Chapter 7:

The Rosetta Stone and Daniel's 70 Weeks Prophecy


What do you mean by the Bible’s “Rosetta Stone”?
How does a five-based interpretation of
Daniel’s Seventy Weeks Prophecy (Daniel 9:24-27)
differ from the traditional seven-based interpretation?


The “Rosetta Stone” Discovery

What I have termed the Bible’s Rosetta Stone is a Hebrew binary code made up of sets of sevens and fives. These numeric relationships are found buried in the historic and prophetic events recorded in both testaments (the two rails) of the Bible. Throughout the Bible I discovered sets of sevens, sets of fives and paired sets of twelve – one of seven elements and one of five elements. The paired sets of 7+5 elements together total twelve (12), the number of perfect government.

This system delivers insights into the relationship between the two levels of human existence: the one belonging to our earth in the Daleth (seven-based) dimension and the other belonging to the Heh (five-based), spiritual dimension of humanity from the other side. Examining these two levels of existence will answer the questions “Why are we here on this planet?” and “Why is there going to be an Apocalypse to destroy this civilization I was born into?”

The reoccurring presence of the Rosetta Stone principle repeatedly throughout the Bible demonstrates that my dating of the Apocalypse is not speculative but authentic. In 1799 French soldiers building fortifications for Napoleon in Egypt discovered a fairly large black basalt stone inscribed with strange writings. The stone told the same story in two different languages: Egyptian and Greek, written in three scripts: demotic (a simple form of ancient Egyptian hieratic script), Greek that they could read, and an unknown form of hieroglyphics.

Precise drawings of this stone were sent back to France by Napoleon where French scholar, Jean-François Champollion, later deciphered the hieroglyphs in 1822. The Rosetta stone itself may be seen at the British Museum in London. By comparing the hieroglyphs to the decipherable words in the other two languages, scientists were able to unlock the mystery of the ancient hieroglyphs written inside the ancient Egyptian tombs and pyramids.

The Rosetta stone changed the opinions of many scholars of its time. Before 1799, numerous books had been written speculating about what the ancient writings on the tombs of kings five thousand years ago may have meant. These books became obsolete when the Rosetta stone’s translation demonstrated where the old theories were inaccurate.

A similar thing happened to me as I researched Daniel’s prophecies. God revealed to me that a certain portion of Daniel’s writings (Daniel 9:24), that were in the past interpreted by many scholars as referring to the birth, life and death of the Messiah, could also be understood in another way that provided the key to unlocking the dates of the Apocalypse – especially when integrated with important historical events that have occurred since Daniel lived. I believe this verse contains clues to the dating of the events of the end time Apocalypse.

So, Daniel 9:24 became my “Rosetta Stone.” Perhaps my discovery will help Bible scholars to better understand the Scriptures with this insight. If so, then there will be some new papers and books written about the Bible that will make some of the presently popular commentaries and theories obsolete.

Daniel’s Seven-based System of Sixty-nine Weeks

Seventy weeks are decreed for your people and your holy city: to finish the transgression, to put an end to sin, and to atone for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal both vision and prophet, and to anoint a most holy place.

Know therefore and understand: from the time that the word went out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the time of an anointed prince, there shall be seven weeks;

and for sixty-two weeks it shall be built again with streets and moat, but in a troubled time. After the sixty-two weeks, an anointed one shall be cut off and shall have nothing… (Daniel 9:24-26 NRSV)

True to the characteristics of the Hebrew language, the main event is presented prominently. The total number of weeks is mentioned first as a headline of 70 weeks, which will encompass all of the prophecy about the global changes to come. After that the 70 weeks total is broken apart into significant blocks of time or components: a 7 week period, a 62 week period and 1 final week – the 70th. At first, I thought that is easy, 7 plus 62 equals 69 plus 1 makes 70.

Let me summarize the rules of prophecy to properly understand Revelation and other prophecies and using above quoted Bible verse. If we look into the Heh dimension we must have five (5) witnesses to establish truth. Here are they again:

  1. Check for the main event and discern if it is placed in the Daleth or Heh dimension.

  2. Overlay it with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System.

  3. Use the lens of “cause-effect” and differentiate where they belong in the sequence.

  4. Remember that the Daleth dimension is like a mirror and the events may be in the reverse order as written. Many times the the most important event, like what you would find in a headline, is first, then other, less important or dependant, events follow in order of their dependence or importance.

  5. Use the prophetic telescope and recognize the near vision or far out vision, like mountain peaks of prophecy.

But a closer look revealed something very unusual. “Why,” I asked myself, “is there a break so that the end of the 69th week is also the end of the 70th week?”

Several options are implied concurrently. The first is that the mountain peak of the 70th week is separated from the prophetic peak of the 69th week by an unseen prophetic valley of unknown size. Another possibility to evaluate is that some how the 70th week “floats” in parallel or is repositioned within the 69 weeks so that the total is still 70 weeks. I will discuss this latter mystery in just a bit.

Most prophecy scholars see this last, 70th week, as floating in time unconnected to anything – almost as if the prophetic clock was put on snooze for an unspecified period of time that has already exceeded 1900 years. This floating 70th week remains in its state of suspended time until God decides to restart the prophecy clock and plugs it back into the gear system

The basic conclusion of most Protestant scholars is that this era following the end of the 69th week (marked by the crucifixion of Jesus) represents a suspension in the prophetic chronology that will end with the reactivation of Daniel’s 70th week as marked by Antichrist’s peace treaty with Israel. This indeterminate length of time is called the “Church Age.” The belief is that the Church Age will only end when God has decided that the time for the Apocalypse has arrived. How God makes that decision is based on some criteria known only to Him.

This is why many Christians believe that we cannot know the date when the Apocalypse will begin. They assume that if one knows the start date of the Apocalypse, then all you do is add seven years to arrive at the date of Jesus’ return, which the Bible teaches “no man can know.” Therefore, this logic demands that neither date can be determined because if you know the start date, you would automatically know the end date, which is equated to the Second Coming. Most people taking this position also believe in the pre-tribulation rapture theory of Jesus’ preliminary, “secret” coming for the saints only. This first personal coming for the church is called the “Rapture.” Its adherents believe that this rapture occurs either before or early in the tribulation age and that it is followed seven years later by Jesus’ second and public return in glory to the Mount of Olives as a conquering king.

This erroneous theory embraced by many church teachers is a good example of the problems that arise from only looking at one rail of the railroad track. First, the return of Jesus is not simply the Apocalypse start date plus seven years to the day, nor is the coming of the Lord split into two appearances separated by seven years. If one accepts either of these conclusions as fact, then he or she is obligated to conclude that no one will know the time of Jesus’ coming or when the Apocalypse will begin.

In my opinion, some of the confusion about how to understand the book of Revelation is perhaps due to the possibility that the pages of Revelation could have been rearranged in an order different from how John originally wrote them. That does not mean the text of the Bible has changed only that perhaps some of the events were edited out of their original sequence by some scribe who was attempting to correct it or piece together several unnumbered pages or documents that had become separated.

If this hypothesis is true, then this artificial dividing or rearranging of the original text has caused opinions to rage for centuries and brought about a great deal of hostility that still echoes from the pulpits of many great churches. For me as a long time Christian at 72 years of age, I changed my opinion after gaining some insight to sort through those controversies from the Hebrew Alphabet Number System.

I have come to realize that the widely accepted theory of splitting the Great Day of the Lord into two periods flies in the face of hundreds of Bible verses to the contrary. The Bible is very plain that Jesus’ next appearance will be in omnipotence with a cosmic splendor beyond imagination. He will conquer and reign with the supreme power worthy of the King of Kings and ruler of the universe followed by tens of thousand angels in festive dresses.

To have him come through the backdoor, unrecognized by the world, like a thief in a secret rapture, is to me the ultimate expression of arrogance. I believe that it is a grave insult of the highest order to teach that doctrine. It is disrespectful in the utmost to bring the Creator of the universe down to our puny human level. To believe in a secrete coming of the Lord does not honor him before the eyes of the world. This teaching makes some unbelievers think (perhaps rightly so) of Christians as hypocrites.

I want to see my Lord, who was brutally beaten up and horribly crucified return in royal splendor of majesty with a sword in one hand and the Word of God in the other. He will come with iron-fisted laws that will be enforced so that evil will never rule the world again. I am saddened to realize that many Christians will perish in the Apocalypse. They will do so because they do not think any differently than those who are in the world do. There is no distinction of being set apart as holy unto the Lord when those who claim Christ think like their secular fellowman.

