A New Earth - a New Heaven?


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Babushka Eggs where designed to connect true science with the Torah-Bible structured to expand its concept, which is repeated in nature on different scales. Babushka “concepts” could not fit into one book thus copied a Russian grandma eggs idea which buried a bigger egg inside another perhaps could be maxed out to (14) eggs filled with mystery artifacts like ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited in global museums linked to (5) five world calendars thus attempted to date history more accurately linked to repeated God’s Wrath.

To explain the Torah-Bible not from a falsified theological perspective preached in most denominational churches a German instrument-maker used complex true science suppressed in most global universities. If my grandkids understood the concepts picture buried in various eggs like illustrate when a seed is buried becomes a tree, or a caterpillar emerges after the cocoon transformed to a butterfly. Eventually would understand better how an atom becomes visible under an electron microscope now matching beautiful galaxies photographs beyond space will get a full rounded knowledge linked to the Torah-Bible.

The ancient Bible manuscripts tells the story of seven creation cycles expanded to end in 7000 Hebrew years which are divided in three (3) historically world calendar-civilizations. It superimposes with the Aztec-Enoch calendar of fourteen (14) clock cycles, which is mankind’s first calendar, encoded in various divine documents. It could be overlaid or linked to a 14 Babushka eggs model.

Only the Bible could explain the reason of longer ages (Methuselah 969 years), which is impossible from a genetic science perspective if overlaid with DNA genes obviously a different calendar. Historic knowledge could be overlaid sadly worldwide suppressed in atheistic universities no longer teach true science to keep the next generation stupid.

Why is the 14-cycle idea later repeated historically in a Yeshua-Jesus genealogy reported by Matthew with (14) fourteen generation-cycles. The walk up to Golgotha hill has (14) stations in Jerusalem too. Why the number (14) in ancient museums clocks? Only Yeshua-Jesus clothed in mortality can explain what belongs to the infinite metaphysical mystery that is now related to a “father to son birth” concept like expressed in Adam and Eve relationship to understand the ELOHIM who said, "Let us make Mankind.”

The metaphysic is forbidden to be taught in our schools by a globally education establishment being evil atheistic therefore biased enforcing unscientific evolution fairytales to make our students brain-dead like turkeys on a ranch to be later total controlled when grown up becoming voting citizen. The result when educated since birth in lies and deception is now seen in massive corruption in global governments. It has consequences when a population becomes comatose will change a democracy to Marshal Law dictatorship only to benefit corrupted bureaucrats creating autocratic governments all appointed by the psychopath NYC- bankers paying off with obscene grants.

They rule with absolute power a computerized One-World-Order by printing worldwide a fake currency. It controls the military complex linked to global universities getting lucrative bonuses to enforce only atheistic fairy tales forbidden to investigate and teach true science.

As an example, they still ignore an earth-axis defined by a Julius Caesar calendar wobble linked to ancient clocks exhibited globally in many museums. It revealed an asteroid 5 February 2287 BC causing Noah's Flood kept suppressed in conflict with atheist evolution fairytales opinionated still unabated not making sense postulate 60 million years all without any science evidence witnesses. True science discoveries shown on YouTube are kept silent because it could expose a conflict and point out that a denied 6000-year-old historic Bible could explain a better knowledge perception. Thus kept ignorant and became mindless pliable and thoroughly evil corrupt destroying all Life on earth ending in God’s Wrath.  

To save the environment should be higher educated and turn the metaphysic lights ON in our Mind to investigate the mathematics embedded in the Bible which could reveal one notch higher a fantastic system to widen a knowledge horizon how the universe laws works in the universities. 

Enough extraordinary ancient knowledge exist in various forms like the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) linked to examining the oldest history book of mankind written in Hebrew which starts in Genesis with Bereshyth "create". By analyzing the first letter "Beth" with HANS meaning "division" or "duality" could open the fundamental knowledge expanding science.

It demonstrates that the ELOHIM Creator God is beyond the infinite of NOTHINGNESS and for whatever reason decides to create and bring it into existence, which we mortals call SOMETHING - now curious to find out what it is in science.  

God, who exists outside the circle, cannot be defined even in mathematics, as we still cannot explain the nature of the ∞ infinite. The math ∞ symbol shows two dual circles one belongs to the unknown Heh dimension, the other side is a Daleth dimension which is filled with mater of a complex creation made of atoms and DNA genes.

