The REVELATION of Jesus Christ
written by John the Apostle and re-ordered by


“Do not seal up the words of prophecy of this book.” Let the evil doer still do evil, and the filthy still be filthy and the righteous still do right and the holy still be holy.” (Revelation 22:10)

“Behold I am coming soon, bringing my recompense, to repay every one for what he has done.” (Rev.22:12)


'Jonah’s' Discourse

When I finished my second book and began to proofread it one last time, I got another surprise. I have almost gotten used to these surprises as the process of writing my books has had many interruptions and revisions as a result of the new discoveries that come from digging deeper into the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS). In fact there does not seem to be an end to new insights that come from better understanding and apply these ancient tools. As a former high-tech inventor, I sense that God is utilizing my past experience and natural talents to uncover these biblical discoveries.

In bookstores you will find hundreds of books on Revelation written by famous theologians and scholars. Except for those who treat the book as pure allegory with no applicable prophetic significance, they almost exclusively write from a chronologically sequential perspective that follows the chapters of the Bible’s last book. That is why they all sound the same to the point that it appears as if they copied each other.

This fundamental reason for this observation is that every theologian follows Revelation word for word because they do not understand what I refer to as the Daleth and Heh dimensional contexts of John’s report. Our natural consciousness only thinks in the Daleth dimension of material time and physical space. We naturally think in linear chronology, but this approach is not valid when we are trying to understand events taking place in Heaven, which is by definition eternal.

Most beginning Bible students know that the books were divided into chapters and verses long after the books were written. There are also differences in how the Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox and Jewish religious authorities order their respective official canons of biblical scrolls, too. In fact no one really knows how the original Greek texts of Revelation were delivered to the monk(s) responsible for safeguarding and copying John’s original manuscripts. It was all done by hand. There is a possibility that the sequence of chapters is out of place, but there is no requirement that a series of prophecies be presented chronologically anyway. No one has ever questioned the chapter order of Revelation, but HANS strongly indicates a different pattern of sequence than is found in how Revelation’s pages follow each other in today’s Bibles.

The Hebrew Alphabet Number System is much older than many books of the Bible and older still than the Roman Catholic Church. Only HANS presents us with a perspective that rides well on the dual-rail railroad track of Bible prophecy. The HANS approach to analyzing the large puzzle of Revelation assembles the pieces into a picture that is a little different from what you might expect. It revealed to me for the first time a beautiful picture of God’s plan for humanity. This vision of the Almighty’s purpose for people gives us reasons why we must all endure the coming Apocalypse.

My books deliver an education unmatched by any established theological institution. The dates discovered between 2008 and 2015 will proven accurate or not in the next three to four years. In either case, the issue of the dates will not invalidate the gospel message of my books about God’s overall plan for humanity. Those living in New York and those who have substantial financial assets to protect will, perhaps, consider the contents of these pages a little more carefully. I hope so anyway, although you must decide for yourselves how relevant this information is and how you should apply it practically in your own lives. I am not in the business of giving people advice on what to do with their lives or their finances, and I have no inside information other than what I read in the Bible. I have merely shared my academic research results to the best of my ability in my books.

I published my books so that readers would have an easier format to read as well as to save them some money in ink and paper. My books can be read and/or downloaded (copied) from the Internet for free. I have put them there along with some other information for free because time is short. The Apocalypse will soon begin, and my desire is to tell as many people as possible about God’s message of warning and hope.

You should read about my discoveries. I do not think that God will override His original plan as revealed in the Bible. There are not too many books available that integrate and apply natural scientific principles in explaining the Word of God. You see, another way of looking at the two-rail railroad track is to think of science as one rail and the Jewish-Christian Bible as the other. You will not find one theologian referenced in my books to back up my discoveries. I use commonly known and a bit more advanced scientific facts and principles instead because that was my background.

I use analogies from natural science explain the Bible because they bridge the various religious opinions of Bible doctrine and prophecy. Our modern educational system destroys the inherent ability of people to reason and creates barriers to a better understanding of our world because our society has forgotten how to think logically. I believe that much of this loss of logical analysis is a result of being taught the unscientific theories of evolution as if they were fact. Open debate on the facts of geology and paleontology is not permitted on our university campuses so that truth is suppressed.

Consequently the western educational system has helped to create a godless civilization that has lost its moral compass. It is only a matter of when it will collapse. The collaboration of our universities with huge corporations is directly responsible for the uncontrolled genetic manipulation and distortion of God’s creation. Greed drives our high technology system to alter natural foods that we desperately need to keep the planet’s growing population healthy in the future. This kind of profit-at-any-price science is also creating tremendous political unrest as millions of people slowly starve to death on a diet of empty foods. Many simple farmers are being left with no choice but to use seeds equipped with terminator genes imbedded in them that force them to buy seeds from the greedy corporations every year. Once your eyes are open, all you need to do is read the newspaper. You will see for yourself where humanity is going.

God will not stand by idly and see His creation screwed up genetically again. Yes again. What scientists are doing now was done before in the days preceding the Flood of Noah’s days. In 2288 BC the Bible reports that God had to gather genetically pure animals into a submarine kind of boat to safeguard His creation from genetic manipulation. It was necessary for Him to do this in order to continue His original plan for humanity. For this and other spiritual reasons most people died in the Flood. The Bible implies that Noah and his sons (and probably two of their wives) were the only humans on earth who were not genetically modified.

Modern science, as an institution of course, refuses to acknowledge the obvious facts of a complex universe that required intelligent design to come into existence as we can observe it today. So, modern education has eliminated God from the scientific canon of reason and logic. Having being cut off from the Bible’s ancient wisdom, they have followed and continue to follow blindly the same trail of greed and rebellion our forbearers walked. Once again human civilization is genetically destroying the plant life meant for food as well as genetically altering animals, which are eaten, too. God is very clear about His intentions. He will not tolerate forever society’s messing around with what was once designed for our benefit. It is a major reason for the coming Apocalypse.

At the end of this introduction you will find a number of tables. In them I have overlaid the book of Revelation with HANS in a way that will hopefully help you to understand better what is presented in this book. The tables make it easier to refer to the Bible’s prophesied events verse by verse as you read each chapter. After all, reading and understanding the Bible exposition of the Apocalypse is the purpose for writing these books. My books are merely a help along the way from my own perspective. They are not the last word on the subject.

