Pearl #206 -

Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine #16 -
Jet Motor and UFO Engine


JET Engine: Section A

The Wright brothers could not have imagined that improvements on their first airplanes would eventually lead to visiting space stations on a regular basis or even to the moon and back. Now NASA is investigating Mars.

Mankind has jumped the boundaries of possibility a million times in the last century, but no one has yet quantified it. Faced with the challenge that civilization is running out of fuel from energy extraction, it seems very short-lived.

Most of our energy generation systems have become life threatening by severely poisoning the environment causing much extinction on earth the only place where LIFE exists. But God created man for a purpose. In prophecy He promised another 1000 years of human civilization, but our science projections do not go beyond 50 years if you apply logic where we a heading.

That paradox seems to be answered by a new infinite energy discovery, which can be extracted, from GRAVITY, WATER, AIR and special MINERALS.

Typical nature is organized in four basic building blocks that closely replicate the 4 DNA building blocks of life pattern controlled by intelligence. It runs on a dual railroad strand for balance, as each of the four creation units is fueled by ∞ energy to support LIFE at the atomic level. 

I discovered that MAGNETISM is manufactured by protons inside every Donut Atom and can be spliced out converted to electricity through 16 UREE models of different sizes of applications. When analyzed, they will obsolete most existing polluting energy sources.

My vision got expanded to realize that magnetism is really the invisible ∞ energy force coming perhaps from a black hole dispersed throughout space but when slowed down in a Time-dimension crystallizes into spectral lines frequency Fraunhofer defining it.

Being interested in the many galaxies photographed seen recently on NOVA-TV with the latest telescope showing how they form, like the Hourglass Nebula on the front page of my 9th Babushka egg concept book illustrating that energy is turning inside the black hole at high speed infinite faster what Einstein postulated.

We learned from the electrical three-finger rule applied to the electrical generators that when magnetism is turned it will extract electricity. Looking into the sky see so many lights will follow the same principle in physics demonstrated by so many scientists like Nikola Tesla, Michael Faraday and Marin Soljacic confirming a wireless electricity phenomenon. Check Pearl #225 for more.

Magnetic energy transferred from space works similar to the transformer principle redistributing a million volts down to a usable 110-volt level to demonstrate the finger-imprint eventually forming particles, still a paradox for science. Ultimately the exponential TIME curve shaped discrete atoms categorized as elements over hundred elements have been summed up in a table that, when analyzed, defines matter.

When matter is bunched up, it becomes magnetized gravity, a new concept needing time to understand. That converted force can be extracted, perhaps from the Milky Way black hole. When moved, it is experienced as inertia demonstrated in 16 UREE electricity generation concepts.

A new electron-bridge was invented for magnetism to flow linked to a doubles sided generator extracting from the pool of a billion billion volts magnetically stepped down to the useful 110-volt level. That could drive a jet accelerating air using an inside out streetcar motor mounted with fan-blades on the outer periphery of a jet engine housing.

MAGNETISM converted from the infinite source will last beyond 1000 years I am sure, but it needs to be extracted in small, finite portions to be useful for mankind. Check out the new UREE inventions that corrupt energy cartels say are NOT POSSIBLE, fearing revenue loss. Flying a jet without fossil fuel seems preposterous, crazy.

This is my last attempt on the free Internet regarding a new jet engine. I will later explain how it could be adapted to a UFO motor, which must go faster then the speed of light. It could expand science as applied to proven UREE systems as both are governed by nature - physics-metaphysics exposed a little in my nine Babushka egg concept books.

How a Jumbo-jet can fly without Fossil Fuel

The UREE electric jet has tremendous advantages besides not needing expensive fossil fuel, but the weight reduction could change the whole design dynamic. I envision that the center of the airplane body cross-section is a circle with two long tapered cylinder jet engines embedded like a number eight, one engine on top another, which is the main body.

UREE #16 cross-sectionIn the middle on either side of the figure 8, we have passenger compartments double - decked and extending into a single delta wing section with 500 or more seats on each side.

The electric jet engine is long and narrow on a single shaft with multiple Basket-Cup Printed-Board Generators turned by a turbine upfront. The generator units are designed with fan blades mounted on the outside. It is a reverse electric motor turning on a double axis. Each outside motor-winding-fan-blade unit must run faster to accelerate the air at the rear-end to create the highest possible jet exhaust air pressure.

There are a number of possibilities as I am not a designer of airplanes or engines, but take it from here and improve it as I can only point out theories with my finger. Do not look at my finger but where I am pointing. Once more the future UREE jet engine is very similar in design to the present jet engine with a long tapered body large in the front with multiple fan propellers and on the rear section ending with turbine blades getting narrower and smaller in diameter as the velocity increases.

In the new UREE jet motor, the first power section is fueled by compressed air from a tank turning a turbine at high speed. But the turbine must be linked to the second stage, which looks identical, but it functions as a compressor to push back the lost air so that the tank’s air pressure is never emptied. Both units run simultaneously on the same axis.

