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  1. Are you a Prophet?
  2. Can a human predict future dates for Bible prophecy?
  3. Mystic speculations about Hebrew?
    Why New York?
  4. The Chinese calendar is biblical?
  5. Only 7,000 years of human history?
  6. Can somebody know the time of Christ’s return?
  7. Historic dating against scholarly opinions?
  8. A period of 1,715 years in ancient times?
  9. Daniel 9:26-27 prophetic Gap Theory questioned?
  10. You have no fear to date a future time?
  11. How certain is your future date 2008-2015 projection?
  12. Fegefeuer – forever and ever?
  13. The age of the Hebrew Language?
  14. Why do you count from the destruction of the Temple in 588 BC? I have a problem with your dating, which is inconsistent.
  15. In chapter 4 of Mystery of Tammuz, you describe the final count down of the Apocalypse. The description of all these various forms of cruel mass extinction is completely confusing, because the reader of the book will never clearly understand what is happening, how and in what order to what enemy. Russia seems to receive a special treatment.
  16. In chapter 4 of Mystery of Tammuz in the paragraph starting with “…as a plague of locusts in which a soldier marches straight ahead neither turning to the right nor to the left to find the last remaining Jews to kill.” How can one try to find the last remaining Jews without turning neither to the right nor to the left? Isn’t that quite an ineffective method?
  17. Oops: 454 BC + 483 years come to 28 AD as many solid sources would indicate. It cannot be any other way in that short period of time. Furthermore, anyone reading the material will chuck it immediately if this correction from BC to AD is not done properly in this case. The broader stuff you mentioned where you do not do adjustments over the 7,000 years, etc., until the end is OK. This section is sensitive because more people know about it. Furthermore, it connects with the 1967/1968.
  18. Why would God know the end date, know when the Apocalypse is going to happen, and warn all these other civilizations of the end date? How did the Mayans, and the Egyptians and the Chinese all know this end date, without ever having read the Bible or known of Jesus. How did all these civilizations know the end date of life as we know it, without divine intervention from God?
  19. My husband has read and reread your books and now has me attempting to do the same. I asked him a question, and we are having a little trouble tracking it so please help us understand how the date of June 30, 2018 is a second Tammuz. Thank you, Randy and Barbara
  20. Are Only Christians Saved?


Q#1: Are you a Prophet?

Mr. Stollorz, Do you think you are a Prophet foretelling the Apocalypse to happen about Christmas 2008?

A #1

When a German farmer recently discovered a buried treasure dated 3500 year old in his field, which was a large bronze metal pate overlaid with gold and other items of bronze, it did not make him an expert in geology. Since that discovery, hundreds of scientists have tried to figure it out what its meaning was and why so much effort was put into it to produce it.

On October 17, 2004 the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in a double full page had printed a photograph of this plate including many interpretations of the experts. Two years later, still none could give a plausible explanation of its purpose. But when I saw it, within five minutes I could tell you a story, which has logic, probability and content none of the scientist ever proposed.

Where did I get this insight to be in contrast to the establishment? If you would have asked me two years ago, when the ancient treasure was found, I would not have had a clue. Since than I discovered in the Bible, in particular Daniels book, a Rosetta stone, which became the motivation to write my two books. I kept on digging just like the farmer in Germany did, until I found all what was buried.

To answer your question, no. I am not a prophet because of what I see when I read the Bible - just like the German farmer did not become an archaeologist. Finding something does not automatically make you an expert about what you discover. (Romans 14:10-13)

Q #2: Can a human prophesy future dates for Bible prophecy?

Over the past centuries many Bible professors have studied the Bible. How is it possible that you could come up with a viable alternative that is contrary to the accepted interpretations of Scripture if you are not a prophet?

A #2

Studying the Jewish Bible, the Old Testament, and the New Testament requires that we first agree that God has a plan for humanity. Since He created this world, I logically conclude that He works like an architect who first makes a drawing before building a skyscraper. With this agreement we can sit down and look at the details. If you do not believe in an architect, do not waste my time.

If we then open up the large drawings of the Bible and study the outline of the building, we will notice a basement, doors, windows and a roof. This gives us insight into the character of the architect, that he is really a professional of his trade. Together we can now understand something about the inside structure and begin to respect the greatness of the designer. That knowledge gained does not make me an architect. Some uneducated people may marvel that I am so smart telling about that drawing, but rest assured I am not.

Understanding the overall principal outlines of the building is the first step to understanding any prophecy hidden in mystery for centuries just like the German farmer discovered an ancient treasure buried in his field. If you would read my two books, then together we can find out what the designer has put in the drawings. Computers now give us the tools to better understand the unknown symbols of ancient times, which can in turn lead to a better understanding of prophecy.

Only by studying God’s overall plan can we understand why there will be an Apocalypse in the first place and why man is involved with it. When the war starts somewhere in the universe, we can have no idea what it is or what it contains until it reaches us here on earth. We will soon find out about that heavenly conflict when Satan has been forced to flee the heavenly army headed by Michael and comes down to the earth in order to fight the last battle to be fought as prophesied in the Bible.

Q #3: Mystic speculations about the Hebrew Alphabet?

It seems your commentary and interpretation deals with mystical speculations taken from some source of Jewish, rabbinic or cabalistic literature. You also refer to the Hebrew Alphabet letters as possessing an imbedded numeric or mathematical number system of significant meaning. You refer to the Daleth or Heh dimensions, for example. I do not think you will find a biblical (canonical) justification for the alleged “concept” of dimensions.

My question is, “Is it possible to build a system of biblically valid interpretation if it is based on some rabbinic or on extracanonical literature? This question seems especially applicable if that literature is unsubstantiated and possesses a mystical nature.

A #3

Your questions are more than one, and I will try to answer them as much as possible.

My two books are 550 pages long. In them you will find Christian & Jewish theology, Western and Eastern philosophy expressed with stories about various calendars, references of geological and genetic science, some American culture and ancient history. Most importantly, my books describe a Jonah-like message of an Apocalypse. To put all of that into one pot would hopefully be like a wonderful soup, like my grandmother used to make, but it could make some aspects seem a little confused, too.

To bring some sort of order to my presentations, I felt the need to first explain the “Plan of God” to those who have never read or heard about the Bible. And that became a mini-Bible (my first book), and I hope you, as a Christian would not disagree with most of its content. The one thousand Bible verses I quoted are not just my interpretation. These verses are, by permission from the publisher, copied directly from the Holy Book and speak for themselves. They do not need to be defended.

My commentary in between is only a guide for those readers who have not a clue to what it means. If we differ at times about some points of interpretation, then we must recognize that we have a splintered Christian church, especially in America. Each mainline denomination has its own spin on what the Bible teaches.

So I ended up with two books of only 550 pages, not only explaining the plan of God for all ages but also zeroing in on a tiny span of time - the seven years of the Apocalypse. Compared to thousands and thousands years of history, it is only a minuscule sliver in the overall history of time. Because of old tradition and ignorance, the Apocalypse is a hot button for Christians who mostly do not want to discuss it because it is too disturbing. It is disturbing because it confronts us about how we live our daily lives. If the Apocalypse is just a few short years away, then we are forced to make some important and hard decisions. Instead, most prefer to take refuge in a sweet belief system that promises them to disappear into thin air, a rapture. “Why worry?” they think. “We will wake up in paradise anyway - far removed from the troubles of an Apocalypse.”

My books proclaim otherwise, so it is easiest to avoid them rather than to study to see if they contain truth. Having said that, my two books attempt to reach almost everybody on whatever level of education they are found. This is not easy to do. To avoid opinions elevated to doctrine, I came up with the two rules. Hopefully these rules will establish also a basis for further discussion.

First, we must not forget what the second book is all about. An invisible prophet from the Heh dimension - Jonah walks into New York and declares an Apocalypse will come in just a few years. The books announce a future date “21 December 2008” just like Jonah did thousands of years ago in Nineveh. God told him, “Go and tell them, Jonah. I have a message to the enemy of Israel.”

And in our case the message is for a world political system run amok. Jonah was a foreigner and his pronouncement was not even quoted from the Torah or contained any reference to it. As a matter of fact, politically he was not even sent by the king of Israel, and I am sure he got into trouble with the state department when he got home. So, from my perspective, my books are unusual, and many think that this fellow in California must be crazy to proclaim a specific date in the future. What is certain, I do not expect to make friends in my church or my own town.

Why New York?

From the biblical perspective, New York symbolizes all of western civilization. Every single scientific, cultural and religious background is represented there. Once I saw a chart of our globe with lines going to different places, like airlines show their routes of where they fly. But this chart showed all the communications and Internet connections, including the business and banking systems of the entire world. I wish I could have copied that picture because it was very convincing. Yes, it is New York where all the lines ended.

However, the announced date and specific place where it will all begin are not the primary objectives. The message is the big hammer. Modern Jonah’s message is for all human beings around the whole world to pay attention to.

In Revelation 18:4 it states, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

What is missing from that verse is the date. Did God forget something? Have you heard another date somewhere else? So my writing includes everybody and is a kaleidoscope of information addressed to everybody in the world, because all mankind will be affected by the Apocalypse.

Now we will come to your other question. You are obviously a Christian scholar, and I appreciate your questions, and I answer them so that others may understand what we are dealing with. The Bible was written over a period of 1,600 years by direct inspiration of a Holy God and hence becomes absolute truth. It is the standard to measure everything mankind comes up with. But God also has also revealed himself in another way and that is in what He has created. Believers and unbelievers all recognize and call it “nature.”

We classify nature in hundreds of science departments in universities around the world, in which resides almost the sum total of humanity’s collective knowledge. Rooted within that system are all living persons on this globe, who have been implanted with God’s breath. Science has no answer for this mysterious “life” force. It is a new frontier to conquer. We are not animals, but are from divine origin.

Since we live in a universe which is diminishing and will definitely end at sometime, and since we are from divine origin, then we have been able to build up a civilization to control nature as our God-given job. God’s plan for this world then is given to men, so that he has a roadmap to avoid or conquer evil. The forces of evil work to destroy us, if possible, at an earlier opportunity than might naturally occur. Nature itself is in a constant battle, too. So we too are fighting daily with an evil we do not like, can not usually see, nor do we often understand with whom we are contending.

To be educated in something you never were familiar with was one of my concerns. The Apocalypse will start first in the universe on the other side, Heh. The conflict there will then overflow heaven and come down to our earth, too. That is what the Bible teaches. We do not know anything about that other dimension. How could we then explain heaven or hell? Most people believe in a heaven, but it cannot be fully explained with examples from nature of the Daleth dimension. We must therefore find some other tools to explain it.