All is fuelled with invisible energy embedded in space which activated the billions galaxies with the lights “On”. Previously I discovered that “Free Electricity” invented 100 years ago is basically magnetism expressed as gravity being the energy carrier from space. But much is invisible to our limited perception or eyes' still being ignorant what is a spirit, life, mind, para-physics mirror imaged in physics linked to the Daleth dimension loop. Why is so much information suppressed by the controlling atheists denying the obvious?  

 Only the Bible reveals the purpose of a special appointed earth on the end of our Milky Way galaxy being temporary occupied with humans linked to birth and death cycles still a mystery too.

The other circle loop demonstrates a Heh dimension can only be explained from an invisible metaphysic reality but is still connected with a crossover intersection to our space Daleth dimension. It is linked to angels, a history of Lucifer-Satan with his fallen demons, defining the nether-world-heaven to complete the circle but still is surrounded with something appearing to us like NOTHINGNESS.

Beyond the surrounding space-matter-circle is an empty invisible holographic dark universe bathed in an electro-magnetic field explained in YouTube videos but has the final answer divinely revealed one notch higher in the Bible. Only the ancient Bible book reveals the purpose of creation beyond the infinite ∞ symbol of a Daleth-Heh dimension surrounded with another newly created Jod-dimension reborn in a recalibrated KOSMOS with a (New earth-New heaven) dimension and is only revealed by Yeshua-Jesus the Christ who came from the outside Nothingness-Angel domain mortals know nothing about.

Our earth is temporal too bathed in a Time dimension destined to disappear in a Jod dimension. It is linked to a mystery "Evil" which only can be explained in the Torah-Bible. To explain the reason why it exists now neutralized is demonstrated in a special illustration of an immune system which will protect our mortal body from deadly agents like bacteria or viruses which is evil too. EVIL comes in many forms and levels which was the very first principle introduce to Adam and Eve eating the wrong fruit.

The nature of Evil preexisted in the KOSMOS and where it comes from is only revealed in the Bible. Why was that important information banned and removed from the class-room? Why did the Creator introduce a choice between Good and Evil right at the beginning of time, embedded in the gene pool even understood by kids?

So many mysteries can only be revealed from outside the surrounding ∞ math symbol only to be illustrated with many another mysteries why mankind has embedded a language as God speaks to Adam and Eve and in time created global libraries with billion books still a problem for mankind? Only able to read headliners using a wireless computer is inviting to becoming brain-dead in the process?

 Rejecting the oldest book on earth, the Bible is not complex but easy to understand the Gospel witnesses. John being close to a person who came from the outside circle and records while expanding Genesis: "In the beginning was the "WORD". Without words no books would exist?  But John's writing the Gospel not finished yet with a divine revelation summed it up later in his life which became the last book Revelation completing the Torah explaining the purpose of mankind and a future place detailed in Babushka Eggs if you are interested.

A Creation System based on Time

Expanded Bible knowledge revealed that our existence can only be explaining what is a "time dimension" in a full circle filling the void to define the purpose why God decided to create mortals - a latecomer in creation?  It is embedded in the first two words of Genesis 1:1 starts with ELOHIM - God-Create and the very last two words stated by Jesus the second Godhead in Revelation created The Saints, now finalized closing the circle of creation and converted the empty NOTHINGNESS into SOMETHING solid to make sense for our (5) five senses but a sixth sense exists ignored by science. Much more is elaborated in the 7th Babushka Egg - What is the Time-Dimension free on the web.

Revelation stated the system as: What was -What is -What is to come. For my grandkid simple stated the past-present-future. Religion and philosophy ever since motivated many great minds to understand what the outside circle is, but failed as history proves being mixed up what is on inside the circle where the rubber meets the road. Imaginations have gone wild from fairytales to explain to children what is important to survive life but can only bring some order in the confusion if revealed from the outside circle.

That is the problem as mortals think given more time they could become God at least co-equal stated in Genesis God said: "Let us make Man in our image". That is the aim of every invented religion. It gets to the root what happened in the KOSMOS a highest Arch-angel rebelled for the same reason and created EVIL and trapped 200 million angels in his net of lies.

To fix a cosmic problem to balance it again, God created a temporal circle we call the universe but selected only a tiny planet among billion galaxies contained in a story where Life could exist. It is still a mystery which only could be explained from the out-side circle now revealed to humans why are they made in the image of the Creator? Let's have some fun to sum-up Babushka egg concepts being unique not allowed in church and forbidden in universities describing some theories not found in any global library. 

