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Apocalypse Prophesied

Apocalypse Prophesied

From Eden to the New Jerusalem: God’s Plan for Humanity

Book One: 7,000 Years of Bible History & Prophecy

Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, terrorism and endless wars…

What is going on in this world?
What will happen next?
Is there a purpose in all of this human suffering?

At 70 years of age author Herbert R. Stollorz took a fresh look at the Bible. By using the same successful research techniques that produced a number of profitable hi-tech patents, he came up with some intriguing and pragmatic explanations of what the Bible has to say about the big questions about life on planet earth. Don’t expect a theological treatise, rapturous escapism or a lot of footnotes. Instead, you will be challenged by his rational presentation of the soon-coming events that will change your life!

  • What does the Bible and science tell us about God? Why did He create humans?
  • Why will a loving God judge all nations with seven years of severe trials and tribulation leaving only about 10-20% alive at the end?
  • What is the purpose for the Apocalypse? Why does it begin in heaven? What are angels? Can angels die?
  • How does Noah’s Flood help to date the Apocalypse?
  • How might society’s greedy exploitation of nature through genetic manipulation cause the Apocalypse to start even sooner?
  • What makes Antichrist so different from all the previous world conquerors? Why is he so evil? What does number 666 mean?
  • How will Jesus’ coming 1,000 year government be structured so that true peace and justice finally becomes reality for all peoples?
  • What happens when people die? What will hell be like?
  • What will happen to Israel and the church during the Apocalypse? Why?
  • What will the New Jerusalem be like? What does the rainbow really signify?

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