A Rosetta Stone Discovery in the Bible?

The 7-year Apocalypse as predetermined in Bible prophecy will take place between: 2008-2015

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According to the book of Revelation, a great city will be obliterated with nuclear destruction soon after it begins. I identify this great city as being New York. If you own real estate or live down wind from NYC, I definitely advise you to read my books! The risk is real. I have read about it in popular scientific and news magazines. I have only discovered a highly probable date of when it will happen. America’s enemies will finally finish what 9/11 started. I am not happy to be the bearer of such news, but I must, so I wrote the two books published on this web site.

These projected dates are the result of a major discovery I made when I overlaid Bible prophecy with an obscure and ancient Hebrew code [Hebrew Alphabet Number System, in short HANS]. As a scientist and successful hi-tech inventor trained to think analytically with logic and common sense, I simply could not put my discovery of HANS aside and forget about it. At first I did not want to get involved with such a controversial subject that could jeopardize my reputation, but eventually I caved in to what I believe God has led me to do. This web site and these books are the result.

My biblical Rosetta Stone is a purpose-driven chronological system that is based on the Hebrew/Jewish and Christian religious traditions. Together they work as a one unit like a railroad train running on two rails of an engineered track system. This duality is expressed throughout my books. As a scientist, I don’t quote a single theologian as a reference because my discovery has exposed questionable Bible interpretations across a number of Christian denominations and Jewish synagogues in particular. In my books I explain some of these disputed dogmas supposedly based on the Bible.

My science-based analogies explain many mysteries that have stumped philosophers and theologians for thousands of years because they did not understand the Creator, who made and sustains Heaven and earth. The dual dimensional universe of matter, energy and spirit operates on mathematical laws that are dependable and predictable. I draw my analogies mostly from the world of natural and applied science and confirm them with HANS. I am not a theologian, and my perspective is different for what it is and not specifically directed against or in favor of any specific denomination or religion. I follow the Jesus of the Bible and not any religion.

To bring together faith as one rail of the system and science the other rail is very unusual. I challenge monorail scientists and monorail theologians to forget their various biases and precious opinions for awhile. I pray that they will investigate plan for humanity as recorded in the Bible together, combining their viewpoints to create a harmonized narrative. Both sides could contribute their experience and skills for the benefit of all peoples.

Here is a list of some of the scientific analogies and insights I have found in and apply to the Bible:

  • Rosetta Stone ratio 7:5, Heaven’s binary code
  • Hand rule 1+4=5. A math equation found everywhere
  • The Daleth dimension - Heh dimension analogy
  • Russian toy egg analogy
  • Cup-of-coffee dating analogy
  • Butterfly - two birthday analogy
  • Elephant - mouse energy use analogy
  • Two sides of the brain = two rails of the track analogy
  • Railroad system of two rails
  • Mirror-and-reflection analogy
  • DNA, gene strand analogy
  • Rainbow: All of the elements in the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Dr. Albert’s Einstein two sides of a coin: Newton-Quantum Theories
  • The mystery of Seven Thunders in Revelation revealed
  • Mercy unto Death - Mercy unto Life? Two Choices
  • What does Sceince reveal about God?
  • History of humanity connected with Satan’s history
  • A cuckoo clock design, two dials: one with 7 and the other with 5 ages
  • Pyramid mystery, 1+4=5
  • 5 Death Angels [pass over death angel in Genesis?]
  • Many, many solstice-equinox date corellations, why?
  • Why 7,000 years - 7 years? 12 proofs of the dating
  • The Trinity? One God? Two Rails?

God of course can stop the clock for awhile to give us room for repentance, but He will still execute His plan that has been laid out from before the foundation of the world, before the forgotten beginnings of time when Adam and Eve appeared on the scene. The plan conceived by God is by definition absolute law because God pronounces what will be and by that pronouncement it comes to be for as long as it is until His ultimate purpose is fulfilled. From that point something is set into motion He can only modify and/or delay it according to the grace principle, which is the other track of the railroad.

The Apocalypse will start on 21 December 2008 and end in 2015 as planned. By 2018 a new age of Godly peace and creative human liberty under just laws within a harmonious society will emerge. This will be the Third Civilization destined to last a 1,000 golden years of blessing under a unified Godly administration void of conflict and confusing deception. Wars and greedy exploitation will no longer dominate our society. Humanity’s dreams of spiritual fullness and material abundance will soon become reality. Read my books. I guarantee you will learn things you have never before encountered!

I am not a prophet, but a self-educated scientist with a Christian background. My books are full of wonders and mysteries explained. After reading them you will be better educated and prepared to meet the challenges ahead. You will understand why God will test and purge this planet with the Apocalypse. You could begin or dramatically improve your relationship with the One who has loved you from before you were born

What is the Hebrew Alphabet Number System?

