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Galaxy Black HoleMystery of Tammuz 17

Mystery of Tammuz 17

Ancient Hebrew keys to dating the Apocalypse

Book Two: The 7 Years of Great Tribulation

The Bible predicts the future, but scholars widely disagree on what the Bible says! How can the average person sort out fact from fiction? Daniel 12:10 boldly states that the wise will understand prophetic chronology in the last days. Have those days already begun?

Retired hi-tech inventor and author Herbert R. Stollorz discovered that the dates of many key events predicted in the books of Daniel and Revelation fall between the years 2008 and 2018. Two of the keys that unlocked this mystery are the Hebrew Alphabet Number System and the Jewish feast and fast days. One of those fast days, Tammuz 17, commemorates the fall of Jerusalem prior to the destruction of God’s Temple in Jerusalem.

Do not expect a theological treatise or the date for the return of Jesus Christ. Instead, you will read about the events of the soon-coming Great Tribulation described in detail and dated. The unique perspective of this applied scientist is revealed through the research methodology he used to unlock Bible mysteries built into the universe by God at the beginning of time. The same pragmatic approach that has helped to make functional hi-tech devices now provides challenging answers to questions like:

  • How do you know that the Apocalypse will begin on December 21, 2008? Why are you so sure?
  • How does 12 December 2012 link the Aztec, Chinese and Hebrew calendars?
  • Can God change his schedule to make it start sooner or later?
  • What has the jubilee (50) year gear between 1968 and 2018 got to do with the Bible’s Rosetta stone and Daniel’s 70 Weeks prophecy?
  • How and when is the spirit world revealed to mortals? What are Antichrist’s “Shock Troops”? Will mortal believers go through these trials?
  • How does the Hebrew Alphabet Number System unlock and confirm God’s ancient schedule for history and prophecy?
  • Why is it important to read both testaments of the Bible?
  • How do Jewish festivals reveal the dates of the Apocalypse?

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