The second stage must have surplus power to overcome the remaining tank pressure and needs a flywheel. Combined utilizing a streetcar-motor design of heavy super magnets is mounted like shroud on the outside diameter of air fan blades therefore function as a flywheel useful for a generator. That produces a little extra electricity to drive the turbine motor linked to one shaft driving many smaller generators. The motorized compressor unit perpetually restores the air pressure lost in the first stage, which drives the big fan wheels that collect large volumes of air from the outside to be speeded up to higher pressure to make the airplane fly with a narrowed jet in the rear.

The air tank again works like the cuckoo clock gravity weight that never changes but applies power to the gears - in our case driving a number of electric generators. Therefore, the electric generator is the real power source and becomes the first entropy level with everything connected to one central axis. The energy must be first moved ∞ to be perpetual and adds some energy from each loop to get more, which is over the air tank pressure (considered the first front stage) but is second entropy from the energy exchange.

The first entropy forces are super-magnets that do not change either but are linked to magnetized atoms extracting neutrino energy from the black hole of our galaxy. If you want to know how it works, read my Babushka egg concept books free on the Internet and become familiar with where energy comes from and how it can be converted in various UREE ways not yet taught in universities.

The first stage must conform to the UREE principle in that the spent air pressure must be restored to create perpetual motion. On the same axis are connected multiple generator rotors made from low inertia printed boards. Pearl #203 is meant for automobiles and homes, but a jet engine requires a higher velocity speed like a levitated train going at 500 miles/hour floating on air pressure or like airplanes levitating on anti-gravity force. Both need much higher electricity output in both current and voltage.

The printed boards have low inertia and therefore can be turned at higher speed. Many experts are immediately turned off either seeing a Bible verse linked to a forbidden energy source or magnetism at 10,000 rpm thinking it’s NOT POSSIBLE, which threw my unopened book in the toilet.

Therefore, let me explain it for my grandkid on the third grade level has enough common sense to understand it. I even talked to the taxi driver on my ride to the airport. Even with a lower education, it got him turned on. I was surprised that he understood the principle the first time. I am sure universities will come along once they realize that they can make obscene profits if they tried these ideas out.

If we apply the electrical three-finger rule to a copper wire when connected to a single solar panel, it will be charged up creating a magnetic field around the copper wire conductor. That can be measured in any high school. If we connect two solar panels in parallel, we get a bigger magnetic field: quadrupled, I believe, as postulated in some other pearls. That should put to bed that word “IMPOSSIBLE” as solar energy is free once you build your own $97 dollar solar panel tired of being ripped off at $3000/panel.  Now we learn that if we shape the copper wire into a loop and push a magnet through, it gets a mystery electrical pulse nobody knows why. (Read Babushka egg concept books to widen your science horizons.)

But consider, when making a loop with the copper wire connected to a solar panel, it will generate magnetism now forced to go through a loop-center which at that point has higher magnetism bunched up all concentrated in the middle. That would make a much stronger pulse with the same magnet, because the copper wire is now biased getting energy from the sun.

Let’s duplicate it with another solar panel connected to a second copper wire loop and then do the same thing but this time we added a pulse generated to the bias of the first copper wire loop. The result of the first loop will increase energy as the magnetic force centered in the middle has become bigger because of a higher bias creating a larger magnetic field around the copper wire.  Now let's repeat and take the higher output of each wire loop switching back and forth always increasing the bias now getting bigger and bigger. Would you agree? Or read my 9th Babushka egg concept book to widen perspectives to a full 360⁰ horizon. Let's review it for the PhDs in universities postulating, “NOT POSSIBLE.”

  1. A current created from a solar panel produces a magnetic field around a copper wire. True?

  2. If the charged copper wire is made into a loop, all magnetic fields surrounding the wire have not changed but become more concentrated in the middle going in the same direction and stronger in the center. Therefore, a biased charged copper wire loop has more concentrated magnetic line in the middle then bare copper loop and will consequently create a higher pulse with the same magnet. True?

  3. If a previous pulse is added to the charged biased copper loop will increase the next pulse, as the bias is higher. If we kept it going always adding the next pulse to the other gets a bigger output eventually like double a solar panel. True? The Pearl #203 stated 1000 X Solar panels!

  4. We have proof in the streetcar motor design. The stator is connected to the rotor back to the stator in a ∞ loop and will accelerate the speed of the rotor until it explodes or is controlled by the streetcar conductor starving the input. Now better understood; a streetcar motor design will increase magnetism by a biased current inside a copper wire recycled ultimately gaining higher electrical output. A starving input differential can be extracted and made useful as electrical profit, but if returned, one could drive the street car perpetually without a conductor provided the energy is not stopped but freely let it go. True?

