Who is Herbert R. Stollorz?

Foreword by the Author


My Life: Short and Sometimes Sweet

For those who do not know me, here is a short summary of my life and why I wrote these books about the certain, near-in-the-future coming Apocalypse – the Bible’s “Last Days” or “Great Tribulation.”

This far-out notion needs some kind of an explanation. So here it is. I grew up with the Bible, but it was not until I retired that I took a serious look at Bible prophecy. In particular I became fascinated with the prophesied Apocalypse, which now seems close at hand to many who believe in the literal understanding of Scripture. As I studied the political horizon and the changing economic and social conditions of our world, I became very concerned.

From my perspective as a lifetime inventor, I became alarmed as I have viewed the advances in scientific technology during my lifetime – especially as it concerns the environment. Today I cannot easily find decent food to eat in the supermarket because it has been genetically modified. Nothing tastes like it did when I was young, and it does not nourish the body as it should either.

If God does not intervene pretty soon, there will be nothing to save of what He once created and called “good.” Everything is fast becoming genetically corrupt to the point of no return - just like it almost did in the days of Noah. In that age God saved the uncontaminated seed of humanity and the animals on an ark, even as He destroyed the rest of the planet in a cataclysm that few even come close to describing. I talk a little about this in my books, too.

Together with three other siblings in my family, I was brought up with the Bible and my mother’s prayers. We had no choice but to mostly depend on God because my father had been drafted to fight a world war in Russia. We really needed the comfort of our faith to survive during and after the years of World War II in East Germany.

As a teenager, I immigrated to North America where I quickly got a job, went to work and learned to speak and read English. Like many average Christians, I continued to read the Bible. I went to church on occasion to integrate into the American culture and tried to live a decent life of socially responsible citizenship. Also, like most Americans, my personal life was not spared from personal ups and downs, but professionally I have experienced a little above average success.

My inborn curiosity and experience in making cuckoo clocks during my youth in Germany served me well. Because I saw things a little differently – you might even say, unconventionally, I was able to invent many products in the early years of my career in the emerging high tech industry of Silicon Valley, California. Eventually I registered some patents in my own name and founded my own Silicon Valley company that provided jobs for hundreds of people.

When I retired at 65, I switched from computer technology to growing grapes. My ancestors had been simple farmers, and I set about to fulfill a lifetime dream of developing a vineyard in California’s famous wine region. I bought a nice parcel of land and improved it. though I worked full time again in my new endeavor, I still had time for parties with friends and fun on weekends. I even learned how to play an accordion. A few professional musicians were attracted to the vineyard, and we used to make continental music in the barn. I took some trips to see the world and really was just looking to spend my final years in active retirement doing the things that I enjoyed. There was always much to do, and I never ran out of new projects that interested me. But I will not bore you with those details.

Despite this comfortable and busy lifestyle, I started asking some questions about future events predicted by the Bible. When one gets old, the fact of our mortally is felt more acutely in an aging body than when we are young. Questions are raised in a search for assurance regarding eternal matters, which “suddenly” seem a little bit closer. In short, my local minister and my Christian friends each seemed to have different opinions about the afterlife, and some of their viewpoints conflicted with what I read in the Bible.

What Turned me Around?

My motives for writing these books are evangelical in nature. I hope that I will motivate many new people to read their Bibles, including the Torah and the rest of the Old Testament. I hope that millions will come to a deeper faith in the loving God who created us all. There is hope for the future, but the future of God’s kingdom will be stripped of all the evils of our modern age.

In the new civilization that God will establish there won’t be any more raping the environment or genetically manipulating and destroying our food and seeds. Global corporate greed will only be read about in history books. No more will workers be paid slave wages to labor long hours under horrible conditions. Accumulated wealth and private property will be distributed in a way that neutralizes excess without abolishing reward for individual initiative and creativity. People won’t be able to take unfair advantage of others in any way because God, His resurrected saints and the holy angels will be around – seen and heard – to keep matters in line with God’s ideas of love and justice.

Because only a short time is left to consider what is really important about our lives, I must confront you with the reality of the fiery railroad tunnel rushing toward us. We must rationally face the reality of the oncoming Great Tribulation of the Apocalypse by focusing on the necessary spiritual preparation for those seven years of trial. I do not propose elaborate physical preparation beyond common sense, but spiritually we need to become faithful servants who serve our Lord until the day we die or the day He comes.

This is why I have written my books and not so much just to convince people that the dates I have determined for the events of the Apocalypse and the 7,000 years of human history are correct. Certainly, I try to present rational reasons for why I am so sure about the dates and my methods used to discover them. More certainly, I know that I am human, so there is the definite possibility that I could be wrong in some instance because I can make mistakes just like any other person.

Look at the House – Not the Scaffolding!

The dates I have discovered and even my description of the Apocalypse itself are just the scaffolding of a wonderful, palatial house God is preparing for all those who love him. I hope you will see beyond the scaffolding and behold the house God is building for you. Scaffolding can seem rather confusing and does not look very pretty at first sight, but remember, it is only temporary. When the house is completed, the scaffolding is taken down and hauled away. It is only a necessary aid in the construction process.

