Annex II: Summation of the UREE Roadmap


Sixteen (16) basic UREE models have numerous practicable applications to create perpetually green, free electricity according to need like the Hoover Dam. It is generating large energy for factories and now could produce it much cheaper using the UREE underwater ocean version inside a submarine (page 5). 

But it can uniquely be miniaturized, scaled down and made portable into a tiny pedal bicycle needed by poor people with easy transportable electricity generated from compressed air. That requires focusing on the specific design concept based on use. Our civilization uses electricity in three energy modes, either moving or being stationary.

  1. Cars and Trains 

  2. Home and Office

  3. Jet airplanes & UFOs

For the various UREE possibilities extracting free clean energy from GRAVITY, WATER & AIR, the author recommends investigating first the model that is more suitable. Perhaps each should require a separate examination lead by a specialized engineering team. At the end they will discover what meets the cost criteria, use and benefit ratios. All will end like the Wright Brothers in better models changing our civilization. This process is about understanding the fundamentals of "perpetual motion" now applied to generating free electricity, which has come at the right time for a growing population.

1. Cars and Trains 

Let's start for an example analyzing the green energy process by driving a car without gasoline needs to be investigated to choose which UREE design is best suitable and perhaps will be staged if found out more energy is needed depending on size. Each UREE stage must be scaled according to application all have the advantage giving more. We can start at the bottom with the minimal requirement and see how it works:

  1. The main power drive is a cylinder driven motor fuelled with a high-pressure air tank. For perpetual motion to return the high pressure back into the tank, a spring is mounted on the low-pressure side secured to the piston. When the piston is bottomed out and compressed, the spring has gained a little extra energy to help the pressurized air back at the right time on the return cycle. This is only possible with a flywheel. Perhaps that simple application is enough for the main power driving a motorized pedal bicycle or perhaps a little more is needed for a small, rubberized commuter car.

    However, on the other power spectrum, we would need much bigger power now scaled up to an Underwater Ocean UREE application design (Page 53-62) sized to a thousand times larger pressure than the Hoover Dam would provide. This can be achieved further by using advanced electric generators (Pearl #203) fuelled by solar panels and can even be applied to a Hoffman hydrogen-oxygen conversion creating large green free electricity another UREE possibility if you live near an ocean.

  2. If the spring is not enough for a bigger UREE piston design to achieve perpetual motion, we apply the next step using a spark plug to heat the air: That will expand the pressurized air inside the cylinder to a higher force to compel the piston to return. We must aim at perpetual motion as the secondary extraction of free energy converted into electricity. In the lower power requirement like a pedal bicycle, the spring-flywheel inertia would be sufficient. 
  3. If the biggest UREE motor still requires more piston energy for perpetual motion, we need a larger return force inside the cylinder by applying strong high-tech magnets could be made from Neodymium-Iron-Boron linked to two copper coils mounted on the bottom and top of the cylinder.

    That will activate a stronger force when the piston-head is made from super-magnets. When the polarity of the coil is switched as synchronized with flywheel crank, it repels the piston-head on one side, and on the other side we have a sucking force that together will push the compressed air back into the air tank, which has not changed, like the weight of the cuckoo clock. 

Those three applications should exhaust the basic UREE function utilizing one or all methods to create perpetual motion as needed by amplifying electricity converted from a gravity force imitated in an air tank to make it portable as linked to generating electricity. Check the list of added Pearls once more.

When the UREE concept is expanded further, it can improve an existing hybrid car driving without gasoline by adding extra electricity from a UREE kit combination (Pearl #204). This enables driving around with perpetual energy. One or the other UREE versions can be chosen as the prime energy provider but not necessarily the same size, as one can be made smaller only an assist to increase extra energy needed for perpetual motion.

2. Home and Office

Generating electricity as a major fuel in our expanding population is more needed than ever, as fossil fuels will end shortly. However, nuclear power created by criminals should be shut down, if you want to live a little longer. As announced on TV, radiation is leaking into the underground drinking water in Germany, which is therefore shutting down all nuclear power units. The leaks are caused by rusting Iron cracking the cement will surely exterminate all life on this earth in the next generation because everyone knows that permanent storage bins for deadly nuclear rods just "do not exist!"  

Sometimes UN nuclear experts reveal on TV how poorly emergency equipment is maintained in nuclear power stations with corroding pipes, failing pumps and worse.  The computer technology changed from old documented original design layouts no longer available because disk or tape drives have no more spare parts available, obsolete after 40 years. It is a recipe for a waiting disaster already seen in Russia, Japan and near the White House nuclear facility shaken with an earthquake. They always blame nature instead of revealing the total failure of emergency equipment. The UN expert told president Obama on TV that we were lucky the earthquake was one notch smaller. (A must read Pearl #176 – Japan’s Nuclear After effect).