  5. Some parameters will influence electrical performance limited by resistance, heat or eddy-current which dictate that we must transfer the energy at the source with a transformer needed which will become obvious at the end of this story. That should cover most objections; however, the streetcar motor only runs perpetually if either the first or the second entropy energy loop is added and interlinked as outlined in the UREE principle. Question; if than the conventional current is shut off will the streetcar stop. True?

  6. But another law of physics is not shut off. Mass if moved will store energy, like the streetcar has mass still running at high speed, which becomes in principle a flywheel storing energy. And if the stored energy at that moment before it slows down to zero, according the physic, is converted and added to the biases of an electric generator will create a leftover electrical residue. That little portion of energy re-invested creates perpetual motion, mentioned earlier as profit. True?

  7. According to another law of nature if a saved energy like profit is reinvested and put back in the pot it gets more profit. Every business works that way why not in a streetcar motor? All we need is to add a motorized flywheel the only storage devise I know off which will store temporal energy and drive an electric improved generator could run the streetcar perpetually. The streetcar motor once in high motion switched over now will be driven by electricity generated from an electric Motorized-Flywheel linked to two generators UREE shown in Babushka book #9 page 15, but must satisfy two energy consumers linked to two entropy energy loops (∞). True?

  8. My Grandkid now understands investigating the law of nature, which makes energy conversion possible. It is like throwing a stone into the pond: The accelerated stone has embedded energy that creates on impact a secondary energy wave. But if we combine both entropy levels like connecting heaven to earth linked to a UREE, the ∞ invisible energy can now be perceived with our eyes because they are calibrated to the many laws of physics. But what we see in physics must be linked to the metaphysics to better understand it. The laws of nature are replicated on different levels and if used together in a proper sequence could get an advantage for us. True?

  9. The UREE only works when perpetual motion is achieved interconnecting two energy levels but needs to improve an old-fashioned 100-year aged generator design. The crux of the whole UREE system summed up is that a flywheel once accelerated will peter-out and needs an additional energy to get it going perpetually, not much is needed and is now found in super-magnets a free force we all know we played around with. Magnets are used generating electricity and added as a force to a motorized flywheel will run perpetually and connected to improved generators on each side of the motor shaft is adding a bias to each loop amplifies more electricity big time profit. Take it from here, my finger pointing. True?

For the ultimate skeptic I like to introduce one more another unknown law of physics perhaps it will shed more light to believe that a Jumbo-jet can fly without fossil fuel. Inventing 16 UREE does not happen overnight but is a collection of unrelated experiences gathered in a lifelong technical understanding. We learned from the principle of an electric generator that it will give more electrical output when a pulse is overlaid with a previous pulse using stronger magnets, but I have not investigated the amplified Electro-magnetic resonance, which would give us more electrical profit.

I remember in my early days as a research technician of wanting to play around with vapor deposition applied in semi-conductors. I used an obsolete military microwave generator for radar application found in the junkyard. It resulted in creating extremely thin metal layers useful in the semiconductor industry in applying refractory metals like titanium, molybdenum needed in a new semiconductor industry.

I became educated working in extreme vacuums and various noble gases like argon with its inherently big atoms bombarding a substrate in a vacuum with micro frequencies similar to your microwave oven. It created big new technologies, but being a German immigrant ignorant of business I did not make money from what I invented.

Thereafter followed another application. While fooling around with the microwave generator, I experimented with a simple paper-cone glued on a small loudspeaker. I wanted to find out about resonance frequencies not found in schoolbooks in order to learn more about unknown technology. I touched the pointed paper-cone to the main beam next to my workbench and searched for the resonance frequency and waited to see what would happen. Not knowing that the tiny waves of energy touching the main beam would add up getting bigger on top of the other to reach the critical frequency of the building.

I soon learned about the consequence that the whole steel-glass building began to vibrate unperceivable like an oncoming earthquake. It would have collapsed when the tremendous embedded energy reached the critical resonance frequency. Being ignorant, I first heard a little strange sound and felt some vibration within the whole building, which then got my fellow employees worried. They looked up being confused. It scared the heck out of me, too. I stopped this experiment that not even my boss knew about.

Now, 40 years later, I discovered 16 Ultimate Renewable Energy Engines remembering the old military microwave principle once more using the resonance frequencies now better comprehending physics, which could extract big time electricity. At first I did not understand the principle but dialoged it in the first 10 applications, which crystallized further in six (6) more UREE applications better explained. I put those in the Annex inserted in third edition of the 9th Babushka egg concept book. I asked an automobile designer why any motor has a critical resonance frequency needs to be avoided; either below or over for a smooth ride or the motor will self-destruct. Look at your speed dashboard indicator do not go beyond the red color dial because that is the range of the critical resonance frequency.

When the resonance frequency reaches the highest possible critical speed for any given proton circling around and through the apple-donut atomic nucleus, it creates a different element. That is what Fraunhofer discovered but is now explained better. Atoms become visible to us in the 4000-7000 Angstrom bandwidths that match our eye calibration for visible light that shows the embedded Fraunhofer spectral lines within the rainbow frequencies of every element in existence, what a coincidence.

