Pearl #203 -

The Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine #13: Advanced Electric Generator

Connected to single solar panel will increase the output 1000X higher!


This retired inventor-scientist behaved like a bloodhound following a trail discovering a new energy source not deterred until he found the ultimate objective hiding in the hole. We have been exposed to numerous UREE motors all claim one way another to give us free electricity extracted from nature as new model variations keep showing up even simpler in design and intent.

Exposing new concepts in our modern universities is a big problem. It makes me long winded. Forgive me, but it needs a foundation to reteach physics linked to the metaphysics forbidden in school. Seeing nature from a 360⁰ perspective needs a longer introduction. 

The latest UREE motor is much cheaper if you followed the path of my new discovery. I am not educated in everything and miss a lot being more of a philosopher than an expert in automobile technology. As a multidimensional thinker, I look at nature and include metaphysical science for roundabout 360⁰ perspective. At first I thought about how a million times more energy exists below the ocean and wondered could it be extracted and utilized. The idea came as putting a Hoover Dam generating plant in a submarine on the ocean floor. 

There behind the dam infinite pressure is available to turn a turbine perpetually to extract a thousand times more energy cheaply. I imagined various piston motor designs linked to an electric generator gained additional understanding about energy to find extra applications soon thereafter extracting free energy from water even air to make it portable.  

The path led to investigating GRAVITY as a fuel, which advanced to splitting WATER a process invented by a German named Hoffman, now giving us dirt-cheap unlimited free energy using solar power a thousand times amplified. I hope you can understand what the headliner implies using SUN LIGHT converted to electricity will release the ∞ ocean water ENERGY Hoffman postulated. 

Ancient cultures divided nature in four (4) building blocks found everywhere gravity-water-air-sun now linked to four building blocks illustrated in DNA (A,C,G,T) fueling all LIFE with an invisible energy force. Modern technology found the key not only to unlock genetics but the greatest energy source for mankind. The Internet describes 16 UREE invention concepts, which can now be converted to ELECTRICITY.

It is a newcomer to our civilization laying there unnoticed since 2288 BC due to unscientific teaching in universities by those who rejected the Bible and/or motivated by greed. They prevented it to make it a free blessing to mankind.  It is sad that our modern education ignores the metaphysics, which has consequence limiting nature enforcing only tunnel vision to new discoveries.

As an example to see how deep science has slipped to the lowest level worth to mention if you noticed a 2288 BC date you never heard about, but everybody knows about Noah and his boat story now forbidden to be mentioned in our schools.

Being educated on the metaphysics can compared a Nova program on TV (1/2012) to see the real reason behind the curtain related to what happened on the Antarctic continent. A climate changing very fast linked to the meltdown of the ice.

The cause was linked to carbon dioxide, which is a big controversy and comes with a lie to motivate you to pay more taxes increasing the benefit for corrupted officials. The program hypothetically projected another apocalypse to scare uneducated people pointing to some phony unscientific consequences.

Nature programs on TV should inform the public about these new science discoveries kept quite because of a few Bible verses related to physics. That method is not allowed; therefore, new concepts are postulated on a free web site, which cannot be silenced. Check it out what Babushka egg concept are revealing became nine books and start with #3 and especially #5 if you want to know the real reason for global warming with a lot more forbidden scientific facts if you still able to think logical.

Scientists educated in an unscientific evolution religion usually become puzzled when investigating core samples from deep under the ice. They noticed many short layers representing narrow time cycles and concluded from the life forms found at great depths that the earth in ancient times must have experienced a tropical climate that abruptly changed with continents depicted as ripping apart without explanation "billions" years ago. Perhaps forgotten earth axis wobbles postulated in my Babushka books will give a better answer from a true science perspective.

Why are scientists not better informed about what is exhibited in many museums collecting dust? They should investigate ancient bronze-gold clocks revealing history linked to Julius Caesar correcting a calendar in 54 BC by calculating (without computers) a declining earth-axis caused by an asteroid strike dated from 2287 BC. That could explain and date core samples in an unbiased manner not manipulated by the illogical speculation taught in most universities.