In my books I have attempted to apply an unfamiliar and ancient Jewish perspective of Biblical prophecy. I use many analogies to teach people who have never read the Bible or who are unfamiliar with the Apocalypse, which may seem to be a strange word to them. When reading the book of Daniel’s prophecies, my inventor mind, schooled to invent electronic products, discovered a Hebrew code written into the text. I call it the Rosetta Stone 7:5 ratio, and it unlocks the understanding of many important scriptures so that we can begin to see a total picture of Why, When and What will happen after 21 December 2008, which is a cosmic solstice date.

My first book, Apocalypse Prophesied, gives an historic overview of God’s 7,000-year plan for humanity and the role that the Apocalypse plays in it. In the process I give only an overview of those seven years of trial and tribulation and focus more on explaining why they are a part of His design. My second book, Mystery of Tammuz 17, explains the 7-year Apocalypse in some detail and demonstrates how it is imbedded within God’s overall plan. Using my processional research methods, this book relates how I applied the Bible’s Rosetta Stone’s 7:5 ratio, which is comparable to the binary system in computer language. Within the dynamics of this number system I also discovered that the number 7 is the prime number middle of a list of 12 items and not 6. Similarly, the number 4 is the middle whole integer of 7. Prime numbers cannot be evenly divided and understanding these numeric relationships helps us greatly in the search for the dates of the Apocalypse.

My first book, Apocalypse Prophesied, is written from the perspective of this Rosetta Stone discovery, which ultimately revealed a date. Daniel’s prophecies stretch across God’s 7,000-year plan for humanity, which has almost finished 6,000 years as we look back on human history. As recorded by Daniel and others, the Rosetta Stone discovery reveals that God has given prophecy in two dimensions as represented by two parallel numeric systems: one is 7-based and the other is 5-based, following the Rosetta Stone 7:5 principle.

The components of the 7:5 ratio overlaid with HANS tells us of that the Daleth (Hebrew letter for “d” or “4”) dimension of our material universe of time and space is based on a numeric system of 7 while the Heh (Hebrew letter for “h” or “5”) or heavenly dimension is found in the Bible as a 5-based system. The 7-day week is the most familiar example of a Daleth dimension number, and the 50 year Jubilee, which most Christian scholars know about, is the most recognizable example of a Heh dimension number.

The Hebrew letter Heh has a numeric value of five (5), which connotes a heavenly dimension. To understand the heavenly dimension from our perspective of the material world of science, we need some kind of analogy. When I look at what science has to say and compare it to the Bible’s Rosetta Stone concept, I find that the nature Heh dimension can be illustrated by Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum Chart. When you look at the top of the chart, you will find the highest frequency, which is expressed with the mathematical sign for infinity. This indicates to us that there are energy frequencies beyond our material world of matter, space and time. This point of potentially infinite energy frequencies marks where the Heh dimension of eternity begins. I have found that the chronological events of human history and prophecy are embedded in the Heh dimension just like the spectrographic signatures of all the natural elements are found in the electromagnetic energy spectrum that we see as rainbow colors of visible light.

We are all familiar with how light traveling through a prism splits into the seven rainbow colors. Within that spectrum of seven main colors there exists added information – the spectral line signature of every known element classified in the periodic table. In this analogy I compare the 7 color rainbow spectrum with the 7,000 years of biblical human history or God’s plan for humanity from the beginning. Instead of spectral signatures of the natural elements within the rainbow, the main events of the 7-year Apocalypse are embedded within the fabric of the 7,000 years of God’s plan - just like the various elements’ signatures are embedded in the colors of the rainbow.

Science has discovered spectral lines laid out within the seven rainbow colors that provide added information about every substance the universe is made available to us as summed up in the periodic table. Similarly, I discovered additional information embedded in the 7,000-Year Table of Human history, which parallels the prophetic or future history of the 7-year Apocalypse. Most spectral lines are hidden from normal eyesight and we need a very good prism to make them visible, so we need HANS to expose what was previously a mystery in the future unfolding of God’s plan.

Before the discovery of HANS, confused theologians published many, many books: a fact that reveals their confusion about God’s plan in history and prophecy. By comparing event frequencies of the 7,000-Year Table of Human History with the future events to take place presented in the 7-Year Table of the Apocalypse, we can see the same patterns embedded in them: it is the same as finding the spectral lines embedded in the seven rainbow colors according to their range of frequencies.

I also noticed that the relationship between the mirror Heh-Daleth images of the historic-prophetic events behaves like the gears in a clock that moves the hands across the face of time. As the gears bring key prophetic events into alignment, what was laid out in the Heh dimension from the beginning takes place in our Daleth dimension of material time where we experience them as current events. This is how I found the dates for many events of the Apocalypse, and it is these dates that upset so many Christians.

Going back to the Bible, we find the book of Daniel is full of 7s while the book of Revelation written by the Apostle John is full of 5s. Thus, I can conclude that Daniel represents the “7” and Revelation the “5” in the Rosetta Stone’s 7:5 ratio. As I continue to study the Bible, I am discovering that the Rosetta Stone seems to be imbedded throughout the Bible.

HANS, the Rosetta Stone 7:5 ratio and some other principles described in the pages ahead are the only research tools I used to discover an event date’s prophetic signature in the form of a day, month and year. This is how I have been able to take an event like Antichrist’s resurrection, link it to the War in Heaven and determine the date to be 21 December 2012. (Revelation 12:7 13:3-4) What then surprised me was the confirmation I discovered outside of the Bible in the alignment of the Aztec-Chinese-Hebrew calendars.

To find the date of the Apocalypse in Bible prophecy can also be explained with another analogy. It is like a miniature Russian toy egg, which has many nested eggs of the same design, one within the other. My two books are structured similarly. Like a Russian toy egg, the 7-year pattern of the coming Great Tribulation’s events lies buried within the 7,000 years of human history. One table overlays the other just as a smaller egg aligns with the larger one that encloses it.

For this same reason, we have two separate books that overlay the same way. To sum it up, Daniel covers 7,000 years of human history (the first book, Apocalypse Prophesied) and the book of Revelation overlays in parallel with the 7 years of future human history identified as the Apocalypse (the second book, The Mystery of Tammuz 17) and some dates for events still unknown to us.