These tools must connect with the Bible, perhaps explain it but are just attempts of mankind to explain the unexplainable. Thus, the Hebrew Alphabet Number System is only a tool to clarify or emphasize what the Bible otherwise states plainly. It is left up to the individual to make a decision to accept it, learn something from it or reject it. Truth cannot be forced; it is a gift from God. Truth can be seen from different angles and that is what I attempted to do.

Now I can answer your question. I believe that my method using the Hebrew Alphabet Number System seems speculative to you because you have only sampled my book here and there and not read it through. This does not surprise me. Most of us do not have time, and so we like to roam around and browse.

Let me explain something; perhaps then we will get the picture. When you have some money, the next question will be asked, “Where do I invest it, so I do not lose it by government caused inflation?” Similar questions are, “When I die, where do I go after death? When the Apocalypse comes, what will happen to those two questions?”

If you want to take the time to read all of my books, maybe you could find an answer to the life and death question. Otherwise, you could just ask, “What will happen to my money if Herbert Stollorz is right about the Apocalypse?”

To summarize it again. These strange Hebraic symbols are only tools to illuminate what scripture teaches. We should not take it out of context and elevate it to doctrine of the Bible. It only explains the Bible, because Christians have historically confused Bible interpretation with worldly evolutionary thinking processes to make it more approachable and acceptable for a world system to accept. I do not do that, hence even Christians avoid me.

Q #4: The Chinese calendar is biblical?

Reference is made to Chinese tables. Biblical books were written before the apostles reached China. Is your mention of these Chinese zodiac tables pure speculation?

A #4

The Chinese or Aztec references are not connected to biblical books. They happen to coincide or overlay with the dating of the Apocalypse. Why do they? I do not know why. I cannot speculate about it, except that they exist. Today we know about them, and they fit with the system of dates and cycles I discovered in the Bible. The Bible does not talk about either one. The books include many other scientific facts, which have some bearing on what the Bible teaches.

Q #5: Only 7,000 years of human history?

A much respected scholar wrote, “This calendar arrangement is just speculation with no scriptural legitimation.” You make reference to and create a 7,000 year table of human history. You contrived it so that the middle of this calendar-table coincides with the Temple’s destruction in 588 BC.

A #5

There is no direct mention of a Jewish calendar in the Bible. Does that mean that the Hebrew calendar has no legitimate reason to exist? The Jewish religion follows a calendar that originates from before the Flood. It is over 5,000 years old. Science is humanity’s accumulated knowledge of the universe, and it describes God’s creation. If it is not mentioned in the Bible, does that mean we should reject it? The food you eat from the super market is acceptable because you trust it that it is not poisoned, but processed with integrity. Should we, therefore, reject all that is not mentioned in the Bible, just because it is not written in the Bible?

If one wants to overlay biblical truth outside the Bible, we must first consult the plan of God and the purpose He has revealed. Outside knowledge should at least not contradict if it doesn’t precisely match that plan, and we must have two witnesses on the Daleth dimension or five in Heh dimension to make it acceptable to use in biblical study.

If it bothers some Christians to use Hebrew, or so-called “kabalistic” terms, then I should rename them or paraphrase Daleth-Heh with Physical-Spirit dimensions, so that we are talking the same language. I want to educate Christians out from their close-mindedness and confront them with the mind-boggling facts they may have never noticed. I compare their typical approach to a monorail mentally that has resulted historically in the persecution and outright murder of millions of Jewish people by Christians in the name of Jesus. Then there are the millions of Christians who happened to believe differently in some areas from the “orthodox” majority.

Christianity has a dark history, especially against the Jews. Christians are split up into hundreds of denominations. Each say that God revealed something special only for them. When Jonah entered Nineveh, he did not get into a theological discussion with the king or his advisors, who where religious people. He just told them what the Lord said. It was not written anywhere in the Torah either, but his message was clear.

My book may not pass the muster of various theological opinions, but it calls out a message loud and clear, “Repent! Christians, the time is up! The ‘End’ is soon, now upon us and not far off in some distant tomorrow.” That is the purpose of my two books. If Christians are now confronted in this time –now - about what they need to do now with what is written in Daniel 12:10, “Are you wise,” then “you shall know” when the end shall come.

Q #6: Can somebody know the time of Christ’s return?

Bible professors all unanimously agree that “no one knows the time.” How can you foretell when Jesus will come back to this world?

A #6

This question has two answers. First, we must clarify what I discovered. I compare the Christian and Jewish traditions to a railroad. They have existed in parallel for two thousand years. In both rails is imbedded the architectural design of God’s plan for humanity: its purpose and structure, like architectural drawings show what the building will be before it is built.

Most all of the religious professors have something in common. They write books from a monorail perspective, explaining the railroad system by riding or describing only one rail. This one-sided approach cannot lead to a consensus understanding of Revelation or the other prophetic book in the Bible. This one-sided education historically has also spawned dozens of different denominations in America especially over the past 150 years. I now recognize many outdated belief systems. The various churches’ messages are like an old fashioned needle record player being stuck on the same track.

As long as people are willing to pay for books which tell them not to worry because “all is well” or “how to be happy in the life you have” books, we will continue in darkness until the first thunder hits home. In a monorail analysis prophesied events cannot be interpreted properly, because the missing link is found on the other rail. So, Jewish believers are not better off than Christians if they insist on studying only their side of the monorail system: Jewish students must read the very Jewish books of the New Testament. To look at two rails requires no special education, and to do so does not make one a prophet. But a dual rail perspective will give you a better grasp of what the Bible really teaches and that includes prophecy.

Now to the other answer about understanding the date of the Second Coming of Jesus to this world. I cannot date the day of Jesus’ return because I have not found five Bible verses telling me when. There is a resurrection with five Bibles verses, but these verses do not tell me the time.

However, the seven years of the Apocalypse can be dated as stated in my books. Looking only from a monorail perspective, it would be impossible to foretell time. With this I agree, but when you become educated to check out both rails, then your question can be answered. The railroad system idea is everywhere in the Bible especially in the Jewish religion. It has a hidden or imbedded structure that only some rabbis may know about.

When I discovered that there is a plan of God on a dual track railroad, it became more obvious that this system is so much more stable and answers many more questions that I had been looking for all my life. The teaching about the coming Apocalypse must than be investigated from the perspective of God’s plan for humankind, its purpose and events. Only then can it be better understood.

I concluded, that the dual track railroad reveals that the Apocalypse and the Coming of the Lord are not the same events. They are two different items in the architectural drawing. I want to say it again. The day of Coming of the Lord Jesus is unknown to us, but the chronological frame of the Apocalypse is something else. It can be discovered. I expect that this truth of two fundamentally different perspectives will raise the temperature of many mainline Christians to protest against my books’ thesis.

Q #7: Historic dating against scholarly opinions?

Your dating of Nehemiah’s reconstruction of the Jerusalem wall was set at the year 454 BC and adding the 69 weeks (483 years) in which we arrive at the week of Jesus Christ ministry in AD 29. All historians consulted, indicate 444 BC? Where did you get the date of 454 BC?

A #7

You said “all”? I would say many agree with 444 BC but not all. Furthermore, there is no scholarly consensus on the year when Christ was born. I have seen 1BC, 4BC, 6BC and some other dates presented in respectable academic context. Which is it? Let’s play straight poker here.

I believe the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization has the proper date only because it matches my calendar. That does not pigeonhole me as a believer in that religion. Is my calendar superior? It gives you a perspective of God’s plan for the ages. I found that it matches the dates of secular history as usually believed by or offered by some historian more skilled and educated in history than myself, and it overlays with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System.

I consider myself a student. That’s all. I am learning something at my old age of over 72. If we do not know about that system, than we should learn about it. Again, many Christians have a problem because it is not in the Bible. But they still accept somebody’s dating interpretation, but to do so means rejecting another’s dates. Why should one interpretation be more valued than another? Today we have many scholarly books available that shine more light on biblical truth than perhaps could even have been conceived of 50 years ago. But old, outdated opinions do not fade away even if they are wrong. I did not invent the Hebrew system of alphabetic numbers that has been around for thousands of years. This is true whether it is denigrated to being mystical, forbidden, or maybe cabalistic - whatever that means.

Q #8: A period of 1,715 years in ancient times?

In the books of Daniel and Revelation it mentions “time and times, and half a time.” Christian scholars historically referred to this as a 3-1/2 year time period, 42 months or as 1,260 days. That has always been the Christian teaching. How come you mention, which is highly questionable, that it could be interpreted as 3-1/2 thousand years? Where do you get your 1,715 years, and where does that come from?

A #8

You need to read my entire book and not just a portion of it. Historically many Christians have misread the Bible by taking some verses out, hang them on the wall and then saying that the Bible teaches this or does not teach that.

In my first line of reasoning, I stated we must have two (2) witnesses to establish “truth” in the Daleth dimension, which is or physical world we live in, or have five (5) witnesses Heh if we want to talk about events happening in heaven. Only then can we be assured of proper biblical doctrine and not just one man’s interpretation. That is my rule, and I ask you for the same. That way we can have a wonderful time discovering God’s plan and not somebody’s noble pet beef or doctoral thesis of the past.

The Bible says that a thousand years is like a day and a day like thousand years, a double confirmation. The years 1,715 years reflect the span between two historical dates. I did not invent them. They appear if we count backwards from Noah’s Flood 2288 BC to 4004 BC. If 490 years is half a time, than multiply it by 3-1/2 you will get 1,715.

I happened to discover that they have the Hebrew 3-1/2 formula buried in them. For some reason, the Aztec calendar has that date, too. The 2288 BC date is not my invention either. I got it from “The Wall Chart of History” by Professor Edwards Hull, a Barnes and Nobles publication.

The date 4004 BC is only partially correct because my analysis reveals it as the date when Adam and Eve were cast out from the Garden of Eden. My calendar is preceded by another 64 years, which probably was the birthday of Adam. This is the first time you will hear about it and that is why we must investigate the other rail to be convinced. The whole calendar of 7,000 years must be looked at from the total perspective, and then we can discuss where it might differ from some other opinions.

The Hebrew Alphabet Number System is multidimensional and can apply wherever scripture is not quite clear. If it matches – makes sense in the broader biblical context, then we can have a reasonable assurance that it is God’s will for us to understand it that way. If it does not, then we must investigate further why. So the “time-times and half a time” can apply as thousand years or just years. In Daniel 12:7 we have a double meaning to this measurement of time.