Watching on TV, it becomes obvious that a hi-tech society no longer cares. We have become corrupt to the core destroying our environment toward total life extinction and accelerated by genetic modification of our food. Many scientists have forgotten natural laws destroying our environment and no longer applying old-fashioned Bible wisdom.

The consequence can be noticed the many colleges charge our youth $100,000-200,000 for a worthless sheepskin from education based on fairytale science. Many students will start life being forced deep into debt with mediocre expensive degrees of questionable value. There are no jobs available in a foreseeable future and not trained in practicable skills will flip hamburgers, unless their families belong to the privileged government employed class.

As an example, I recently sent a courtesy letter to President Obama apprising him of my new energy discoveries, but I have yet to get an answer. NASA spends billions useless in outer space similar to CERN smashing atoms for 40 years only benefited a military complex planning the next war. I hoped against the odds they would investigate the energy trail and apply it to a low-tech UREE linked to new energy technology benefiting everybody could create worldwide peace no longer fighting over diminished oil reserves.

Familiar and safe, green energy technology can give us globally free electricity, but it will not get the research money needed. I am sure my inventions will work, or prove me wrong. Why the big silence? That only confirms my metaphysics persuasion having no answer from science.

I risk big time my reputation as a previous inventor that everybody will laugh at me on the Internet, a position like the Wright brothers experienced. Why is there so little interest what could generate a million jobs for America helping the President to fulfill what he promised to the American people? Prove me wrong would be appreciated.

The information in the 9th Babushka egg concept book teaches many practical applications on how to reinvest energy to get more profit creating wealth and employments. Why should quoting a few bible verses become a total turn off to reject everything? Driving an automobile without gasoline would benefit everybody, but the government, declares it, “NOT POSSIBLE” protecting a deadly nuclear cartel.

Applying business investment principles to new inventions on a broader base could make America prosperous once more again down to the lower level most people live. However, in spite of local politics, we will see globally a change appearing on the Internet postulating a new energy hypothesis how to get clean free electricity forever from GRAVITY, AIR, WATER and the SUN, the four building blocks of nature which can no longer be denied in an open forum unless proven wrong with true science if you understand it. Somebody will make the money.   

However, true science can never be covered up proven in the Bible which has embedded cosmic laws to reveal in modern time a new energy source desperately needed running out of fossil fuel. The 16 UREE motor designs just appeared at the right time to show us how we can extract electricity by using low-tech applications not well understood by the atheistic establishment. It became a big stumbling stone to be silenced at any cost believing in an evolution monkey theory without facts not based on physics.

That changed an education system no longer understand physics denying thermo-dynamic-entropy laws of nature Newton postulated replaced with evolution fairy tales. For an example bought recently a jacket and talked to a young college degreed salesman about my UREE idea and was so surprised that he never heard about thermo-dynamic-entropy laws.

Forgive my long winded overemphasizing a condition in our society postulated in free Babushka books reconnecting it with the metaphysics as there is no free lunch in technology and must therefore use logic no longer taught in schools. But the automobile manufacturer management is profit oriented and better educated despite government interference by choice I have no control over. Some automobile manufacturer looking for profit acknowledged my courtesy letter for evaluation Obama should have noticed. Here is a recipe for success but first needs a little re-education what energy is and hopefully disregard an evolution religion globally enforced by a police force to indoctrinate our children becoming brainwashed in unscientific evolution fairy tales.

A New Printed Board Generator, How does it work?

New information may be found in the latest Popular Science magazine. The January 2012 issue has an article by Theodore Cray on super magnets.

Fatal Attraction-Magnets don't have to be big to produce deadly force.
They are made from Neodymium-Iron-Boron

These magnets are very dangerous and incredibly strong. A [2x2x1 inch] magnet has a force of 520 pounds inconceivable packaged in such a small size. They would be perfect if used in my new UREE invention creating free electricity. Pay attention. It could make you famous and very rich. Because the UREE concept is so new, it needs repeating it over for many to explain its logic.

Babushka egg concept books postulate that MAGNETISM is created inside a Donut atom according to the three finger electrical rule applied to physics.

