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Our Readers' Forum provides an opportunity for readers to ask their sincere questions or desires to offer rational reasons why a particular concept, assumption, method or idea expressed in my two books may be wrong or incomplete. We are honestly interested in knowing where you might differ with what has been written. Where a response is justified, hopefully we can come up with an answer or make a correction.

Due to the scope of my subject matter and the large number of pages, many biblical subjects and doctrines are touched on or covered in some depth. Consequently, I am sure some will want to respond. We expect to learn from others and do not presume a monopoly of truth, learning or understanding. Because we are interested in continuing to grow in our own awareness of the Bible, we are paying for space on the web where you can put your ideas for everybody’s benefit to read.

The Bible is authoritative, but it should not be used willy-nilly to justify a personal philosophy or promote preconceptions about doctrine or prophecy with a claim like, “That’s what the Bible says.” I do not care if you are theologian with a PhD or a self-taught student of the Bible, every responsible person who has some wisdom to share and meets a couple of pre-requisites will be granted some space – subject to our budgetary limitations of time and money.

Therefore, I made the following requirements for a submission to justify a response and be considered for posting on the web site. These guidelines will hopefully assure responsible handling of the biblical material presented. We recognize that there are areas where it is possible for sincere children of faith to disagree without an implied need for condemnation or alienation of fellowship. Prophecy is one of those areas. The Bible teaches that people are saved by faith in Jesus as the Son of God who died for our sins and was resurrected to life eternal as the King of the universe.

But we also believe that beginning in faith, we should grow in the grace and knowledge of God’s Word. To do so, we believe that it is important to separate our own human opinions, which are subject to err or failure, from what the Bible plainly teaches, hence the rules below. To post your questions, challenges or comments, you must minimally fulfill the guidelines presented here in support of your statements. Failing to meet these basic guidelines will automatically disqualify a submission for consideration. This web site and/or its authors are under no obligation to post every comment that meets these pre-requisites. In fact, experience tells us a many comments will be simple variations on the same themes. We will answer a particular theme only once, and we will try to choose the best representative of that theme, challenge, or question.

Rule number #1:

You must have read both books to be noted on this board. Browsing and picking sentences or even paragraphs out of context can create misunderstanding. Furthermore, many topics or ideas are covered in more than one place. Questions inspired in one chapter or section may be answered in another. Use the internal search engine to help locate all of the references to the concept, teaching or statement that you question first.

Rule number #2:

If you want to make a claim of Bible truth (the Bible says…), then you must quote two (2) witnesses (Bible verses) concerning events in the Daleth dimension. If you are making a claim about events that happen on the other side - Heh, then you must have five (5) witnesses to substantiate your statement. If you don’t, then we will consider your statements to be personal opinions subject to validation by the basic tools of scientific examination, academic knowledge or common-sense logic, as appropriate. (Romans 14:12-13)


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