I discovered another system in Daniel’s prophecy, which is explained in my Rosetta stone discovery. I want to point out that my Seven (7,000) Thousand Years of Human History Table overlays in all its historical highlights and is symmetrically reflected just like a Russian egg buried within another smaller one. In like manner, the Seven Year Table of the Apocalypse displays exactly the same pattern. If it did not have the same pattern, it would not be a Russian egg. I would not believe it.

Here is another example. All my life I have believed in the “gap theory.” Recently, however, I learned some scientific facts that do not match that theory, and then I found those 5 witnesses in the Bible to back up an interpretation contrary to what many scholars teach.

In my studies of Bible prophecy I became enchanted discovering symmetrical overlays of time periods and critical events, which have usually led me to a right interpretation. Such discoveries also led me to my knees in thanking God for his marvelous greatness.

When I request five (5) Bible verses from those who dispute with me about the pre-tribulation event theories, they usually can come up with two Bible verses at best, but I have found it necessary to have five verses to understand events from the Heh dimension in order to teach it as a doctrine. My request usually ends our discussion because they can only express an opinion based on two verses instead of the five verses needed to move their ides from opinion to valid doctrine.

Q #9: Daniel 9:26-27 Gap Theory questioned?

You doubt the Gap Theory affirmed by many exegetes as the proper explanation of what happened between the 69th and the 70th weeks of years in Daniel 9:26-27. There is a chronological break or gap between the 69th and the 70th weeks of years in this pivotal prophecy. This gap in Daniel 9 is supported by Daniel 2, where the fourth phase (iron) is divided into two stages: the iron phase is followed by a mixture of iron clay (ten toes). Also, in Revelation we have 10 horns again with the beast who will reign in the end time for 42 months, which means the 3-1/2 years of the antichrist. So it is obvious that there is a gap between the 69th week of years in Daniel 9:26, which ends with the death of the Messiah, and the beginning of the 70th week of years pertaining to Antichrist. Revelation confirms this in 17:9.

A #9

Again you got to read my entire book, Mystery of Tammuz 17 – at least all of Chapter 6. You are not comparing apples with apples but apples with oranges. You have posed two questions, and I want to answer them separately.

First, the gap you refer to is described by scholars or exegetes (what ever that means) in hundreds of books written about it, and I am in agreement with them. In fact I describe it similarly in my own books, but this explanation of Daniel’s 70 Weeks prophecy only pertains to the seven-based Daleth dimension measurement of time. There is another overlay, another layer in the understanding of this biblical passage because this 70 Weeks prophecy also applies to the five-based Heh dimension, which operates a little differently. Just as many biblical verses, stories and parables have dual applications or multiple levels of communicating spiritual principles, so does it also have multiple levels of prophecy – including multiple “types” of fulfillment, as I described with my mountain top – hidden valleys metaphor.

In my book I describe my “Rosetta stone” discovery where Daniel 9:26-27 can be understood from two perspectives. Again, it is the Hebrew Alphabet Number System that most Christians have never heard about it, which was key to understanding what is being communicated. From this discovery I learned something that applies to these same verses, overlaying them in a different, parallel number system that is five-based instead of seven-based. Once you become familiar with this structure, you will discover that it works. The missing 70th week is floating somewhere in our normal seven-based chronology that is measured in our material, Daleth dimension and that is why we could not satisfactorily explain it historically assigning an indeterminate gap to the chronological break found between the 69th and 70th weeks.

Were all of the 70 Weeks prophecy’s elements fulfilled 2,000 years ago in the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 AD (as some scholars teach), or is it still to be fulfilled in the future? The debate rages yet in seminaries. Because Daniel begins his discourse in the Daleth dimension and finishes it in the Heh dimension, I started to test some ideas out. In the process I discovered what I call the binary, 7:5 ratio math system. Daniel did not realize that switching his discourse from one level (the 7-based) to end it on another level (five-based) would create such confusion.

Although Daniel was himself confused, not clearly understanding when all of the prophecies he was given would take place (Daniel 12:8-9), it was not because of his ignorance of the numeric value of the Hebrew alphabet. While some of what he was given seemed obvious, other parts of the prophecies he saw did not. I believe that his problem was that he did not have the perspective of some two thousand five hundred years of historic fulfillment of this prophecy that we have today. I am referring to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus as well as to the restoration of Jerusalem to Israel in 1967.

Not too surprisingly, this prophecy’s apparent lack of clarity has resulted in several churches’ teachings that have clouded up something very obvious over the years. In Daniel’s day the Hebrew aspect would have been accessible to them. It would not have been a problem because every Torah student understood the hidden Hebrew language system, so there is no additional explanation of it in the text. They took it for granted that the reader would understand it. In Daniel’s culture everybody understood the Hebrew stuff I talk about, but today it is different. Christianity developed into a monorail approach to the Bible that has resulted in abnormal interpretations being declared as doctrine.

This monorail mindset created additional confusion that is expressed in a second gap theory in which the 70 th week became the week of Jesus’ ministry and crucifixion – half fulfilled the first time He came and half yet to be fulfilled pertaining to His Second Coming. Thus, we are still looking for a future missing half week (3 ½ years) or week (7 years) that some how relates to the Apocalypse.

In a monorail perspective we cannot get those two different weeks together; it cannot be only one or the other. Hence Christian scholars created a second gap theory. On to top of that, many Christians have confused the Lord’s coming in splendor with the rapture. Something is definitely missing and the many books published in the past cannot explain it very satisfactorily.

Has God abandoned logic? Did he only reveal 98% of what is going to happen to Daniel – the 98% that has already come to pass historically? Is He not going to give us some insight into the last 2%? No, I think not. That’s when and how I discovered a Rosetta stone in Daniel’s prophecy and it gives us an answer in simple logic for the first time.

Using my Rosetta Stone, the missing floating week of the Apocalypse appears like a gear that is connected to the other cycles that express the well-known, fulfilled 98% parts of Daniel’s prophecy. Many of the dates I have discovered in relation to the Apocalypse are cosmic dates like solstices or equinoxes. These events cannot be manipulated with whatever rubber band calendar we might try to use.

The overlay of Biblical verses in the five-based system of the Heh dimension revealed that date. This is appropriate because Jesus is in heaven, and the events leading up to His return to the earth begin there with the Apocalypse in Heaven. He comes from heaven to re-establish a heavenly government over the earth, so the Second Coming is a heavenly event that is only revealed from the eternal perspective of Heh. Although we do not have the necessary five witnesses to determine the day of Jesus’ return, we do have many of the dates for major events of the Apocalypse as well as some broad parameters provided by the five-based system within which Jesus will return.

This matter of the 7:5 Rosetta Stone math system was not my invention, I am not that smart. I try my best to educate my Christian friends, but I come up against an ingrained monorail education mentality from the past, which does not allow any other interpretation other than their existing one - no matter how lopsided it sounds. I have read books where some learned professors massage Greek or Hebrew words to justify their theory, which is in conflict with many Bible verses once you objectively lay them side by side. In my initial study reading all of these books, I noticed most of them came from America, which has a proliferation of so-called Christian denominations representing almost any color and flavor you might desire. Look in the yellow pages of any town across the country under “churches.” You will find many divisions and names, but each claims to be “of God.”

Q #10: You have no fear to date a future time?

You mentioned yourself that others tried already to calculate the date of the end. I know e.g. the neoapostolics, the Jehovah Witnesses (Watchtower) and some other evangelicals who tried to speculate. Some recently used the date of Israel’s foundation in 1948 plus 40 years to arrive at 1988. Therefore, I ask myself how does it come about that you do not fear to pronounce dates for the end of the Great Tribulation, which coincides with the rapture of Jesus Christ and the beginning of the Millennium since Jesus said that only God knows when that will happen? (Matthew 24:36)

A #10

This was my most difficult decision to make. As a Christian, God made it quite clear to me that I was to “write.” I was an inventor of many products in the past and my retirement with my vineyard and a hot tub full of friends at parties was not bad. I felt that I had finally “arrived.” I write a little about myself in the Preface, and some of the questions you ask are answered there. I had never written a book before, nor did I even know what to write about. Why would anyone I sit down endlessly on a computer and risk the respect from his or her children, his friends and even all the Christians who now distance themselves from me?

But God has assured me that I must represent Jonah and deliver a message no matter the consequences. As I sat down, most of what you read in my books I knew nothing about two years ago. I have no talent to write, but God appointed a lady who then edited my text. As a matter of fact, there were three. Two exited soon after beginning, and the last one was what I call, “The iron lady with the iron scissors.” She cut and cut most of what I wrote, but nevertheless God pushed me to continue to write. It was an awful experience, and I do not want to go through that again.

Then, when I thought I was finished, somebody very educated high on the conference circuit told me Herbert are you a prophet? You should separate the sacred text from the secret. Then at least the Lord will not be dishonored. I followed his advice, but now came that Hebrew stuff that I knew nothing about. My “Iron Lady” could not understand what I was trying to say, and I cried out to the Lord – it’s over. I quit.

Then, God appointed a Hebrew scholar to come to my aid. No more about that excuse. You can read the rest in the acknowledgments. God has a message for you, and I do not care what your belief system is. The Bible verses will speak for themselves. The dating is not the most important message. It is only the headline. What it says is that there is a message from God in a Bible full of literally thousands of verses. I put many of them in my books, and I do not know now where they came from and why the sequence. All I know now that you cannot silence it on the Internet.

I expect that many will become offended and curse me that they lost their peace. I think that this will be especially true for the Christians blinded by their monorail education. Hopefully, they will now begin to think through what the Bible says and examine their lives. They have been misled by a mostly sincere (Probably – I am not their judge.) Christian establishment, but now comes a series of dates of monumental events that are and will become reality.

Check it out and prove it for yourselves. Use your own education and logic. Apply the pure math of probability, and you will be confronted with a truth you never wanted to know about. I promise that it will be very unsettling, and you will join me in hoping in a part of you that it will not happen. The roadmap of the Apocalypse contains spectacular predictions. I do not charge you any money for it because I am not really the author.

Many Christians have made millions of dollars with only 10% what is contained in these two books. But this message is different, and my biggest confrontation comes from my own brothers in the faith. Read my discourse about the religious establishment of today’s Christian church. God said, “I will spit you out.” Not very kind words if you want to be popular and be accepted by your friends and fellow Christians. Jonah wanted to escape and had difficulty obeying God. I found out, too, that it comes with a price tag attached to it. But God is sovereign and is not a respecter of persons. We are all made from the same clay and will end as it is written. May we be found worthy and faithful to what He has committed to each of us.