As I applied these analogies to determine the date of the Apocalypse, I learned that the Hebrew letters connote specific sets of imbedded meanings as well as express numerical values. This means that ideas can be simultaneously expressed on different levels by either writing a number or a letter. In my two books I will teach you how to apply them.

The contents of my books will confound many theologians. Some Christian scholars are upset because of what I so plainly see written in the Bible. They have yet to really come to terms with what God has revealed He is doing, and how He is going to intervene soon in the affairs of humanity.

The primary reason for their resistance to my discoveries is that most theologians are not familiar with one of the two rails of God’s railroad track through time and space. One rail is the Christian tradition based on the New Testament, and the other is the Jewish Torah and culture based on the Old Testament. Most Christian pastors have very little understanding about how the Jewish festivals and fast days reveal God’s plan. Most focus on interpretations based on the first or second century ad Greek worldview. They do not consider the ancient Hebrew language’s structure and other characteristics that contain the meaningful echoes of humanity’s first language from before the Flood. (Read The Mystery of the Hebrew Language in the appendix.)

Both sides are required to reveal the big picture of God’s plan for humanity. If you ignore one side or the other, you become what I call a “monorail theologian” or one who has a very limited capability to understand important parts of that plan. In fact the typically incomplete understanding of religious scholars has led to many false interpretations and even terrible wars fought over religious issues. Even yet today, it seems spiritual darkness still prevails in our otherwise, scientifically enlightened age.

14 Railroad Stations


The Book of Revelation

When I first began my journey in understanding the Apocalypse, the story sequence of the book of Revelation came together for me in an unconventional manner since I was also educated in a monorail religion. You have probably noticed that I do not follow the traditional Christian approaches used to unravel what follows what and when. Instead, I have taken an interpretative methodology that disregards some parts of the Christian belief system when they conflict with a dual-rail understanding of the Bible – even if those concepts have been popular for over 100 years. The conclusions of my research challenge the traditional explanations of the “Last Days” in general and the book of Revelation in particular, which upsets some people – especially monorail theologians!

How did I manage to do this? I laid out the Hebrew Alphabet Number System as if I had hammered 12 nails horizontally across a wall representing the seven years of the Apocalypse. After assigning a Hebrew alphabet number to each nail, I began to randomly, but logically, hang each chapter of the Apostle John’s prophetic writings on each of those 12 nails.

But the events of any story must follow some logical progression if you have been trained to think logically and are not yet totally blinded by your religious biases. Since I was not prejudiced to any preconceived ideas of what would come of this approach, I could just trust the Lord’s guidance in determining the right “nail” for each of the events found in each chapter. During the process of assembling this sequence, I was at first unaware of any significant pattern. Only at the end of proofreading what I wrote did I become aware of its implications.

Remember, I did not follow the chapter sequence of Revelation as it is written in the Bible or as expounded by hundreds of scholarly books. There were several reasons for this. The first was the interplay between the Heh dimension of eternity and the Daleth dimension bound by time. Then there is the question of whether the order of Revelation’s text remains in its inspired order or if it has been edited in some manner like pages mixed up and not in sequential order.

I was not surprised to notice that in my re-arrangements of Revelation’s chapter division a much truer picture emerges from what I learned in Sunday school. It is like puzzle pictures put together in the proper order. I noticed the 1+4=5 hand rule over and over in a repetitive fashion. Also, the Heh-Daleth dimension comparison is everywhere, which teaches beautiful concepts. I truly believe that Daniel’s prophesied last days have arrived because the Rosetta Stone discovery makes it possible for the humble to understand biblical prophecy, as promised in Daniel 12:10.

In the tables below, the 14 Railroad Stations of God’s 7,000-Year Plan for Humanity overlay the 7 years of the Apocalypse. Like my Russian Egg or rainbow colors analogy, John gives us a perfect egg within an egg representation of what will happen. The parallel references in Scripture all line up - even without the prophecies of Daniel and the other biblical prophets added to the picture.

When I overlay or aligned the 14 railroad stations with Revelation’s verses rearranged to conform to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), the content of the verse do not change. What happens is that we are able to put them into their proper chronological and dimensional context. In other words we can put the events of the Apocalypse on the right stage with the right characters at the right time because the future events are replicated in a matrix. As we have learned from the rainbow – Rosetta stone – and now railroad analogy, we only need to overlay part of the data in order to discover where to look for more.

I hope you will not become discouraged reading about analogies because it is a principal tool to neutralize the many biases we have absorbed from the world around us, which is full of different religions and cultures. Word pictures are the answer to my challenge of bridging the chasm of your biases to help you understand the Bible in a new way that includes the dates of the Apocalypse preset in the chronological design of our material dimension of time and space by the Creator. Bible prophecy in general and the Apocalypse in particular have not come about by mere chance. Remember, this Introduction is only giving you a few appetizers. The full course meal is fully explained later in this book.

Our mortal perceptions of reality or existence can be represented as a mirror. Looking at a mirror we will notice that a two-dimensional image can be seen that reflects a three-dimensional object or body. In this analogy the mirror image is the material dimension of Daleth and the “solid” object or body standing in front of it is the eternal reality of the heavenly Heh dimension. The Heh dimension is mirrored in the Daleth dimension.

God repeats His plans in the different dimensions in order to explain His heavenly purposes on earth. He orders angels to announce messages or to perform some mission within the context of heavenly eternity that subsequently becomes reality on earth in the Daleth dimension of time. God has undertaken, and will not abort, the unusual birthing process (another analogy) of His Kingdom of resurrected saints, who will be incapable of evil. The possibility for any future occurrences of evil will be completely eliminated. The object of coming birth pangs climaxes in the return of Jesus Christ with cosmic splendor and not like a thief as many Christians believe.

The Kingdom of God is and has always been the purpose for human existence. It is the central teaching of all the prophets, especially by Daniel and John. The Rosetta Stone 7:5 ratio reveals how to relate these large bodies of Bible prophecy to each other in order to determine the chronology of the coming birth pangs.

On 5/29/2005 some TV stations broadcast a Memorial Day event attended by many US federal government leaders. The audience and speakers included many members of Congress as well as President Bush and past presidents, too. Billy Graham, now a very old man, gave an address after President Bush’s speech. It amazed me that an old spiritual warrior like Billy said, “I do not know why the mystery of evil exists on our earth.” Daniel said that the wise will understand these things in the later days. Well, we are in the latter days, and you by chance or by purpose are reading this book. When you finish it, you will have learned a lot more than the religious media stars seen on TV.