When a current passes through a copper wire will produce 90⁰ of the surrounding wire MAGNETISM. If we connect it to a solar panel which produce a certain current will magnetize the whole wire. Following the next step of the ∞ math symbol applied to energy if we add some energy from the first entropy to the second entropy we get more profit. Applied to sun seeing energy burning hydrogen without oxygen still a mystery is considered a second entropy source but can be converted to 1000 times more electricity gained from solar panels by using some of the 16 UREE models linked to the first entropy.

All technology must conform to entropy laws scientist question that ∞ energy does not exist coming from somewhere ignoring what is burning inside the sun on the second entropy level? Proving it by getting smaller in size and colder measured by science; whereas a magnetic force coming out from atoms in a super magnet does not change the weight which I consider first entropy, just ignore size but look at the principal.

Let's coil the energized charged copper wire connected to the solar panel and make it in many loops around a printed board wheel flatten out in a low profile. From the magnetic perspective looking at one loop the charged magnetic lines all will go through the center as the wire loop behaves like a Donut still connected to a solar panel creating magnetism in the wire.  Many loops will force the magnetic field in the same direction toward the center creating magnetism concentrated around in a donut black hole.

We can visualize it in some galaxy photographs that are demonstrating the same process what happen on a miniaturized Donut atom level explained in a new Babushka egg concept theory. Therefore each single copper wire loop becomes a dense highly centered concentrated magnetic field generated from a current extracted from the sun via a single solar panel.   

Now electricity is generated when we pass a magnet through a wire loop we get a pulse on the end of the wire. Going back and forth with the magnet creates a frequency in a sinus waveform. Or reverse the magnet is stationary and the copper wire loops move. For the next step extracting electricity we now use a stronger super magnet that will get us a stronger pulse and when speed is increased gets a bigger pulse.

That will, if you understand physics, change the solar magnetic flux base concentrated in a wire loop Donut hole will now be amplified by the much stronger super magnet field. It works because the plus North polarity loop produced from free solar energy blends in with the North polarity of the 1000 times bigger super magnet being recharged to a bigger pulse.

Or reverse looking from the other side the negative South polarity produces a 1000 times stronger magnetic force solidify the super-magnetism together which the transformed lower solar energy to a stronger bigger sinus wave. The extra electricity is generated from fueled magnetized iron atoms spaced very close, which is a much superior first entropy force.  

The super magnets are physical mounted on either side of the printed boards embedded with many copper loops on both sides of the board.  But each loop must be ∞ linked with one loop folded over around the axis center and reversed on the other side passing together in parallel a 520 lb. magnetic force if you used Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets.

The magnetic force is now going in the same direction right through a matching double wire looped hole. Remember how a motor works: the energy must be passed on ∞ from the stator to the rotor back to the stator. If on one side the North Pole magnet is facing the wheel board, it will transfer energy through the other side of a reversed matching loop facing the oriented South Pole magnet side to create an unbelievable, double strong (1,040 lb.) magnetic force.  

However, the board loop designs can be enhanced with 10 times bigger output capability by creating a pie-shape 5 or 6 coil pattern connected ∞ reversed on the other side of the board matching the same design generating extra electricity. I believe that will amplify the same force into 50 or 60 Hertz bunched together and could be unbelievable raised to 10,400 lb. magnetic power force matching the frequency used in our electrical net work synchronizing every electrical gadget. That means inferior magnets would work, too.  

After coming up with this idea and writing about it here, I learned that another scientist has demonstrated this same approach. Watch it work at

The magnets must be spaced and physically restrained with a slot in-between just enough for a rotating wire loop board to pass through. If the board wheel is moved it will create a horrendous pulse in each loop. Adding many loops on stacked up printed board wheels and spaced in between super magnets aligned N-S-N-S-N-S with as many you can put on one rotating axis is creating big time electricity.

The extra number of printed boards and magnet layers will amplify the solar electrical current to over 1000 times higher solar panels output levels proportionally to the RPM of the UREE driver motor energized by perpetual motion. Check the other UREE Pearls adding to a new understanding of energy more detailed in UREE #16.