Secondly, I believe that Daniel’s 70th week is not floating unconnected but driven by “hidden” gears that God has permitted me to discover. The 70th week appears to float from our human perspective of time, but actually it is firmly meshed with other gears in the Daleth dimension. It is the return of Jesus that is not connected to any chronological gearing. We are simply given signs and a set of events after which he will come, because the Heh dimension has no clocks.

Remember, we need five (5) witnesses to establish facts to teach a dogma. I cannot find five witnesses in support of the pre-tribulation rapture theory. When he comes, everyone - and that means the whole world, Jews and Christians - will see him.

My methodical dating of the Apocalypse can be contrasted and compared to the feel-good theology of the rapture by process of reading the Bible with some disciplined reasoning in light of the context of God’s overall plan. Daniel prophesied 500 years of empires coming and going in very precise time cycles. These prophecies represent 99% of his predictions, and they have been literally and precisely fulfilled in their proper sequence just like clock gears. This we can verify by history.

There is no reason that the yet–to-occur 1% will not line up just as precisely according to their cycles and gears as I have described in my two books. Daniel was assured that in the later time, there will be wise saints who will know the time. I am reminded of an earlier Bible verse that I quoted in describing the coming destruction of New York City. It warns the faithful to “get out of town, so that you will not share in the punishment of that city.” Such a warning makes no sense if no one can know the time.

Beginning with this chapter, I will describe how I discovered the dates of the Apocalypse by calculating and working with the Bible’s historical-prophetic gears as they specifically apply to Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy. Remember, I have worked from known historic events into the unknown prophetic events of the Apocalypse and God’s restoration of His kingdom on earth. I want to state again that I found nothing in the Bible that permits me to predict the date of Christ’s return. I may have my own opinion about it, but it is only my best guess.

God, through the Hebrew thought structure as written by Daniel, wants us to focus first on the total number of weeks – 70, which is the headline title of this prophecy. Then He splices one special, floating prophetic week into the whole. This 7-year period of time occurs only once in history. Although some analogies can be drawn with Jesus’ ministry on earth, most prophecy students, including myself, identify it as the 7-year Apocalypse or Great Tribulation.

Daniel’s vision primarily focuses on Israel. His prophetic vision concerns Israel ’s future as it extends to the very end of this world in the Daleth dimension. Based on my analysis of this prophecy, I calculated that the Daleth dimension of time will end at the year 3018. That end date concludes with 69th week married together with the 70th week using the five-based perspective, which I have discovered. It also overlaps and synchronizes with the chronology of the seven year Apocalypse according to the seven-based method of calculation, which is the one traditionally used by the better Bible prophecy scholars.

Keep reading: I explain this paragraph in the following pages where we will see the same overlay from the historical perspective.

Know therefore and understand: from the time that the word went out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the time of an anointed prince, there shall be seven weeks;

and for sixty-two weeks it shall be built again with streets and moat, but in a troubled time. After the sixty-two weeks, an anointed one shall be cut off and shall have nothing… (Daniel 9:24-26 NRSV)

Looking through the Bible’s prophetic telescope, remember that it shows just mountain peaks – some of them represent near-in-the-future fulfillment and others of them far-in-the-future fulfillment. Therefore, we might rationally expect at least two sets of applicable chronological settings and prophetic interpretations. As we will now learn, there are two definite levels of interpretation for these prophecies of Daniel according to what I call the Rosetta Stone (7:5) analysis.

70 Weeks by Daleth Dimension


Daniel's 70 Weeks

The majority of Bible scholars agree that when a prophetic verse of Scripture contains the word weeks, it often refers to a system of years. Since a week is seven (7) days long, Daniel's "seventy weeks" has commonly been interpreted to mean 70 sets of 7 years, or 490 years.

Daniel 9:25 prophesied that there would be sixty-nine (7 + 62) weeks "from the issuing of a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince.” Sixty-nine weeks of years equals (69 x 7 =) 483 years. In 454 BC King Artaxerxes granted the Jews permission to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem establishing 454 BC as the year from which to count. Counting 483 years from 454 BC works out to be AD 28. That is the year Jesus came to John to be baptized and begin his earthly ministry.

Daniel’s prophecy also states that “after” the end of the (7 + 62 =) 69th week, the Messiah will be “cut off” having “nothing.” In other words, Daniel prophesied that the promised Messiah, son of David and son of the Father, would be formally rejected by the Jewish people. To “have nothing” means the Messiah would have no kingdom and no people at his death. This was Jesus’ experience during his first personal ministry on earth. The phrase to “have nothing” also infers a great divine mystery: the separation of the Son from the Father. When Jesus accepted death on the cross, he personally accepted and paid the penalty for the sins of every human being. We simply must ask in faith for it to apply to us.

The Jewish religious leadership of the high priest and Sanhedrin formally and officially rejected Jesus’ claim to be the promised Messiah and Son of God when they tried, convicted and crucified Him. In fact even all of the disciples forsook Jesus for awhile, and then even the Father in heaven when Jesus died on the cross, sacrificing His sinless life for the sins of the world. (Matthew 27:46) He cried out to His Father in Heaven in his last words of agony, “Father why has thou forsaken me?” At that moment Jesus was utterly abandoned, disconnected from the universe He created, totally alone, forsaken by all living beings. What a price to pay to redeem me and you.

His rejection by the Jewish people was a representative rejection by the whole world. As I described this incident in my previous book, the gospel is very detailed when it reports that a sign of accusation proclaiming Jesus as the King of the Jews in three languages was written and nailed over his head. “Why,” I asked, “did they go through so much trouble for a condemned prisoner? Why write the charges against him in three languages when hardly anyone of the bystanders of this execution could read?”

The reason is that these three languages represented the religious, civil government and science-business segments of the Roman civilization. None would have Jesus rule over them.

Even today, 2,000 years later, the name of Jesus and even the Ten Commandments are banished from our institutions of higher learning and from our government sessions as well from any meetings of the United Nations. Every time I walk in crowded shopping centers or mix with others in a party situation, I can not help but hear someone profanely use the name of Jesus as a curse word in order to emphasize one’s outrage and ignorance. I shudder at the thought of what it will be like when they will meet Him as their ultimate Judge on the last day. How will they feel as they hear an almost endless recording of their voices swearing and cursing the precious name of Jesus, the Savior and King of the universe.

While some individual Jews brought a curse upon their heads, the Jewish people as a whole are not particularly cursed for their leaders’ or ancestors’ rejection of Jesus as their king in 33 ad. (Matthew 27:25) The wrong teaching that the Jewish people are particularly guilty for Jesus’ death was the historic cause of much innocent bloodshed perpetrated by Islamic and Christian societies against the Jews.

The Bible reveals that Jesus’ cursed death on a tree was necessary so that he could die as a sacrifice in the Heh dimension of eternity. (Deuteronomy 21:23) Contrary to the Roman practice of leaving bodies on the cross to hang many days, Jesus’ body was taken down the same day – just as the Mosaic Law required. What happened on the cross in the Daleth dimension that the eyewitnesses wrote about was only a reflection of His real death as God in the Heh side dimension. By being born in a body from the Daleth dimension, Jesus, one from the Heh dimension, could atone for all sins, for all people, of all and any age bound by time – past, present and future. But this event in Heaven must be ratified or approved through faith by every individual born in the Daleth dimension in order for it to become law, which is also a valid personal reality for eternity.

Remember, people were appointed as the stewards of this world – even after Adam and Eve’s ejection from the Garden of Eden. Hence we are boss, which means we are responsible. To inherit eternal life, we must accept without conditions the deal that God offers, called a new covenant a new contract in the Bible.

Our acceptance in faith is a very important condition of salvation from the legal perspective. God cannot force us to accept the terms of this new contract offered through the GodSon. The old contract made with Israel alone spelled out the penalties for its violation, which ultimately meant death for every person. As the other party to the contract, we must agree because we are in charge of the Daleth dimension of our world and time. We are faced with the issues of what will come next.

Do we want to live on in another universe or not? Many people will opt out and refuse. I did not, because I want to live forever in love, happiness and with purpose. Jesus expressed this new contractual offer simply in order for us to grasp this truth, “You must be born again.”