I wish Billy Graham would read my book. I respect much of what he has done. I compare the body’s natural immune system with God’s plan for humanity to explain why the saints experience evil in this age in order to prepare them for the future when they will be given the most important job assignments of the universe. If you can set aside your preconceptions about the Bible, the basic reason for evil becomes fairly simple to understand. The “mystery of evil” is but a fantastic stroke of divine genius, which converts this age’s rotten evil and rebellions sin into assets that safeguard the new universe against evil ever arising again once mortal saints are transformed into immortal, Christ-like resurrected beings fit for the New Universe.

People experience a lifetime of good mixed up with evil in differing proportions so that we become “inoculated” against it. Suffering endured from the pride and disobedience, our own and of others, was designed to instill in every servant of God the holy purpose of snuffing out the germs of potential corruption before they come into existence. Presently, many people and fallen angels violate the divine order of the universe. Soon this rebellion against God’s desire of love and blessings for all will be no more and it will end in the Apocalypse. All evil spirits will be destroyed along with those mortals who will not repent during the time of judgment.

Those who reject Him will die painfully at the end of time and experience the Second Death to exist no more. God will never be dishonored again anywhere in the universe. He created people for a purpose. If you are outside His purpose, then do not expect to be treated with His favor. It’s fair in my opinion, because God proved to us that He loved us and gave us many possibilities to find out what is His will is for us.

As you travel along the 14 historic railroad stations of God’s plan for humanity, I want to focus on the book of Revelation, which is the last station of the railroad. Get off the train from time-to-time and compare secular history books with the history the Bible. Reflect on where you have come from and what is going on, as presented. This will enable you to go on your own biblical path of discovery. Let the Bible talk to you. This book can be trusted to tell you the truth. Ask God to direct you through His Holy Spirit so that you can understand His Word and purpose for your life. I am sure that you will begin to see a picture that’s a little different from what is taught in most theological seminars or in Sunday school.

But remember, HANS is only a tool to rational Bible study. Its insights should not be elevated to dogma. Understanding Bible prophecy is important but not essential to salvation because it lies in the realm of knowledge. May this reading and studying God’s Word from a new perspective bless you and enrich your understanding about the depths of God’s loving care for all of us. I hope that you will humbly share it with others and not look down of them if they cannot or do not choose to see what you do about the Bible. My hope is that we will be better prepared spiritually for the age of trials and testing that is almost upon us. Through God alone, we can receive the strength to overcome our unbelief and disobedience. The reward on the other Heh side will surprise you! Guaranteed.

Let’s check out how these 12, seven-month long periods of the Apocalypse align with God’s purposes from the perspective of HANS. I hope you can resist your inborn skepticism or doctrinal biases and follow the railroad track through history and prophecy. Ultimately, God (not me or my books) will open the spiritual “eyes of your heart” (Ayin = 70) to become one of the wise ones Daniel prophesied about.

Like any story that starts with a preface, John starts the book of Revelation in the Daleth dimension of our historic earth where God is active in various communities or towns. There are 7 churches established at the beginning of the Christian era. Each one has a different spiritual condition as measured against God’s standard of holy character. This historic evaluation gives us a matrix to judge modern congregations. Even in Revelation we learn God’s perspective about what our behavior as a faith community in Christ should be in the Daleth dimension.

By our secular calendar the beginning of the church age took place in the Daleth dimension’s first century AD. John is then called up in the Heh dimension (5 - “the other side” or Heaven) and reports what he sees by writing it down for our benefit. He has a difficult task because he must communicate from different dimensional perspectives, but once we are educated in the HANS and Heh- Daleth systems, we will have no problem finding our way through the book of Revelation - even if the pages are mixed up. So pay attention and learn to differentiate between the Heh – Daleth dimensions. Also, try to remember that the Jewish way of thinking back then was quite different from our own today. Their oriental methods of observation are a little different from our western thinking processes.

Educated as I was in monorail Christianity, I have had to come to terms with what I discovered by overlaying the Rosetta Stone 7:5 ratio with HANS and Daniel’s prophecies. The book of Revelation – the Apostle John’s prophecy, seems to have the pages mixed–up. Why? What is buried here?

As I started out to write my two books, I discovered many parallel prophecies that aligned themselves at one point of time and others that did not make sense in any particular order. However my personal scientific mindset wants to have everything neatly put in order and have it all organized in a sensible story. So I began to write my books with that intention.

To my distress, at the very end of my labors, just before printing deadline of my books, I came up with a slightly different sequence to describe how the book of Revelation was written. I have had to admit that even my story now appears to have the pages mixed up. I now think that it should have been presented a little differently. Too late did I realize that the many events announced in the Heh dimension would require a much more in-depth study - something beyond the scope of this book. So I hope you will be a bit forgiving about the realities of trying to write about topics as complex as these while I am still learning! Try to focus on the content and how I applied my research methods to the Bible to come to the understandings written. Because of the nature of what is happening, some events will seem a little bit out of order. I think that’s what happened to the Apostle John, too.

In retrospect I do not think a single scholar or theological expert exists today who can put John’s Revelation in its proper order. Since all of the events are future, we are limited to describing hundreds of incidents from a mirror image perspective because the reality is in the Heh dimension. None of us was there with John to correct what was written about the events of the Daleth dimension. To put some chronological order into our understanding we must focus on the main headlines of the Apocalypse, which describe God’s Wrath poured out on the rebellious armies of humans and angels.

I consider the 6th Seal to be the announcement on the Heh side (like the cause side of a cause-and-effect equation). The 7th Seal is the effect side, which takes place in the Daleth dimension. Most of the Revelation events of God’s Wrath will occur from 4 September to 17 September 2015. The great earthquake appears to last 13 days judging from the many verses that mention it. All in all the 7 angels, 7 trumpets, 7 bowls and 7 thunders will be over by 18 September 2015.

My book also looks at what is happening from different perspectives located around a center stage, and so my writing about the last days is no exception. To describe the Apocalypse, John must have seen events happening all around him like our modern 360-degree movie theaters. It would certainly require above average writing skills.

