Why Two Separate Books?

In my first book, Apocalypse Prophesied, I arranged the main events of prophecy in the context of God’s plan for humanity as viewed from space and looking at earth. This plan was predetermined before the earth was formed and before our human disposition was set. Only when we have understood the fundamental ideas about that plan will the Apocalypse make sense.

My second book begins with the chronological story of the Apocalypse. I divide the seven years of the Apocalypse into twelve periods and describe what happens in each one and why. Each part of the story firmly rests in the biblical prophecies of Revelation, Daniel and other ancient Hebrew prophets. In fact some scholars estimate that one third of the Bible is prophecy, and most of those prophecies describe the people, nations and events related to the Apocalypse.

Here are just a few of the topics discussed in these pages:

Finally, did you know that the death angel of ancient Passover story is not alone? That’s right: Revelation describes another four death angels who will soon stalk the earth to be sure that no ungodly person escapes judgment! And yes, there is hope for those who become loyal to their Creator. The righteous servants of God will rule over a new glorious age of peace and harmony that follows the fiery trials of the Apocalypse.

My books teach biblical concepts in a manner that should make it easier for you to read the Bible on your own. To someone unfamiliar with the Bible, the content of these books may seem like wild speculation, but it isn’t. Besides the Bible, I also include documented observations of respected experts about life on earth today together with correlations with ancient Chinese and Aztec calendars, too. The last part of this book takes you through my research methodology step-by-step. Once you see how all of the “coincidences” just “happen” to fall into place time after time, you will better understand why I have spent three years and thousands of dollars to write these books.

However, the main message of the impending Apocalypse is that the God of the Bible wants to get acquainted with you and me because we are precious to Him. He knows our struggles, pain and suffering deeply enough to have died for an unthankful humanity. It was the only way He could justly and lovingly offer us a wholesome life with an eternal contentment that can begin now – even in the midst of severe suffering, trials and pain.

The Three W’s

At this point I would like to focus on the three W’s that will address many questions about the meaning of life that you may have had since childhood. Since this book is also posted to the Internet, I think it is appropriate to have three W’s – just as Internet addresses usually start with www.

1st W = "why" Most of the twelve “why” questions asked below are answered in my first book. If you know the Bible well, or are a long-time Christian, you might be able to answer some of them. If so, then perhaps you could proceed with this second book without reading the first one. Even so, the following three major points are addressed in the first book. Please consider them carefully because I believe that understanding them is required in order to answer the first "W":

  • The Apocalypse must be seen in the context of the Creator’s master plan - from God’s viewpoint for the human race. Do you know what that is? Perhaps what I wrote about it in Apocalypse Prophesied presents some ideas that differ from your own.
  • Also, the Apocalypse must be seen in the context of how it is influenced by Satan as well as by how it affects Satan’s dominion. Here again, I think that I present some new ideas and a different perspective on this important topic.
  • The Hebrew Alphabet Number System is a valuable tool in clarifying biblical concepts. My first book is like a Mini-Bible, and its observations probably challenge most longtime Christians because I present biblical truths from a different perspective than people are familiar with.

2nd W = "what" will happen: My second book, Mystery of Tammuz 17, deals with the other two W’s. The first part of this book describes the chronological events of the Apocalypse in a fair amount of detail. The Bible has so much more to say about them that I can only highlight some of the more important events and their chronology.

3rd W = "When" will it happen: The last chapters tell about what I call my discovery of the Bible's Rosetta Stone. There will be 12 proofs and many overlays of historic-prophetic, calendar clock gears.

Read and Decide for Yourself

To me, it is far more important that you think for yourself about these important issues than to believe everything that I write. I do my best with what God has so graciously revealed, but whether you believe my explanations of the Word or not, my prayer is that you will believe in Him who is faithful and true, Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God the Father through whom we receive the promised regeneration in the Holy Spirit. Only by faith in God’s redeeming grace and power to transform lives and intervene in the history of humanity is it possible for us to overcome and enter into God’s soon coming kingdom on earth.