Jesus in effect died the “Second Death” for all of us who repent in faith by accepting His atoning sacrifice. (Hebrews 2:9-18) By grace alone, people are saved through faith in God’s love for us. Jesus was slain in the Daleth dimension by a pre-set plan that existed in God’s consciousness before the world was made. His life and death are the central part of God’s plan to redeem as many people as possible and make them eligible for eternal life, but we must accept God’s terms for Eternal Life. (Hebrews 9:23-28; Revelation 13:8)

The floating seven-based 70th week also provides some potential insights into the significance of the full ministry of Jesus as well as their imitating counterpart – the deceptions of Antichrist. Jesus’ public ministry of mercy in the flesh lasted about three and a half years or half of a prophetic week. In the midst of it He died, making an end to the necessity of sacrifices. (Hebrews 9:11-22) Some scholars believe that Jesus literally died in the middle of the week on a Wednesday. His death was followed by the destruction of the Second Temple and the city of Jerusalem some decades later in 70 AD. In the prophetic sense there is an alignment between the death of Jesus, who was a fleshly temple of God on earth, and the destruction of the Second Temple.

The second half of Jesus’ 7-years ministry may also be aligned with the Mini-Apocalypse, which could be considered Jesus’ ministry of judgment. The first time He did not come to judge the world; next time He will. (John 12:47) As we will shortly discover, the real prophetic significance of this 70th week applies to the activities of Antichrist during the seven years of the Great Apocalypse.

Remember, the railroad track has two rails. One represents Israel, and the other represents the nations. I have also referred to them as relating to the Jewish traditions and the Christian traditions. The floating 70th week, 7-year Apocalypse applies to both rails, which means that the Great Tribulation will impact all of us.

Hebrew Numeric Understanding of Two Birthdays

The New Testament revelation from God teaches that people were created to have two birthdays. We are all familiar with our natural birthday in the flesh or Daleth (seven-based) dimension. The second birthday takes place when and if a person becomes “born again” by God’s Holy Spirit. By receiving the Spirit in faith, one is simultaneously born into the Heh (five-based) dimension, which cannot be seen yet, because it happened in the Heh dimension outside the realm of our five senses. (John 3:5-8)

How does this work numerically? When you are born again, then you add together the value (4) of your first birth in the Daleth dimension plus the value (5) of your second birth in the Heh dimension, which together equal Teth (9 - New Life). If you are not born again than you will have two Daleth birthdays (4+4), which means Cheth (8) closed in – the lake of fire. Only Jesus Christ has a (5+5=10) Jod birthday because he was born sinless being fully God, but he also became fully human, born in the Daleth dimension even though he was from the Heh dimension.

The second birthday is vital for our continued existence, which is called “Eternal Life.” By it we become members of spiritual royalty in the Heh dimension. Jesus Christ is King of Kings, and we are his younger siblings, the children of the Father whom the angels call the “First Born.” From the perspective of the universe, the angels exist and operate in a status or position under those resurrected as the First Born from the dead.

Angels were created by something like a cloning process, but mortal humans are born. People are born into the Daleth dimension, and we have the potential to be born into the Heh dimension. We have siblings that are genetically related, and all those spiritually born again are children of the same Father. It is a bond that animals or angels do not share with human beings.

So it is also for Israel. As we look at Israel - the other rail, it appears that Israel as a nation must also have a second birthday in the Heh dimension. Through Abraham, a nation was born in the Daleth dimension, but it will end because the Zayin age is ending. The following Chet age will see the second birthday of Israel.

The ultimate goal for Israel and the Church is not different. These two groups are connected but still have separate identities like the rails that are both held by common ties in a railroad track. The Bible teaches that in the plan of God, there is one God, one Spirit, one Body, and one Faith. (Ephesians 4:1-6) However, from the perspective of biblical history and the fulfillment of God’s promises to Abraham and David, the Jewish people will be reconstituted as the Messianic Kingdom of Israel in the Daleth dimension by Jesus at his return just a few years from now.

This coming Teth age of the millennium will demonstrate a totally new civilization never experienced before on this globe. The reborn Kingdom of Israel will last one thousand years to the end of time as we know it, but the birthing process will come at a heavy price. Because the people of Israel are sinners, they need to be cleansed of their spiritual impurities and religious corruption in order to please God. God has promised to transform their “hearts of stone” into “hearts of flesh” through the outpouring of His Spirit with its fruits of compassion, love, peace, joy and the willingness to serve for the benefit of all nations. (Ezekiel 11:19; 36:26)

To borrow from an analogy I have used previously, the Jewish nation also possesses a placenta. Without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit through Jesus, Jewish people and social institutions are just as much a part of the evil dominion of Satan as the rest of us. (Colossians 1:13-14) At birth the placenta must be cut off.

This process of “cutting off” is referred to in the Bible as Jacobs’s Trouble. (Jeremiah 30:7 Read the whole chapter.) While the Apocalypse will last for seven years for both Israel and the world at large, Israel seems to have it a little easier during the early part of it. However, the easier beginning will be more than compensated for by the severely intense troubles of the last part, which I call the Mini-Apocalypse. The Mini-Apocalypse features over three years of intense tribulation and death on Israel and the Jewish people. They will only survive because of God’s promised protection and grace.

The Bible promises Israel great blessings after the Apocalypse ends. These blessings will fulfill God’s original covenant promises to Abraham. Israel shall be a cup that exceedingly overflows to an abundance of spiritual and material blessings to all of the other nations as well. All peoples will experience the plan of God purposely. Throughout the millennium, they will work together for the glory of the Great Designer of all - the eternal God.

Some of the major events of the 7-year Apocalypse are now told in the next verse:

…and the troops of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary. Its end shall come with a flood, and to the end there shall be war. Desolations are decreed.

He [Antichrist-EU president] shall make a strong covenant with many [Israel and the Arab nations] for one week, and for half of the week [Mini-Apocalypse begins] he shall make sacrifice and offering cease; and in their place shall be an abomination that desolates, until the decreed end is poured out upon the desolator.” (Daniel 9: 27 NRSV) [My addition for clarity]

To summarize, the prophetic turned historical facts in Daniel 9:24-26 that led up to and included the earthly life of Jesus prior to the 70th week were:

The future floating 70th week of seven years of the Great Apocalypse in the seven-base system, also known as the Tribulation will see the following events take place:

This widely accepted interpretation works perfectly using seven (7) years for each of Daniel's "weeks.” However, I believe that we must also look deeper into this verse from the perspective of Daniel’s prophesied kingdom from the other side (Heh), which will appear at the end of time. (Daniel 2:31-45)

By doing so, we will gain additional understanding vastly different from the traditional one that will make it possible for us to identify both the beginning and the end dates of the Apocalypse. As we develop this new theory, our knowledge of God's plan will greatly expand, and we will see that the dating of the Apocalypse presented in this book is dependable.

70 Wees, 7-based and 5-based


Daniel’s Five-based System of Sixty-nine Weeks

Scholars only look at Daniel 9:24 from the perspective of the seven-based Daleth dimension. If we examine it from the viewpoint of the five-based Heh dimension, we will find that Daniel 9:24 also reveals information about what will happen when during the last age of God’s plan. That is, we can learn about the time when God will complete his restoration of the earth to the perfection of the Heh (from the other side) dimension, which will take place in AD 3018, as shown in the 7,000-Year Table of Human History.

Reading Daniel 9:24 on the seven-based level, the mention of "your people" refers to “Israel.” But from the five-based Heh level, the expression “Holy City” points to the yet future heavenly Jerusalem described in the book of Revelation as suspended like a satellite hovering over the earthly location of Jerusalem. This heavenly satellite Jerusalem will be populated by the resurrected “saints” who are collectively called by a new name. In the New Testament the saints are collectively referred to as "the church” or the “bride.” This interpretation is confirmed by Revelation 21:2 (NRSV):

And I saw the holy city, the New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

Now let us re-read Daniel 9:24 with these two perspectives in mind. We will demonstrate how the five-based system is determined and then compare the five-based chronological observations and the seven-based chronological calculations of Daniel’s seventy weeks prophecy. Daniel 9:24 reveals five things that are decreed for Israel in the seven-based dimension as well as five events decreed for the perfected Church that will take place in the five-based dimension.

