Why did a retired inventor write a book
about the Bible and the Apocalypse?
And why should I care anyway?


I write to educate and expand the horizons of my readers. I think that there is something new for everybody to learn in my books. Two years ago I was very comfortably retired from Silicon Valley’s creative pressure cooker. What made me come out of the retirement to deliver a very unpopular, kooky sounding message? Believe me, I have never desired to be known as a “Jonah,” but I have no choice. I must deliver this similarly unpopular message of God’s judgment. Here’s why.

About the Author

My early life was influenced by totalitarian governments in the Nazi and Communist–Stalinist period in eastern Germany. In the aftermath of World War II at the age of twenty-one, I immigrated to America.

During the early years in my newly adopted country, I worked at many odd jobs. I eventually became a successful entrepreneur with a long list of inventions that placed some cornerstones in the high-tech foundation of Silicon Valley. I established my own million-dollar company and managed it for twenty years. In my retirement I have become a farmer and planted a vineyard in California.

Throughout my adult life, I have worked in advanced technology and innovative problem solving. In my work I would constantly research new theories. Part of my research method included an evaluation of the patterns found in the physical laws of nature in order to learn how things are structured so that they work effectively. Many times I have had to rely on my intuition and spiritual insight to lead me to simple solutions for some very complex technical problems.

I applied the same process to biblical prophecies about the “last days” or “end times.” As I studied the Bible's predictions of future events, I discovered a "master plan" buried within Scripture. God drew up this plan for the universe before humans ever arrived on this earth.

When I discovered the residual echoes of this master plan within the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, it opened up a new dimension in my understanding of the Bible's prophecies. Overlaying some concepts derived from the meanings of Hebrew numbers with the Bible's "Plan of the Universe," I discovered some important correlations. Taking all of these factors together seemed to point to a future worldwide judgment lasting seven years. Finally, it became evident to me that future events mentioned in those biblical prophecies are extremely close to fulfillment. These discoveries created the urgency within me to share my discoveries.

Many educated people have predicted specific dates for prophesied events over the years. When their prediction dates came and went, they were subjected to severe ridicule. My interpretation, of course, is open to the same risk. But what if I am right and remain silent? I decided to take the chance.

I hope this book will enrich your understanding of the Scriptures, even if my timing is off. The Bible is a scientific Book with a purpose for humanity and the universe. Sadly, our modern scientific community, which excels in technology, refuses to consider any data that belong to the eternal dimension, including religion, philosophy and prophecy.

I am an inventor and not an accredited scholar. This book is not meant to be a doctoral dissertation. For expert Bible knowledge, consult your pastor or one of the many professional theological publications. Numerous religious experts express conflicting opinions on a number of topics; this book represents what I believe to be the truth as uncovered by the research methods I used successfully in the scientific world of electronic technology.

An explanation of Bible prophecy does not have to be sanctioned by established academia to be correct. A mother knows when her baby is going to be born because the immutable laws of nature are predictable. In the same way, we can predict future events if we correctly interpret the prophecies of the Bible.

Why I Wrote This Book

My original intent in writing this book was to present a brief summary of the Apocalypse. Once I started to write, however, it developed into a much larger work now divided into two books. The complexity of discovering and evaluating possible dates for the Apocalypse required a much more complete explanation of the fundamentals of the Bible than I had anticipated.

Many people in the world don't have a Bible, yet they are keenly interested in what it has to say about the future. To help satisfy this interest, I conducted a search for Bible verses, much like a pearl diver in an ocean. I strung these biblical pearls into a bracelet, starting with the little ones and working up to the larger ones. It is my hope that, by reading this book, you will begin to understand these precious gems that have been submerged for ages.

Finishing this book seemed an impossible goal because I kept finding more pearls. I could have simply stopped diving. But once one gets hooked on pearl collecting, it is hard to say when enough is enough. Therefore, I have decided that I will periodically update this book—perhaps annually on the anniversary of its publication. I will continue collecting Bible pearls. Some will be posted as articles on the Internet at or expressed as answers to questions posted on this web site’s “Readers’ Forum.” Some may be incorporated in future editions of my books.

About this Book

This book describes the plan of God for humanity on our earth since creation from God's perspective. The underpinning is the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, which provides the thread on which the pearls are strung.