Check it out or tell me where you disagree. Will it matter when our mortality is cut short by God’s Wrath now dated? On the table are 14 Russian egg-based appetizers. Pick what you like from solid, free Babushka egg recipes still on the Web to expand a knowledge horizon outlawed by the global evil FED bankers aiming for absolute world control.

Never Preached in Church, Forbidden in Universities

Not repeating speculations and wasting time rather investigate what is revealed. Theologians and many philosophers still struggle why mankind has a brilliant Mind and still believe in evolution fairytales. Only the last century we have gained knowledge now out of control bathed in Evil should use what is good for the benefit of mankind. Evil can be traced in the beginning and tempted Adam and Eve, our grandparents who made a wrong choice in a perfect environment linked between two trees. We are now stuck with the consequence of evil. Look around the environment poisoned, fishless rivers, honeybees disappeared - you are next guaranteed following entropy with a bigger body-mass.

Being confronted to choose not realizing it had cosmic consequences not being designed like robots. Eve looked around the garden how animals had babies; life was easy with a good husband, as eternal life seems beyond the circle not having gained knowledge yet. God wanted fellowship based on trust and believing what the Creator revealed. A choice would decide a future existence. But that was exploited by Satan hating the Creator now isolated and being lonely lied once more to gain more followers on his side again, as his angels who rebelled were cast in outer darkness.

Logical God had to created replacement now immunized against evil when one third of God’s administration rebelled with their leader Lucifer now removed and left 200 million heavenly government positions vacant until replacement could be found, now created a different species as angels could no longer be trusted. To eliminate evil became a priority and needed to be taught to mortals before they hatched on the next creation stage like a butterfly now inoculated to become immune to live forever in a newly designed earth-heaven.  All must logical fit; a purposely designed re-calibrated KOSMOS is now restored with redeemed mankind inoculated with a good doze of evil to make a future Life of a free choice community forever immune preventing a horrible rebellion upsetting a society living in peace again.

That started the greatest story revealed in the Bible which is based on logic understood only by a Mind designed with intelligence could capture it. Eventually facts will be sorted out with information gathered from recorded history. But if the light in our Mind is not "ON", it will never see buried treasures of Egyptian gold-household object inside the mountain chambers which need the lights ON to see it. Our Mind works the same reading the Bible-Torah.

Not to be repetitive read the last Russian Eggs #10, 11, 12, which are not big ostrich egg-books but have enough information to explain why Mankind was created with a miniature divine Mind replicated from the Creator who stated, "Let us make MAN in the our image". It explains what evil is, how it will be eliminated, the ending of the main players Satan, his angels and more importantly for me who are the Saints still a mystery for theologians now better explained in Babushka Egg #1- God’s Plan for Mankind.

But what was really not understood why would God create a New Heaven and a New Earth? What distinguished the old created system and what will be new, but should only accept what is revealed in the total Torah? Mankind being sinful and is prone to speculate not using properly his intellect because it is easier to accept fairy tales to cover up their sinful rebellion to the Creator because they want to rule absolutely following Satan.

Some understand science better investigating the forbidden metaphysics which can now define infinite energy, what is Life, God’s plan for Mankind, why are we here on this tiny planet not being a speck buried in billions galaxies or picture   a grain of random tiny sand particle across a hundred mile beach? Mankind souls being born and died replicated a billion-billion times without purpose, I do not think so.

The many unanswered concepts theorized in universities can only be defined by a divinely written Bible from the other circle side. It revealed that each person is very special and known by God with a name some usually embedded with two birthdays on each tombstone. The Book of Life cannot be duplicated but contains names, all are generic uniquely different, but how does everything fit in a New Earth why even a New Heaven Jod-dimension which became a restored KOSMOS?

Why Three Dimensions?

The existing Daleth-Heh dimension became a finite universe explained in Babushka egg concept books which was overlaid with the Bible-Torah from a scientific perspective. It is everywhere reflected in a mirror image like atoms formed from electrons-protons fuelled by neutrons have much empty space in between similar to galaxies spaced apart with emptiness.

Science made a movie reducing all the empty space inside every atom expanded to empty space, at the end showed that the whole universe could fit and shrink inside a one lb. coffee can. I imagine in the Jod-dimension we will a display of a fancy URN on a pedestal with golden letters inscribed: "The Daleth-Heh-Dimension Universe (4488 BC – AD 3018}" The ∞ force creating everything what exists in our universe Daleth dimension will recalibrate the Kosmos to be balanced again. It is now polluted too with evil, but the Bible revealed that the Creator ELOHIM inserted a provision to prevent EVIL again embedded in an immune system of every resurrected mortal.