Seventy weeks are decreed for your people and your holy city: to finish the transgression, (1) to put an end to sin, (2) and to atone for iniquity, (3) to bring in everlasting righteousness, (4) to seal both vision and prophet, and to anoint a most holy place. (5) (Daniel 9:24 NRSV, numbers added for discussion)

The seven-based, Daleth dimension fulfillment of these five points fairly obviously refers to the atoning life and death of Jesus Christ. It both spans his earthly life almost two thousand years ago as well as what lies ahead during the Apocalypse and the millennial restoration. Israel’s restoration must include the building of the Fourth Temple described at the end of the book of Ezekiel. I am not aware of anyone who has ever considered or analyzed these five verses from a five-based Heh (“the other side”) perspective, which is the heavenly dimension. The numbered points refer back to the numbers that I inserted in the quote above:

  1. Finish the transgression: At the end of the Daleth dimension of time “transgressions” will come to an end forever. Perfection will reign in the New Heaven and New Earth. ("I remember their sins no more," Hebrews 8:12 NRSV.)
  2. Put an end to sin: The Daleth dimension will have ended in the lake of fire. Sin and evil will no longer rise to cause trouble or be transferred to the new earth. ("And the one who was seated on the throne said, 'See, I am making all things new,'" Revelation 21:5 NRSV.)
  3. Atone for iniquity: God will close the Daleth dimension like a book. All outstanding issues with people and Satan will be settled at the Great White Throne in AD 3018. This is the last event on earth. Those who are found worthy, whose names are written in the Book of Life, will be brought into everlasting righteousness; the rest will be discarded into the lake of fire. Justice will be administered according to the law at the Great White Throne. Each person will receive his or her reward, be it for good or evil. This will be the greatest Day of Atonement in the history of the universe.

Then I saw a great white throne and the one who sat on it; the earth and the heaven fled from his presence, and no place was found for them. (Revelation 20:11 NRSV)

  1. Bring in everlasting righteousness: This will commence after the last judgment. The time dimension (Daleth) will no longer exist. The age of the New Heavens and New Earth (Jod) will start, and it will last forever. God will again live intimately together with a resurrected humanity on the future new earth.

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. (Revelation 21:1 NRSV)

  1. Anoint a most holy place: The Satellite City of Jerusalem will no longer be in the sky but will have “come down” to reside permanently on the new earth. (Revelation 21) Anoint means "to officially dedicate, set aside, and consecrate." God will live with a transformed humanity who will eternally experience a loving fellowship with him. God will establish personal relationships with people, just like he did with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Through Jesus, the Second Adam, all saints will once again experience intimate fellowship with God. As Augustine expressed it so beautifully thousands of years ago:

"The chief end of man is to glorify God
and to enjoy Him forever."

Daniel 9:24 allocates a definite time of "seventy weeks" to accomplish these five important things. Notice the presence together in one verse of the numbers 7 (from 70 weeks) and 5 (results), which are the binary code of heaven (7 + 5 =12).

The 7 and 5 Connection

As I developed the 7,000-Year Table of Human History and the 7-Year Table of the Apocalypse, I noticed that many prophetic Scriptures contain references to the numbers seven (7) and five (5), or multiples thereof. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System places special significance on the numbers seven (7 = "divine perfection") and five (5 = "the other side" or "eternity"). Both are prime numbers that cannot be divided.

Since I play a little music, I also thought of the piano keyboard, which has seven (7) white keys and five (5) black keys in each octave. I once heard a black musician explain that many of the Christian songs we sing in church today came from American slaves in the past century. But they sang their songs using only the black keys. As this musician demonstrated one familiar tune after another by playing only the black keys, I was impressed by how identical the music sounded to what I was used to.

I conjecture that this 7:5 ratio is a hint of an extraordinary mathematical system that may be used by angels to travel at speeds faster than light through a maze of thousands of galaxies. In Daniel 10:13 an angel reported that it took twenty-one days for him to get to Daniel after his prayer to God had been heard. The angel apologized for his delay, blaming an evil angel named "the prince of the kingdom of Persia." He then credited Michael, "one of the chief princes," with coming to his aid.

How is this mode of travel possible? An explanation of how modern-day computers work may help us understand this concept. Computers use a binary code consisting of two digits: ones and zeros. They function using a mathematical system based on 8 bytes. With this system in place we can express anything in mathematics, language, philosophy and even abstract concepts. The Hebrew binary code has ten (10) bytes, two bytes more. It is obvious again; our technical 8 bytes derived originally 4x2 with means Daleth. The heavenly binary code is 5x2 meaning 10 - Jod the universe.

Like the ones and zeros in our computers, I believe that sevens and fives compose heaven's "binary code." The special 7:5 ratio is unique to the ancient Hebrew language and proves that a superior intelligence preset historical and prophetic chronology. I integrate these two dimensions on my World Cuckoo Clock by giving the clock face two dials. Inside the clock this binary code operates like two differently sized gears with teeth that mesh together so that the movement of one directly affects the second.

I am confident that contrasting Scriptures containing the numbers seven (7) and five (5) will unlock deeper levels of understanding in other Bible verses, too.

Daniel's Rosetta Stone Chronology


Using the Five-based System

When we examine Daniel 9:24 from the perspective of the Heh dimension, we need to use multiples of five instead of seven. Thus, we should regard one "week" as being fifty (50) years instead of seven (7) years. I use fifty instead of five years for the week because fifty is expressed as 5 x 10, where 10 = Jod. The meaning of 5 x 10 is heaven’s transformation of life to a higher level, which is what the Teth and Jod ages occurring at the end of God’s plan are all about.

In these calculations I am seeking the year (3018) that ends the Teth Age, the millennium and begins Jod, the age of the New Heavens and New Earth.

Thus, for the Heh dimension, five-based calculation of Daniel's "seventy weeks" I multiply the 70 weeks by 50 years to get a total of 3,500 years (70 x 50 = 3,500). You will find this charted graphically in the 7,000-Year Table of Human History with the date of 3018 indicated for the transition from the Teth to the Jod Age. Then I added these 3,500 years (with an adjustment described just below) to 518 BC, which is when the 70 years of Israel’s Babylonian exile ended following the destruction of the First Temple in 588 BC. This methodology self-validates at 3017/3018 and other points where the seven-based and five-based systems intersect accurately at key events.

Here are some details on how these two approaches to Daniel 9:24 validate each other. First of all, Daniel could not have figured out what I have done because my work has relied on historical events that were yet future in Daniel’s day. This is why the angel told him not to worry about it because the dates were sealed up until the end time when those who have insight then will be able to understand them. (Daniel 12:9-10) Remember, I work from the known points to determine the unknown ones. In this case I am looking for the end year of the millennium and beginning of the New Heaven and New Earth.

Following the Rosetta Stone 7:5 ratio, there are 7 cycles from Creation to the destruction of the First Temple in 588 BC, and there are 5 calibrated cycles of 490 years each (5 x 490 = 2,450) from the end of the 70 years of exile in 518 BC, to the Israelis’ liberation of Jerusalem in 1967/1968. Please note that I inserted 35 years to calibrate the Jewish calendar to our own (518 BC + 2,450 years + 35 years = AD 1968). I inserted it in the 9th cycle of the 7,000-Year Table of Human History. The totals are still the same, but when we calculate Daniel’s 69 weeks, we ignore this correction for the time being.

The 2,450 years can also be expressed as 49 x 50. In Revelation 20:7 John writes that the millennial reign on earth will last one thousand years, which can be written as 20 x 50. If each 50 years represents one of Daniel's "weeks," then these two time periods added together (49 from the 2,450 years and 20 from the millennium) would come to 69 weeks. Now I just need to find where the floating 70 th week of 50 years in the five-based system intersects with the seven-based chronology of the Apocalypse.

The five-based and seven-based systems possess differing positions of ordinal numeric importance. This means that the pivotal week of events is located in a different order for each system. Pay attention here. Read carefully, and use systems thinking. Also remember that prophecy telescopes near and far events in one vision in this example.

The seven-based floating 70th week of seven years is also a prophetic week in the five-based dimension, but the five-based prophetic week is 50 years long as overlaid with the Jubilee or 50-year cycle described in Leviticus chapters 25 and 27:11. For this 70th week we are dealing with the same apocalyptic events that will take place and be fulfilled, but they are viewed from two different perspectives – one earthly (Daleth and seven-based) and other heavenly (Heh and five-based).

Look at the table at the start of this section. I inserted the five-based, 50-year week from 1968 to 2018. Why?

Because the five-based 70th week should appear in an ordinal position of a 5 to some magnitude. The seven-based events of the 70th week occupy an ordinal position that follows the end of the 69 weeks. It falls in the seventh position times ten because the 7-year Apocalypse transitions into the transformed millennial age as viewed and experienced by all of us in the Daleth dimension of this time and place.

