How I Came to Write


The angel said to Daniel:

Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.
(Daniel 12:10)

By Herbert R. Stollorz

Russian Babushka DollBecome Wise – Read my Babushka Books

Initially, 12 proofs for dating the seven years of the Apocalypse during 2008-2015 were given in my first two books, Apocalypse Prophesied and Mystery of Tammuz 17. Now, the number of proofs has grown to at least 66 - one for each book of the Bible. This is a bold claim to make so close to when the prophecy is proclaimed to begin appearing, so let me tell you how I came to publish my Babushka Books on the Internet for anyone to read for free in several languages.

I thought that I was finished writing two years ago, but one new discovery has led this retired scientist to another. Check out our international Readers’ Forum and Pearls from the Bible Ocean pages. I do not belong to a particular church or denomination. My observations reflect on the Bible from my perspective as an inventor of (mostly) hi-tech applied science. For example, I have just written a pearl on why the human population has increased exponentially from one billion to 6.6 billion in just the last 150 years when there have been over 4,000 years since the Flood.

Historically, from about AD 1850, the end of the religious conflicts in Europe together with the rise of new voices from Voltaire to Karl Marx and Engels, a steady flood of scientific discoveries have caused confusion in theological circles. It has contributed to an explosion of philosophies and religious denominations based on confusing, false dogmas frequently forced to align with modern evolutionary biases. The world’s population now faces global challenges such as: global warming, GMO extinctions of foodstuffs and many plant and animal species, a nuclear armament race, a population accelerating to 6.6 billion - doomsdays are literally announced everywhere I look. And that is before we add world politics, conflict in the Middle East and possibly lighting the Jerusalem powder keg for the whole shamazzle to explode in obliteration of our civilization together all life on this earth.

However, God controls the equation. He has laid out a history-prophecy railroad track since the beginning of time that is built on two rails designed for balance. This track takes us through the Apocalypse to an unheard of 1,000-year peace on earth. All of the families and nations will get along living side by site. It will be God’s Kingdom on earth. The Biblical schedule of these 14 railroad stations was kept hidden in the secrets of Bible Prophecy’s symbolic sign language until its revelation now in our time.

Applied Natural Science Explains the Bible

You have found the only web site that uses rational answers from science to reveal the mysteries of Bible prophecy with balanced spiritual insight about God's complete plan for humanity on earth! The angel promised Daniel that the dates of key prophetic events would be known in the last days, and indeed, they are! If you are open minded or suspect that what's going on in the world today is not normal, then this web site is designed with you in mind!

Only here will you read about the two-railed railroad track of science and the Bible that delivers fresh understanding about Bible Prophecy. From the beginning, God set in motion His Plan for Humanity that travels through historical and prophetic time like an international train traveling through 14 stations. If you have the train schedule in hand, you do not need a wristwatch to know what time it is. Just look out the window for what station you are at and compare it with the schedule to know what time it is to the minute.

  1. From the beginning, God designed a series of key events.
  2. The events accomplish His purposes on earth.
  3. I applied scientific methods used to invent hi-tech devices.
  4. I used these same methods to discover the critical event junctures [14 railroad stations] in human history and prophecy embedded in the Bible matching 14 Aztec calendar-clock cycles as well as other ancient clocks designed in ancient times.

This disciplined methodology revealed that Bible Prophecy is structured on two different ancient calendar-clock systems, which is a vital fact not known by theologians or scientists. These two systems may be compared to the Fahrenheit and Centigrade temperature scales, which operate in parallel to measure temperature. These two different temperature scales come together at minus 40°, where they indicate the same point in the continuum of warmth-coldness with the same number.

When the international train of my analogy passes through a different time zone, the schedule automatically reflects that change on the time clock. If one does not know that different time zones exist, then comparing the schedule to one’s wristwatch becomes confusing if he has not changed the time perspective of his watch. The Bible’s parallel chronological systems measure the past-to-future timeline just as the Fahrenheit and Centigrade temperature scales both measure positive and minus degrees.

The books of Daniel and Revelation provide sufficient data on the two calendar-clock systems to identify 14 "stations" marking the key turning points in human history and prophecy in regards to the biblical revelation of God's purposes. The Bible and several other ancient calendar-clocks meet a one special point in the prophetic history of humanity - on 21 December 2012.

Prophesied Evil Made Possible by Recent Scientific Advances

The last 150 years of scientific advances opened new horizons in understanding the nature of time and the universe, but applications of that scientific knowledge now threaten the sustainable capability of the earth’s natural environment. Human civilization and the lives of every person on the planet are threatened with immanent destruction from the immense pride and greed of modern civilization’s global corporations and the politicians who serve them.

The earth’s essential biological support systems threatened by radiological and chemical pollution. The very core of creation’s structure, the genetic make-up of plants and animals, is being altered rapidly by diabolical deconstruction and recombination of genetic material without regard to natural boundaries of species.

Driven by arrogant greed, the introduction of Genetically Modified Organisms on a massive scale has already taken place without adequate thought or testing for these GMOs' long term consequences to the integrity of the biosphere’s plant and animal seeds of life beyond excessive short term profits. Therefore, God is sending the Apocalypse to save His creation from Satanically driven human destruction out of His love for each one of us.

Just as the Creator sent a great Flood in Noah’s day to destroy the ancient civilization (the Atlantis of the ancient Greeks) polluted by violence and genetic freaks of nature, so He will soon unleash the dark forces of humanity’s spiritual Enemy to put an end to the violation of His creation and the oppression of peoples everywhere

God’s Plan for Humanity

Discovering that Daniela’s prophecy was written on two levels like a Rosetta Stone opened up the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. HANS is like a matrix code that revealed a world calendar embedded in Genesis, which has also been applied to undeciphered, ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited in museums around the world. That makes dating future biblical events possible, which means the interpretation of strange calendar measurements [Times,time,½Time], or understanding Julius Caesar’s 10 months for one orbit around the sun. I learned why the ancients tracked time with ancient clocks like Antikythera Mechanism - Calculator with three dials or even stone-dial Aztec clocks.

What emerges is a totally new concept embedded in the Bible. The concept of the “Saints” being born at the end of the Apocalypse upsets pet theological (false) dogmas. Many Christians may not have enough Holy Spirit oil, like the five virgins desiring to enter the bridegroom’s feast. The atheistic science camp gets unruffled because it is based on a belief system of shifting evolutionary sands that will not hold up to the DNA flood waters of new discoveries. Since I face disturbed people from every corner, I use analogies from science and nature that cannot be easily twisted by dimwit opinions espoused by those unwilling to submit their ideas to having two [+one] witnesses to establish truth. My Babushka Books are designed to make you think, something that seems to have been forgotten in our confused times.

Jesus said: “Watch the signs!” They are now dated.

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