The next time you are at a movie theater-in-the-round, imagine you are standing in the center of it. As the surrounding screen shows action taking place all around you, turn about and look at what is taking place. Different characters are moving and interacting with each other. As they pass by you, the full sound effects related to the various mini-scenes simultaneously taking place at different points of this movie compass also come and go from 360 degrees. When you try to focus on one area, suddenly something gets your attention so that you turn away to focus on it instead. When you try to describe to your friends what happened after the video is over, your story will differ from your neighbor’s. If you try to write it all down sequentially, I will certainly wish you “good luck,” but I think you will find it extremely difficult to explain what you saw and heard happen.

I think that you now have a little better idea about what John was asked to do when the Lord said, “Write…” Everywhere he turned, something important was taking place. These momentous events were accompanied by trumpets sounding or other music instruments playing as large crowds sang. Then there were the fantastic creatures covered with eyes and horns all over their heads and/or bodies. Nothing like them had never even seen on earth. In short it was a very difficult task. To understand Revelation more fully, we now need to examine how John’s 360-degree movie experience reflects the Jewish mindset of HANS. As you study my refocused outline of Revelation, try to follow how I straightened out the apparent mixed-up order of the events recorded. I think you will find my different sequence is rational, logical and fits the Daleth-Heh dimensional model. After you have a grasp of my restructured chronology of Revelation’s events, let yourself have some fun and try to rearrange it yourself – just like you might do at a movie in the round.

To experiment with sequencing the order of John’s visions is not a sin. It is merely a great way to develop a flexible perspective, but any flexibility in biblical matters must also answer to some discipline or it is not valid. This is what my experience as an inventor has taught me. It is what makes the difference between what works and what does not. Just remember, the HANS rules of valid interpretation: to have a valid opinion you must have at least two witnesses of reasonably clear Bible verses. If you seek to elevate your opinion to the level of a biblical doctrine, then you must have five scriptural witnesses. I am still waiting for those who believe in the pre-tribulation rapture theory to apply those principles in proving their theories made popular by dozens of theologians.

There is, of course, a word of caution here: please remember that the historical consequences of competing theological interpretations of the book of Revelation have raged from doctrinal division to violent conflicts. Disagreements over Bible prophecy should not lead to driving someone out of a congregation and branded as a heretic or to violence, yet they do. Much of the suffering and violence experienced around the world has been rooted in religious differences.

However, if you find yourself agreeing with me, then we have a shared opinion, which is pretty good. If we can find 5 Bible verses to verify our shared opinion, then perhaps you can elevate it to doctrine or even start a new church. If you did so, then that church would probably be closer to the truth than the neighborhood church where I attend.

One thing I am sure of is that only time will tell. I believe that when 2009 rolls around, my understanding of the Bible prophecy as presented in my books will pretty closely match what is happening then. It should give you the satisfaction to know that you knew about it in advance. In a way it would make you more educated than most theologians. On the practical side, you might want to make some prayerful changes to your everyday life if what you read here makes sense to you. In fact, you should probably act fast on what you learn here. And I am talking beyond the question of your survival skills. Get your priorities straightened out quickly, and get a good life insurance policy from God. He has one available for you that has already been paid for. He wants you to get it, and this book will tell you how.

After introducing his book, John relates his transfer to the Third Heaven, which is the Throne of God at the center of the universe. As a human being, he was overcome and overwhelmed by what cascaded over him when he found himself on the other side (in the Heh dimension). But a loud voice reminds him to start writing what he sees, and he does.

After the spiritual health examination of the seven churches, John focuses on the Heh dimension center stage where Jesus receives a scroll with seven seals that contain the chronological-prophetic timeline of God’s plan. Receiving this scroll is like receiving the title of the earth. Here Jesus as the victorious Second Adam replaces Satan who had stolen the title from Adam and Eve with his lies about the trees in the Garden of Eden. Satan has been the god of the world ever since. Satan immediately contends his loss of position deceitfully and violently. The seven years on earth marking the resulting war over the title of the earth is called the Great Tribulation or (Great) Apocalypse.

The Great Apocalypse starts in Heaven with the presentation of the sealed scroll. I have counted 15 angels to perform God’s orders. I am sure that in the heavenly government are more angels performing various functions, but scriptural references on the Apocalypse reveal fourteen plus one (14+1=15). The number 14 connotes Deliverance-Salvation, and when we express it in Hebrew letters, it becomes Jod + Daleth (10+4). This number represents an elevated level (Jod-10) of the Daleth (4) dimension. It is the 14th station of my railroad analogy.

On the other hand the number 15 (Jod-10 + Heh-5) expresses the concept of “Rest” as well as being one of the names of the covenant God of Israel – Yah. In the 7,000-Year Table of Human History the 15th station is not really a station because it represents the time after the millennium reign of Jesus on earth. It belongs to the age of the New Heavens and New Earth that God will create after the Last Judgment, as 5 - Heh indicates after Jod 10. Since time will no longer exist, we no longer need a railroad. In eternity one does not move through time.

Now back to the 14th railroad station to the 10+4 (Jod + Daleth) that still applies to our present dimension of material time. This is the age of the millennium. It is the seventh 1,000-year day of God’s 7,000-year week or plan for human history. Just as the seventh day of our week is the Sabbath, so also is this 1,000-year day of millennial rest without wars, an age of abundance and peace without the presence of demonic evil, false religions or corrupt human governments. It is the kingdom “day” of God’s grace towards all peoples.

In my books I identify 10 Angels by name. There are other unnamed angles at the end of the Apocalypse, four more show up who had been created for a special purpose and kept in a special place “bound at the great river Euphrates” until their time should come for their release. Their names are not recorded in the Bible either. Once again my rule of the hand (1+4=5) is manifestly present in these prophecies.

As you read the following chapters, just pay attention to the 3 angels announcing three woes, plus the 7 angels with seven bowls, who seem to be the good Angels in heaven, which is again a total ten. Then there are the 4 angels who separate the sheep people from the goat or rebellious people plus Satan, who is still an Angel even though he has been cast down to earth and restricted to operating in the Daleth dimension. The total number of angelic beings is again 15. Remember Satan remains an angel from the Heh (5 – “the other side”) dimension even though he is restricted to the Daleth dimension. He will be destroyed with it after he is released from his prison, the abyss, for a brief season at the very end of the millennium. Read again the 3rd chapter of my first book, Apocalypse Prophesied, to get reacquainted with these concepts. His interaction in the Daleth dimension still conforms to the Bible’s Rosetta Stone 7:5 ratio.