This floating 50-year long 70th week in the five-based dimension follows the (49 x 50 =) 2,450 years that range between 518 BC and 1968 AD; therefore, it occupies the 50th week position, which is a five-based ordinal position of importance! The five-based 70th week must be followed by the 1,000 year millennial rule of Christ over the earth, which is an age of twenty (20) five-based weeks of fifty (50) years. The millennium must follow the Apocalypse and the total number of weeks must remain at the same seventy (70) weeks of Daniel’s prophecy as calculated in the seven-based dimension.

Thus, the 50th week ordinal position of the 70th week in the five-based system aligns with or parallels the 70th week position for that same prophetic week in the seven-based system. The alignment is based on the position or place of ordinal importance in each system. In the Rosetta Stone system 7 + 5 = 12, the number of organization. Both are multiples of ten, so that: (5 x 10) 5-base = (7 x 10) 7-base.

Let’s summarize again. In the seven-based system the floating week took place in ante-type (before type, a foreshadowing of a future event) with the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AD as a “near” mountain peak of the future destruction of the Third Temple during the Apocalypse. Previously after the sixty-ninth week, Daniel's prophecy states that the "anointed one" shall be "cut off." Using the seven-based system, this prophecy was fulfilled by the death of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, in AD 33.

The five-based dimension’s floating, single 70th week transition period is found on the tables as the 50-year gear from 1968 – 2018. I use 1968 because it is the first full year that the Temple Mount and Old City of Jerusalem were liberated after hundreds of years of Gentile control. Another way of looking at the significance of this chronological position could be that war in heaven is probably already underway. (Revelation 12:7)

However, if we apply the five-based system (far vision of the prophetic telescope) to Daniel's prophecy, the end of the five-based dimension’s transposed equivalent to Daniel’s 69th week is 3018, when Satan, the “god of this world” who was originally an angel known as Lucifer, the prehistorically former Anointed One covering God’s throne, will be completely "cut off" - thrown into the Lake of Fire and totally eliminated from existence on this planet “having nothing.” (2Corinthians 4:4; Ezekiel 28:14 ; Revelation 20:10)

The event of Satan’s ultimate destruction is foreshadowed when the beast and false prophet are cast into that same lake of fire at the end of the Apocalypse, which is the seven-based 70th week. (Revelation 19:20) Satan’s imprisonment in the abyss parallels the end of the five-based Daniel 9:27 by completely shutting down this being from the Heh dimension responsible for the destruction of the Temple and the rest of the earth’s evils.

Returning to 1967/1968, we come to the restoration of political control of the Old City of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, to the Israelis. This reunion of God’s people with the former and future place of God’s throne on earth ended their geographical separation (exile) from the heart of Jerusalem, the place of grace, due to their rejection of Jesus as Messiah. The end of their spiritual separation is next.

From the liberation of the Old City and Temple Mount of Jerusalem in 1967, we begin counting the fifty year gear from the first full year following, 1968, when a prophetic verse in Psalms 102 was fulfilled:

Thou wilt arise and have compassion on Zion; for it is time to be gracious to her, for the appointed time has come.

Surely Thy servants find pleasure in her stones, and feel pity for her dust.

So the nations will fear the name of the LORD, and all the kings of the earth Thy glory. Psalms 102:13-15 (NASB)

The “appointed time” (Hebrew mo’ed) has come in God’s prophetic calendar. This same word, mo’ed, is used to refer the marking of time by the biblical festivals. God knows His times and has set the sun, moon and stars in the heavens for people to use in marking the days, months and years. They are also clues to the timing of his purposes, and in the case of the verse above, God is referencing a time when His servants will find pleasures in Jerusalem’s stones and dust. Is it a coincidence that Professor Benjamin Mazar began his archaeological excavations around the southern and western walls of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount on February 29, 1968? I think not.

From the heavens God has already begun His last 50-year week of warning to his anciently chosen people, which will include the seven-based 70 th week of Daniel 9:24 on earth. The seven years of the Great Apocalypse includes the building of the Third Temple, its desolation, the Great Tribulation (Jacob’s Trouble) and ends with the restoration of Israel including the building of a Fourth Temple.

This 50-year Jubilee gear from 1968 to 2018 is a Heh counterpart to the Daleth 70-year Land Sabbath gear that ended in 518 bc: both serve as transition gears. The first follows a period of seven 490-year cycles, and the second follows five 490-year cycles. Both sets begin counting after a Jerusalem Temple destruction and exile of the Jewish people: the first follows the destruction of the First Temple with the Babylonian exile, and the second follows the destruction of Jesus as a temple as well as the Second Temple by the Romans in ad 70 with the long Diaspora exile now ending. Since the founding of the state of Israel in 1948, we have seen acceleration towards this full and final restoration of Israel under God with the return of millions of Jewish people to their native homeland.

Since the resurrection of Jesus, spiritual salvation has been available as a free gift and has always been offered by God to the Jewish people as individuals. Because corrupt human religious organizations wrongly persecuted the Jewish people in the name of God, often calling them “Christ-killers,” these grievous sins have placed horrible barriers between the Jewish people and the gentile messianic movement now called Christianity – even though it started being Jewish.

I hope that this book will help to bridge the gap between these two great religions and remind them that God’s plan can only function on two rails. Only through forgiveness will we survive the Apocalypse as brothers in the service of the God of Israel. If we cannot do that, then we will both perish.

By 2018 God will have fulfilled his covenant promises to Abraham by saving the Jewish people collectively with the institution of the Messianic Kingdom under Jesus with a resurrected King David as his representative on earth. However, salvation is available to anyone – Jew or non-Jew (Gentile) - today for the asking in faith. If anything, a Jewish person has a little priority, in God’s heart, to hear the gospel. (Romans 1:16)

The Apocalypse is an important, essential, though painful part of God’s national redemption process for both Israel and the rest of the world. It will purge the rebellious evil out of the heavenlies and remove the unrepentant people of all races and ethnic backgrounds from the face of the earth. Those unwilling to turn in a true repentance of faithful obedience to the God of Israel will not survive into the Teth age of his glorious reign.

These five-based and seven-based chronological correlations in Daniel 9:24-27, the key Scripture of Bible prophecy, gives credibility to my Rosetta Stone, “7:5 two railroad rail code of heaven” theory. Just as the Rosetta stone enabled Egyptologists to unlock the mysteries of Egyptian hieroglyphics, so the biblical Rosetta Stone unlocked the many of the key mysteries surrounding the dating the Apocalypse. Calculating dates based on mathematical systems of fives and sevens results in several other amazing fits, too.

To summarize, with this 7-5 binary code we can predict how long human history will exist on earth – until 3018. In fact we can calculate it from two different perspectives. At the end of Daniel’s life, the angel swore that “a time, times and half a time” in the seven-based system will need to pass for the end to happen. Since a “time” can mean one year or a thousand years, that would make it (3.5 x 1,000=) 3,500 years.

On my 7,000-Year Table of Human History this 3,500 year period spans from 518 BC to AD 3018. According to the Rosetta Stone discovery, we multiplied Daniel’s 70th week with 50 years for each week (70x50) arriving at the same 3,500 years from 518 BC to AD 3018, which provides an internal systems check on the 7:5 Rosetta Stone calculations.

Time for a Cup of Coffee

I hope I have not lost you after reading such a technical discussion of Bible prophecy’s chronological systems. I wrote it for those who are interested in understanding how these prophetic systems work. For folks wanting a simpler approach I must now include some analogies to illustrate how I use the Rosetta Stone 7:5 ratio tool to find the date of the Apocalypse.

Here is an analogy using something we are all familiar with – a cup of coffee. Think of two different mugs that look the same on the table, but each one holds a different amount of coffee. One holds a half cup of coffee with one teaspoon of sugar, and the other holds a full cup with two teaspoons of sugar. In either case the level of sweetness is the same. In this analogy the number of teaspoons of sugar represents the number of chronological cycles or gears. Similarly, the difference between the 7-based chronological system and the 5-based system in the Rosetta Stone 7:5 ratio is like the difference in the amount of coffee found in the two different mugs that externally appear to be the same but hold different amounts of sugar, one teaspoon or two. In other words, within the Rosetta Stone 7:5 relationship; the 7 is compared to the half cup or one time period. Since 7 (and not 6) is the midpoint of 12 in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, then the equation of 7+5=12 gives us the full cup of coffee, which is two cycles.

