Can God Change His Schedule?

Although my historical research strongly indicates that God has not had to change His 7,000-year plan for human history, He can do so if he wants to.


But He will only do so if there is good reason. When I mention “change” here, I intend that he could either accelerate or delay the timing of the events already laid out in the Heh dimension of timeless heaven. The Father is sovereign, but he is also a good planner. To me, the odds are much better that he will stick to his plan as it has existed from the beginning. It is unwise to try to outguess his timing: the sooner one repents and repairs his relationship with God, the better.

Many Christians do not get beyond the dates found in my books or on the web site. They automatically reject any notion that a specific date such as 21 December 2008, 21 December 2012 or 21 December 2015 could possibly have any chance of biblical validity. To announce a possible date for the Apocalypse is presumed unscriptural. Christians are taught to automatically reject anyone who comes up with a date. Reading what they write or listening to what they have to say is more than a waste of time, it is dangerous!

Why do so many Christians react with quick rejection of my books and of the idea that the Apocalypse can be dated? I believe it is because they have been taught to take a Bible verse out of context. If a Christian hears about a book or presentation with a date for the Apocalypse, they usually respond with, ”No one knows the time, not even the angels nor the Son but the Father only,” paraphrasing Matthew 24:36. Then they usually shut down their minds and dismiss whatever else they might see or hear rather than examine the biblical validity of the rejected claims.

But is the popular interpretation of this verse correct? Or does it ignore its textual context? In the previous verses Jesus announces that Heaven and earth will pass away. Is Jesus saying that only the Father can know the date when the Apocalypse will take place? Or is He saying that only the Father can know the date when Heaven and earth will pass away?

It all depends on how you read it. Jesus refers to various time periods in Mathew’s record of His prophecies. The events are not in chronological order: rather they conform to the cultural mindset of His Jewish audience that mentions the most important topics first. The Bible may also present a list of events according to the mirror image, which means that the order of the events is often reversed.

Another way of understanding this principle is to use the prophetical telescope analogy. Remember, looking into the prophetic future one can see two mountain peaks. Although one is nearer than the other, it can be difficult to tell which is which as well as how much time lies in the valley between them.

Apply the above principles to the question, “Did Jesus mean that only the Father knew when the Apocalypse would take place, or was He referring to the end of time?” Let’s insert a few words to clarify what I mean:

Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away till all these things take place. [near vision, the Apocalypse]

[Ultimately] Heaven and Earth will pass away [far vision], but my word will not pass away. But that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the son, but the father only. (Matthew 24:34-36 rsv) [My insertions for clarity.]

This quoted Bible verse now reflects the alternate reading a little more clearly. My Bible has a footnote that some authoritative references omit the phrase, “nor the son,” but that should not really make any difference. A better approach in seeking to clarify Jesus’ intended meaning for the phrase, “nobody knows the hour” is to find some other Bible verses to expand the context of our question.

In Acts 1:6 the disciples asked Jesus directly, “Will you [Jesus] at this time restore the Kingdom of Israel?”

His answer, “It is not for you [my disciples] to know the times or epochs which the Father has fixed by His own authority.” (v. 7) [Added to clarify obvious antecedents.]

In this case a specific group of people at a particular point in time (you the disciples) were told that it did not matter for them to know the date of the kingdom’s restoration because it would happen long after their lifetimes. We must understand that from the creation everything was scheduled into the future with dates as discussed in my two books. Even if the dates of the Apocalypse differ from what is stated in my books, it does not mean that the Father has not fixed a time by His own authority. In fact it plainly states otherwise: God has determined His entire plan from the beginning – including the Kingdom not yet born.

This explanation is consistent with what Daniel was told at the end of his prophecies. When he asked about when the endtime should come and what will happen, he was told “The wise will understand.” This statement seems to conflict with what is commonly believed when Matthew 24:36 is read. It does not conflict with how I read the verse, so maybe Jesus’ statement refers to the end of Heaven and earth instead of to the dates of the Apocalypse.

We need at least two witnesses to establish facts. At this point either side only can voice an opinion, which means more study is required. If you want to elevate this verse about “no one knows” to a dogma level, then you should find five Bible references in order to establish this concept as a divine fact. That is my rule, and I am open to be corrected. I have and will change my opinion, providing you can find me those five Bible verses!

Those who advise people to avoid anyone who “sets dates” conveniently forget the fact that some of the most famous and respected early American preachers of the Christian gospel predicted dates for the Apocalypse or for Jesus’ return. It is a fallacy to teach that only uneducated and irrational people consider the issue. Sir Isaac Newton, the famous mathematician and physicist, wrote over a million words on Bible prophecy. Much of Newton’s research focused on when the Apocalypse and return of Jesus as a ruling Messiah King of Israel will take place.