Perhaps the air media atoms when compressed reach critical frequency being condensed and restricted spilling over exiting excess energy now caught in an electron UREE fishnet. It is a good story for my grandkids. But getting the highest electrical output in a UREE will only happen when it is close to the critical electromagnetic resonance frequency, because that is where the most electron fish congregate. It stirs up a frenzy within the atom pool, if you understand my grandkid’s previous analogy.

That is the point to apply the magnetic UREE Bridge to seize a big catch of concentrated electron fish: it is large enough to fuel a jumbo-jet engine. You can check it out in the next "B" Section if you want to become a billionaire and built on the Wright Brothers’ invention to the next version to fly faster and higher.

The world at large settled on 50/60 Hz. I remember when airplanes were 400 HZ 50 years ago due to a fear of electro-magnetic interference. Perhaps a new world standard needs to be settled with the new UREE because, when the electrical energy reaches the critical resonance frequency, it must be used up at that time at a constant rate.

The airplane application is a perfect example. Being portable, it does not need transmission wires or big transformers, which will obsolete most energy cartels and become a great benefit for future mankind. The latest Jet Generator is designed according to principles true to the Bible such as, loosely quoted, “If you give more, you will get more.” This mystery is proven for me.

Recently, I walked around in my neighborhood visiting a new car dealer investigating the latest $65,000 hybrid electric-gasoline car, which promised extended mileage using $18,000 lithium batteries. I looked under the hood and saw only a tiny generator, so I asked the question, “Why not use extra generators to extend the mileage?"

My grandkid already knows that for 40 years the automobile industry never improved the gas millage. It has not changed much from my old beat-up VW because they are married to the criminal oil cartel in an unholy alliance for mutual benefit to rip-off the public and protected by corrupt governments.

Green free energy is not allowed. The German scientist Hoffman 90 years ago invented and demonstrated how to separate water, the greatest energy reservoir, but it is still suppressed. Now hydrogen is only allowed in rockets because Sputnik, if you remember, forced America to develop a better fuel to equalize what the Russians did.

Why is free green hydrogen concealed by the automobile industry, as wheelchair people not afraid to use compressed oxygen in a little green steel bottle? Look at the global auto show displayed on TV in Germany 2012 demonstrating the latest solar electric automobile for $80,000-120,000 loaded with lithium batteries, the most polluting energy conversion poisoning the environment. Check how lithium is mined in China.

My grandkid, not corrupted in politics, knows that one apple added to another apple makes two apples, which is more than one apple. The automobile manufacturer does not know that. I sent my courtesy notice (UREE page 3) to 265 universities, 55 embassies and 25 automobile manufacturers. All got ignored, but one surprised me.

A German car manufacturer returned one unopened with a response from lawyers informing me we have our own ideas and cannot accept unsolicited courtesy information. In other words we are afraid to use your free ideas or do not want to sell cheaper cars. We think ripping off the customer makes more profit. They looked at my finger and not what I pointed to.

They could make obscene profits with my free information on the Internet. Adding my five cents, notice we have a crankshaft sticking out on both ends of the piston motor why not attach a generator on each side that will not use up extra power?

That makes the two apples my grandkid wants and would eliminate a number of costly batteries exchanged for a cheaper generator that should have been improved after 100 years. It is easier and safer than using lithium batteries made from a dangerous reactive element horrendously expensive to produce.

The real cost is much higher because they hide the cost of grossly polluting the environment, mostly in China, to squeeze more profit. Do not be fooled by a $65,000 hybrid car to find only a tiny electric generator on the inside. It makes no technical sense to have an array of $18,000 lithium batteries assembled rather should be replaced with additional, cheaper and bigger generators to extend the range of 100 miles to 10 times larger.

Deutsche Welle aired a TV program (8-28-12) showing a new Company developing an electric motor boats on Lake Constance, as polluting boats are not allowed. They demonstrated a racing boat using a streetcar motor that gives 10 times more power than diesel fuel. Think, if your gas bill on the pump is 10 times smaller on top will not pollute the environment? Why is this technology not used on your car?

The next Section B describes in detail how the new electric UREE generator works while in the process of a patent application. The Jet-design allows a number of simple design reductions for lower application that could replace all other designs mentioned before. If you are interested, this design is not free at this time but requires some free-will offering to Faith in the Future Foundation charity, as funds will be used to feed hungry children around the globe and educate them about the future. Contact this charity that owns the applied patent described in the next section.

That next section is the big Jonah fish. Hopefully, we all should pay attention because it is linked to a warning for our civilization but preannounced a future free electricity energy for our grandchildren extracted from magnetic GRAVITY, AIR, WATER and super MAGNETS. 