Daniel prophesied about 70 weeks that behave like these coffee mugs. One set of them has one teaspoon of sugar for one cycle of time, and another set that seems to look like the first has two teaspoons of sugar. We need to know which set to use in order to measure correctly from a given point in history to determine a future date when a specific prophetic event will take place. Thus, Daniel prophesied both what God will do and when He would make it happen.

Remember, God’s plan runs on a railroad made of two rails. The two rails represent the repeated presence of duality in God’s plan for humanity. For example, the one Bible has two testaments, the “Old” and the “New,” and the clock of Bible prophecy has two sets of chronological gear systems – the 7-based Daleth system and the 5-based Heh system. We can look at either system alone see how it operates logically according to mathematical precision, but that is not the entire story. They also intermesh with each other at some points, and those points are where the prophetic events presented in the Heh dimension become historic or present events in our Daleth world of material time.

The principle of duality in one extends to the butterfly story, which illustrates how humans have two birthdays. The caterpillar appears to be a rather unattractive, worm-like creature that goes through a death and completely dissolves inside the cocoon to be reborn as a gloriously beautiful butterfly with wings that enables it to fly in the blue sky over a meadow filled with sweet smelling flowers.

In fact most living things in nature have two birthdays. Any vegetable or tree starts out from a seed that is put into the ground where it dies: the seed decomposes and disappears to give birth to a sprout that will grow into a new plant, which will have seed again. All Daleth dimension life forms will experience death as part of the natural life cycle driven by the cyclical (good and evil, birth and death) life force inherent within this system. So even in a seed, we see duality just like the two chronological systems (7-based and 5-based), a person’s two birthdays or the two coffee mugs that look alike but contain either a half cup or a full cup, one sugar or two. Understanding this relationship gives us the date of the Apocalypse.

Because Daniel prophesies a coming Messiah who will die (be “cut off”) and yet also reign as king, we know from both prophecies that he will be a mortal human who must have two birthdays, too. Because most Bible scholars do not look at the other rail of the railroad, many Jewish scholars believe that there will be two different persons to fulfill the messianic prophecies: one who will suffer (Messiah Ben-Joseph) and the other (Messiah Ben-David) who will be a conquering king. But when one reads both “rails” of the Bible from the perspective of HANS, it becomes clear that all of these biblical prophecies come together in one person – Yeshua/Jesus, who lived early in the first century AD.

What is unusual about Daniel’s announcements concerning the Messiah is that he describes a person who will “make an end to sin.” Since only God can forgive sin, this promised Redeemer must be God Himself coming out from the Heh dimension (5, “the other side”) into our material world, which I call the Daleth dimension (4, “in this time and in this world). If God is born into the Daleth dimension, He must be prepared to die, too. There are no exceptions. It is the law of His natural universe, like a clock He once wound up but has since been left to run down.

The Bible states that Jesus was obedient unto death. Even as a mortal, Jesus could have chosen not to offer Himself in sacrifice. He did not have to die because He had not sinned. He chose to face and endure a cruel and violent death out of His love for us. He did so because there was no other way. Even though He suffered the forsaken separation from the Father at His own death, Jesus has promised to never forsake those who serve Him as they face their own deaths.

Only Jesus, through the mystery of His pre-existence as the Creator of all life, had the ability to be born in both dimensions at once since He was by nature fully God and fully human. Since Jesus lived a sinless life, He did not earn the penalty of death. He voluntarily took it on for each person who will believe that grace in faith. The fact that Yeshua/Jesus was fully God, being born of the omnipotent and pure Holy Spirit, gave Him the power to escape sin’s penalty of death through the resurrection. This is also why Jesus is called the Second Adam, the human who restores access to the Heh dimension for all of the rest of us willing to be re-born in Him.

Now a birthday only comes after a necessary period of pregnancy when the fetus grows unseen within the womb. The fetus is attached to the womb’s interior through a placenta, which is also born and discarded because it is no longer needed for the newborn baby to grow to maturity. In the birth, death and resurrection of the Messiah, we see in one person the whole history and plan of God for humanity just like the pattern on a big Russian Egg is precisely replicated in miniature as a smaller egg.

Jesus is the only person who has come to us from the other side. To His disciples He revealed much about the next stage of life as represented by the butterfly in my analogy. The mystery of the two birthday/two stage system of God’s purpose for human life is portrayed in many ways throughout the natural biosphere. Even the simplest seed teaches us that there must be a resurrection to follow mortal death.

In the Apocalypse every person on earth will experience the birth pains of the coming Kingdom of God. The arrival of that Kingdom will be signaled by the resurrection of the saints after the Apocalypse is over. Through the birth-pang plagues of God’s Wrath, the placenta of this rebellious world of injustice and evil under Satan will soon be cast aside and burned because it will no longer be required to help humans grow spiritually. I will tell you more about birthdays later, but first you need to know when the Apocalypse will show up and what the Apocalypse really is.

So let us go back to our mugs of coffee and how to find the dates of the Apocalypse. Daniel used the one cycle measurement (one teaspoon of sugar) to tell us when that special person would and did appear in the Fullness of Time, which is a date calculated by counting forward into the future from Daniel’s prophecy until Jesus appearance (first birthday) in AD 29.

What is interesting here is to remember the word “until” Messiah the Prince appears that is used in the prophecy. (Daniel 9:25) The 70th Week refers to the seven years of Jesus’ ministry. Like the rest of God’s plan Jesus’ ministry on earth (the 70th Week) is dual; it has two rails, which are in this case two fulfillments. The first rail refers to His appearance at the beginning of His ministry in the flesh as a suffering servant in AD 29. The second rail refers to His second appearance (second birthday) at an unknown day or hour after the end of His second ministry – the seven years of the Apocalypse, which is the second and completion fulfillment of the 70th Week prophecy.

This duality is also hinted at by John the Baptist’s reference to a ministry typified by the baptism with the Holy Spirit and a second ministry typified by the baptism of fire, which I suggest refers to judgment. (Matthew 3:11-12) The important point to note is that Jesus’ first appearance starts the 70th Week as calculated using the 7-base system, and His Second Coming takes place at the end of the same 70th Week as calculated using the 5-base system.

Thus, the 70th Week is a Bible prophecy with a dual fulfillment that appears in human history in parallel like the two rails of the railroad track: the 7-base side was fulfilled as an essential foreshadow and first stage fulfillment of God’s promises to Israel from AD 29-33 and the other, 5-base side, will be duplicated in type and completed from 21 December 2008 to 21 December 2015. Jesus’ arrival following the Apocalypse will empower and complete the promised full restoration of Israel or “restitution all things.” (Acts 3:21)

When counting this way, think of a timeline. We have the advantage looking into history and can move either direction, and in this case we move from the appearance of Jesus in the Daleth dimension as it relates to Daniel’s 70th Week. Logically, therefore, we will count backward in half cups containing one teaspoon of sugar from the appearance of Jesus. That spoonful is 490 years until we get to Daniel’s time. In the same manner we count backwards in full cups of coffee with two spoonfuls of sugar counting from the end of God’s plan 3017/3018 to find the approximate date of the Apocalypse’s end and season of His Second Coming.

To explain it with other words, Daniel was told to count 69 weeks forward from the decree to rebuild Jerusalem. To determine the unit length in years for this prophecy, all we need to do is to look back in history. Because we have the advantages of living thousands of years after him along with the gifts of Jesus’ life on earth and the New Testament, it is not too hard to count to find the date predicted by the 70 weeks prophecy for the first coming of the Messiah. Using the half cup mugs of coffee, the 7-based cycle is 7 x 70 = 490 years, and the last seven years of that cycle is Daniel’s 7-based 70th week. Thus, we count 483 years (the 69 weeks of Daniel 9:24) back from the beginning of the 70th when Jesus was baptized by John to begin His public ministry (“appearance” in ad 29), and come to the year when Daniel’s prophecy told us to start counting forward. That time (454 BC) occurred when friendly Persian king said to the Israelis, “Go home to your country and build Jerusalem the way you would like it.” Consequently, he is remembered as a nice guy in Jewish history. (See Observation #1 in Chapter 9.)