Recently an obscure Hebrew Alphabet Number System was rediscovered. It revealed Bible prophecy in a fantastic new way, never before seen or understood, either by theologians or scientists. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) is a template that looks like a stepladder or a gene-code binary helical strand. It has two rails on each side with steps or genes placed incrementally between them, revealing a formatted pattern. Each step is a little different from the other, since they represent the various alphabet letters A, B, C, D... of ancient Hebrew. Each has a special meaning and also stands for a mathematical number value 1, 2, 3, 4...

This HANS template can be used like in a multiple-choice test, where the correct answer beco mes visible after a close examination. When overlaid with something you want to compare it with, it points out the right or wrong answer and makes it obvious. Like at the end of a school test, a template is overlaid, which makes it evident whether the student failed or passed.


We can overlay theological data from our old childhood belief system and examine it with the HANS matrix, which will then highlight false opinions that have been elevated to dogma. This newly discovered Hebrew template became a useful tool for me as it revealed my own mistaken ideas about the God and Bible prophecy. HANS made it obvious that I needed to investigate and educate myself about the Hebrew or Jewish rail of the dual rail track system of organizing biblical revelation. It was the only way for me to acquire a more balanced and complete understanding of the Bible. This learning process graduated me from being a monorail believer to a well-rounded, dual-rail observer of God’s plan for humanity. And what a difference that has made in reading God’s Word!

What Else did I Discover?

Next I applied the HANS template to several of my Christian church dogmas, which I had always accepted without questioning because I had heard them preached from the pulpit all my life. However, when I learned a little about the traditional Jewish holidays and read the Old Testament (Torah) more carefully, I was shocked to see quite a few missing holes in my cherished beliefs. This discovery caused me to question my whole religious belief system that had come from the teachings pronounced from the pulpit of the large evangelical congregation I had attended all my adult life.

When I put some of my discoveries on the Readers’ Forum of my Web site, various Christian scholars became very upset. My local pastor condemned me as a heretic. I quickly learned that I must have touched a sensitive theological nerve or two because where there is smoke, there usually is fire. Some accused the Hebrew template of having come from the devil, while others simply expressed surprise. One highly respected Christian scholar, and very successful businessman who is influential in many theological institutions, commented to his colleges that my discovery is “a breath of fresh air.” An Arabic theologian commented on the Internet, “This is the best ever to come from the West.”

As I got deeper into checking out what else may be buried in the Bible, my journey became far more complex than I ever imagined. I did not anticipate getting so deeply involved with it.

More Discoveries Showed Up

My Christian faith had always had many unanswered questions, but many of them seemed to straighten out as I became aware of God’s fantastic 7,000-year plan for humanity. When I zeroed in on the 7-year Apocalypse, this newly discovered HANS system answered my questions, strengthened my faith and put order into my thinking about why God put me on this earth. Today I possess firm assurance of what will happen to me after my death as well as why there is so much pain and evil in the world.

Overlaying human history with Bible prophecy, I noticed parallel patterns of events that aligned Daniel’s prophecies with ancient and modern calendars. From these congruent patterns I derived a cosmic chronology that shocked me as I realize that we are close to what is commonly thought of as “the end of the world.” The HANS system, our modern calendar and even the ancient Aztec and Chinese calendars pointed to the years 2008, 2012 and 2015. Furthermore, specific dates of key prophetic events consistently fell on solstice and equinox events, which cannot be manipulated by science or theologians.

This discovery trail became my two books that anyone can downloaded for free on the Internet as wellas being sold in many bookstores:

Book #1: Apocalypse Prophesied
(7,000-year Plan of God for Humanity) [A mini-Bible]
Book #2: The Mystery of Tammuz 17,
(Chronological Events of 7-year Apocalypse)[12 proofs]

I guarantee that reading my books will do a better job informing you about the Bible than any week-long seminar or even a 4-year seminary could provide you. As a matter of fact, very few theologians know about what is written in the Bible. Everybody should check it out for themselves because the cuckoo clock bird is about to announce the Apocalypse that has become such a popular topic for newsstand magazines and TV specials or mini-series. We have created a Readers’ Forum to share comments, questions and answers about the many topics covered in my books.

God’s Revelation should not be a business to make a lot of money because truth revealed does not belong to me. I share what God has led me to discover for free. I do not seek to merchandize the good news of God’s coming kingdom or commercialize the wondrous insights I have gained by applying scientific thinking to the Bible. I simply wish to share what I have learned with everyone willing to listen. Many violate this principle, of course, as you probably already know.

