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Endtime Money Snare

How to Live Free

A new religion is sweeping the world.

Already, massive conversions have taken place claiming upwards of four billion converts ... among them many Christians. It is a massive global boom in a materialistic-based faith — Mammonism — which is leading the world into an endtime trap — a global money snare. What form will this trap take and how can its grip be avoided? Can Christians prosper in the Lord’s grace and live free of any complicity in this endtime agenda?

This book answers these tough questions, dealing with the hooks and dangers of living during a time that the enemy is setting a deadly snare for the last-day world.

We highly recommend this book to our readers. Listen to this audio file, Are You Financially Entangled? 4-16-2005 An update on America's fragile economic and financial "house of cards" given at the 2005 annual Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators' conference.

(352 pages) Price: $10.19


Entime Money Snare, by Wilfred Hahn


Click here: Endtime Money Snare: How to Live Free, by Wilfred Hahn.

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