Now we need to find out how many years is represented by the full cup of coffee. Because one gear (one teaspoon of sugar) amounts to 490 years less 7 years or 483 years, two gears (teaspoons of sugar) is double that number of years, or 966. Remember, we ignore the 7 years time duration of the 70th Week because we are counting “until” messianic appearances related to its dual fulfillment. To find the end of the floating 7-based 70th Week, we need to count backwards 2 x 483 years (Plus a conversion factor because the millennium uses astronomical or cosmic years whereas the Daniel’s original fulfillment used biblical or Babylonian years of 360 days.) But how do we find the endpoint to count backwards from?

Daniel gives us the answer. Throughout the history of the Church, many Bible scholars have noted that there is a relationship between the Creation Week and God’s total plan for humanity. Using the principle of “a thousand years is a day,” they have concluded that from the beginning God allotted 6,000 years for human works under Satan’s dominion followed by a thousand years (a millennial Sabbath) of God’s Kingdom on earth, which will be an age of grace and peace. My research confirms this conclusion with the discovery of the 5-based system of Jubilee weeks of 50 years.

Daniel lived around the year 518 BC, which is about the middle of my 7,000-Year Table of Human History. An angel told Daniel, “From now until the end it will be “time, times and half a time.” For the Heh dimension’s 5-based system, a “time” is equal to 1,000 years, so this prophecy means that there are 3,500 years to the end of human history at AD 3017/3018. Later I will show how I arrived at that date in more detail and how this story conforms to the 7:5 ratio as previously mentioned. It is this relationship which makes it possible to date the Apocalypse because 7+5=12 is proportionally a full cup spanning the 7,000 years of human history. (See Chapter 9, Observation #2.) I also showed above how the floating 70th Week had to fall in the parallel 50th Week of the 5-based system – sometime between 1968 and 2018.

So two cycles of 483 years represent the “5” of the 7:5 ratio, which is a full cup of coffee portion of the equation. Moving backwards from the end of Daleth dimension to our present time will give us the unknown end date of the Apocalypse, which comes before the second birthday resurrection of the saints and coincides with Jesus’ Second Coming into the Daleth dimension. When I did so, I came to 21 December 2015, which means thatJesus will appear the second time at some day and hour after 21 December 2015 or after the end of the Apocalypse.

At the same time the First Resurrection of the will occur as they are born again into the Heh dimension. This will be a gigantic birth date for millions of resurrected saints who will celebrate the Lord’s Second Coming together much as a huge, extended family rejoices in festive celebrations for a long-anticipated wedding. My second book will give you 12 simple proofs any one can use to verify these dates that fit together in a system I could not invent even if I wanted to.

These simultaneous events emerge from the Great Day of the Lord that overlays the 70th Week of Daniel’s prophecy as determined by the full cup of coffee counting. The occurrence of these second birthdays, one for Jesus in AD 33 and one for his brethren in 2015 AD are the reason for the Daleth dimension. The rest of the Daleth dimension eventually is assigned to the garbage dump to be recycled; the elements of the seven rainbow color frequency melt together as Peter writes in his letters. (2Peter 3:10-11) The rebellious nations of people, their leader Satan and his fallen angels will end there, too.

What is really interesting to note here is that we as mortals will experience two birthdays: one in the Daleth dimension and the other in the Heh dimension of the “other side.” Granted, it may be another dimension we have not figured it out, but let’s look at Jesus. He comes from the other side and maybe we can learn something from His perspective about how to understand this second birthday.

The Bible says that God the Creator is invisible, unapproachable light. No one ever has ever seen Him, not even the angels around the throne. After the first rebellion in the former heavens and the subsequent expulsion of Satan from His throne room, God instituted a new plan for the universe to fix what went wrong as described in my books. God’s creative genius went to work. Basically, the invisible God decided to become visible, and He used the Daleth dimension to accomplish this objective. To enter the Daleth dimension, the divine had to become mortal according to its cyclical nature of biological life and death, so God chose to appear as a human child. Through this first mortal birth, the eternal invisible God became both visible and vulnerable in the Daleth dimension of the rainbow energy frequencies of visible light that I describe later.

We will learn that the Daleth dimension’s natural characteristics were designed for a specific purpose. In it mortal people can be born again and given the opportunity to qualify to become replacements for the vacancies that came about in God’s administration due to Satan’s rebellion when about one third of all angels were given notice that they were to be expelled from their jobs. That has not occurred yet, so Satan is still the god of this world for awhile, and his angelic followers are the gods and demons worshipped by the nations. They will continue to corrupt people until the end of the Apocalypse when all of the evil spirits, except Satan, will be permanently terminated. Satan will be locked away impotent in the depths of the abyss.

Even the angels were amazed that God had taken on mortal qualities of character, feelings, joys and sorrows. According to the laws of the Daleth dimension, Jesus’ birth as a human baby in Bethlehem meant that He would also have two birthdays. Of course, that fact has created a number of controversies between the religious lawyers and teachers ever since. During His time on earth, people questioned everything Jesus did and said. Even though they had witnessed an array of incredible, supernatural miracles on an almost daily basis, Jesus’ inner core of friends could not fathom that an eternal God would do something as drastic as taking on the weaknesses of fleshly mortality.

Philip finally asked Him to show them the Father because Jesus had used this familiar analogy to communicate the nature of the eternal. In response Jesus said plainly, “I and the Father are One.” Later after Philip’s question, Jesus asked Peter a question to check out their understanding. It looked on the surface that Peter said the right thing, but a few weeks later he caved in when the pressure became too great and denied that he knew Jesus. Even the highest Jewish court asked Him directly, “Are you the Messiah, the promised king?” Jesus’ answer came loud and clear - and one notch higher, “I AM,” meaning that He was the Creator of the universe. The word concept “I AM”, in the Hebrew will be difficult to translate because it is never spoken and is expressing an absolute holiness mortals where not allowed even to utter. It of course resulted in lynch mob and speedy execution by crucifixion.

Now this divine person’s life and death in the Daleth dimension created controversies that continue unsettled even today. Jesus died according to the plan foretold by many prophets, and He rose after three days with a transformed, incorruptible body. This resurrection revealed a new birth as a new creation that had never occurred before in the universe. What was and is so astounding about Jesus’ resurrection is that His presence was not restricted to the Heh dimension. It appeared multidimensional. For forty days Jesus walked and talked with His disciples on earth. (Luke 24:36-49) They touched his solid body of flesh and bone. He walked through walls and traveled great distances within seconds and enjoyed eating food. The resurrected Jesus demonstrated a supernatural dimension of a higher order, which I call the coming ages of Teth on earth and Jod for the other side the heavenly Jerusalem.

The coming of the Apocalypse heralds also the promised future time of a totally new universe where God Himself dwells with His children. The Apocalypse is not only a destruction of the Second Civilization, but the birth of a new one. It is like the bloody placenta born with the baby: evil is permanently removed even as the Kingdom of God is born bringing with it the dawn of new life. My World Cuckoo Clock model explains it in Chapter 10 of Apocalypse Prophesied.

So the Apocalypse is a birthing process where the mortals of the Daleth dimension are transformed into the immortals of the Heh dimension that fills the age of Jod. Jesus is already there. In the book of Revelation John reported from Heaven as he stood in front of the most holy throne. All John could see proceeding from the Throne was light, burning fire, lightning and thunder. Nothing else. But then, just in front of it stands Jesus with His wounds identifying Him. Here again, He is visible to a mortal witness who reports it for us. Jesus also glows radiantly in a brilliance that reminds us of His glory foreshown on the mountain of transfiguration just before His crucifixion, which was like a prophetic telescope witnessed by (5) five people on earth.

The Hebrew concept of God expressed by Aleph, meaning the “One,” also refers to His role of sustaining the unified integrity of the creation. (Colossians 1:17) In some manner the energy nature of the One God is invisibly imbedded in every element or subatomic structure even as He maintains His uniquely separate person-ness as the Father, the Son and the Spirit. The “One” created Beth (2, the house or creation), which expanded into the Daleth dimension peopled with mortal humans and angels. But Daleth is only temporal and will end in =Taw (400). What comes next, the old order?

The answer is “No.” The old Pre-Adamic order in the heavenly has been broken. Out of Daleth’s relationship with Heh, God now institutes a new age (4+5=9, Teth) that hints of the coming age of Jod (2x5=10), the “Second Birth” of a New Heaven and a New Earth with new creatures living in it. Since it is broken, the old order must die with the old system. It became finite when it malfunctioned, failing to properly perform its eternal purpose; hence it exists in this broken, rebellious state only until the new child of the Kingdom of God is born.