JET Engine: Section B
Basket Cup Printed Board Generator: 1000X Higher Output

Description of the Basket Cup Rotor Drum (Patent pending):

A. Please look at the diagram picture below. In the center we have a hollow shaft turning from the first front unit streetcar motor driving the compressor to the last generator section on the rear end. Each basket cup is attached or bonded to the shaft and turns at the same high speed. The many wire loops from the various basket cups pass through the hollow shaft for access to the very end, which can be electrically serviced by conventional motor-brushes.

B. The center inside the basket cup is shaped in a rotor-drum holding a number of super-magnets spaced apart, polarized and supported by a bearing linked to the shaft. Depending on the application, they are held together by a nonmagnetic media a professional designer would know about. It has two built-in features depending on application:

  1. The rotor-drum linked to the shaft bearing could be spin-driven forward or backward by an outside motor-stator winding on the outer periphery which is also the platform for holding the high speed fan-blades for a jet application like an upside down motor design as the conventional stator becomes a rotor. It is similar to your ceiling fan only much faster, or a rotor within a rotor a double feature. If you wondered why the rotor-drum could run in two directions depends on the jet fan-blades related to magnetism maxed out.

  2. Each generator-motor stage is independently speed controlled, as a jet engine must accelerate air velocity toward the rear. If the outside motor winding is fixed for lower output, it must lock in polarization with the rotor drum for lower speed applications. But make sure that on either side the fixed rotor-drum polarity is alternately positioned. Electricity is still generated from the vertical loops passing by to the horizontal loops cutting through a magnetic field of the outer motor polarization. Follow the magnetic lines to understand the principle. The magnetism is not affected if shared in two directions.

C. A pulse is generated in each winding embedded on both sides of the basket-cup with the shaft turning at high speed.

D. I would recommend making the basket-cup from aluminum ceramic for high speed with the imprint of the wire loop pattern photo-etched, thereafter-deposited copper. The final shape of the surface is ground off leaving copper embedded according to the pre-etched grooved pattern.

E. The inside and outside copper wire pattern should be cross-hatched to give a double output for the same magnet position. Another layer on top is like two (really four) apples.

F. The loop pattern needs to be reversed connecting the inside to the outside of the cup to allow ∞ loop designs, which will double the pulse again like 8 apples.

The sides or bottom of the cup works like Pearl #203, but what is added in this version the same magnet is used going through the sides of the cup a double action as the magnet field is circular and do not care where loops are being cut now increased to 16 apples for each UREE section. 

The vertical winding is crossed over to the basket horizontal windings which will add from the first vertical pulse a bias to the next horizontal winding therefore gets a bigger pulse. The output is linked to the next section repeating once more gets a higher output again. Keep going to the next motor section big time electricity. Basically, each basket-cup section has an additional power source either an individual outside motor or one motor on the rear end with windings split meant for variable flexible power requirement, if used in a high-speed train or skyscraper.

Adapting it to jet engine, I do not know the power requirement. That is beyond my capability, but as each individual external motor section could have variable speed with a fan-plate attached to accelerate

air with the highest rpm on the last station for a jet application. I am only a philosopher-inventor pointing my finger at possibilities, as applications are endless across a wide range only the future will reveal.


I learned from the Wright Brothers. Perhaps with the next version we could once more visit the moon using an improved UREE jet design. It is much cheaper and getting better. If you want to travel through space using gravity-antigravity as a fuel, check out a UFO-UREE design in Pearl #206 Section B.

Returning to the resonance frequency, certain elements in the Periodic Table Fraunhofer classified as spectral lines are more inductive to produce magnetism. The spectral line for each element is really the resonance frequency of every atom and can be visualized in the atom picture at the beginning of the energy trail on the 9th Babushka egg concept book. That was a new discovery for me, and it has big consequences for a new science understanding. Have a closer look at the magnetic lines going through the donut center explained in Pearl #204.

UREE Patent Exposé

Once more I like to repeat my theory for my grandkid. It is difficult understanding the physics of how electricity can be perpetually amplified by rearranging wire loops. A certain size of copper wire made into a right turn loop gets a positive (+) pulse. The left turn loop gets a (-) negative pulse. The solar panel will produce an even current like a battery but needs to be converted to an alternate current to be useful.

The UREE system thus produces alternating free electric current to drive a car or fly an airplane without conversion losing energy. For higher power requirements, only an alternate electric current is useful with the polarity switching from (+) to (-). 

No one can explain another phenomenon in the teeter-totter relationship. In general, when the same magnet passes a bigger loop, it produces a smaller pulse, and a smaller loop gives a bigger pulse. Therefore, only concentrated magnetism will give more electricity, but the same magnet passing faster gives bigger amplitude.

In the UREE patent design, we twist the copper wire loop in a figure eight laid over to become two smaller loops. As analyzed, it gets first a plus (+) pulse (half the amplitude) getting bigger by adding a bias to the next loop with a bigger (half amplitude) but is now a negative pulse which is twice the amplitude adding the (+/-). That is already an alternate current needed bypassing conversion like a solar panel or battery.