This is the kind of observation you will become familiar with as we go through Revelation together. It will give us confidence that my interpretation did not come from me. I am only a messenger who has been blessed to discover some buried concepts in scripture. God is the One who put them there for us to search out.

As you follow the direction of the railroad track, you will notice the formation of a global government even as America’s economic power is shattered and the dollar collapses in value. I would suggest making adjustment in your financial portfolio while there is still time. The center of global political power will shift from the New World back to the Old, to Europe and the Middle East where Satan’s doom will be finalized. The restoration of Jerusalem and nation of Israel will be the sign that God’s final solution to worldwide conflict, poverty and oppression is just on the horizon. Follow the railroad track through my books, and you will be forewarned to survive the coming worldwide holocaust against truth, justice, liberty, the natural environment and the common decency of brotherly love.

War in Heaven and 4 Death Angels

At this point in the book of Revelation, about 3 years (1st – 5th Periods) of the Apocalypse have passed as we approach the beginning of the 6th to 8th Periods. Notice: when I number the periods by their Hebrew letter–number equivalent, then we get additional information. The most intensive part of the Daleth dimension Apocalypse on earth begins in the 6th Period. I call these next years of severest trials the Mini-Apocalypse Apocalypse (4 December 2011-17 September 2015).

However our eyes should be focused on the Heh dimension because there is an even greater Apocalypse in Heaven before its full fury strikes the earth. In the World Cuckoo Clock table I show this be having two hands on the clock face. One keeps track of the progress through the Heh dimension or heavenly ages, while the other points to where we are in the Daleth dimension’s scheme of things. (Learn more about World Cuckoo Clock by reading Chapter 10 of Apocalypse Prophesied. You can buy the book or read it online at

John’s prophecies mention many events happening in Heaven (Heh) that have never been encountered before in the universe. It is a spiritual big bang equivalent our scientists’ dreams about the birth of the universe. It is the fulcrum of God’s creation finalized to reveal the end of Satan’s domain (placenta – birth analogy) and the birthing of the Sons of God who will rule a future Kingdom on earth and in Heaven. A number of these heavenly events are announcements about what will soon take place on earth during the seven years of the Apocalypse. Notice the fifth (5) Seal indicating the Heh (= 5) Dimension. Seven (7 = Zayin) is the center (21 December 2012) of the whole Apocalypse (7 + 5 = 12) from the perspective of HANS as you will become more familiar with later.

Our viewpoint is still a heavenly (Heh dimension) one because these events are more important. Cheth (= 8) means a new beginning, which is followed by emerging life, a process that continues without end or barriers (Teth = 9). The main players are God as the central person on stage. He calls into His presence seven angels with trumpets and bowls. The Hebrew hand rule 1+4=5 is again on the forefront to verify eternal laws embedded in the Daleth dimension. We have four angels holding a blanket or sheet of wind over the earth so that there is an undisturbed amount of time for the other three angels to accomplish their divine assignments. Notice that what the three angels announce becomes the big hammer of God’s Wrath. Judgment is carried out against a rebellious generation gone totally evil, just like in the days of Noah.

Eleven means “judgment,” it is not a single letter but a composite of Jod + Aleph (10+1). Ten (Jod) means an elevated level of existence or the next turn of a screw, which starts again with one (1). It is a micro-egg of creation history: we have a recapitulation of Satan’s original revolution in Heaven. In this time of judgment we have the conclusion of what was started in the beginning. Sorry, it’s a bad time to be born from some perspectives, but it is also the age when a person could receive the highest heavenly rewards through overcoming by the power of God in faith.

Notice an announcement of seven Main-Angels who are always present near the Throne of God the Almighty. The “cause and effect” principle interplays with what is pronounced in heaven with trumpet (Heh dimension), transferred to happen on earth by bowls (Daleth dimension) being poured out. These are not separate events as some Christians believe. Christian monorail theologians will probably have a difficult time learning about HANS.

At this point in the book we are in the middle of all the plagues being poured out on the enemies of God’s people. God’s people include the children of His Spirit (the Saints symbolized belonging to the – Heh dimension) and the children of Israel (the Daleth dimension). Both are under severe persecution, and God is now responding to the crimes committed against them. It starts with the fifth angel’s trumpet signal for a very precise reason that we will discuss in more detail later in the book. Heh (5) again gives us a hint. Three Woes are now announced at the fifth trumpet signal. The Three Woes are the three sets of calamitous events that flow out of the Heh dimension to materialize in the Daleth dimension as dual-dimensional events never experienced on earth before. For example, humanity will face armies of demons and demon possessed human soldiers. It will seem like something out of a Hollywood science fiction movie. So follow the trail and learn more of what the Bible has to say about these future events predicted in the book of Revelation. At this point in the book we are in the middle of all the plagues being poured out on the enemies of God’s people. God’s people include the children of His Spirit (the Saints symbolized belonging to the – Heh dimension) and the children of Israel (the Daleth dimension). Both are under severe persecution, and God is now responding to the crimes committed against them.

It starts with the fifth angel’s trumpet signal for a very precise reason that we will discuss in more detail later in the book. Heh (5) again gives us a hint. Three Woes are now announced at the fifth trumpet signal. The Three Woes are the three sets of calamitous events that flow out of the Heh dimension to materialize in the Daleth dimension as dual-dimensional events never experienced on earth before. For example, humanity will face armies of demons and demon possessed human soldiers. It will seem like something out of a Hollywood science fiction movie. So follow the trail and learn more of what the Bible has to say about these future events predicted in the book of Revelation.

At this point in the book we are in the middle of all the plagues being poured out on the enemies of God’s people. God’s people include the children of His Spirit (the Saints symbolized belonging to the – Heh dimension) and the children of Israel (the Daleth dimension). Both are under severe persecution, and God is now responding to the crimes committed against them. It starts with the fifth angel’s trumpet signal for a very precise reason that we will discuss in more detail later in the book. Heh (5) again gives us a hint. Three Woes are now announced at the fifth trumpet signal. The Three Woes are the three sets of calamitous events that flow out of the Heh dimension to materialize in the Daleth dimension as dual-dimensional events never experienced on earth before. For example, humanity will face armies of demons and demon possessed human soldiers. It will seem like something out of a Hollywood science fiction movie. So follow the trail and learn more of what the Bible has to say about these future events predicted in the book of Revelation.