Since His resurrection, Jesus Christ, which the Apostle Paul rightly recognizes as the Second Adam is a new totally new creation - no longer composed of Beth material but of Jod. Only the Hebrew Alphabet Number System provides a suitable analogy to explain it to our limited comprehension of the material. Our present reality provides nothing to compare it with, except to reflect it like a mirror faintly understood by wise promised to live in the last days.

In Jod (10) Beth (2) is elevated to 10+2=12, meaning the once invisible God becomes visible – a concept impossible for the angels to comprehend. Remember, 10 is a higher level of the “One,” who through the detour of life in the Daleth dimension becomes now Jod, a “resting hand.” Hebrew would make a picture of Jod creating Beth again; however, on a higher level we will never ever have a Daleth dimension appearing or being created again because the Daleth immunization lessons have been painfully imbedded into the righteous nature of the saints now born into Jod. In this way alone does God prevent any future reoccurrence of the evil being given birth such as Heaven experienced from Lucifer’s rebellion. That is why the Daleth dimension came into existence in the first place. So, 10+2 becomes 12, and its meaning is “perfect government.”

The previous government in the Heh dimension failed, and God the invisible now becomes visible, which is the solution for a better government. Seeing His wounds in His hands now elevated and resting is what Jod means. These wounds will eternally remind us of His great love poured out for us. He paid a great price for our lives so that the faithful saints may live forever. Love is the only bond of fellowship that can prevent rebellion from ever happening again. The resurrected Saints will love, honor and worship Him forever so that the universe will again become functional to the benefit of all created beings in the cosmos.

Coming back to earth, the Apocalypse will be a difficult time for everyone. For those who are lost it will mean the horrors of Satan’s cruel rule and a fiery destruction in the lake of fire. As a former cherub that once served in God’s presence, one of Satan’s earlier names was Hellel. He is about to bring hell (derived from hell-el?) on earth for the purpose of destroying every person and the creation God made to be our home. Satan wants to be God and to be worshiped by beings. If you fear or honor the devil, you will become evil or incurably corrupt like him. If you honor and serve Jesus, who is now the visible God of the universe, then you will become holy or wholesome as He is.

Jesus died for us that we might inherit everlasting life through faith. On top of this wondrous blessing, He guarantees no more pain, tears or sickness. The day is coming when all of the former things will pass away forever. In its place will be the glorious mansions of the heavenly realm bearing a beauty and joy beyond our imagination. Instead of conflict, the redeemed will enjoy healthy relationships with each other as only true friends and loving family can foreshadow today. You cannot have it any better so do not be so stupid as to miss out when it is being offered free to you. Get with it, and do not waste another minute and become His child.

It is in your power to decide to put butterfly wings on for your second birthday journey. There is still time to repent and believe the good news of the gospel. In my life I have known many people who got up in the morning and went to work like any other normal day, but they never went home that evening. In their next moment of consciousness they will wake up where they wanted to be. It might be like a butterfly in a beautiful meadow or imprisoned in outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth in the utter pain of having missed out. I will end up being with my Redeemer. It is a much smarter choice. No theologian will put it to you like that, so I rest my case.

Rosetta Stone Perspective of Daleth & Heh Dimensions

At this point I think it is time again for a brief, big picture overview. Once upon an era (since there is no time) in the heavenly dimension of Heh, Lucifer and all of the angels still lived in peace and harmony with God, but at some point pride began to work in him until it finally manifested itself in open rebellion against God. Now known as Satan, this archangel persuaded up to a third of all angels to join his rebellion.

Their rebellion proved that created “sons of God” (angels, Job 38:7) could not be trusted with immortal power and life inherent, so the Father launched his plan to create mortal beings who could become born sons of God. So God created the material dimension of time – Daleth, of this world and time as the stage and home for his newly created beings. A material universe bounded by time was required for persons of mortal flesh who would die and pass away powerless if proven rebellious.

As related in my first book, Adam and Eve were created in the Garden of Eden where the Heh and Daleth dimensions overlapped. In order to save most number of people possible, God implemented a plan of salvation that would operate over thousands of years and would ultimately depend on Himself alone.

The key focus of God's plan was to provide a medium from which spiritual sons of eternal Holy Spirit essence could be born and ingrained with a permanent character congruent with his own nature and definition of love. Since the born sons possess the same Godly nature, they will never rebel – unlike the created angels.

God has allotted 7,000 years for this plan to work its way from Creation through several sets of covenant promises, countless rebellions and repeated destructions until the final age of restoration. He first (1) sent prophets and then sent (2) Jesus the GodSon with his messages of life and death, blessing and cursing, hope and eternal punishment. He (3) tried to communicate the eternal spiritual reality of the Heh dimension through the reflected images of the material Daleth dimension. He (4) used the Temple, and he has (5) used time itself as further witnesses. Again five (5) witnesses from the Heh dimension.

Just as a watchmaker sets compensating sets of gears in a watch, God has set seven-based and five-based gears and cycles in accordance with the built-in parallelism between the Daleth and Heh dimensions. These gears have governed the timing of key events - my railroad stations - along the railroad track of God’s 7,000 year plan of prophecy turned history. Thus, the history of man is divided into 12 cycles with three transitional gears. The cycles are purposefully Rosetta Stone organized on the 7:5 ratio to give us witness of the authenticity of his promises. There are 7 cycles to the destruction of the First Temple, which is appropriately followed by a 70 year Land Sabbath transitional gear for Daleth.

The next 5 cycles are followed by a Jubilee 50-year transition gear of merciful forgiveness for Heh. During this 50-year (on earth) gear, war in heaven takes place. This Apocalypse in heaven ends with Satan and his angelic armies being cast down to earth on December 21, 2012 when they will be totally eliminated from the universe and confined to the earth. From that day forward heaven will have been purged clean of any opposition or negativity. Satan will no longer accuse the faithful or throw the multitude of humanity’s sins in God’s face in the heavenlies.

Following this Jubilee gear on earth comes the 1,000 year Millennial Restoration gear that combines the Daleth and Heh dimensions as the final destination of the railroad track’s two rails, but with a difference - Satan will be absent because he is bound in the underworld of the Abyss.

Following this railroad track analogy, the first rail is the 7-based Daleth dimension perspective and the second rail is the 5-based Heh dimension perspective. This parallelism is found throughout the Bible: Israel and the Church; Levitical and Melchizedek priesthoods; the mortal kingship of David's line of genetic descendants and the Messianic spiritual descendant (Jesus) who is truly a man after God's own heart 100% of the time. Since Jesus was also a biological descendant of King David, the two can be merged in one King of Kings during the 1,000 year reign of the spiritual Kingdom of God over a natural earth and human race as the railroad track reaches its programmed destination .

Each track has had its historical time of prominent focus under this plan: the first rail during the 7 cycles ending with the destruction of the First Temple and the second one during the 5 cycles ending in 1967. Perhaps there is another correlation here with the 50 year Jubilee gear beginning in the year 1968 that would align with what many observers have written about the Christian churches’ loss of relevance and impact in our culture.

Basically, a number of writers and commentators have noted that Christianity has become so engaged in this material world that it has lost much of its spiritual power in the prosperous western European and American cultures since 1968. So much so that God says, “I will spit you out because you are either cold or hot.”

The degenerate condition of the church during the last days was prophesied over 1,900 years ago. (Revelation 3:16-19) This church does not measure up against God’s Holy Standard: it mixes wealth and materialism with spirituality. It is not dependant on God’s power. Many Christians need to be purified in order to make them fit for their eternal appointment. Their eternal hope is to successfully pass through the cleansing temporal fires of the Apocalypse where the spiritual gold will be refined, the dross separated from the pure metal. The refining process separates the impurities so that they form a froth that floats to the top where it can be burned up leaving the pure metal of righteous character behind.

Interestingly, 1968 also witnessed the kick-off birthing of Messianic Judaism, which has resulted in a huge influx of Jewish believers in Jesus Christ as Israel’s promised Yeshua haMashiach ben-David (Jesus the Messiah son of David). The transition is underway. God has set his hand to save all Israel, and Israel is just the first nation of all nations that will receive his full love and blessings – after the Great Apocalypse!

Or, His

Cn: Meaning of Hebrew uncertain

Fred Bock and Bryan J. Leech, Hymns for the Family of God, Brentwood Benson Music (Nashville TN: Paragon Associates, Inc., 1976), 374.


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