Sir Isaac Newton, one of the greatest physical scientists of all times, wrote over one million words on Bible prophecy. Obviously, he thought that it was an important subject. He also knew it was controversial, and he hated controversy. His advice taken from his original handwritten papers kept in trust by The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is as follows:

“Having searched & by the grace of God obteined (sic) after knowledge in ye [the] prophetique scriptures, I have thought my self bound to communicate it for the benefit of others…Let me therefore beg of thee not to trust to ye opinion of any man concerning these things…search the scriptures thy self…if thou desirest (sic) to find the truth. Which if thou shalt at length attain thou wilt value above all other treasures…understanding the sacred Prophesies & the danger by neglecting them is very great & that ye obligation to study them is as great…” Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) from The Messiah Conspiracy, volume 1, by Moore, Philip, Ramshead Press International, Atlanta, GA, 1996, page 53.

Again, if you have come across this second book without having read the first one, I strongly recommend that you read Apocalypse Prophesied before attempting the detailed content of this one. I am sure the time spent in both books will broaden your horizons. They should challenge your intellect even if your background is from a religious or philosophical tradition different from Christianity. In some ways, this book may be even more challenging for Christians, whom I ask to keep an open mind long enough to read the whole story before making any final conclusions about it.

Below are twelve questions answered in my previous book. If you can answer most or all of them, then should be able to follow where I am going in this one.

The Test of Twelve Questions

  1. Why am I on this earth? There are billions of other planets in the universe, and this globe is tiny? Is the earth the only place in the universe where life exists?
  2. When I die, is there life after death? Can I know for sure?
  3. Some claim to have visited heaven, and some claim to know about Hell and come back to tell, really?
  4. What is Heaven and what is Hell? And what is Purgatory or Fegefeuer?
  5. Who goes to heaven, and who is condemned to Hell? What about Hades?
  6. Who is the real God? There are hundreds of deities in every culture. Is there only one Ultimate Reality? Which one is it?
  7. If there is a Creator? Who is He? What does He want from me?
  8. Is Satan an actual person?
  9. Are there other beings in the universe? Hollywood would be very interested.
  10. Are only Christians saved? What about Jews, good people, or children? What about people who do not know anything about Christianity?
  11. Some Christians believe that they will bypass the Apocalypse. Is it possible that the Bible teaches otherwise?
  12. Some Christians believe, "No one knows the hour." Does this verse mean that we can’t know the day that the Apocalypse will start? Or when the dead will be resurrected? Or does it refer only to the time of Jesus Christ’s return to this earth? Could these seemingly related events be scheduled to take place at different times – some datable and others not?

Why an Apocalypse?

A short review of my “First book”

Most Christians haven’t got a clue why an Apocalypse must soon come upon all nations of the earth. God loves all nations; therefore, He must test them in order to redeem them. Even though the divine focus remains on Israel and the Jewish people, every person in all nations will be tested for up to seven years of trial and suffering . That statement might surprise you, but it’s true. If you are Jewish, I can almost guarantee that you haven’t heard about the biblical Apocalypse either.

Some Christians might listen to a preacher talk about it on occasion, but that seems to be happening less and less. Most simply do not know the real reason why God has decided to destroy so much of what man has done on and/or to the earth. To be fair, it is very uncomfortable to preach about such drastic times to a culture blessed with the “good life” of unnecessarily big houses, expensive cars, and glorious weekends spent on a boat or in some other recreational v ehicle. This good life for most American has become normal, and it is the envy of the world.

Should someone ask about the Apocalypse, the ready reassurance of continued good times is expressed in the Christians’ traditional answer that “no one knows the time.” Or one might hear something like, “God is so gentle and loving, that He will just take me quickly to heaven before things get too bad. Surely the lost will be left behind, but they deserve to be punished. God will take care of those who repent.” Those who express such sentiments forget that we who believe are the hands, feet and face of Jesus to the world.

Part of the problem is that most Christians do not “fear and tremble” at His word. We hear a great deal about God’s mercy and goodness, but not much about His severity and wrath. (Romans 11:22) This approach to the Bible eventually grants license to professing Christians to pick and choose what is fashionable to believe and practice. Just take a look at their personal and congregational budgets, and you will see their real priorities!

But living in the midst of material abundance and power does not grant Christians in America any excuse for their ignorance about the Apocalypse. There has never been a greater abundance of information available about Bible prophecy or biblical living, and let’s not forget the multitude of Bibles either . My two books could easily be lost in all that has been written on the subject, but I do promise you that you will not read anything else like them anywhere.