I do have my books for sale in bookstores because it is another way to reach people, and there is some cost involved in distributing the information in that printed format. There is cost to design, create content and manage the Internet web site, too. And we have started a charitable, nonprofit corporation to take care of these matters as well as pay for translations of the books into other languages. We do appreciate the financial help of those led to help us in this work. Any money received goes directly into getting the warning and good news out. It does not go to support me personally since God has blessed my hard labor from another direction and I do not need a penny more to live comfortably

Why did God Appoint me to be a Messenger of Bad News like Jonah?

As a former scientist, my mind usually does not follow the trail of the establishment. As a boy, I loved to walk off the path, lifting rocks to see what I could find underneath. That behavior carried into my adult life, which enabled me to invent many new products of high technology, which made me quite successful in my career where I managed my own million dollar company for many years.

Late in my retirement, when I was hoping to enjoy the fruits of my labors, I found myself sitting at my computer instead. I felt compelled by an invisible force to write a book in a language I am not skilled at (English) that tells the world about events anciently programmed to take place in the next few years. What emerged was foretelling a certain date—2008-2015—when our present civilization will collapse. At that time my retirement will vanish for sure, too!

These dates are not my invention. Many Bible verses line up a little differently now, revealing mysteries with plenty of witnesses to testify to the validity of the conclusions I present. Legally speaking, only two witnesses are needed to verify truth. But with this system, we end up with twelve. You figure out the probability on that if you inclined to math calculations! In my books I list 12 proofs that all point to the same date from different sources like science, religion, diverse cultures and countries and especially in the ancient Torah–Hebrew writings. God wanted to make sure we get the message and only a willful rebellion and ignorance could prevent myself or anyone else from facing the consequences of my newly discovered insights.

My worry and hope as a Christian is that Christian scholars will examine what I have learned about the coming Apocalypse with the same simple honesty with which it is presented rather than “burn” me like a heretic – perhaps without even reading my books. I do not want to start any church or religious group. I am sharing my discoveries as any honest scientist should. I hope that scholars will realize that it is the HANS template that accuses them of misinterpretation of some Bible verses and not me personally.

Remember, I am not a scholar. Nor I did not invent a different interpretation of the Scripture that says, “No one knows the hour,” commonly thought to mean that a future date cannot be known. HANS makes it obvious that this quote has been taken out of context. Many have been misled by the popular interpretation of this Bible verse. In fact it has been elevated to the level of a mind-shutting dogma in spite of the fact that this popular teaching lacks the five Bible verses needed to verify its accuracy.

Some in the established religious system believe that God can no longer reveal further instruction imbedded in His Word. This is because they do not like new ideas that are contrary to what is being preached in their church. New concepts could upset some in the congregation, which could result in lost revenue for their coffers. However, God planned to have this information revealed at the close of that time, as Daniel testified in his writings, and that includes a future date.

Going out on a Limb to Convince you!

A little bit like Martin Luther, I have nailed a few new theses on the church door with my books and web site. Of course, I am referring to the dates for the Apocalypse I have discovered, 2008-2015. The proclamation of proof after proof for these dates should cause many folks to change how they plan their lives. It might even scuttle some grandiose church building programs in America. I doubt that thoughtful believers will not donate their hard-earned money to church building programs when they hear about what lies just ahead of our civilization. Instead, they will be looking to invest in missions in order to save souls while there is time to do so freely. Great natural disasters are coming that will disrupt economies and take many lives, including a great earthquake in 2015 that will level every building in town.

I know that God appointed me to become like a modern-day Jonah. I never dreamed that at the end of my life I would be the messenger of shocking news; however, I promise that along with the tribulations of these last days you will learn some things about God, angels, human beings and the universe that you’ve wanted to know about since your childhood but could not get any satisfying answers about from the church or synagogue.

Who will Read my Two Books?

My first book, Apocalypse Prophesied, is mainly addressed to those who have never read the Bible, especially those belonging to non- Christian cultures. Many are curious about what the Bible has to say about life and prophecy.

By intention this first book is like a mini-Bible exposé, focusing on the Whys we have all accumulated in our lifetime. I put about 1,000 verses in this book and lined them up like markers along a historic path. These verses give us God’s plan for humanity from God’s perspective, and that is what matters because that is what will happen.

You do not have to be a theologian to understand this plan because I explain it with common sense. Knowing about clocks and the timing of the cuckoo bird does not make me a prophet. I use a cuckoo clock analogy, consisting of many gears that must fit together to tell time. The Apocalypse will occur at the proper time, when the cuckoo bird is designed to come out, exactly as programmed. In the process, this analogy will answer many Why questions you may have about the past 7,000 years of human history and the vital role that the Apocalypse will play in it, though it will only last 7 years.