The New Energy Technology Summed Up

The key for a new energy technology, not taught in universities, is that electricity is converted by perpetual motion. When applied to magnetism as demonstrated in an electric motor, it will produce a new source of energy if reversed becomes a generator.

Analyzing the principal in the new UREE double generator and using a super magnet will get big time electricity. But if a solar energy is added to the same system running perpetually therefore gets obscene 1000 times more profit if you understand the new ∞ energy exchange entropy laws. These new Babushka egg concept ideas could destroy the Holy Grail of the atheistic unscientific evolution religion by obsoleting the cherished Dr. Albert Einstein theory that ignored infinite light fueling the sun now explained with a better bible entropy story.

However, if you want to make some money using gratis energy not taxed yet, though forbidden by the government, follow the evidence trail of free Babushka concept books. You will become better educated and in the process also become very wealthy. It is your choice. You can have your cake and eat it, too, based on forgotten entropy laws.

More importantly, you should ask why the ELOHIM-God would send a big UREE fish at this time to a world running out of fossil fuel. Maybe he wants us to know how the next prophesied civilization the Kingdom of God will be fueled as described in the first Babushka book written eight years ago. The key for every UREE is perpetual motion not very well understood by science which can be used to extract energy from Gravity, Air, Water and the Sun in combination to suit day and night cycles.

A flywheel is a wonderful contraption storing temporal energy and if linked to two generator-streetcar motor systems will give us sufficient electricity useful for driving a car without gasoline or fuel your house and all the factories in the future 1000 years prophesied.

The Printed Board Generator in only one leg of the whole UREE system which depends on design and size like a Hoover-dam is generating electricity but is useless for a bicycle and needs a mini portable UREE.  The sun is everywhere an immense source of energy and if connected in a UREE can increase a solar panel output to 1000 times over and cheaper but still needs some extra energy reinvested or returned for perpetual motion like it is demonstrated in the math ∞ symbol.

Without the flywheel it will not work either in an electric motor or piston motor design because the DOT connecting two energy loops demonstrated a Time dimension, which is a paradox. We are mortal and "Time" is all we got to demonstrate a LIFE force, but if time becomes "zero" only than we can acquire profit benefit extracted from divine ∞ energy. Math defined it as (Zero time = ∞E).

Babushka egg concept books teach us both levels of entropy. One loop is physics; the other the metaphysic level. The crossover is the Zero=DOT and becomes the transition (death or when time is no more). The shared ∞ infinite loop being resurrected to a higher eternal life energy level again expressed on one side mortality the other eternal, or like a caterpillar the other butterfly all must have the crossover zero point TIME DOT to allow profit to appear.

That is the nature of the system and for its very existence must conform to metaphysical principle perpetually exchanging infinite energy flowing to every single existing atom to make up a universe to maintain its existence fueled with LIFE. Have you ever wondered why the lights are on in every galaxy?

It starts with a rainbow seen in heaven (Rev. 4:3) crossing over the ELOHIM Throne where the ∞ energy intelligence computer is directing a higher cosmos [Alpha(+ONE)force] level.

Following the rainbow energy spectral lines below each leg foundation begins an energy path recorded in the very first verse of Genesis one side invisible ∞ LIGHT appearing the other WATER which became visible on the second entropy energy loop and is the first substance created, a vast energy ocean reservoir embedded with free energy to start and maintain LIFE on our planet. 

Both two looped ∞ energy levels are following a path to give Gestalt and Substance transformed from a metaphysical side to make the physical side possible crystallizing to be visible for us seen in Fraunhofer spectral lines. Once crystallized as atoms can be linked to MAGNETISM extracted in the UREE inventions to remove some energy rooted in the rainbow spectral lines in heaven stored in form of electrical energy cascading inside every atom Hoffman discovered.

It is now linked to a Printed Board Electric Generator to balances the system like a dual rail getting 1000 times more energy from the sun splitting water molecules all free getting obscene energy profit forever. Otherwise must wait for God’s Kingdom on Earth arriving after 17 September 2015 projected by science, the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) matching Bible prophecy check it out in Babushka egg concept books, it's great fun to discover more not found in universities. 

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