But seeing it from the South Pole magnet perspective on the other side of the printed board, it seems that the two reversed wire loops are colliding. The second loop, being magnetically negative repels, which is an added force. Consequently, it can only explode 90⁰ in another direction as demonstrated by the principle of a cheap nuclear bomb because the same laws of physics apply. The UREE process is similar.

Think of two loaded canons, one side with plutonium and the other with unstable enriched uranium, placed mouth-to-mouth and fired at the same time. The elements will collide 90⁰ with explosive force toward the infinite energy equation (∞E=ZeroTime), thus time is shortened. The same occurs inside a UREE generator.   

Comparable magnetism on one side of the loop is pushing while a reversed loop crossed over on the other side now repelling. That will give us more energy when opposite polarity is colliding because time is shortened expressed 90⁰ in higher rpm of the magnet rotor toward the critical resonance frequency to produce more electrical profit. 

Further explaining this paradox: we like to get even pulses one next to the other, but if each consecutive pulse (+/-) is getting bigger by an added bias, how is that accomplished? Study again the UREE generator round printed board design previously described.

On each side, we have 5 or 6 pie patterns of loops duplicated. One pie section starts copper loops getting smaller round and round toward the center. That pattern is duplicated on the other side but in reversed direction. The pattern runs parallel like a railroad turning in the center to get two end wires, which can be terminated by brushes on the outer diameter board edge or continued, to the next cup section.

Let's make a hairline-cross mark over the egg-shaped pie pattern. The super-magnet is placed horizontally covering all the egg-shaped loops when passing by. When the printed board disk turns between either side’s fixed super-magnets, a number of pulses are generated in every loop passing a magnetic field.

But a different UREE generator loop pattern is obtained by drilling a small hole at the vertical crossover hairline which will connect a front loop with reversed back loop of the same size with a little solder. The front loop is now linked to a reversed loop, hence it will create first a positive pulse linked to a negative pulse created by a twisted loop.  It must conform to a twisted figure eight folded over reversing the direction of the pulse.

When each loop is added by a bias, it gets a bigger pulse, but if linked to the next backside loop, it gets smaller in size with smaller pulses. The loops are continued connected from the front to the back linked through the next hole of the next smaller front loop on the vertical hairline repeated now becoming smaller loops continued alternately on the front and back to the other side toward the center with a continuous figure eight pattern. That will get smaller pulses, as the loops are smaller; however, it is compensated by a larger voltage from a bigger bias for each added loop to even it out the frequency.

If you can imagine an apple-Donut Atom flattened out with the atom’s North Pole and South Pole interconnected, though squashed flat, it works like an UREE board generator as the identical laws of physics operate on the same level. Better yet, look at the hourglass galaxy’s red rays turning right, the other side turning left at the center of the critical frequency energy black hole, which is the same principle.

Therefore, 10 loops times 5 pie shaped loop patterns on one disk is good for 50Hz at a certain speed now manipulated "even amplitude pulses of an alternating current" linked to a suitable transformer.

 A faster magnetic field movement in a teeter-totter relationship will cause bigger amplitude or will be expressed in higher frequency to create smaller amplitude compensated by increasing the bias in every loop. But a biased double looped system gets 4 times higher amplitude, nice and even.

Tzolkin countIf we convert the vertical disk system to the next horizontal rotating wall-cup design using the same super-magnets, we get (4x4) = 16 times amplified all even at 50Hz pulsed but exponentially getting bigger as linked to the next cup. Therefore, the rearranged copper wire pattern could give us 1000 times more electricity by adding each section when running at higher speeds next to paired super-magnets.

Note: The first Streetcar motor is offset to transfer higher velocity to next section. The vertical basked winding linked to the horizontal winding is adding a bias current therefore speeding up the next second streetcar motor.

Therefore, the motor will turn faster and accelerate in the next stage - which is the third Magnet-rotor. That creates higher electricity on the next stage vertical winding repeating the cycle gaining electricity in the next stage.

Look at the front-page Tzolkin Clock with the 20-gear driver, which is compared to the perpetual moving streetcar-compressor shaft linked to the basket-cup windings. That transfers energy and will propel a magnet armature rotor (13) and an outside motor-fan armature (18) rotating too. The UREE #16 is an exact replica of that design. If it works, it is worth a billion once more.

How to Create More Electricity

This method of generating electricity matches the new Donut Atom theory as explained in Pearl UREE #11. According to that model, magnetism is generated by protons moving around and through, up and down the poles of the apple-shaped atomic nucleus to create magnetism 90⁰ from the inside to the outside according to the electrical three finger rule.

Magnetic lines travel at the speed of light around the donut atom going through the center and around back through the center again like a ∞ math symbol. When magnetic lines go through the center of a wire loop, energy is concentrated and transferred, as in the apple-shaped atom. Consequently, it must some how store more magnetism on the inside like the iron core of the earth, which is another globe-shaped magnet.