What will you say to the divine Judge when you meet Him?
Have I got your attention yet?

The 14 Railroad Stations


The Judeo-Christian Railroad Track

I compare God’s revealed plan for humanity to a train on a railroad track. The chronological timing gears of the World Cuckoo Clock move the train down the historical-prophetic track of time progressing from station to station. The stations represent major events or indicators when our earthly dimension touched the heavenly one with some observable consequence. This track has two rails. One rail represents the Hebrew Scripture and traditions, the other the New Testament. The train cannot run on one rail alone.

The historical Christian church has not set a good example of following Jesus in its treatment of non-Christians – especially the Jewish people. If we would just bury our prejudices against the Jews for a moment and look at their Holy Scriptures - the Torah, prophets and writings, and compare them with what is revealed in the New Testament, then we will find the wisdom to comprehend what God really wants us to know. Part of the Old Testament side of that railroad system is the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. It became the key to understanding a culture foreign to me and made me aware of God’s plan for us by opening up many areas that I had no idea existed.

I would like to encourage my fellow Christians and Jews to study both “rails” of God’s plan. Do not just blindly accept what your educated establishment tells you about these matters. Fortunately, one does not need become Jewish in order to understand what God has laid out in the Old Testament; neither does one need to join a particular church to follow Jesus as He followed the Father in faith.

In my book I attempt to answer the three Ws about the Apocalypse - why, where, and when. By applying the scriptural railroad analogy to the Apocalypse, I found that the Hebrew side of the Bible answers the “when” - meaning the timing of the Apocalypse. The Christian side describes “what” will happen. It takes both sides of the track to get anywhere in understanding the “why” because that deals with who God is, His relationship with humanity, and the role of the Apocalypse in His righteous but merciful plan of redemption.

The Apocalypse plays a key role in God’s plan to bring His kingdom of love, justice, mercy and blessings to all nations beginning with Israel. Its study is a matter of life and death, and it properly requires time spent building both tracks in your mind. If you are closed to what the other side has to offer, then you will not get the whole picture.

During His time on earth in the flesh, Jesus warned His brethren about the coming Great Apocalypse as well as the judgment upon His own generation, which culminated in the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in AD 70. (Read around Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13.) I will quote many other verses that fill out God’s warning to His covenant people about the events surrounding the coming of the Messiah. It describes these events (each station along the way, if you will) in detail, and my study reveals the precise timing of His plan from the beginning all the way to the end of the rail line.

God chose to make a covenant agreement with Abraham and his descendants, known through history as the Israelites and/or the Jews. It is not that this ethnic group is so genetically or philosophically special: it is that God chose to reveal Himself to the rest of the world through them. The historical relationship between the Creator and the people of Israel provides the timeline of God’s plan for humanity. Events affecting the Temple in Jerusalem and/or the Jewish presence in Jerusalem and the land of Israel provide markers throughout the 7,000 years of history and prophecy.

Christians forget that the one true Creator is the God of Israel. They know next to nothing about the Old Testament, the biblical feast and fast days or any other of the ancient traditions of Israel. Neither are they aware of how the Hebrew language harbors hidden harmonies of ancient truths taught by God to the first humans. Because the timekeeper has always been historically the Jews, it is no wonder that Christians respond in casual ignorance, “No one knows the time.” The majority of Christian theologians teach that the church has “replaced” the Jewish nation since the New Testament supersedes the old. Simply stated, “God is done with them!”

Think carefully through these next sentences. You do not need to settle matters right now, but I want you to be aware of them while you read. N ot studying God’s complete Word will keep you foolishly ignorant . Without the full Bible you are living by chance and not by faith . Those who do not live by faith in the Creator God of Israel are guaranteed to perish.

If a self-declared Christian refuses to learn about the Jewish roots of his or her professed faith, he will probably not survive the Apocalypse - especially if he lives in New York. Much of the critical information about past and future events in God’s plan is found in the Jewish holidays and other things relating to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. Without some education about things Jewish, a Christian will not know the timing – the when of the apocalyptic events that will affect us all.