Q#11: How certain is your determination of the 2008-2015 projection? Let us assume you are right that the Apocalypse will begin at the end of the year 2008. How sure are you of your discovery?


A #11

Again, we must approach this answer from our intellect or logic. Many humanist professors think that Christians are less educated or outright stupid to believe all that stuff about the Bible. This expressed bias of ignorance is usually a product of our educational system based on an unproven evolutionary theory. Outmoded belief systems do not die overnight, and eventually they are replaced by new fairytales if not the truth. Educated people without spiritual insight will never understand the railroad system God has designed. This series of railroad stations tell us His purpose for our existence. Check out those historical stations and discover the satisfying treasures along the track. Life must have some excitement like the farmer in Germany experienced.

If we want to use some logic and apply it to our daily life, then we can come to that point where we will understand “why” there is an Apocalypse. Next will logically follow the answers to “when” and “what.” I have answered all three questions in my two books. If you never read the Bible, these books will give you in shorthand what God the Designer gave us through the “architectural plans” found in the Bible. I cover His outlined plan for humanity mostly in my first book, Apocalypse Prophesied, which is available on the Internet for free because the word of God should be available without cost. I share what I discovered without making money.

The other book describes my discovery, Mystery of Tammuz 17. However, I must warn you, it is dangerous reading material. Already some religious professors, politicians and humanists have contacted me with their concerns. Now that these books are on the Internet, the rational consequences are already set in motion. As in the story of Aladdin, the Genie is out of the bottle, and no one can control him anymore to put it back. In closing, many more questions will be asked, and I expect that time will set aside for special TV coverage. All I can promise now, your time is well spent reading these books. They will open up a dimension that you probably did not previously know existed.

The question again comes back to the two issues that most have problems with. If we flip a coin, we have two possibilities: one is I am wrong and the other I am right. Supposed you are a Christian, how will it affect you when God says, “Time is up!” If it does happen, all my books will be sold out within minutes. I would suggest getting a book now, just in case. My probability is much greater than flipping a coin 50%, read Chapter 8 of the second book. There you will find a number 1:10000000000000000. That is the probability for the dates of these events to line up as they have. That is what math teaches me about the chances I am right or wrong.

Q #12: Fegefeuer – forever and ever?

I appreciate that you insist that Jesus is the only way to be saved and that salvation cannot be obtained by works but only by grace through Christ. But I cannot find in the Bible the teaching of purgatory (Fegefeuer) with which you seem to agree (Chapter 6 Book #1). Nowhere in the Bible will you find a statement that an unbeliever can still obtain forgiveness beyond the tomb/death I cannot find it in the Bible, which I am studying already 30 years.

A #12

First of all, I did not say that once in hell you could still be saved, but that everybody in Hell must come to a realization that he has violated God’s laws.

Earlier you mentioned that some of my ideas presented may have come from the Kabbalah, which is a collection of Jewish mysticism. The Kabbalah teaches that the soul will be improved, corrected or repaired once in Hades (Greek), Sheol (Hebrew) or hell and will then qualify or be taken into Paradise (Gan Eden) the Garden of Eden. This is a religion coming directly from Satan who will distort anything or add to it to confuse mankind. If we think through this line of reasoning, then ultimately Hitler and Stalin, mass murders, will end up with all the others in Paradise or heaven. It is the biggest lie if you fall for that.

What I will explain here a little bit later on the Fegefeuer, is that the soul having received a prison sentence forever, will never be able to leave that place of “outer darkness” until it has paid its debt. One way to pay a debt is for the creditor to forgive it. If you have stolen something or killed somebody, that is a debt, and you will remain in your prison until you paid for that offence. However if you receive forgiveness from your creditors, you have no more debt: it is paid. You are still in prison, but now you have a possibility to get out early. The only “out” is death in the lake of fire where your soul disintegrates, and you will cease to suffer with gnashing of teeth and exist no more.

But the same servant went out, and found one of his fellow servants, which owed him an hundred pence: and he laid hands on him, and took [him] by the throat, saying, Pay me that thou owes.

And his fellow servant fell down at his feet, and besought him, saying, Have patience with me, and I will pay thee all. And he would not: but went and cast him into prison, till he should pay the debt. (Matthew 18:28-30)

So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses. (v. 35)

So if you receive forgiveness of your debt, then you must have some proof from this transaction. I created a system of mercy chips (my opinion) as a symbolic token that could be acceptable currency to all in hell the outer darkness. If you collected all your mercy chips, then you can make the journey to the Death angel. In meeting him you will probably be surprised, if you are lost forever, when he will give you some mercy chips previously collected on your behalf. These chips represent the forgiveness already given to you by one or more redeemed souls from the other side (Heh). Your debt there was paid or cancelled when those redeemed persons forgave you, and you didn’t even know about it.

Many Christian scholars describe at length with pertinent Bible verses that in effect say that hell is forever. My story questioned that term “forever,” which gives way to an explanation of “mercy chips,” a currency for the “nether world” to pay one’s debt. Some Bible verses indicate that an unbeliever is tormented forever. This Greek word study then became the foundation for a belief system within the Christian church, which later got elevated to dogma status. The word “ages of ages” and not “age to age” seems to be the basis of that theory. Again I am confronted with a monorail perspective, and I am not questioning the sincerity of one’s search for truth.

The meaning of the word “ever and ever” is one of the mostmisunderstood in Christianity, and we must connect it with the Plan of God for the universe. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System will reveal something that will hopefully give us understanding and lay to rest what I believe to be a false Christian doctrine. (Remember my rules, five (5) Bible verses to be able to elevate an idea to doctrine.)

We have learned that man lives on two levels. There are the Daleth and Heh dimensions. Therefore, we will experience two birthdays, one in the Daleth dimension and one in the Heh dimension. It is like the story of the butterfly. In its first stage a little worm or caterpillar is crawling surrounded on leaves in the tree of the forest, which I call the Daleth dimension. Then at a given time - at the end of its cycle, it hides in a cocoon, and it seems that the little critter has died. The cocoon represents Sheol or Hades in this analogy. Later we witness a rebirth, and it is now a butterfly, totally different from his first stage. This story seems unbelievable on the surface, but we know that it is true. At this stage the butterfly has wings and is designed to live in the air – as angels do in the Heh dimension - the other side.

Some butterflies will be resurrected in a beautiful garden, which is the original model (in all cultures I know about) for paradise. I usually refer to this as the Heh or heavenly side or reality. Others will find themselves born in cages controlled by Satan who collects all remaining lost sinners who do not belong in heaven. Satan collects these lost souls and puts them in a dark place (box). Human collectors put butterflies in boxes in order to show them to others, like trophies to impress someone. At a later point in God’s plan, this box will have lost its usefulness. Any remaining butterflies will then be burned in place called Gehennah.

So this story illustrates that there will be many lost people who will be surprised to find out that there is another, future death experience waiting for them on the other side, that is after you have already died and past on from this earth. It will come as a great shock to the unbeliever who is lost forever, but for those who believe, the other side will be experienced as great joy. To the righteous, this second stage of life will be like the caterpillars awaking to discover their “wings” in the midst of a flower garden.

Now God informs us that there will no longer come another cycle of birth and death, historically there are only two stages. So if you are lost, you are now sentenced into the lake of fire, which is final and ends life after your second birthday in the Daleth dimension. We must understand that Daleth mean this world - this time. If you have died in your sins, you will be born again in the Daleth dimension to stand trial before a White Throne on earth (the box). You will be informed that there will no longer be another birth/death cycle and that means that judgment is now forever and ever, no more possibility cycles after that.

The “lake of fire” wherever it is, is a black hole and temporal, because the Creator said: “Behold I make all things new.” This means that God is not a sadist to torture His creatures for ever and ever. Only Christians can come up with such an evil thought to put God on their level and make Him equal to Satan. My personal God is love. He, believe it or not, loves all creatures and has tried everything to save them. He even came and died in the Daleth dimension where I live.

Christians, who denigrate God to their level should perhaps watch the movie of Mel Gibson and pay attention to the flogging and recognize the cost it took to save us. God should never be put on the same level as a sadist, to be so callous, so merciless, to torture forever what He created. By the way, the word “sadist” probably came from the root for the word “Satan” - sa(t)danist - sadist. God is Love – period. Only the false virgin (false Christians) or the goats as described in the Gospels can think thoughts like that. That question is final for me, God makes the law, and He is the judge. Who am I to question? So the term forever and ever is connected with the idea of there be no more cycles of life such as expressed in the various ideas of reincarnation or the life cycle of a butterfly.

And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where are also the beast and the false prophet; and they shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. (Revelation 20:10 ARV)

My sixth chapter of the first book is somehow revolutionary and is a must to read it, when we want to discuss hell-Sheol-Fegefeuer l or the other side. In Matthew 18:34 Jesus, who is from the other side, said:

And his master was angry, and delivered him to the tortures until he should pay all that was due to him.

Let’s focus on the word “until.” Logically, it could be understood that there exists some currency not known to us, which is used to symbolically pay debts in the nether-world or outer darkness. The word “until” implies that there could be an end where things balance out. It may be a long time -maybe forever, but then not. Since we are confronted with a Daleth dimension and a Heh dimension, than there exist two different levels and from that perspective let’s look how Bible verses line up.

In Genesis 3:15 we have a Godly seed revealed, and in Isaiah 14:20 there is a seed from Satan.

Thou shalt not be joined with them in burial, because thou hast destroyed thy land, thou hast slain thy people; the seed of evil-doers shall not be named for ever.

Satan’s seed in contrast to the heavenly seed follows again the 7:5 division of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. When evil-doers are in hell, they have names. As long they are there, they exist. This is true for the other seed in heaven (Heh). But Scripture says that they will not have a name forever, so they will lose something: their identity will be lost. The Daleth dimension will end, and the earth as we know it will end with it and that includes the under-earth, where the demons live. Why is death and Hades cast into the lake of fire?

Do the lost souls just dissolve there or transfer to somewhere else to go on to live forever and ever? Is there another place? Does the lake of fire have Dalethin this world and this time features like day and night cycles? (Revelation 20:10)

And death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death, [even] the lake of fire. (Revelation 20:14)

My understanding of “Death” means it is over and not “forever and ever.” So mortals live in the Daleth dimension and will experience two birthdays and either one or two death experiences. If you are born again in the Heh dimension, you will live forever because God will give you eternal life due to belief in his son Jesus Christ. Hence, you will not die again: you die once in the Daleth dimension and then live forever in the Heh dimension.