As you read my books, you will notice that I explain why God has ordained seven years of great trials and suffering upon His entire creation. You will be introduced to cosmic events beyond our sensory perception – incapable of being discovered or tested by conventional science.

We are not alone in the universe, and we are not the only ones who will experience an Apocalypse. Actually, there is an Apocalypse in heaven that will overflow the boundaries between the physical and metaphysical to distress our earth, too. There has already started or will soon begin a major revolution in heaven, but its outcome has been preordained from before time.

To prepare us to enter the fiery tunnel of the Apocalypse, the Bible gives us hope, but we must look beyond it to the other side. We have got to study the shape of the house (God’s plan for you and each person) that is being built behind the scaffolding. If the Bible would just end with the Apocalypse, life would be without purpose - just a cruel accident of chance, a deadly joke and a waste of my tears and pain for nothing. But God did not fashion us to be depressed like that, but gives us hope by revealing His divine plan for humanity, like the house of your dreams come true.

The future “New Age” of the millennium proclaimed in the Bible will be a new civilization birthed soon after the Apocalypse. God has promised an end to corrupt politicians and government bureaucrats, religious confusion, wars, poverty, plagues and injustice. Instead all nations will live in peace, prosperity, health and happiness. Families will be whole, communities friendly, nature will be restored to its originally pristine and productive conditions, and the multinational juggernauts of destructive exploitation and greedy corruption will be purposefully absent.

This is the hope that has kept my two fingers going at the keyboard, and this is the hope that will carry us all through the years to come. Read your Bible. Believe the Word of the God of Israel. Encourage one another, or simply just trust in Jesus as the redeeming Savior who offered His blood to atone for the deadly consequences of sin. Ask and you shall receive God’s Holy Spirit of love, grace and wisdom so that you can be among the prophesied wise who will understand these last days of Satan’s dominion on the earth and its peoples. (Daniel 12:1; 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11; 2 Corinthians 1:2-25)

My Own Conclusion: The Coming Apocalypse

As I studied the Bible and the extra-biblical sources that corroborated its prophecies, I became convinced beyond a doubt that we live in an orderly universe designed by a brilliant Creator. This Creator has provided abundant evidence to prove that He exists and to warn us of His plan for the future of this earth.

What did I learn from writing this book?

As I wrote about these coming events, I was forced to rethink my own life and ask, “Why is humanity on this planet?”

I learned that God's plan started before humanity began. So did evil. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System tells us that human history is divided into ages. The Bible starts with the sixth (6) age and continues with the (7) seventh, (8) eighth and (9) ninth ages, like the monthly progression of pregnancy that a mother would experience having a baby. Within a mother’s womb are two vibrant, interwoven and interdependent organisms growing side by side: the fetus and the placenta. During gestation, they are hidden from sight, but both are destined to break forth at a specific time.

It does not require special education to know that conception leads eventually to the birth of a baby. Our hopes for a better future are revived when we witness a new birth accompanied by the joy and festivity of family members. However, with the birth comes the placenta, but that is something unavoidable and forgotten once it is disposed of. No one will send cards to congratulate the mother for giving birth to a placenta even though it played an essential role during the pregnancy and grew side by side with the baby for nine months.

In this analogy the baby represents the future kingdom of God. The placenta represents Satan’s domain. He introduced into human nature the mixed inclinations and experience of good and evil. Chapters 7 and 8 describe this prophetic birthing process, and Chapter 9 describes the baby, the new life from the other side. The baby will be born according to ancient preset time cycles. People have no choice but to be intimately affected by and involved in these global events. God will soon end Satan’s dominion over the earth by first removing him from heaven in a supernatural purging that coincides and finally ends with the seven year Apocalypse on earth.

After the Kingdom of God is born, the pain experienced during the Apocalypse, like the pains of childbirth, will not matter during the new age to come. The future of the “New Life” on earth is all consuming. It is the only hope for humanity to continue on this planet.

The Lord of all creation planned long ago to end our present civilization, which is subject to Satan's dominion. He will replace it with a totally new system, never before experienced on earth. This dramatic transitional change will take place over a period of a little more than seven years. According to Bible prophecy as corroborated by extra-biblical sources, this seven year period is just around the corner.

After having spent hundreds of hours on this book and listening daily to news from around the world, I now pray that God will come soon. I can remember the world when it was teeming with fish, insects, butterflies, and flowers. Much has changed, and the new generation, including my own children, will never know the splendor of the world I knew.

If the prophetic timing presented here ends up being off a little, it is only delayed. God is sovereign. I have simply written this book in an effort to serve him. I might be a little imprecise in my calculations, but God is sure in the performance of His promises to us - even though we are imperfect human beings.

Regardless of the timing, the biblically sound content of this book will provide you with a framework to make intelligent personal choices for your future. When you see thunderclouds gathering, you know a serious storm is on the way. You can avoid becoming a victim if you plan and prepare an escape. The only place to run from the disaster to come is into the arms of a dependable and loving Savior.

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