Technology dealing with electricity cannot live without a capacitor, which is basically a mechanical electric generator storing up energy. If biased, it will discharge its stored energy very fast. That could match the apple atom center. Taking a capacitor apart as a kid 70 years ago, I found out it was just copper sheet rolled up very dense. The additional copper somehow has more capacity to hold the magnetized apple-shaped Donut Atom’s energy together. 

Once more, when a magnet passes a copper wire loop, it is like passing through a charged capacitor of densely stored energy. Because of inertia, moving it will capture some energy in the wire loops to be transferred. Therefore, a capacitor behaves like the hole in the donut atom, which is the energy center.

This is useful linkage to store concentrated energy and pass it on very fast, similar to the discharge of a spark plug in your car. A capacitor spark can be transferred to the next wire loop cycle creating a bias for a bigger spark. Keep going to the next wire loop to grow electricity transferred from the protons. Energy moving on the inside of atoms is expelled to the outside by a magnetic bridge.

My grandkid has learned from many analogies in the Babushka egg concept books that magnetism behaves like water. It is useful for transferring energy. Magnetism becomes visible when a pulse is generated, and reversing the loop will reverse the pulse polarity and trigger a discharge of the capacitor expelling accumulated energy like a spark plug.

The capacitor therefore is very useful to transfer energy from moving magnetic lines, if lined up between wire loops. It will transfer an available charged-up bias energy pulse to the next wire loop and accumulate energy. It is enough to create a spark in the next wire loop like a capacitor discharge when the polarity reverses from the next wire loop.

The discharged energy is caused by the inertia of wire loop, which carried along a moving magnet field and ends up as a biased bigger pulse passed on to the next loop. The next wire loop also passes on another capacitor discharge creating higher electricity. I hope my grandkid will understand that. Read it again, because that is the secret as to why the UREE works. 

At the end of this story, I show an air bearing design, which means the winding can be made much smaller and closer together, like micro-inch. This means the speed can be reduced, which is an issue that troubled me earlier a little but is now solved. That opened up more applications, no kidding.

Thus, electrical energy will grow bigger if we have a suitable capacitor between a number of copper wire loops creating a polarity. When it is linked to a capacitor in series, it will discharge its accumulated energy as soon as a number of pulses is reversed so as to release more energy.

Therefore, this produces a bigger biased pulse in the next loop proving perpetual motion stopped in an explosion having reached the critical resonance frequency. Hook it together for a ride, and slow it down by making the air-gap smaller. This gets obscene electricity profit putting the corrupt energy cartel out of business. Now you can drive your car around never to use dirty gasoline again if the governments allow it.

UREE #16 Output Calculation Assumptions (one motor section only)

Horizontal cup printed board has 6x10 winding loops both sides  = 120 loops

Vertical cup   = 120 loops

Total loops left side cup = 240 loops

         plus right side cup =  480 loops

For one minute (60x480)  = 28,800 loops

Running the generator at 3000 rpm which is 3000 revolution/minute (3000 x 28,800) = 86,400,000 loops

Running one hour to get watt/hour or Kw/hr.

(3000 x 60) /hr.    =   5,184,000,000 loop

Watt = Volt x Ampere

At this time I can only approximate what is possible. I would guess a mean averaged loop pulse could be =.01 watt (.2 volt x .05 amp) of power.

Super magnets Neodymium-Iron-Boron are extremely strong. Perhaps much more could be postulated. 

5,184,000,000 loops in one hour passing will yield electrical power (5,184,000,000 x .01 watt) = 51,840,000 Watt
or 51,840 KW/hr. (51,840,000/1000)                            

Expressed and converted in Ampere power = 471,270 Amp @110V/hr. (51,840,000 /110) 

For one 10-12" diameter double cupboard generator to get 51 thousand Kilowatts @ 110 Volt /hr is extraordinary.

If we converted it into horse power (@.746 Kw), we could be driving 193 cars/hr. (@200Hp for each car). Could that fly an airplane convincing my grandkid?

However, one more thought. We need to consider that the UREE #16 jet application uses a set of printed board-cups with six (6) rotating super magnets in the center for each pie-shaped section. That will generate six times more extra pulses and in addition will yield increased voltage from the biased loops linked to capacitors. That could be 311,040 Kw/hr. (6x51,840), and converted to horsepower, compares to a jet engine at 232,035 horsepower/hr. (311,040 x .746). 

A Rolls Olympus engine of 19,000 lb. thrust uses 25,000 Hp in an airplane or about a 1:1 ratio which could power nine (9) jet engines (232,035/25,000) at only one/hundreds of a watt per loop. No kidding.  If I overestimated the .01-watt per loop by a 10 times factor for one UREE motor section, it could still fly a jumbo jet by adding motor sections as described.

How is Tesla Electricity Magnified?
The Secret of Why the UREE Works

The Third Edition of the 9th Babushka egg concept book is truly unique. Page 3 referenced some YouTube videos of different electric generator-motor designs demonstrating perpetual electricity by just connecting a motor to a generator will cause it to run perpetually. However, to fly an airplane requires much more power, perhaps a RODIN COIL system as illustrated to resonate magnetism toward unlimited energy. The videos all demonstrated conventional rotating designs to be functional but one is a different Tesla exception.   