Embarrassed by his massive and authoritative work on the Bible, the scientific world suppressed information about it for hundreds of years. His manuscripts are slowly being accessed and researched. Some sources report that Sir Isaac predicted that the Jewish people would return to Israel in the 20th century and that Jesus would come following the Apocalypse in first half of this present 21st century.

Living over 300 years ago did not keep this famous scientist from searching the Scripture to determine definite dates. It is rational to expect better accuracy today because we live that much closer to the anticipated events. In fact almost all serious students of Bible prophecy believe that we are living in at least the last decades leading up to the last days.

Jesus did say, “No one knows the hour, but the Father only.” (Mathew 24:36, paraphrased)

Forget the fact right now that there are several Bible verses that state that, as the day of Jesus’ return approaches, the “wise will understand.” Right now I want to focus on the assumption that Jesus’ statement can only be understood one way. Such an approach excuses willful ignorance. It is the same attitude that the Roman Catholic Church had about Martin Luther’s writings: they condemned him without even reading what he wrote. In a few paragraphs I am going to try to explain why Jesus’ true statement communicates much more than most Christians understand.

Remember I am not a prophet or a theologian but a retired hi-tech inventor and cuckoo clock hobbyist. My books are not scholarly works but the sharing of my insights. What I found in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System could be described as the x-ray echoes of God’s original plan as revealed to the First Civilization from before the Flood in 2288 BC. Ancient Hebrew is the only language that came through the Flood. Much of biblical Hebrew was written hundreds of years later when the language and understanding had evolved away from the clearer picture that God had once given to Adam and Eve. These later linguistic developments were added like layers over the eternal truths built into the ancient structure of the Hebrew alphabet

My research methods unexpectedly led me to recognize its presence, and then I began to look for it intentionally. Other discoveries and relationships quickly followed with the Rosetta Stone 7:5 ratio principle, the Russian Egg principle, and 1 + 4 = 5, thumb plus four fingers of God’s hand principle, etc. Perhaps the most closely related analogy to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System that I use in my writing is the dual-railed railroad track.

Christian monorail theology is blind to the importance of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System and does not know how to use it. Human nature being what it is, too many of those who are aware of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System go to the extreme of placing too much importance in it. This includes both Jewish people and non-Jews. A TV program aired in 2004 featured some scholars who dabble in the imaginary mystical secrets of the Hebrew language of Scripture that is supposed to unite their souls with God’s. Many thousands of the public believe in some kind of hidden magical power in Hebrew letters and words. This latter extreme is a deception of the devil who likes to take rational revelation from God and turn them into twisted teachings that lead many astray. Similarly, the Bible says that a little wine is good, but drunkenness is an abomination.

Most Christian professors know very little about the Torah or Jewish culture and traditions. They forget that Jesus corrected Pharisaic doctrine adding biblical balance using the same collection of Scripture that is recognized by all of today’s Jewish denominations. To understand the seeming paradox that postulates on one side “no one can know the hour” and on the other side that a date can be logically determined, one must be willing to look at both rails of the railroad track because God’s plan is embedded on both rails. Wise Christians will not automatically reject Hebraic insights from their ancient alphabet and festivals. Neither should wise Jewish people automatically reject one of the oldest Jewish commentaries on their Bible – the New Testament. After all, probably 25 of its 27 books were written by Jews, for both Jews and Gentiles.

My research methods have uncovered enough of the original blueprints for God’s 7,000-year plan for humanity and for the 7-year Apocalypse to determine the originally scheduled dates for many key events described by the prophets. Not only did Jesus quote Daniel in giving His Olivet discourse near the end of His life, but He also gave us the largest and most complete prophesy of the last days when He revealed the book of Revelation to John the Apostle.

In my books I describe my methods as well as what I have learned from their results. The books use a few uncommon approaches in order to communicate with the diverse types of people that live on our planet because God is no respecter of persons. He loves everyone and desires that all would enter His kingdom to dwell with Him forever in bliss.

What Might Influence the Schedule?

What factors might influence the Creator to change his schedule or tweak his 7,000-year blueprint for the historic-prophetic Daleth dimension of time? Extreme threats to the integrity, stability and continuation of the planet earth.

Remember, what is purposed to occur in the millennial (Teth) Age of the Messiah’s reign is a restoration – not a re-creation! A restoration requires something left over from the previous age to work with, a remnant to bountifully bless. This restoration principle applies to plants, animals and nations – especially to the seed of Abraham.