At the beginning of the Apocalypse the world’s political systems undergo a crescendo of unparalleled movement towards global government with an economic and military intensity never encountered before in all of history. Here again the hand rule of 1+4=5 indicates God’s intent to tell us about His plan of events before they happen.

Bible prophecy is an expression of God’s love to lead us to repentance and faith in order to escape what lies ahead. There is no place on earth for a person to hide. There is no place to disappear above the earth or in its depths. The only place of safety is in the center of His provided grace – accepting the blood of the sacrifice of Jesus and receiving the Spirit of His resurrection by faith and proclamation.

The coming birth of the Kingdom of God on earth can no longer be held back. It comes with that last great push every natural birth has experienced. There are four (4) angels from God’s Throne holding a symbolic sickle in their hands because God (1) has said, “Now is harvest time.” The weeds (tares) must be gathered to be burned and the fruit (wheat) must be gathered for the blessings of the wedding feast. (Matthew 13:24-30) The reason that there are four angels and not three or five is that their number refers to God’s (1) Daleth dimension harvest of living souls on earth for eternal life in the Heh (5) dimension (1+4=5).

On earth in the Daleth dimension we have Satan busy imitating what happened in Heaven. He also has four (4) angels – fallen angels or demons (Daleth/Heh dual-dimension manifestation), who are ready to oppose God’s coming kingdom. Here we have Satan’s Daleth dimension imitation of God’s 1+4=5 because he is claiming to be God. Satan is the 1 while his prophet and the 3 frog-spirits are 4, which together add up to 5.

Since many scientists do not believe in the Heh dimension, God will now force them to recognize the existence of a reality beyond the material universe of time and space. The great angel who blew the fifth trumpet will come from Heaven to open the underworld of evil spirits, and 200 million of them will show up on earth and enter human beings who do not have “the seal of God on their foreheads” in order to possess and control them. (Revelation 9:4) My book tells you how this is possible technically so that the unbelieving humanists and scientists will then have no excuse in recognizing that there is some kind of spiritual source to what is happening all around them.

Please note that God seals his people so that they are saved from God’s Wrath. (Revelation 7:1-3) Satan imitates God once again by putting his seal or mark on the forehead or right hand of those people who belong to him, but it also acts like a magnet to attract God’s plagues of judgment. (Revelation 13:16-18; 14:9-11; 15:2; 16:2) This sealing method makes it very easy for the four death angels to identify between the persons who belong to the morally acceptable “sheep” as opposed to the rebellious “goats.” You will read about this in Chapter 5. I really doubt that you will find this concept preached in any church, guaranteed.

The three “woes” are now the supernatural focal point projected as the final solution for a world gone totally evil. Again we have five (5) death angels according to the hand rule 1+4=5. The first one kills all the people of Babylon (New York). (Revelation 18:1, 17:15) The other four death angels are bound at the river Euphrates. (Revelation 9:14-15) They are Death angles similar to ancient death angel that smote Egypt’s firstborn at the first “Pass-over” that freed the ancient Israelites from bondage. This great event is remembered every year by the Jewish people as they commemorate their ancestors’ departure from slavery to inherit the Promised Land given by God to the descendants of Jacob.

In Revelation we again encounter death angels that destroy the enemies of God and Israel. The four death Angels are released to kill 1/3 of the world’s population, including all of the armies of 200 million who survive the earthquakes and other attacks at the last battle for Jerusalem. They will remove the goat-people and leave the sheep-people as Jesus described in Matthew chapter 25 in order to start the next civilization with a moral remnant divinely selected from this one. Scripture warns the world against harming the true disciples of Jesus and the remnant of Israel for they are the “pupils of God’s eyeball.” Look out! The LORD will judge anyone who attempts to touch the Creator’s most sensitive concern. (Zechariah 2:7-9)

Warning for Moslems!

Do not mess with the God of Israel. To survive and retain your property, seek to live in peace as much as possible with the children of Jacob! Do not persecute the peaceful disciples of Yeshua/Jesus who “keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus.” (Revelation 12:17) Seek the Creator’s mercy! Keep your hearts pure before Him! Remember, the death angels will follow God’s orders without exception. Read the Bible’s account of what happened last time: Heh dimension-Exodus 12:29-42 and Daleth dimension-Exodus 14:23-31. When you read what happened to Pharaoh, remember that we will soon experience a repeat of what happened in ancient Egypt. Only it will be much worse this second time around. The historical problems and political conflicts now surrounding the Mideast will soon be over forever. Believe me, it is best to make peace with God and submit to His Word and the coming King now. It is our only chance of survival.

Next, we are introduced to the seven thunders. Scholars have speculated and concluded that they know nothing about this mysterious event. When it is properly understood, the sounding of seven thunders proves incompatible with the popular pre- or mid-tribulation rapture theories. With these events, we come to the end of the most intense years that conclude the Great Apocalypse. I call them the Mini-Apocalypse, which is shortened to allow people to survive these coming horrors. The shortened days of the Apocalypse provide for the beginning clean-up prior to events that may occur as we approach the end of the Apocalypse on 21 December 2015. The survivors will enter the age of a new civilization, the third one of human history.

Now comes the last of the seven trumpet blasts echoing throughout the universe and especially on earth. It will seem like a huge display of cosmic fireworks that will dwarf a hundred years’ worth of combined New Year’s celebrations in New York. It will be a spectacle to inspire fear in everyone that indeed the end of this world has come. It will be bigger than any nuclear bomb ever witnessed. Our globe will shake like the beating of an olive tree after the harvest. I have copied many Bible references about these final events that will fascinate you and perhaps fill you with awe and fear of what is recorded there for us.

Much what is reported in John’s Revelation is climaxed into the last 13 days of the Mini-Apocalypse - from 4 September to 17 September 2015. In these days, demon-possessed armies of 200 million will be assembled to destroy Jerusalem and those who trust in the God of Israel. They will attempt a massive ethnic cleansing eclipsing anything we are familiar with in history. The world will be stirred up by powerful demonic lies and false miracles to act like a huge steamroller, which relentlessly rolls over the countryside to erase any remnant of God’s people.

At that crucial time God intervenes with a force so massive that the closest comparison is what the earth experienced during Noah’s Flood. Once again, a massive asteroid, followed by smaller one, will hit our planet home. The Bible describes this event in detail. The earth will shake for up to 13 days, and few will survive it. This earthquake will conclude the Second Civilization. The next one starts with a big difference. Satan is locked up, and all of his demonic allies are permanently eliminated from the universe and earth. They will no longer exist! The Enemy’s charismatic influence and lies will no longer confuse human understanding of the pure truth of the one true God. Hallelujah!