The UREE motor is unique. First, air pressure from a small wheelchair tank drives it mechanically to make it portable. To return the piston stroke with higher pressure is achieved either by expanded air pressure or magnetically switching coils. That gives us extra force to create the perpetual motion that returns the same pressure back to the air tank. That configuration will overcome friction and at the same time get free energy heating the air with a bigger spark plug (UREE #12). Perpetual motion will only gain electricity if two energy sources are combined with the two entropy thermodynamic laws.

But if magnetism embedded in super magnet atoms is connected to the COSMOS MAGNETISM, a much bigger force is accessed by adding ∞ together with the two thermodynamic entropy laws works similar to a transformer. This approach was successfully demonstrated by Nicola Tesla, it could perhaps obsolete my mechanical UREE motor designs.

Pay attention. Tesla drove his electric car around all day without a battery, which caused J.P. Morgan to cut off his funding because he thought that no money could be made from free energy. Tesla began working for George Westinghouse who became extremely wealthy by introducing alternate current. His many patents established a more efficient system as demonstrated by burning 200,000 lights during the 1893 Colombia World’s Fair. That started harnessing electricity with the first commercially built alternating electric generator at Niagara Falls.

Watching famous movie clips on driving without a battery a little closer, I compared it with the UREE invention. I noticed a special 3 ft. antenna coil on the test application reengineered from patent drawings, which demonstrated how magnetism may have been extracted from the space in the adjacent coil one mile away on the beach. We all have seen lightning discharging between clouds and know that magnetic energy must be somewhere in the air everywhere. If this energy somehow could be get hold of with a special coil antenna that could drive a car as Tesla demonstrated. I wonder how it worked.

The UREE applications use biased copper loops to get a bigger pulse, especially if used with a RODIN COIL. A Tesla induced frequency (works like a crank) sent through the air, added a little biased static energy when discharged over a capacitor in the second coil. Then, if repeated to the other coil antenna like the UREE model, the increased energy via a capacitor is returned to perpetually switch back and forth at the same frequency similar to how the reversed winding of my printed board generation loops gains energy.

That function makes the next frequency pulse grow bigger when the transmitting frequency is passing again the static charged oxygen atoms air domain picking up more static energy across the airways in-between two antenna coils. It grows every time a capacitor pulse is discharged on the other end, and recycling will raise a little bigger capacitor pulse on the other end passing the air space again, increasing the electric carrier frequency to the critical resonance frequency. The resonance is visualized in super magnets spinning at extremely high speeds in a test with Rodin coils. The function is similar to the horizontal Wiener-wheel application UREE #6.    

It is analogous to the UREE two generators hooked up to a motor that increase the bias in wire loops to get more profit. Consequently, if the first generator rotor is connected in a cross loop to the second stator in series, and if the second rotor is linked to the first stator, it will add a biased voltage to each wire loop producing more power. Tesla's antenna works the same way but perhaps he modified the driving motor and duplexes the generator coils together to one unit explained by Peter Lindeman-Electric Motor Secrets. (

Saw on YouTube in Mexico a technician using a standard half PS motor and took it apart. Then he cleaned out the slots in the stator and put extra copper coils in the slot pattern duplicated. When the motor is running, reconnect internally to the extra added coils using the same magnet iron motor stator now simultaneously became a generator  infinite reconnected like a streetcar motor   kept running  perpetually without being connected to the grid,- amazing kid. That was the car-motor Tesla used linked to two antennas connected with a frequency generator to driving around without a battery. Why is that suppressed by universities? In both cases the generated voltage will accelerate expanding and creating more electricity right up to the critical resonance frequency like a streetcar motor needs a conductor, as explained in the previous UREE application, making bigger profit.

My Donut Atom theory postulates that magnetism runs on a dual light rail from the sun.  Both ideas are not accepted by the establishment. Even Tesla's many experiments were not fully understood by scientists. Nearly all of Tesla patent drawings have only one wire circuit, the ground and open ended like the sky the other wire. Combining the space energy linked to the ground can be utilized either by a Tesla antenna combination as described in my atom theory or explained in Herbert's magnetic gravity supplicating the principle mechanically in a UREE system.

The Rockefeller-Ford-Koch cartel decided not to use free electricity and pushed their dirty oil-automobile technology never improved in 40 years - still the same consumption like my beat-up VW 30m/g. Tesla's single wire circuit got frozen out replaced globally with a two wire circuit system not possible to get free energy if you understand my energy path.

Politicians controlled by the energy cartel do not want free energy as Tesla being frozen out and destroyed his popularity. Only ELOHIM the other side of the equation will soon be coming and put a stop of corrupted cartels and end or atheistic evil civilization to save LIFE fast declining on this planet. Watch the sky 17 September 2015.

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