However, if you are born again with unforgiving sins on your record, then you are born again in the Daleth dimension, and you will stand trial before the white throne on earth at the last day. At that time you will be judged and sentenced to a specific time. After serving the sentence of appropriate punishment according to your works, you will be terminated forever by experiencing the second death in the lake of fire. There will be no more cycles of Life/Death to give you another chance just like a butterfly does not get it either. The two-sided, life-death cycles are well documented in the Bible.

My book gives five Bible verses from the outer darkness with gnashing of teeth, but that is Hades or hell, which will be terminated when it is empty. It is not the lake of fire. So these verses elevate this Bible concept to doctrine because it has the required five verses. Will Mortals be tortured forever in hell? I do not think so because the whole institution or prison system is cast out into the lake of fire. Now we have another situation to consider.

If the earth vanishes, what does it mean by day and night? Is the Daleth dimension still around? Does the lake of fire have day and night cycles?


Fegefeuer or Hades-Sheol is a purging place. It exists only for a specific purpose and in a particular time frame; hence its existence is only temporary because it will end in the lake of fire. The purpose of Hades is to educate sinful lost people in what they have not learned while living on earth. One thing lost people must learn is that there was a moral law, which they willfully violated against God’s laws in open rebellion. They have a debt to pay. They still have God’s breath in them, because they are still living souls. They cannot be saved, because they have already passed the judgment throne where sentence was pronounced.

Now comes the prison time, which is their punishment. Each sentence is appropriate to the offence, but each will determine how long they will serve time for that offence. Some receive longer terms than others, but it will dependent on their willingness to concede and agree that what they have done was wrong. This change of mind similar to repentance should shorten their time spent in prison.

They must first receive forgiveness from those they have violated in their past life. I created a merci-chip currency they must collect from each other to pay off their debts. If it takes a long time to be forgiven, than it takes longer to collect your mercy chips for a sentence reduction. Good behavior even the Daleth dimension on earth was always granted to those who turned around from their wicked ways. But they will never ever come out of the prison. It is life sentence for eternity in that prison.

However, if you have collected all your mercy chips, and paid what you owned, then you can ask for “Mercy unto Death.” That will shorten your stay in hell, which is a place of torture and gnashing of teeth where one is surrounded by bad company of the most evil satanic demons. Let me explain, every one will share something from the past, which is buried in them, a divine gene system of righteousness. They know good and evil. Every soul must come to that place where they must agree with God, that their ultimate sentence was fair and righteous.

How do you get an evil cursing, mean-looking, gnashing teeth individual to be in submission to God’s Laws, even to admit that they were wrong? You force him to pay as long it takes, and the method I describe in Chapter 6 of the first book is just one story to try to describe it. I believe that it makes sense because it is based on verses right out of the Bible. It takes a little work to put it together, but with the help of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, it is a good story. It is a much better explanation than other expert opinions I have heard. If you have a different opinion, I would like to hear about it. My opinion is a good as yours, unless we have five (5) Bible verses then we can elevate it to Biblical doctrine. I am sorry; I have not found five Bible verses which definitely tell what will happen beyond the lake of fire. The Bible is silent. In Revelation 21:5 (ASV) it says:

And he that sitteth on the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he saith, Write: for these words are faithful and true.

If all things are new, then the lake of fire as an institution for a given purpose is history too. Or find me five Bible verse-witnesses to establish a Bible doctrine of “Ever and Ever.”

For further proof I am sorry to tell you, that I did not visit hell or the other side. I have no desire to go there so that I come back to tell you about it. Jesus’ story of Lazarus tells me that the rich man’s relative would not believe either, even if one would come back from the dead. The proof is in the Bible itself. How many will believe Jesus today, who did come back from the dead? I rest my case.

Q #13: The age of the Hebrew Language?

In the Appendix you say that Hebrew is the only language that survived after the confusion of Babel and retained some of its original design. I studied Greek, Latin and Hebrew. I thought that Hebrew was just one of other Semitic languages and was younger than Aramaic, Ugaritic and the Phoenician languages. Perhaps fanatical Orthodox Jews may insist that Hebrew is the only language preserved after Babel but hardly linguists.

A #13

It is obvious that you as a Christian were educated in a secular university, which denies much of what the Bible proclaims. Many Christians have a tough time bringing their faith in alignment what was taught to them in secular education institutions. For them to contemplate something that is foreign or outside the realm of accepted university knowledge becomes difficult to understand - especially when it reveals something from the other railroad track.

Once again I am confronted with a monorail mentality. Any person generally unfamiliar with Hebrew philosophy almost immediately classifies someone using Hebrew context as captive to a fanatical, Orthodox Jewish mythology. But since we are not talking about biblical doctrine, then my opinion is as good as yours. But we should be able reason with logic and come together.

From the biblical interpretation, the Bible reveals that a large civilization existed before Noah’s Flood. Technically, it was more advanced than we are today since they used iron, a complex metal at the very beginning of time 4,000 BC. (Genesis 4:22), which dates it 1715 years before the flood of Noah. They all spoke the same language. Adam lived pretty close to the time of the Flood, when Methuselah the oldest man on earth, died. So Noah’s family, I am sure, spoke the same language as Adam. Somebody identified it with the word “eber” which became Hebrew, meaning “the one from the other side.”

Many years - perhaps hundreds of years - later, the Bible tells us that humans repopulated the earth and soon built a tower in Babel. God was not pleased with that project and confused their language. But the old language was not confused because the old eber-language was of divine origin. It was the language God invented to communicate with man, and it was still spoken at that time and continued along the Godly line of descendents of Seth to Enoch-Lameth-Noah-Shem. I am sure that God did not change His original language once given it to man. Noah was a confirmed bachelor at 500 years. God visits Noah and asked him to get married, have children and built an ark which took 120 Aztec years (17 modern years) to build.

Noah’s name means “out of the ground which the Lord has cursed” or “this one shall bring relief from our work.” (Genesis5:28) The meaning of Noah’s name reveals the embedded hope of his great-grand-grand mother Eve, that some how in the future a promised savior would be born to the Godly line of her descendents. Maybe the Noah’s father hoped that his son would be the promised savior. Perhaps they thought that the ark would provide the vehicle for that salvation once Noah finished it, but God had other plans. Except for Noah’s immediate family, all humanity then alive perished in the First Apocalypse because that last generation had become unredeemable in their pre-occupation with violence and evil. How many of this last generation – even how many who call themselves “Christian” will survive the Second Apocalypse?

Here again is demonstrated the Hebrew Alphabet Number System which contributes its embedded (or hidden) truths and concepts. In my book I explain the three dimensional structure of the Hebrew language. It really has four (4) because of the Daleth dimension must have four, or maybe there could be one more, making it five-He-dimension. Let me know if you find that one. The fourth one is “singing.” Music is another dimension. Many Torah-Bible verses were transferred not only through writing, but they were also put to music and in songs to tell stories from the past.

That method of putting to memory many Bible–Torah concepts resulted in preserving texts unchanged for hundreds of years because they had to fit within a certain melody sequence which would not allow alterations. Thus, complicated texts of sacred scripture remained pure as they were passed on from one generation to generation or were sung by thousands of mothers to their children and grandchildren alike.

This whole process is extraordinary and neither method excludes the other. God did not often appoint the highly educated, the powerful or wealthy to transfer his word, but women from an uneducated, mostly poor or lower class. How marvelous is the working of God that he uses persons that many think are inferior. (I Corinthians 1:26-29)

Moses probably collected many of the songs during the 40 years that he was a shepherd. Although he lived like a nomad in an open wilderness, his father-in-law was a living encyclopedia of Hebrew religion. Highly educated as a ruling prince of Egypt, Moses combined the old Hebrew scrolls handed down through the generations of his family with the old stories and songs as well as the current history of his people to compose the Torah, which includes the written records of life before the Flood.

Now back to our language discourse. Only the communication abilities of those who rebelled in building a tower at the city of Babel were impacted by God’s punishment, which was a confusion of languages that scattered humanity over the face of the earth as history demonstrates.

So later, when God spoke to Abraham and the high priest Melchizedek, who had had some connection to Shem, He used that same old “eber” language from the other side. As a priest of the most High, it was his job to preserve the ancient traditions and hidden meanings that were later passed on to Moses so he could use them in writing the Torah, the first five books of the Bible. In it he relates the events from before the Flood.

The trail next leads to the destruction of the temple in 588 BC, which is the center of human history. It ends the first seven cycles of God’s plan for this earth. It also begins a new cycle of five according to the 7:5 Rosetta Stone ratio, which develops in a new area meaning. God now reveals Himself only on special occasions that we call the prophetic time periods that followed the First Temple’s destruction.

Previously, the priests of Israel’s tabernacle and temple spoke directly to God through the Urim and Thummim (the shining stones on the High Priest’s breastplate) using the ancient Shem-Hebrew, but the destruction of the temple in 588 BC ended that, too. There where no more priests who spoke the ancient Hebrew language, so that even the proper pronunciation of God’s name, YHVH, was lost. However, the Bible was preserved in its original written form to communicate to our present, then future, world.

The three dimensional nature of the Hebrew language structure has been described in many books that can be bought in special bookstores. I came across some books, written by Jewish professors, and they challenged my research mind to learn more about it.

Today Israel speaks a revived form of the old Hebrew writings, which was phonetically silent for many years but was reconstructed as a spoken language with an updated vocabulary and grammar beginning in the early 1900’s. Many immigrants from around the world speaking a German sounding Yiddish for centuries had to learn a new language to live in Israel. But remember, that it came from these ancient writings and is not dependant on the mysterious and sometimes extreme opinions of kabalistic rabbis. The characteristics of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System relate more to normal linguistic development.

Your biased opinion is obvious, that contrary to secular opinion as taught in our western universities today, Aramaic, Ugaritic, Phoenician and even the Chinese dialects (Noah’s after-the-Flood children) - all came into existence later. If, therefore, your opinion dates these languages differently, then you have to convince me with another set of logically organized facts, and I hope you as a Christian will stay close to the Bible.

Q #14: Why do we count from the destruction of the Temple in 588 BC? If you begin with Adam all the way to 4018 BC, then we have 12 X 490 cycles = 5,888 years and not 6,000 years? Herbert, I have read your book but I have a problem with your dating, which is inconsistent if you use a regular calculator like the ones most people use.