It is an absolutely mistaken notion that God’s kingdom is already established on the earth or that God will simply let the world continue along its merry way of sinfulness without consequences. If that were the true reality, then Satan becomes almighty, being more powerful than the Father or Jesus. The proof of Satan’s success would be all around us. Just look at the corruption, crime, and poverty found on a globe steadily going from bad to worse. Of course, the true conditions of our seemingly out-of-control world are obscured by the propaganda of the global humanists, who fill the mass media with the message that peace and prosperity are just around the corner of the next trade agreement.

This is what I had to learn: God is in control of world politics and all that happens on earth. Satan has but a short season left during which he will fill the earth with more death and destruction than ever before experienced by our ancestors. God permits this coming season of seven years full of world tribulation for a reason.

Nebuchadnezzar, one of the first great emperors of antiquity (605-562 BC), ruled over the Babylonian Empire. His testimony about his own trial of seven years is included in the Bible. (Daniel 4:34-35 NRSV) Is it a coincidence that his time of insanity lasted seven years? I don’t think so. I believe it was a foreshadowing of the seven years of imperial insanity that is about to come upon the whole earth. Only this time the insane leaders will not be put out to pasture. Instead they will desperately seek to destroy God’s “pasture” – this planet earth and all of her inhabitants.

I, Nebuchadnezzar, [King of Babylon] lifted my eyes to heaven, and my reason returned to me. I blessed the Most High, and praised and honored the one who lives forever. For His sovereignty is an everlasting sovereignty, and His kingdom endures from generation to generation.

All the inhabitants of the earth are accounted as nothing, and He does what He wills with the host of heaven [angels] and the inhabitants of the earth.

There is no one who can stay His hand or say to Him, “What are you doing?” (Daniel 4:34-35) [My addition for clarity.]

God imbedded His 7,000-year plan for humanity in the Bible, but we humans would rather be busy doing stuff that seems more important or enjoyable to us than to pay attention to what God has in mind for our lives. But we should, because God’s way is the only way that blesses everyone without taking advantage of, stealing from, oppressing or destroying another person, creature, or our natural environment.

The Zayin Age 4004 BC – AD 2008

To put the Apocalypse in a nutshell, I need to add another metaphor: childbirth. First, there is a pregnancy stage where the development of the fetus takes place out of sight in the mother’s womb. Then comes the birth, which includes the placenta as well as the child.

There is a time period for development inside a dark enclosure we call the womb. The unborn child is surrounded in darkness and is intimately connected to the placenta. In this analogy, the placenta represents Satan’s rebellious domain, which grows along with the child. Our civilization is infused and connected to the dark side of the universe. Satan sabotages anything good that humanity wants to accomplish. The proof for these statements abounds in a human history full of endless wars fought for some reason or another.

The Hebrew number system philosophy compares this stage to Zayin. The Zayin age started with Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden in 4004 bcand will last about 6,000 years. Because of what God has preordained, the child will be born on time at the end of the proper period of gestation, regardless of how painful the process may be.

At birth these two entities separate and each will go to its destined place. Having served its purpose, the placenta – Satan’s domain ­– is traditionally cast aside or even burned, never to be remembered. It is never given a name, possesses no identity and will be quickly forgotten for eternity. The child will receive a new name at birth, which is already anticipated and stored in heaven in preparation for the “ Kingdom of God.” This name is a royal one and foreordained to grow to full maturity. When the children of God are spiritually transformed, they will travel around the earth in a flash. Later they shall spread to the many galaxies God has prepared beforehand in order to represent resurrected humanity among other creatures we call aliens or angels.

Farfetched? This biblical truth is not taught in Sunday school yet. Neither is the Apocalypse in heaven, which you will soon learn about. The Bible and the Hebrew Alphabet Number System talk about these two dimensions of heaven and earth, which I refer to as the five-based and seven-based dimensions respectively. The use of these numbers comes from what I call my Rosetta Stone discovery in Daniel’s prophecy. I will explain it thoroughly toward the end of this book.

To actually explain what I mean by the word “dimension,” I will try another metaphor – “a mirror.” There exist two images when looking into the mirror but one is only a reflection. The mirror image only reflects what light bounces off your body and the clothing you may be wearing. The solid, materially real image stands in front of the mirror and for the sake of argument – that image is you in the flesh. To our senses, “reality” seems to be one of material substance, but any current material reality is subject to time, which in the scheme of the universe always passes quickly and is gone.