Remember, during the last two woes there will a great earthquake that lasts 13 days, which together with the four death angels will destroy the armies of Armageddon. It all happens at the same time like the 360 degree movie in the round. Altogether these events combine to express God’s Wrath with a rebellious planet. Those who have been sealed or marked by the Holy Sprit are the only survivors. They will be divinely chosen to repopulate the earth. In fact the survivors of Israel will receive a special honor for as long as they live whenever they show up at special festivals - just like most nations honor their war veterans.

The surviving remnants of the nations will be governed by the Saints God has appointed and created for this task. God will save the tents of Judah first, then Jerusalem. All who survive will recognize the coming Messiah, whom they have pierced, and in their repentance receive His Holy Spirit. All in all about one third of the inhabitants of the land of Israel will survive, and those left in scattered around the world will be re-gathered to their homeland, finishing what has already begun in these last days. (Zechariah 12 and 13) There will be a smaller remnant of every other nation who will survive so that almost none of the ancient families (70 nations) of humanity will become extinct.

The Resurrection of the Saints

The resurrection of the saints that follows the destruction of the earth’s surface is the promised birth of the Kingdom of God, announced since the days Jesus walked the hills of Galilee. A thousand years of prosperity and peace is guaranteed by the Creator. Both of my books teach about it, and you will not find any reference to a monorail theologian’s academic exposition of what they think Bible prophecy says. I only use the Word of God and scientifically based research methods to teach us. There is no need for any scholarly interpretations. You do not have to be coached beyond reading the Bible to understand what God reveals. Do not rely on any human’s opinion, but in prayer ask God to give you wisdom and understanding of His Word and will for your life. He has promised to do so.

Revelation ends with promises of a future Heh (5) dimension world plus Jod (5 + 10 = 15). The Daleth dimension ended in the lake of fire, which is something like a black hole in the universe. The material dimension we now live in will be forgotten as expressed with the letter Tav (400). After that Jesus said, “Behold I make all things new.” He is the Creator. He has the power to do so, and His word is our guarantee because He is truth and not a liar.

The Bible was written by 40 Authors over a period of 1,600 years. The main prophecies of Daniel and John contain the plan of God for humanity. My two books tell about that plan, and I admit, they are not always easy to follow. However, at the very end of these two books I discovered something very extraordinary. This kind of discovery has been a proof to me for all my life as a scientist that the Bible is divinely inspired.

Everybody asks the question, “What was or is the plan of God? Why are we here on this earth? Why are there complex life forms only on earth (which I call the Daleth dimension)? Why, why, why... just fill in your own questions. Here is the answer form the Bible as expressed in only four (Daleth) words:

The first three words of the Bible are: “in the beginning” “created” “God” (elohim). Reverse the order for western thinking and you get, “God created in the beginning.” The very last word of the Bible is either the word “all” or “saints” depending on the manuscript. In either case the structure of the sentence clearly refers to all of the people addressed, the readers or hearers of the book’s gospel message, so I include it here below in parentheses. Put together these four words give the purpose for the Daleth dimension or material universe:

“In the beginning God created (all) the saints.”

God’s plan for humanity was designed from the beginning and has been completed at the end of the Great White Throne Judgment, including all of the railroad stations in their proper order and the chronological timetable that the train would arrive and depart from each station. Looking way back in the dim light of Waw cycle, Heaven’s government became vacant from the perspective of eternity when Satan and those under him rebelled. God needed replacements that could be inoculated against evil. So He created a time dimension- Daleth in which He placed Adam and then Eve but left Satan around to test them, so that the saints can be vaccinated with sin and evil for the divine purpose of protecting the future Universe.

With Adam’s sin Satan and his demons gained some time before they would totally be eliminated – executed for their transgression against God. However, God purposed to use their rebellion, which causes thousands of variations on the Enemy’s theme of corruption all grouped together under the name of “sin,” as a means of testing mortals to acquaint them with the consequences. The fallen angels and Satan their leader have retained their Heh/Daleth dimensional jobs a little longer in administering the earth until their services are no longer required. This is why the devil is called the “prince of the power of the air” and the “god of this age.” His powers are indeed real and impressive, but the Creator limited them in what He permitted according to His purpose.

The Father’s intention after the rebellion of Satan was to create a new administration that would be forever incorruptible and eternally full of love, joy and peace. So He has permitted 6,000 years of human suffering and wicked oppression perpetrated upon us by Satan the chief of evil. This is how those of us who become saints would, during our brief years upon this earth, acquire an immune system against evil in any form. This immune system guarantees that no immortal will ever violate God’s holiness again. Those of us who live forever with Him will be holy as He is holy so that the future universe (New Heavens and New Earth) will be permanently and eternally safeguarded against any disruption of the divine order and peace.

God will never again experience revolution and rebellion from within His administration. He will be loved by all of the creatures He designed and purchased with His blood. The “Saints” will be loyal forever and love God with all their hearts. Because they have learned by suffering through the painful trials of life’s difficulties in the Daleth dimension, they will receive eternal life instead of the death we all deserve. On the other side – in the Heh dimension of eternity - further testing and suffering serve no purpose, so they will never be experienced again.

God promised that He will wipe away all tears. It is a way of saying that from now on no more trials. The Son Himself went through suffering in the Daleth dimension and experienced pain just as we do. In Him we can truly become one family united by one concept of love, righteousness and truth as defined by the Father, after whom all of the faithful are named. (Ephesians 3:14-15) Both the Son and the Redeemed have experienced suffering. In faith and through the Spirit they suffered together, becoming bonded together in love. Love is the eternal cement that makes the universe continue forever without evil ever appearing in it. And that is the Plan for Humanity. Read my books to help you to become a Saint who will live forever in the presence of our glorious Creator.

[Heh - the past ]

He who testified these things saith,  

[Daleth - the present]

Yea: I come quickly.

[The saints say];

Amen: come, Lord Jesus.

Jod - the future

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with the Saints.


(Revelation 22:20)

Revelation by HANS

Revelation by HANS2

Revelation by HANS3

Revelation by HANS4

Revelation by HANS5

Revelation by HANS6


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