A #14

To date ancient events properly, we must first determine what calendar to use. I stated before in my book that a false premise will always give a false conclusion, so we must select the proper calendar relevant to the research being done. For example, NASA uses a computer calendar based on the atomic clock for space exploration because it must be very accurate.

On earth we have two calendars that were very accurate during the historical ages when they were developed. Several of the earliest calendars calculated (a year) the time it took the earth to travel around the sun to be 360 days. Then came the Flood. A comparison of Genesis 1:6-8 with Genesis 6:11 together with several scientific observations indicate that an asteroid hit the earth near the beginning of the Flood’s rise. The asteroid’s impact slowed the earth down, and the length of a year eventually stabilized at about 365.24 days, which is the length of our secular and solar calendar.

This change was not immediately noticed. Furthermore, civilization had been wiped out. It took a while for the survivors to get back to scientific observations and to recognize this change in the year’s length, which has contributed to why we still have significant differences between the world’s religious or traditional calendars and the scientific calendar. Some traditional calendars have addressed these changes as well as the changes in a culture’s scientific abilities. For example, history documents two major adjustments to our present calendar made by Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory. The Jewish calendar was also corrected not too long ago, and Islam’s lunar calendar annually falls 11.24 days behind the solar calendar.

Now let’s get out your calculator and follow my trail.

The first wrong premise is that Adam was created at Zero time. I have determined the date of Creation to be 4068 BC, but many scholars stick with the date 4004 BC. In my system, 4004 BC is the year when Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden.

My 7,000-Year Table of Human History displays both the early Hebrew calendar from before the Flood together with our current calendar. I do this because the Bible and Bible prophecy in particular are based on the old calendar; which is why we must use a calculator to work out the timing of events that fulfill prophecy.

The destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 588 BC was without debate the crucial turning point in Israel’s history. It signified the end of the national, covenant relationship with the Creator God established at Mount Sinai under Moses. The Shekinah glory left the Temple, the Ark of the Covenant holding the two tables of the Ten Commandments is never seen again, and the natural descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are driven from their promised homeland for seventy (70) years. Those 70 years are counted with the first half of human history. (Click here to learn why I use 588 BC instead of another date.)

When we count forward 70 years from the destruction of the Temple in 588 BC, we come to the exact center of God’s 7,000 year plan of history-prophecy for all humanity at 518 BC. Now begins the second half of human history during which the Bible directs us to look for a “prophet like unto Moses” (Deuteronomy 34:10; Acts 3:22) and a “new covenant” (Jeremiah 31:31-34; Hebrews 12:4; 2 Corinthians 3:6) inscribed on the fleshly tables of the human heart instead of on stone. The fulfillment of these prophecies focus on the person and work of Jesus. It began with His first coming and will swing into full gear at His return when God’s direct rule over mortals will include all of the families of humanity and not just the Jewish people or Israelites.

To count backward, we can use the equivalent of half of all history in Babylonian years (3,500) to arrive at 4018 BC. To calibrate or adjust the date to our secular calendar date of 4068 BC, I did as follows:

Q#15: In chapter 4 of Mystery of Tammuz, you describe the final count down of the Apocalypse. The description of all these various forms of cruel mass extinction is completely confusing, because the reader of the book will never clearly understand what is happening, how and in what order to what enemy. Russia seems to receive a special treatment.


A #15

The final phase of the Apocalypse is recorded by numerous war reporters, which we call prophets. Like on D-day in Europe and witnessing the final battle of a collapsing Nazi Germany. Many reporters from the Allied forces where stationed at different location and reported what they saw from their various perspectives.

The same happens in Bible prophecy: different locations and diverse local peoples being invaded by another country. All report a piece of the kaleidoscope of events, which all together becomes one big event, the “Apocalypse.” One reporter sees birds eating the corpses of military staff officers, which is newsworthy, but that does not mean all the 200 million dead bodies will be eaten by birds.

I can come up with a scenario that when such a huge army marches through any given area, all vegetation is totally stripped as the war reporter (prophet) Joel describes it. He compares it to locust holocaust where there is total destruction of the environment. The area invaded is stripped totally bare for humans or animals alike after this army leaves it. Other reporters will write about the destructive effect of 100 pound burning stones falling from heaven, while another focuses on eyeballs rotting out from corpses indicating chemical or nuclear warfare.

Believe me these events make me sick, and I am not the man to describe them in detail. That is why I copy the scripture and let you read it without my commentary. Some events are bigger, and I recognize their relative position within in the structure of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. What will actually take place will probably differ in details from what I have written; however, I am sure that the events reported by the various prophets will happen. It does not really matter how I or you die if we are caught in the middle of these climatic events.

Q#16: In chapter 4 of Mystery of Tammuz in the paragraph starting with “…as a plague of locusts in which a soldier marches straight ahead neither turning to the right nor to the left to find the last remaining Jews to kill." How can one try to find the last remaining Jews without turning neither to the right nor to the left? Isn’t that quite an ineffective method?



We must first read the surrounding events to understand what goes on here. Just imagine incoming asteroids that crash into the earth causing earthquakes and burning over a vast area around the impact site. All electric power stations are dead. The incoming asteroid debris will destroy all communications satellites before entering the atmosphere. Without that satellite data our sophisticated missiles and war equipment - all run by computers requiring data from those satellites, as well as electricity, will be inoperative junk. All of the rest of the hi-tech war equipment will also become totally ineffective.

The invading armies will find themselves in utter disarray. Even if you had atomic bombs you could not deliver them with any precision to the hot spots. While effectively unopposed by the western armies, massed millions of angered Muslim soldiers will see an opportunity to march into Israel and kill every Jew once and for all. They will march in a line as Joel describes, side by side, stretched out about 400 miles and walk, walk, walk. Everything in their path is killed.

Read Joel. I cannot describe it better. The war reporter prophet describes something so unusual, but it makes sense to me. If an Islamic soldier is in front of a building, he will not go around it, but go through it. He will use any opening available to search for hiding Jews. None will escape from them so that 2/3 of Israel will be killed. Then that entire army of Islam is totally destroyed with no survivors because they come against the cosmic force of the eternal God’s most intense anger. According to the Bible, Israel will have survivors, but the Islamic will disappear forever like Sodom and Gomorrah. I did not make this up. Read it yourself.

Q#17 Oops: 454 BC + 483 years come to 28 AD as many solid sources would indicate. It cannot be any other way in that short period of time. Furthermore, anyone reading the material will chuck it immediately if this correction from BC to AD is not done properly in this case. The broader stuff you mentioned where you do not do adjustments over the 7,000 years, etc., until the end is OK. This section is sensitive because more people know about it. Furthermore, it connects with the 1967/1968.



The gears that do not fit are not gears for the cuckoo clock. Somehow we must agree the method used to count. If I have 11 fingers, it does not matter if I count forward or backward. This is how I count: 10-9-8-7-6 and the other hand 1-2-3-4-5 makes for 6+5=11 fingers. Fun aside, this is the same problem when we count from AD 3018 backwards or when counting from 4068 BC forwards.

There are a lot of controversial dates floating around in the theological establishment that differ from my dating schematic. Many Christian scholars want to massage dates to fit by applying a conversion factor. I do, too, but in other cases the conversion factor is used moving chronologically in the reverse order from how I do it. This is OK, as long as they fit historical events. For example, they divided 360 days into 365.24 days which is a conversion factor of (360/365.24=.9856) this makes the 483 years of Daniel shrink to 476 years. I do not find those years in the Bible, based on the Hebrew premise, because an opinion must have a least 2 witnesses to qualify.

But let’s find how the Christian scholars apply them to their theories. Estimates regarding the date of Christ’s birth include 2, 4, and 6 BC, so we can sum it up mathematically as 4 BC +/- 2 years. Then the crucifixion of Jesus takes place at 32 +/- 2 years. We than count the 470 years backwards, and we come to a date which is AD 32-476= 445 BC. That is the date most scholars believe. It is connected to a Persian king who gave the remnant of Israelis slaves the freedom to go back to Jerusalem. No one can verify that date from secular history, but it proves a theory with a certain fudge factor. My 454 BC date for the same instance differs by 9 years (454-445 BC = 9).

What proof is there for my theory? First, we need to realize that I found an old, old x-ray body imprint thousands of years old. That X-ray picture came from another civilization, which disappeared, but showed faintly a skeleton of a mathematic system they must have used at that time. I gave it a name - the Hebrew Alphabet Number System.

Our high tech time today is familiar with many math applications, and thanks to modern computers, it is no problem to overlay an old x-ray chart with the existing laws of science. Since the human brain has not changed in the last few thousands of years, we can than figure out what happened during that civilization and compare it with ours. Any similarities are then noted.

This discovery told me that the fudge factor of our present scientific Christian scholars is wrong because the earth has slowed down by 5.25 days for its annual journey around the sun. This slowing took thousands of years to figure it out and correct. Some calendars are still not corrected today because of ingrained tradition, which is stronger then newfound science.

So when we count years, we must agree on the first step. Do I count zero and then comes the first number (step), or do I start with one, because zero does not exist. I let the math guys figure this one out. The ancient observer of the X-ray skeleton of history would first note the headline, which is the sum total, then he looks at points where all the vertebras align. If the X-ray of modern times is a little bigger, then we must reduce it to what we want to compare it with, which is known as a reduction fudge factor. My data comes from a totally different direction because I look at many spots to see where they conform to an old X-ray print from ancient times. Hence I divide 365.24/360 in inverted order from the establishment’s practice, which gives me a fudge factor of 1.0145 instead of .9856.

When I looked and compared the highpoints of the human history, I developed the cuckoo clock gear principle to explain it to common people and not to the theological experts. The whole dating of 7,000 years and the 7-year Apocalypse is therefore just an overlay of that ancient X-ray skeleton (Hebrew Alphabet Number System).

I noted discrepancies from our learned institutions, which disagreed with what I found, but they must be put in the context of constant scientific discovery where books are frequently made obsolete because of new discoveries made daily. I hear about some of them on TV and in the magazines I read. So I have become a little skeptical if one still adheres to old-fashioned religious prophecies invented 100 years ago. The end result was that I could no longer be quite listening to Christian professors expounding on the obsolete facts presented on popular TV programs.

The Internet is now a much bigger classroom. I do not have to agree with my teacher anymore. The established theologians only give passing grades to people who agree with the belief system they are paid to teach. If you wan to test this, just talk to any former science teacher and mention that the human race is only 6,000 years old and then watch his hair on the back of his head, if he has any.

The Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) has a fantastic structure, which amazes me every time I read the same chapter over again. I cannot give you accurate dates of when Jesus Christ died and no one can for certain. But let’s consider my 6th proof in Chapter 9 of Mystery of Tammuz 17. In it I write that the death of Jesus Christ was AD 33.55. From this unusual mathematical strange viewpoint of that observation would put it in the class of lunatics. But use your calculator and change it a little around and see what you find. It does not overlay anything, no equinox-solstice dates fit or any logical relationship. Only 33.55 is a bull’s eye. And why? I do not know. So the scholars say that the death of Christ is from AD 30-33, but HANS puts it at 33.55 because it overlays with the dating of the very center of the Mini-Apocalypse in 2012.

Q#18: The date of the climax of the Apocalypse on December 21st 2012 coincides with the end of the Mayan calendar's end date, and when looking for an answer to what is supposed to happen I've researched a number of different theories and I found your website in my research. First of all I would like to say that your books answer all the questions I've ever had with problems of interpretation I've had with the Bible. I wish to applaud you on that first and foremost.

Now my question to you is that you've used your HANS numbering system to figure out when the Apocalypse is going to be, as it was an encoded message put in the Bible from God all those years ago. Why would God know the end date, know when the Apocalypse is going to happen, and warn all these other civilizations of the end date? How did the Mayans, and the Egyptians and the Chinese all know this end date, without ever having read the Bible or known of Jesus. How did all these civilizations know the end date of life as we know it, without divine intervention from God?

A#18 Why would God know the end date of this age?

God is the architect of all the laws in the universe. Humans generate plans or drawings to build a skyscraper, automobile or kitchen improvements. For anything you point your finger at, there exists a drawing on how to make it. Originally, the Hebrew language was communicated verbally when God talked to Adam and Eve. I believe their communications contained the total knowledge that people would ever require, present or future. That includes today’s advanced technology. Even though our total knowledge is exponentially intensifying and will never fill up the unlimited reservoir of the human brain.

Humans were designed to live in two stages like a butterfly: first as mortals, then to be immortal to end up in the Jod dimension. Any plan implemented in the Daleth dimension of time and space has dates for its completion.

How did the Mayans, and the Egyptians and the Chinese all know this end date of this age without ever having read the Bible?

For product made in this world, a drawing exists. When you drive a car, you do not ask about the engineering blueprints for the vehicle. You just get some advice from the salesperson where to put the key or turn the lights on. Some still look under the hood where the motor is and inquire deeper in the mystery why the car moves, but that is only a very tiny percentage of those who buy a new car.
If you look under the hood, you can discover an almost unending number of related things. It just depends on how much time you want to spend learning about them. Knowledge has always existed, but only a very tiny percentage of the population ask how, why, where and what. Reading a Bible gives you many answers that you cannot find in the library.

The Bible reveals extraterrestrial laws and how the other, or metaphysical, Heh dimension works. Because this dimension of reality cannot be defined by physical laws, it is usually discarded by the scientific establishment. Some governments do not want you to know about Bible for this reason. You will not find it in the classroom to purposefully keep students uninformed.

A calendar deals with the universe, and one cannot avoid asking some questions concerning matters of the Heh dimension when dealing with calendars and the universe. I am not surprised that other cultures discovered pieces of the architectural drawings and figured out its meaning. Where did Albert Einstein get his information? He never invented anything, but somebody build an atomic bomb following his trail of discovery.

How can people from other cultures be saved when they never heard about the Bible?

This is a very difficult one to answer. It has divided a lot of churches, and there are all kinds of opinions. I will give you what I learned from Scripture using the two-railed railroad track perspective. The Bible admonishes the believer to go out into the world to preach the good news and thereby present the opportunity to everyone to become Saints.

Note that I did not mention being “saved.” God accommodates human differences within His plan for humanity. Not all are equally gifted, since everyone was born with different talents. We all will experience a two-stage development cycle like a butterfly; by this analogy there are many different species of butterflies with diverse wing shapes, color and size. God rules over the universe through his government. In any government there are many office positions, and some require more advance preparation for a given job than others. Keeping this in mind, let’s analyze what we all must possess in order to qualify for eternal life:

The immune system against evil
Every person born under the sun is acquainted with evil and good. Before humankind was created, Satan and millions angels existed. Satan was the highest administrator, but he rebelled. God is now preparing a new administration inoculated with a good dose of evil so that there will never be a rebellion again. So people must go through the caterpillar stage during which we are exposed to evil of all kinds, shapes, forms and intensities in order to learn to hate and ever reject it. God uses Satan to do that dirty job. The time is soon coming when God will say, “Enough!” I believe this has been planned from the beginning. God knows when Satan and his bunch will be eliminated from this planet and replaced by people now being made ready for the new butterfly stage job known as the First Resurrection. Read my story in my books which explains a lot more.

• To be a Saint is equivalent to a governor position of the universe, so it requires being intimately, personally acquainted with Jesus Christ.

He is the invisible God made visible in the Daleth dimension of time. Jesus is the boss of the universe. Only the Bible gives knowledge on how to apply for that job and how I could get in touch with that person. There is no other method: God simply visits you and appoints you. So if you have a friend or relative and want him too to be a saint, then tell him or her about the opportunity while the door is open, but God must still open their minds through His Spirit. It is the only way to understand spiritual truth.

The door will be shut by 2015 according to the HANS dating. To qualify in the mean time, you must earnestly seek God, pray about it and do anything in your power to connect with Him. God promised if you search that He will be found, and I can testify to that truth. Reading the Bible is a good start because through His word, you will be instructed how to find Him. Many Christians think that they are saved by going to church and being religious, but Jesus tells a story of 10 virgins where five have no oil and therefore cannot enter the wedding. That means they cannot rule with Jesus Christ, but will have to stand before the judgment throne like the rest of humanity. Then they will know what material reasons motivated them to be religious. There may be many popes, bishops, preachers and theologians in that group of virgins with no oil. They will lose an opportunity to be in leadership for the universe, but may still qualify to be simple members of the new kingdom like people from the Aztec, Chinese or other ancient cultures.

Throughout history we know there were millions of people who never heard the good news. There are millions today who still have not had a valid witness. God is not unfair. He wants everybody to be included in His new kingdom of the Jod dimension that is prophesied for the new earth and new heaven. Not everybody will or wants to be a governor or mayor of a town. Many would rather live a quite, simple life, so He has not given everybody the ability to discern the specific differences of evil. The key is that they experience evil enough to acquire the immune system response needed for heaven. This does not require knowing all the technicalities of a complex universe.

God has given each person free will to decide between the good way to live and the evil way. Even the most primitive (from our arrogant perspective) cultures must make decisions for good or evil. They know what is right, but many times they must suffer for their bad choices, which again are used to establish an immune system against evil for a future existence. The Bible is very clear that people who never read the Bible have knowledge of a Creator and that He expects them to treat Him with courtesy, honor and respect. Nations that do so are blessed, and nations that don’t are cursed. Look around today where you see poverty, the stench of death and corruption because people have chosen to ignore the Creator and silenced their conscience. Wherever the Gospel of the Bible penetrates - no matter how horrible the conditions – there is healing, prosperity and hope for a better future. That is historical fact, and only a blind ignorant person will deny it.

The Bible explains it well in the first chapter of Romans. There you read about the wrath of God directed to those who suppress the truth like many scientists today who are forcing their rebellious ignorance on our school system. The outcome is predictable as we already see that educational levels of our present generation have slipped below that of “less advanced” societies.

When we stand before God at Judgment Day, it will become evident who is a friend of God and willing to submit to His rule of justice and love. Everyone must pass through the one door of faith in Jesus in order to receive forgiveness. There can be no sin to tarnish one’s relationship with anyone there, beginning with Jesus and the Father. God will not make any mistakes in assigning anyone to life or death.

If the intent of your heart reveals evil contrary to conscience, you are guilty and sentenced to death. If you refuse to change and conform to God’s ways as revealed in Jesus, you will end up in outer darkness awaiting final disposition of your spirit. Read my book and get informed about these most important questions of your life. When God reveals your hidden motivates, the Bible clearly stated that people will have no excuses. Those who never heard God’s message of salvation through Christ will be judged according to their intentional embrace of evil, which will be declared “SIN” – guilty.

Logic tells us that anyone (highly educated or not, religious or not, biblically informed or not) who does not agree with God, cannot and will not live with Him in His house. How could it be otherwise?

If you are indebted, you either pay the bill yourself or ask another to pay your debt. The ticket for eternal life must be prepaid to enter the eternal gates; it is that simple. Jesus prepaid the ticket for you and me, but only you can decide to accept it. Many die without knowing that there was such a choice for them, so another process is required in justice to their experience on earth and the requirements to be present in Jod dimension of eternity.

Jesus said: From those given much, much will be required, and from those given little, less. This statement is very fair. Don’t give me the excuse that the Bible is too difficult to understand. Many churches instruct preschoolers who can grasp the heart and core of the Bible’s message. What little kids express in response to the Bible stories told them would shame many of us having a fancy title after our name.

God wants many children. Most will probably be just simple folk who desire to drive the car without understanding all of its mechanics. They do not need or want to know what is under the hood to be. I hope this answer helps on this difficult issue.

Q #19: My husband has read and reread your books and now has me attempting to do the same. I asked him a question, and we are having a little trouble tracking it so please help us understand how the date of June 30, 2018 is a second Tammuz. Thank you, Randy and Barbara.



Thank you for your inquiry as many readers like yourselves have the same question.

I have had a number of new insights since the publication of my two first books. In fact, I am preparing a third book with those insights coming from the perspective of science, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries. Previously being a clockmaker’s apprentice, a reader like you once asked me about mysterious bronze and gold clocks found in museums around the world that have not been deciphered by scholars for a hundred of years. I was able to crack the calendar code of various museum clocks when I overlaid it with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. I think that these discoveries are the beginning of a second witness to verify the Bible.

Chapter 11 of Apocalypse Prophesied explains Hebrew cuckoo clock cycles from a 7,000-year perspective. It begins with an analogy of 14 train stations of a dual track railroad. My new book explains how this system is replicated in the Aztec calendar’s precession of the great year, Teoxiuhitl 25,625-year cycle, which must be converted into Gregorian years. You may have noted that I similarly converted all of the calendars I discussed from around the world to Gregorian years for analysis. They require a common denominator to understand Bible prophecy.