Many others have the same conditions around the globe; we will never hear about it in the news. Ask those who survived. Do not listen to lying governments covering up the truth to protect the energy cartels. Another deadly nuclear power station was licensed (1/2012) without the approval of the American people. It guarantees the early death of our grandchildren’s generation, terminating all life on this planet. Watch ELOHIM. He is not sleeping.

Scientists writing magazine articles tells us to watch that deadly nuclear radiation poison for 100,000 years. (Hope you live that long if you are an expert.) They warn us never let it out like Aladdin with the genie in the bottle. Please tell that to the Japanese and Russian farmers who lost all their land. Many surviving friends and relatives are dying from cancer. Empty ghost towns give evidence to the lies once heard from their government. They know that the nuclear radiation genie will never go back in the bottle once released.

However, we do have a better choice as plentiful green electricity is available much cheaper and not deadly to mankind. Many options exist, like how energy can be extracted even from water. Water is plentifully available; take a trip to the ocean linked to a method invented, and grossly ignored, by Hoffman, a German scientist. Why does the energy cartel not use the cheap $97 solar panels to split the hydrogen-oxygen water molecules, which later recombine to release big time energy? Electricity is very functional, especially if made portable by newly discovered UREE inventions. If allowed numerous methods can be demonstrated like splitting water which opens again unlimited possibility gaining cheap green energy.

The headline of this energy discourse explains three applications: a car driving perpetually and one for home and office and the ultimate flying a jet with infinite energy available extracted from variously designed UREE versions combined for triple portable use.

But it needed to be amended. It gets better expanding to a jet engine design flying a jumbo jet without fossil fuel. Applied to a miniaturized version will open a new way of life and get electricity to the last corner on earth without ugly wires hanging everywhere. Why not ask skilled NASA scientists now looking for other jobs as space projects are shut down. They could focus on something that is useful for mankind getting perpetual electricity to benefit globally every nation.

Recently, I was surprised to find on the Internet that a double magnet generator got the gold metal generating 50% more electricity. It is in line of the UREE printed board application discovery one notch higher. With super-magnets now available, I postulated higher electrical output possibilities. There are several UREE options depending where the main energy source comes from. Again, look at it from the automobile perspective, which is also applicable for the home-office use because it is portable, a great advantage.

  1. The automobile has an old-fashioned generator   could be converted to produce higher output of electricity linked to printed board generators using super-magnets in conjunction to paragraph A. Check the expanded possibility Pearl #203 and do not forget (page 68-71) in the 9th Babushka egg concept book.

  2. If more energy is needed apply paragraph B. or C, with added solar panels linked to printed board generators (Pearl #202, #203), much cheaper.

  3. For the connoisseur, the ultimate UREE possibility amplifying electricity with a double transformer, Generator – Streetcar - Motor combination, which ends our investigation unless Pearl #206 and #207, which again are one notch higher. A little off beat, it was fun explaining how a UFO is fueled and how mankind can travel with the last #17-UREE into space outer universe, right into heaven at extremely high speed - no kidding.

    But sorry the last pearl generates too much energy. It is not practical if you live on earth. If the government allows the remaining 16 UREE options, it will be plenty to keep many busy designing applications to celebrate the greatest free electricity invention ever. Check the energy path to become educated in the metaphysics controlling physics designed around a math symbol ∞.

Extracting free clean green electrical energy from GRAVITY, WATER & AIR, if allowed, will make dirty coal fired plants obsolete and replace nuclear poison power plants. It will shut down the polluting gasoline cars. These concepts are logical if we have the will to force the government to allow it. But somebody, I am sure, will be motivated to test the UREE models and make obscene profits while the establishment remains silent.

Ruining somebody's energy business will suppress Babushka egg concept books not allowed in universities quoting forbidden Bible verses revealing true physics linked to the metaphysics. I hope it will not take a hundred years, like Galileo, to prove that the UREE energy trail was right. Watch once more you will see that ELOHIM the energy provider does exist.

How does a UREE Electrical Generator Invention work?

(Excerpts from UREE Jet #206)

The principles to fly a jumbo-jet and get over 10,000 times more electrical profit can also be applied to solar panels, windmills, or basic automobile motors to drive a high-speed, 500m/hr. train modified with a turbine design. All UREE versions must run "perpetually" thereby generating amplified electricity for free, but most important, they must conform to two thermo-dynamic entropy laws to work as described in physics. Applying the electrical three-finger rule to a copper wire could explain the process when connected to newly invented, double-sided electrical generator. It could make clear how electricity is created.  

That will explain how electrical energy is amplified as applied to a single solar panel, for an example. A short copper wire connected to a solar panel in the sunlight will extract electricity to create a magnetic field around the copper wire conductor. That can be measured in any high school. If we connect two solar panels in parallel, we get a bigger magnetic field: quadrupled, I believe, as postulated in some other pearls. That should put to bed that word “IMPOSSIBLE” as solar energy is free once you pay the $97 dollars for a solar panel.

