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Galaxy Black Hole

The Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine
Updated 11-18-2012



From Donut Atoms to galaxies, tapping into the Magnetic Gravity that binds and drives the universe to produce a perpetual flow of surplus electron energy. The Hoover Dam installation extracts clean-green Electricity from GRAVITY by channeling a water media with embedded kinetic energy to flow in perpetual motion by pushing copper wire loops through a magnetic field to yield electrical energy on a “Second Entropy” level beneficial for mankind.

However, the new invention described here uses air-media and exploits the embedded nuclear magnetic force surrounding atoms of air/oxygen guided over the low-tech magnetic, UREE double-rotating transformer bridge that forces electrons to flow from the outer nuclear shells and spill out at the end of a copper wire loop. It simulates the principle of the Hoover Dam generator but provides instant electricity on a much higher, “First Entropy” level to turn a motor or generate light and heat.

Tapping into the nucleus (∞) infinite energy “entropy zone” results in perpetual unlimited electrical profit, a lot cheaper because the UREE motor system is portable being useful where an electrical distribution network does not exist. It will drastically revolutionize the 21st century civilization.

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The gravity motor concept is so new that the direct application of its principles is like fruit, which can be eaten at different stages of ripeness. For that reason, we already have some new application concepts outlined for trial. Please read the following New Research Pearls in connection with Babushka Book #9.

This site on the Internet will inform you that not a single university professor or science government official in the world has challenged my UREE theories, that the content presented here by Herbert R. Stollorz, a retired scientist-inventor, is wrong. Rebuttals are welcome but any rebuttal must be based on authentic physics demonstrated with three witnesses of Newtonian science linked to thermo-dynamic-entropy laws. If you do convince my science logic reason being incorrect or accurately construct one of my UREE motors that does not work, then you win. I will shut down this web site being shamed saying, "NO MORE."


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