Only God himself could demonstrate a new reality to redeem a KOSMOS. It was done 2000 years ago when he send his son Yeshua-Jesus the Christ now identified the redemption of a Death and Resurrection principle to atone and remove Evil which defined a temporal Time dimension and gave birth to a totally new creation Jod dimension.  

That concept is demonstrated a billion times in nature; a seed must die buried and resurrected to emerge as a big tree. I hope you are educated investigating genes, protein, atoms or butterflies all are controlled with intelligence centered in a MIND that is replicated from the divine MIND. Remember God breathed into the dust of atoms transformed into Adam his breath became a living reproduced miniature intelligence even found in every living cell above and under the oceans. It filled summed up a temporal Daleth dimension to replicate to what is in heaven (good and evil) also replicated on earth to be concluded exchanged in a new dimension JOD=TETH - 10.

But even the angel-world must now be changed as Evil has encroached its domain being much more vast beyond the infinite. It too will end in an apocalypse fire as some fallen corrupt angels could hide just waiting to come out and expose evil once more to start another rebellion over again.  A New Jod dimension prevents that.

But our choice to live in the Jod dimension is decided by the White Throne balance test event on the end of time revealing what was our intent like showing our lifetime YouTube movie to prove what the motivation was of our choice now frozen as time exist no more. The movie could be cut short when we accepted God’s Pardon offered by Yeshua-Jesus the Christ to pay all my transgression with is own blood demonstrated in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. But like in any legal proceedings we must accept a court provision offered by a righteous judge before passing the final sentence.  

Do not believe what comatose Christian theologian teaches only interested in prestige and money or linked to the many religions around the world invented by Satan but check what is divinely written. A Bible is really very cheap, translated in a thousand languages, still the best seller in spite of atheists.

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of those who by their wickedness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. Ever since the creation of the world his eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been understood and seen through the things he has made. So they are without excuse, for though they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their senseless minds were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools. (Romans 1:18-22 NRSV)

Do become wise Daniel prophesied: search the Scripture and live. The Lord’s Prayer starts with "Our Father of Heaven and Earth" to remind us who "is" the one in charge what he created. Many mortals have forgotten we build cities, skyscrapers, travelled to the moon and looking deep into the secrets of genes-atoms and thousand other miniaturized universes controlled by divine intelligence codes creating 200 million proteins. God allowed using his tools and materials to maintain life.

But he gave NO permission to destroy LIFE in whatever form on earth and change its designed specie boundaries.  America is grossly guilty having killed 60 million babies and sold their body parts to Gene-Laboratories for high profit. Why have Christians elected only atheists in our governments down to the school board, which made laws forbidden to quote the Bible in public?

It follows the consequence collecting the evidence of destructive GMO now demonstrated in a gross evil on YouTube videos as atheists to prove that God does not exist, now engineered cross-species of half human-half animals beyond the boundaries set by the Creator. It was done before if you are educated and demonstrated the same technology mixing genes practiced during Noah's time 2288 BC in rebellion succeeded will experience GOD’S WRATH.

Similar to the Atlantis civilization became absolute evil incurring God’s anger creating thousand bio-chemical-drug poisons sold on the global marked without ever testing dangerous to LIFE or the environment, relentless racing to become extremely rich in fake money to gain absolute power in evil but will be cut short next year. 

Do not wonder why a temporary HELL was designed hot and painful.  Your mortally will prove it; where are the boys like Hitler-Stalin, dictators or presidents financed by the American World banker causing global wars killing billions striving for absolute power?

God's "Divine Book" the Bible now translated in thousand languages is still the eternal witness to determine where and how you will end. It don’t matter what you think or believe as the Kosmos Laws cannot be violated easily proven, just jump off a building or eat poison as thousand of natural laws were designed to maintain LIFE. Just one violation will cause death or just one sin will eternally doom us.

Only God's Mercy will give us a chance to exist resurrected beyond a Jod dimension especially if you are invited to the Creators White House palace. Why miss that chance believing in atheistic fairytales invented by Satan? To conclude what is written in the constellation sky Blood Moons and solar eclipse dating matches hundreds of Bible prophecies summed up will end this civilization guaranteed if you are educated a little in science applied with logic. Watch God’s Wrath dated now with many YouTube videos which all agree with a pennamed Jonah-II on the web for 10 years, none have an excuse for the divine judge who spelled out when he will return to earth after a corrected Hebrew 121st Jubilee 5779.


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