If we shape the copper wire into a loop and push a magnet through it, the wire gets a mystery electrical pulse. Nobody knows why. (Read Babushka egg concept books to widen your science horizons.)

But consider, when a loop of copper wire connected to a solar panel is made, it will generate more magnetism now forced to go through a loop-center which at that point has higher magnetism bunched up all concentrated in the middle. That would make a much stronger pulse with the same magnet, because the copper wire is now biased from getting extra energy from the sun.

Lets duplicate it with another solar panel connected to a second copper wire loop, and then we do the same thing again. But this time, we add the second pulse generated to the bias of the first copper wire loop. The result is that the first loop will increase energy as the magnetic force centered in the middle has become bigger because of a higher bias creating a larger magnetic field around the copper wire.

Now let's repeat and take the higher output of each wire loop switching back and forth, always increasing the bias to get bigger and bigger. Would you agree? Or read my 9th Babushka egg concept book to widen perspectives to a full 360⁰ horizon. Let's review it for the PhDs in universities postulating, “NOT POSSIBLE.”

  1. A current created from a solar panel produces a magnetic field around a copper wire. True?

  2. If the charged copper wire is made into a loop, all magnetic fields surrounding the wire have not changed but become more concentrated in the middle going in the same direction and stronger in the center. Therefore, a biased charged copper wire loop has more concentrated magnetic line in the middle then bare copper loop and will consequently create a higher pulse with the same magnet. True?

  3. If a previous pulse is added to the charged biased copper loop will increase the next pulse, as the bias is higher. If we kept it going always adding the next pulse to the other gets a bigger output eventually like double a solar panel. True? (Pearl #203 stated 1000 X Solar panels!)

  4. We have proof in the streetcar motor design. The bias current in a copper wire will increase magnetism ultimately gaining higher electrical output by recycling electricity proven in a streetcar motor design. On the inside the stator is connected to the rotor back to the stator in a ∞ loop and will accelerate the speed of the rotor until it explodes or is controlled by the streetcar conductor starving the input. A starving input differential can be extracted and made useful as electrical profit, but if returned, one could drive the street car perpetually without a conductor provided the energy is not stopped but freely let it go. True?

  5. Of course electrical measurements of parameters must be considered like resistance or heat, etc., which dictate that we must short cut and transfer the energy at the source with a transformer. That should cover most objections; however, the streetcar motor only runs perpetually if either the first or the second entropy energy loop is added and interlinked as outlined in the UREE principle.  An objection can be raised if the current is shut off the streetcar will stop. True?

  6. But another law of physics is not shut off. Mass if moved will store energy, like the streetcar has mass still running at high speed, which becomes in principle a flywheel storing energy. And if the stored energy at that moment before it slows down according the physic converted and is added to the biases of paired electric generators switching back and forth will create a leftover electrical residue. That little portion of energy re-invested creates perpetual motion which I mentioned earlier is profit. True?  

  7. According to another law of nature if a saved energy like profit is reinvested and put back in the pot it gets more profit. Every business works that way why not in a streetcar motor? All we need is to add a motorized flywheel the only storage devise I know off which will store temporal energy and drive an electric improved generator pair could run the streetcar perpetually. The streetcar motor once in high motion switched over now will be driven by electricity generated from an electric Motorized-Flywheel linked to two generators UREE crossing over shown in Babushka book #9 page 15, but must satisfy two energy consumers linked to two entropy energy loops (∞). True?

  8. My Grandkid now understands investigating the law of nature, which makes energy conversion possible. It is like throwing a stone into the pond: it has embedded energy that creates a secondary energy wave. But if we combine both entropy levels like connecting heaven to earth linked to a UREE, the ∞ invisible energy can not be perceived with our eyes because they are not calibrated to the many laws of the physics. To make it visible, it must be linked to the metaphysics. The laws of nature are replicated on different levels and if used together in a proper sequence could get an advantage for us. True?

  9. The UREE only works when perpetual motion is achieved interconnecting two energy levels but needs to improve the 100-year-old outdated generator. The crux of the whole UREE system summed up is that a flywheel once accelerated will peter-out and needs an additional energy to get it going perpetually, not much is needed and is now found in super-magnets a free force we all know we played around with. Magnets are used generating electricity and added as a force to a motorized flywheel will run perpetually and connected to improved generators on each side of the motor shaft is adding a bias to each loop amplifies more electricity big time profit. Take it from here my finger pointing. True?

  10. To fly a jet requires a specially designed electric generator-motor combination (Pearl #206) using the latest permanent super-magnets not possible 10 years ago. Therefore, why not learn about the metaphysics and become a billionaire replacing the corrupted energy cartel destroying life on this earth? It is the only place where LIFE exists in the universe. True, too?

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