Our modern culture avoids talking about religion, either in school, among friends, or with family. The present educational system ignores or denies the existence of God. It is hostile to any religious reasoning and rewrites history to suit unbiblical agendas. Yet humanism, science, and materialism cannot answer these important questions:

I will address each of these questions in the pages of this book. Any system of beliefs should pass the tests of logic and historical facts. My goal is to present my theories, along with facts and logic to support them, in a clear manner that can be understood by anyone, even those who are not familiar with the Bible. I do not consider these pages to be simply full of my words or opinions, but my faithful expression of what God has written and preserved in the Bible through inspired men. I am only the messenger, a simple follower of Jesus Christ. Only God’s Word is sure because only he has the power to bring it about as he desires and at the appointed times he sets.

While it may surprise some people, God's grand plan for the universe is not centered on humanity; people are only one class of player in the cosmic drama. This drama will have enormous social and political consequences for every country, race and religion of the world. The plan of the universe is fixed and unchangeable because it lies within the realm of eternity. Human life is lived in the Daleth dimension of changeable mortality bound by time; however, men and women are made in the image of God, which permits our decisions of faith and character to create eternal consequences.

The Romans crucified Jesus with the official encouragement and approval of most Jewish religious leaders. When Jesus was crucified, Pilate wrote an inscription and put it on the cross above his head, a sign identifying his criminal offense. It read, "Jesus, the Nazarene, the King of the Jews." (John 19:19-22)

Jesus’ claim to be a king represented a threat to the world order of that day. Thousands were crucified before and after Jesus, but the identity of Jesus, as stated by the sign posted on his cross, made his crucifixion a unique exception. The Jewish chief priests were offended, of course, and they unsuccessfully pleaded with Pilate to remove or change it.

The inscription on the sign was written in three languages: Hebrew, Latin, and Greek. (John 19:20-22) Although God’s plan from the beginning called for his Son to be born in the flesh and to die for the sins of all persons, all three societies at that historical time were saying, "We do not want Jesus Christ to rule over us." Most religious officials and political rulers would crucify him again today, if given the opportunity, for saying that he is the "I AM," meaning the Creator of the universe and that he alone can give eternal life.

As this book will reveal, these three languages—Hebrew, Latin, and Greek—contain deeper messages than just their explicit declarations. The Hebrew language symbolizes all religions in this world, including Christianity and Islam. The Latin language indicates the secular society of Roman law and culture, which is still with us by being embedded in the constitutions of many nations. The Greek language is identified with universities and corporations around the world. Islamic scholarship preserved much of the ancient world's science recorded in Greek.

Now, 2,000 years after Christ's death, many people’s instincts are telling them that an appointed time of judgment, or Apocalypse, is coming. But the political, religious, scientific and educational systems of our day want to reject judgment and the Judge of all, Jesus Christ. One aspect of this rejection is to “crucify” his followers with ridicule and prejudice.

The title and subject matter of this book will surely raise controversy. I also expectopposition and perhaps sharp criticism from other Christians because I claim that the dates of future events can be predicted. But God has determined the timing for these occurrences, regardless of what we humans may think about it.

In an attempt to build a bridge across this chasm, I have done my best to separate the sacred from my discoveries of prophetic chronology and their explanation. What was inspired in the Bible will be dealt with extensively in this, my first book. In my second book, Mystery of Tammuz 17, I expand upon what is prophesied to take place in heaven and on earth during the next few years. I also describe the research methods I used to date many of the major events prophesied to take place during the seven years of the Apocalypse.

I ask you to search the Scriptures yourself. Do not just adhere blindly to theological theories you have heard or read about – including those in my own books. Time is too short to argue over trivial details. We must obey the commandments of our Master and go throughout the world telling people there is hope and life through Jesus Christ.

How Is this Book Structured?

Many of my chapter titles and subheadings include references to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. These letters and numbers reflect specific meanings in the spiritual dimension that gave me tremendous insight into the timing of the Apocalypse. These meanings will become clearer as you read along.

It was quite a task to research and analyze Bible teachings to determine the timing of the Apocalypse, but I did not stop there. I also investigated many other religions, human philosophy, world history and the ancient calendars from various cultures, like the Aztec and Chinese calendars I mention in my books. To clarify these disparate components, I compare each of these elements or aspects of the whole picture to gears in a clock.

The gears mesh together—directly or indirectly—and although they are dissimilar in size, they fit precisely to produce an overall concept that is as consistent in detail as it is symmetrically balanced in the whole. When they all mesh together properly, we are able to understand why, how, and when the Apocalypse will happen—just as the properly designed gears of a clock provide the mechanism for keeping track of time.

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