For example, the Sumerians devised a numerical notation system of 60, 600, 3600. We still use vestiges of their base 60 to count time in hours, minutes and seconds and to measure the degrees of arcs and circles. The book of Revelation features the number 666 from that system. The Hebrew cycles have a base of seven (mostly) prime numbers that must mesh like gears in a clock when converted to Gregorian solstice-to-solstice calendar year cycles. This methodology prevents individual opinions from massaging dates t make them fit into a particular theological or evolutionary theory.

Within the 7,000-year bandwidth of human history from a biblical perspective, these various chronological “gears” repeat over and over. For example, in the 12 Hebrew 490-year cycles I noticed certain events always happened on the same day. In Exodus, we read about the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments being broken by Moses. According to Jewish scholarship, this took place on the 17th of Tammuz as did the desecration of the Temple. The first Temple was destroyed three weeks later on the 9th of Av in 588 BC as was the Second Temple in AD 70. The fast day of 9th of Av is associated with destruction for disobedience. There are more modern events documented to have occurred on that sad day: half the Jewish population killed in the AD 135 Bar Kochba Rebellion; the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492 and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in World War II.

Therefore, we can predict future events of destruction and slaughter to take place on that day if the other cycles match up. Even science does that. Someone can push a button to launch a rocket programmed to go into space and re-enter to hit a bridge targeted by TV cameras. We do not call that technician a prophet if he tells me 5 minutes from now that bridge is history. We have learned from science to calculate a projection path or trajectory that will match our belief system. My cuckoo clock is no different: it just announces when the bird will show up. Theologians usually are not very educated in science, so they miss a lot and are known to massage doctrines to make the Bible fit their opinions. That is why there are so many different denominations and flavors of Christianity.

As a Christian, I was not educated in Hebrew stuff and fell pray to various monorail opinions and some not very logical. God is logical, so why would he confuse us with illogical difficult Bible interpretations?

In Revelation, God describes our foolishness in seven letters to seven churches, which represent how people follow wrong advice from their leaders so steeped in heathen culture and catering to our sinful nature. Nothing has changed in our time. My books are censored by most Christian leaders without even trying to read them. Galileo had the same problem.

The Jewish people celebrate yearly cycles as expressed in feast and fast days given in the Torah and sometimes established through important historical events connected with God. They confirm and conform to God’s plan for humanity. There are seven are happy festivals and five sad fast days to teach repentance and to think about one’s eternal destiny. I am not surprised it conforms to Daniel’s Rosetta Stone discovery of a 7:5 ratio. The Tammuz fast day connects with our correction of man’s forgetful behavior. We could call it judgment. The Bible is a Jewish book, and it would be nice to get immersed in something Jewish to better understand it. God made sure that Jewish holidays follow a blueprint He invented as we see it everywhere in science.

The 30th of June 2018 is the fast of the 17th of Tammuz 5778 . The best place to find this answer in Mystery of Tammuz 17, Chapter 8, The 17th of Tammuz Mystery. (You may search 30 June 2018 using the website’s online PicoSEARCH button to find all of its occurrences in the books.)

The Plan of God is like a birthday of a newborn child. We know there is a 9-month cycle of incubation, which will terminate with a baby and a placenta appearing from a dark world into the light. Daniel, Revelation and even Enoch from before the Flood tell of a resurrection of the saints. This Cosmic birthday party too has preprogrammed cycles starting in the Heh dimension to enter in our sphere of the Daleth dimension reflection we have read about.

The 7,000-year cycles overlay the Jewish holidays like a Russian egg dolls are replicated to the smallest one. Using that analogy, we can project a future date just like the technician of a rocket is sure to hit the bridge thousands of miles away using the same calculating logic conforming to physical laws. Prophecy follows the same laws but presently our education system subjected and denigrated Bible truth to mysticism by an atheistic establishment not accepting the spiritual side of humankind.

Clock gears must conform to a design and its pattern. A prophesied Apocalypse 2008-2015 is imbedded in the plan of humanity like a baby is normally born according to precise 9-month cycle. So the Hebrew cycles all the way back to Adam and Eve are now verified in the Aztec cycle of 33 x 52 = 1715 adjusted to Gregorian years that is just one gear in a number of others. A cuckoo clock is really two clocks, or should have two dials, as in my cuckoo clock picture.

The Aztec clock in Mexico City outdoor museum has two dials too. A mater of fact, most ancient bronze and gold clocks in museums show a smaller disc within a larger one. So the process of matching time cycles and converting/aligning a 7,000-year pattern to a 7-year apocalypse is the same as reducing a large kitchen clock to your wristwatch.

Another analogy from science: a mouse receives the same energy as an elephant in a lifetime, but it consumes it so much faster as measured by heartbeats. I learned that reading science magazines. Everywhere I look, I find the same principle of scalability applied in science. I see no reason why it would not fit within the Bible. When I tested it, I discovered it does. Then I learned that the Aztec calendar is 7 times larger then ours, which means that Genesis is reported in Aztec-Hebrew cycles with Methuselah’s 969 years really being only 138 Gregorian years. Now 138 years is still a lot of years, but at least it is genetically possible for a person to live that long where 969 years cannot be supported by science.

Even Jesus’ genealogy reported by Mathew is in 14 Aztec ancient Hebrew cycles. Then we find in Genesis another date of the first Apocalypse 21 December 2288 BC which connects with 21 December 2012 by 9 x 490-year Hebrew cycles. So, I asked the question, “Why?”

Incredibly, I now understand much more completely, why Jesus said that the coming apocalypse will be like Noah’s time: He meant an exact day – 21 December. So Tammuz 17 is now verified in ancient clocks, which will perplex atheists and hopefully direct them to read the Bible again. I trust I explained your question well enough. As I read my books again, I still discover more learning. There is so much more buried than meets the casual eye. It is like an iceberg submerged that only shows 10%. I keep unearthing more every time I read my books as the system of God’s plan for humanity keeps expanding. This should not surprise us. It is typical of an infinite Creator teaching finite mortals who only use about 5% of their available brain capacity


Q #20: Are Only Christians Saved?


(Print a pdf copy of this answer.)


A#20 That is a good question many have asked. We must look at it from a 360° perspective to include all of humanity, now 6,000 years old, as the Gospel of the Saints revelation came a little later in the process of my research.

Let’s look at Matthew 22 where Jesus tells a story of a wedding. A king invites his friends to a special wedding but most have an excuse saying, “I am too busy, business priorities, family problems or have no time.” The king kept sending more invitations by a number of special messengers who were mostly ignored and sometimes killed upon arrival. That caused the king to be angry, and he sent his army destroying many cities, which also caused a famine to wake them up. He still wished them to come to the party prepared for them with a special wedding to honor the king.

Not seeing too many gathered, the king tells his servants go out in the byways and invite all good or bad. Now the room is filled with good and bad people, but the king sees a dirty man not cleaned up, dressed with a soiled shirt. Then, we read about the consequences. When confronted, the offender is speechless and cannot answer, “Why you are so dirty?” So the soldiers are commanded to take him out “bound on hand and foot” to be sent into the loneliest place of outer darkness.

The story ends with a statement: Many are called but few are chosen.

The king’s friends are the children of Israel, who got the first invitation call for a special wedding. But as we look back in history of Israel, they rebelled, and did not listen to the prophets God sent. Then, God invites everybody, not Jewish people only, to come to the wedding of the king. The good and bad are allowed in. Notice the bad are present, too. But there is a difference between bad and dirty - not having a wedding dress or clean shirt. The many are called, but few are chosen. The “few” are really bad; therefore, he got the attention of the king and was sent away to be punished.

That story tells of God’s infinite grace, that even the bad are allowed at the wedding to enjoy some free food not deserved.

Throughout the centuries, every person has been inoculated with a good dose of evil, which during the butterfly time of our existence was meant to teach us to recognize evil and its consequences. We are supposed to learn how to reject it. God designed a system for the age to come where evil is snuffed out in the bud, never to germinate again to destroy the peaceful human community happily living together under God’s rule.

That process involves everybody in guarding over the quality of the new life lived on the other side –the heavenly realm on earth, so that the king never sees a rebellion again, like Satan and his bunch perpetrated in the beginning.

But some come to the party to get free food with their dirty clothes on, not respecting the King and only wanting to crash the festivity. Their old life style only caused disturbance and division, ignoring and disrespecting the King. In defiance, the dirty clothed challenge and despise God’s grace insisting that they earned the right to be at the party. They think that God owes them the goodies of life regardless of whether they conform to the king’s standards of how to live a good life.

It is obvious to those enjoying the party that truly evil people were not invited. Allowing these defiantly bad people to stay would only crash the party at the next opportunity. They might get by the soldiers at the gate, but they cannot fool the king, who binds them hand and foot and sends them to outer darkness and forgotten.

Therefore, at the party you will meet someone who is a Saint. These folks are a little different, though mingled in with those who were bad but forgiven by a gracious King and so permitted to attend the party. If you want to become a Saint and be a very closed friend to the King, then check further in Babushka books or read the very first three words of Genesis and the very last two words of Revelation, which tells you God’s Plan for Humanity in just five words.

At the party, many Christians will be very surprised to find themselves sitting next to a bad person, who was invited, too. Many will learn then that they were not even promoted to be a Saint. I am sure they will be very disappointed.

The privilege of being a Saint requires that you became intimately involved with the inner circle of the king. It means fulfilling the special prerequisites you can discover from reading my Babushka books not preached in church. Becoming a Saint is not automatic. It does not come from going to church, being nice to people or just plain being good. You may not be invited, lamenting later that you preached in God’s name, sung songs in church and in public prayed lofty prayers. Instead, you may hear, “Away I do not know you.”

Just being born during an age of God’s full revelation does not qualify one automatically for special privileges over those who lived in ancient times or never heard the Gospel. Remember, God will reward the good you have done, but you could also sit next to a bad person invited by the king because both good and bad are under God’s undivided grace of blessings.

But being a Saint is another matter. God only appoints those qualified to be Saints to positions of responsibility in ruling the universe as a member of His government. Being invited or saved does not automatically qualify a person to be a Saint. Even a pastor or bishop may not qualify, as they are often already rewarded with high salaries and benefits on earth and may not have met the qualifications to be a Saint.

Do not be surprised at this statement not preached in church. It is resented by many theologians who think that they are special and earned the right to be at God’s table. Big mistake, as they will find out later. Becoming a Saint cost something now. It is not free. You must asked and show the king why you want to become a Saint beyond just attending the party with the others, who are saved both good and the bad.

Check it out in Babushka books and discover something theologians do not want you to hear about.


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