My second book, The Mystery of Tammuz 17, was written a little differently. Science recently discovered that we process information on two different brain channels. One processes information in text form (like my first book with a thousand Bible verses), and the other half of the brain processes numerical information. That’s where my second book co mes in. It overlays a Hebrew Alphabet Number System like a stepladder or railroad track with two rails. This book details my research methodology and how I mathematically determined the dates and seasons for many of the important events of the Apocalypse. Also, this books goes into greater depth in answering many of the questions introduced by the first book. It also poses some new ones with specific emphasis on the Where and When issues of Bible prophecy.

You will read so many proofs in this book that I believe many will come to regard these written works as divinely led and worthy of serious reflection. The nature and number of these proofs are such that it would be impossible to manipulate my methodology to come up with any dates might have been specified in advance. Of course, I didn’t know what I would learn when I started, and I definitely had no specific dates in mind. I just started down the railroad track once I discovered the two rains and ended up with a chronological sequence, like railroad stations that lead up to and through a tunnel to millennial paradise called the Apocalypse. In truth I am not all that happy to be the bearer of bad news. It is God who requires it of me. He prepared me for this task at this time, and I am doing my best to please Him.

A new Discovery in the Book of Revelation of John!

I discovered that Revelation seems to have a number of pages mixed up. HANS brings order to that, which angers the close-minded, monorail-educated people. God used my scientific talent to build hi-tech instruments, like parts for atom smashers and computer disc drives, to explain a complex system by reducing it to a common denominator. Even if you are not educated in the Bible, you will be able to understand much of what the Bible teaches after reading my books.

I did not invent the HANS template. You must judge for yourself whether to accept or reject its tenets. Your life is at stake, and I care enough about my fellow man to tell as many about it as I can, even if I am pelted with eggs from various people who pretend to know it all.

I see horrible consequences on the horizon. My Arabic translator and his typist in Canada were attacked by extremist Muslims who hate Jews and Christians alike. My employees were nearly killed by multiple knife wounds and broken bones. They were rushed to the hospital in time to be saved. While at home, other friends of mine had their car destroyed, and their neighbors tried to burn down their house. The parties guilty of this offence only received an eighteen-month prison sentence. I am sure there are more to come.

I expect that I may have an even larger price to pay yet. Throughout history, theologians and politicians have been known to resort to evil methods in order to squelch truth. Regardless to what might happen to me, God will ultimately announce, “Time’s up.” The child must now be born, which is the kingdom of God, and the placenta (representing Satan and his evil domain) will be removed and terminated.

Verification from Other Cultures!

The Aztec and Chinese calendars verify the Hebrew dates in the Bible. This is astounding and extraordinary since these cultures lived on opposite sides of the globe, greatly separated in ancient ti mes, and each developed their distinct 5,000-year old calendars autonomously. The Aztec Calendar aligns with HANS in one unifying event-concept at the middle of the Great Apocalypse, near the beginning of the mini-Apocalypse on 21 December 2012, which is once again a solstice date like so many others.

We can only speculate about such unheard-of coincidence, leading us to conclude that such a phenomenon—both calendars coming together on one specific date in the history of 7,000 years—points to divine providence at its source. Truly, God set the times in the sky. (Genesis 1:14-19)

On this web site you will read a letter I sent to the mayor of New Orleans warning him seven month before (February 10, 2005) of his godless excess enforced on a community he is supposed to govern, which was answered when he mocked the God in heaven who blessed his town and therefore received an answer you can watch on TV. A storm so big that this town will forever lay waste. His defiance against what the Bible clearly foretold and as he advertised the biggest gay-party to be held on September 3 to 5, 2005 and hence incurred the wrath of God for many.

In Genesis 18: 18-33 we read that God told Abraham He would not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if He could find just ten righteous people in those cities. As He prepares for the Apocalypse, God will examine the hearts of all persons. He will weight the innermost conscience of the person on the street, of the mayor of New Orleans and the governor of New York. No one will be excluded no governor, senator, UN official or multinational executive. If he does not find a reason to delay, the train will arrive as scheduled. I will be watching to see what happens.

The Apocalypse will start in 2008 and end in 2015, as planned, and a new civilization will emerge. This will start the golden age of 1,000 years of peace under a unified, godly administration, void of conflict. Wars will no longer dominate our society. Mankind’s dream will finally come true.

Read my Book Series

It’s the best you will ever read. I continue diving for pearls in the Bible Ocean. I have collected quite a few, more than what could be written in these books because of the printing deadline. So watch the Readers Forum. These books will never be finished because there will always be more pearls to be discovered. It is not over yet. Join with me in writing this book, even if just for the fun of discovering new pearls.


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