What will be the eternally abiding “you” is under construction in the five-based spiritual dimension. Most of what makes you “you” is invisible to me. I do not know your history, your birthday or your feelings, what you think, or your state of conscience. From the perspective of the reality that transcends time, the non-substantial mirror image of this metaphor is the one from our material, seven-based dimension of the natural world, that is, “of this world and in this time.”

Your physical being on this planet takes place in “this world and in this time,” expressed in my books as the Daleth dimension. Daleth is the Hebrew letter for the “d” sound and is also used to represent the number four (4). However, the time transcending reality of the Heh dimension is sensed from within us because we are born with the “divine breath” in us, whether you believe it or not.

This divine breath within every person provides a link to the spiritual or metaphysical dimension that in Hebrew is called Heh (the sound “h” and the number 5), which conveys a meaning of “the other side” or “a window.” The presence of the divine breath within us supplies the mysterious non-biological component to what we call “life.” This life force imparts a desire for eternity - to be in heaven after death. Because our lives are derived in some manner from God as the source of all life, even the worst terrorist usually has a desire to inherit paradise after death.

Scientists have not been able to classify, modify or add to the mysteries of the life force. In theory there is a parallel likeness of you in heaven, which is a potential eternal reality that may be birthed from God’s Holy Spirit. Since the eternal, ultimate reality is found in heaven, the ephemeral mirror image is the earthly you living in the Daleth dimension of “this world in this time.”

Heaven is “the other side” - a universe with laws, persons, dominions, empires similar to what exists on earth. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System refers to it as the Heh or number five (5) dimension. Heh also means “window” or “the other side.” Read my first book and you will get acquainted further with these concepts.

What is true about our relationships with these two dimensions as persons is also true for the relationship that exists between them as whole systems. God’s plan for humanity in history and prophecy was laid out from beginning to end in the Heh dimension. Throughout history, this pre-existent plan in the Heh dimension has intersected with the Daleth dimension. These intersections represent God’s intervention in and working through the affairs of nations and people. Most of them were preceded by documented prophecies. The primary, four-dimensional location of these intersections has been the people and land of Israel – with a special focus on God’s Temple in Jerusalem. The study of fulfilled prophecy in history provides the tools and framework for projecting the dates of future events prophesied in the Bible.

Guided by the relevant biblical verses, I discovered and plotted the patterns of these Heh-Daleth intersects where the Heh dimension has in the past broken into our Daleth dimension of material reality and time to effect specific outcomes in human history. Using the research methods described in this book, I was then able to project forward to determine the dates for major events of the soon-coming Apocalypse. You see, the whole plan of God already exists in the ultimate reality. It is just a matter of “when” from the perspective of our Daleth dimension of “this place and time” that the Heh dimension eternal reality breaks through so that we can perceive and experience it with our material senses.

The book of Revelation presents this dual perspective and attempts to describe how the events ordained and announced in heaven come to take place on earth. I develop this story very quickly in the first chapters of this book. If you have read Apocalypse Prophesied Chapter 10, then you will are already familiar with the World Cuckoo Clock which depicts the various ages of human history as they relate to the Daleth and Heh dimensions. The clock positions the events of human history on its face from the perspectives of human beings, Satan and God.

Hebrew-Chinese Calendar


The Cheth Age 2008-2015

Now back to the Apocalypse. Presently dark clouds are gathering in heaven and also on earth. We notice this darkening in the political atmosphere around the globe. Everybody can tell that there is a storm coming.

The clouds are black with anticipation of lightning and thunder. This time of lightening and thunder will not be of very long duration. The Bible calls it the Apocalypse. In my charts of aligned periods, times, and events I refer to the Apocalypse as the Chet period, and it is only about 7 years long.

When we observe the spectacle of flashing lightning amidst the booms of terrifying thunder, it is easy to imagine titans battling each other in the sky. The Bible tells of a war in heaven in the book of Revelation. In fact the titans there are already engaged in deadly combat. You won’t hear that story in Sunday school either. It is too scary.