In Noah’s era before the Flood in 2288 BC, the First Civilization scientists screwed up God’s pristine creation in the crassest way. With demonic intervention and participation, they corrupted the natural the building blocks of life we now call genes. The Bible specifically singles out the human "cloning" that led to the birth of the evil and violent Nephilim giants. The recessive genes of these giants came through the Flood via the wives that Noah’s sons married. That is why we read about giants like Goliath or King Og of Bashan in Israel’s early history. Noah and his wife were otherwise “perfect in their generations,” a phrase that refers to both their character and their genetic heritage.

Remember, God needed an untainted seed from which to birth a Second Adam, or man without original sin, who would be the promised Savior and Ruler to replace Satan. In addition only a sinless sacrifice could and did redeem humanity. If Jesus had been born in the flesh with mixed genes from Satan’s manipulation, then Satan would have further exalted himself as some kind of co-Father. In this Satan would be denying the Father just as the teaching of a co-mediator or co-mediatrix denies the Son.

I can imagine some of the insults he would hurl. Satan would have boasted, “The Almighty cannot do it without me! He would have claimed that he was essential to God’s plan and had demonstrably improved upon God’s creation. This would have further twisted and obscured the truth of God’s merciful and loving purposes for humanity. Jesus came to pay our sins and offer us a better contract – Life Eternal in the Heh dimension to those who submit to him instead of the Daleth death contract inherited from Adam and Eve.

Archaeology and mythology also hint at the ancient genetic manipulation that mixed animal, plant and human characteristics with horrible consequences. Ancient sculptures, paintings and stories depict mermaid fish-humans, harpy bird-humans, centaur horse-humans, Minotaur bull-humans and others. While the myths and artwork might be exaggerating the truth, the message of genetic manipulation is clear. If the demonically inspired corruption of genes had gone unchecked by the Flood of Noah’s day, then you and I would not be on earth today. Satan would have succeeded in destroying God’s creation thousands of years ago just as effectively as a super virus crashes the most expensive computer software.

When He looks down on America and the global agribusiness industry, the Father sees the same technological perversion of his creation running rampant over the planet. Greedy human organizations are modifying the natural order to rush and push profits. The business plans of these multinational corporations commonly demand and/or effect the elimination and abandonment of healthy seeds and animals. In fact the perverted organisms are spread from one field to the next infecting the crops of those who do not want it. The Second Civilization has finally reached the ability to replicate the identical kinds of evil that led God to destroy the First Civilization.

Every day people are being deceptively manipulated by Satan to actively work with him in destroying the natural world of God’s design. If man continues unchecked in this direction, then Satan could yet win his war against God. Satan encourages commercial genetic manipulation because it “improves” upon God’s creation. In other words, it seems to support the lie that Satan has more power than God.

Briefly, I will explain here only one of the five methods that are used by scientists to modify the genetic composition of organisms. Scientists often use viruses as a delivery system. They can package viruses with genes for the production of natural chemicals not native to the genes of the host organism. It could be a pesticide, an herbicide or other complex animal-plant gene structure. The inherent ability of specific viruses to penetrate the host’s normal genes makes them useful agents to modify the original design structure, which permanently changes every organism from what God originally created and intended.

Our modern biological technology has accelerated the mixing of many natural genes. At the current rate it will soon be difficult to find any unmodified vegetables or domestic animals left in our food chain. Therefore, this reason alone makes the timing of the Apocalypse critically urgent. It can not be delayed if God wants to preserve enough of the original ecosystem to biologically restore the world according to his existing plan, which is not a re-creation. Satan will be banished during the millennium, and God will show how blessed and wonderful the world could be when it operates under his system instead of Satan’s. He plans to do this with surviving people, animals and plants ecologically native to the earth during this present age.

Satan’s true nature is the Destroyer. Global ecological collapse would destroy thousands of species. They would permanently vanish from this earth. I do not know exactly what is underway, or where the research is being done in the world’s corporate and university laboratories or experimental farms and fields. I must trust the Lord and His schedule, because He knows what goes on. I recognize in the increasingly frequent and unusual global disasters that God is calibrating His intervention in this dimension in order to meet His preset timetable. Remember, without His timely intervention there will not be any healthy, genetically sound remnant with which to build the Third Civilization of a 1,000 year kingdom of peace on earth.

Finally, we can not properly understand Jesus’ statement that “no one knows the hour” without remembering what He Himself revealed about His relationship with the Father.

Truly, truly I say unto you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, unless it is something He sees the Father doing; for whatever the Father does, these things the Son also does in like manner. (John 5:19)

Jesus did no miracle without it being wholly congruent with the will of the Father. Why would the Apocalypse be any different?

Sure Jesus knows the scheduled dates. He will saddle up his horse on time, but only the Father commands when to ride!

Herbert R. Stollorz
Christopher J. Patton
Faith in the Future Foundation
Thursday, March 03, 2005

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