Nevertheless, the Bible teaches that Satan and his rebellious bunch will be driven out of heaven – never to be found there again. He will lose that vital war and connection to the former universe. God will proclaim the victory, and everything will change in heaven and also on earth. John wrote in Revelation what he saw and heard announced in heaven, “Now is the kingdom of God at hand!”

Returning to my analogy, the baby is soon to be born. When he is, that event will revolutionize everything. The nature of life experience in both heaven and earth will now be remade in accordance with God’s perfect design – without the dissonance of Satan’s rebellion.

”Behold I make all things new,” God proclaims. The plan of God enters the next phase according to the blueprint from the beginning. Even the Aztec and Chinese calendars confirm the dating and nature of the Apocalypse. Together with the Bible, the end time prophecies of these culturally and geographically diverse calendars converge on one date in future history: 21 December 2012.

The Teth Age 2018-3018

In the childbirth metaphor, birth opens the door to a new life as the fetus leaves the darkness of the womb to become a baby. In the Hebrew Alphabet Number System the letter Teth (number 9) represents a new life cycle. This first stage will be a mortal but God-blessed life on earth that will last for a thousand (1,000) years. It will feel like the invigorating air charged fresh by a passing thunder shower. Amidst the breezes of refreshing air, nature’s glory will reflect in thousand sparkles of water drops still clinging to the vegetation.

I always like thunderstorms. In their passing I experience a natural refreshing and feeling of safety. Even though the Teth age still belongs to the seven-based Daleth dimension of mortal life “in this world and in this time,” it will be totally unlike anything we can experience today because Satan will be locked up in the abyss and incapable of evilly destructive mischief.

People who do not care about God will not be there. Jesus said that the lifeless branches of the vine have no purpose in the future except to be collected and burned. God has yet another plan for those who will submit and receive in advance His free gift of “eternal life.”

I hope that you are beginning to understand “ why” there must be a seven year Apocalypse. God planned for a terrible, but necessary tribulation to purify heaven and the earth in preparation for the Teth new age to come. The first book provides more details about this promised establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth as well as many other “whys” for the Apocalypse in the context of the whole plan of God.

Don’t Be Confused!

I hope these teasers have already fired up your curiosity to read my books. I encourage you to think for yourself and to decide what is of value to apply in your life today with positive consequences for eternity!

Although I designed high tech instruments in my professional life, I designed high tech instruments, I am at heart a simple clockmaker. I try to gain a perspective on issues that reveals simple and functional patterns in design. It is like an architect who develops the ability to know what looks good from reading or drawing blueprints.

God is the greatest architect and consequently His plan is not befuddled like some professors, who become experts in massaging words found in scripture because they cannot read the Bible like an architect can read an architectural drawing. I hope to communicate the beautiful simplicity of God’s plan to you, but it really helps if you can set aside – at least for awhile – any pre-conceived ideas you might have about Bible prophecy. Just read my books as presented and then evaluate each of its points. I am sure that you will find much of interest even if you do not agree with all of what I have written.

This second book in my series on the biblical Apocalypse organizes Bible verses like pearls in a bracelet according to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. Some Bible scholars may subscribe to a different sequence of John’s Revelation from Jesus because of an apparent chronological disorder in Revelation that has kept the mystery of the Apocalypse clouded for many centuries.

I really gained a better perspective of God’s word when it occurred to me that the biblical Hebrew faith and New Testament Christianity were like the two rails of a train track. If a person seeks to understand the things of God by looking at only one rail, he or she is bound to come up with problems. This is true whether the subject is doctrine or prophecy.

Many denominations developed in America by looking only at one rail. Consequently the Bible experts of these various denominations do not agree on how to read the book of Revelation. Some teach that Jesus will come back twice, the first time in a secretive Rapture. Others split up the “great day of the Lord” into two halves that are separated by years.

When you read some chapters of the Revelation, it might seem like a confusing mass of disjointed events, but if you keep the overall context in mind as described in the first five chapters, then the Bible will become meaningfully alive and exciting – almost like special TV coverage of some dramatic, “late-breaking” news event.

In fact I re-read my own book frequently, and when I do so, I find myself discovering something new every time. Do not be discouraged if you find yourself needing to re-read sections of it. This book needs to be read several times in order to get the full impact of what God is telling us through the Bible.

May God bless your time in learning about the surely coming Apocalypse!


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