Pearl #202 -

Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine #12
GRAVITY Conversion with Super-Magnets


Recent developments in magnetism will greatly improve the UREE capability and open the door for more applications. Now we have 16 UREE applications that require updating. Look at the date below if you came back to read it once more.

I would like to propose additional options with new super magnets just to layout another possibility for perpetual energy conversion without consideration of cost, as the underlying theory must first be better understood. Cheaper magnets I am sure will work, too. I will not be surprised to hear from readers adding more UREE version remembering the Wright brothers followed with better and bigger versions.

When you read this web site, you will find unusual science evidence matching the Bible not found in universities or taught in Christian churches. It greatly motivated me as a retired scientist-inventor and took nine Babushka egg books of piled up data embedded in physics to prove the Bible, and visa versa, giving us a 360⁰ round-about observation perspective.

This process developed into a new Donut atom theory based on understanding the nature of the Infinite Light Energy that fuels all Bio-LIFE. Why is there Good and Evil? From the beginning, prophetic history projected an end to the cosmos TIME DIMENSION. It is all linked to old-fashioned physics connected with forgotten metaphysical laws collected across 6ooo years of human history.

Now a prevailing evolution theory violating the laws of physics is exclusively taught globally. It will keep students ignorant, prevented to think logically. Why has the Bible, the oldest book of mankind, been purposefully silenced in our present culture? The greatest collection of wisdom experience is no longer passed on to the next generation from the accumulated knowledge pool.

That consequence has changed our civilization, which can no longer delineate between good or evil morphed into relativism. Relativism is destroying the very fabric of our society by accelerating extinction as so prevalently seen in nature. No wonder our environment is stressed beyond possible recovery forced to accept a politically correct lifestyle numbed by an atheistic, illogical brain-dead mentality.

The laws of nature will unavoidably follow its course when the metaphysical laws are totally left out and replaced with really stupid fairytales enforcing an atheistic evolution religion in most schools. The exclusion of biblical wisdom is causing worldwide political chaos down to the lowest levels.

If you are intellectually inclined and make time available, let's rediscover what is forgotten and forbidden. Perhaps you will understand why an apocalypse is the only solution God-ELOHIM has to prevent a total global collapse of mankind by ending our civilization. That raises my hope and expectations.

As I think about our future, I wonder how mankind will live when this generation is destroying the environment to support LIFE, causing now so much GMO extinction and using up all its natural resources. The greatest threat on this globe is caused by relativism. It comes not only from nuclear annihilation at the front door prophesied but in addition from genetic modification programmed to collapse the entire food chain causing massive starvation in the near future.

If you still believe that Newton's laws operate, then wake up from sleep! My grocery food bill has already doubled in three months (December 2011) and will get worse. Seeing how our population has grown exponentially in the last 100 years and how it is projected into the future, I wonder as a scientist how mankind can exist when all natural fossil energy resources have been depleted.

Focusing on rapid declining energy resources, it does not take a rocket scientist to demonstrate unlimited cheap electricity was all along embedded in your Bible. The laws of Metaphysic described it on the second cosmos creation day (Genesis 1:6) pointing to our global ocean made of H2O molecules hydrogen combined with Oxygen, the hottest gas that can be made to explode. If allowed to separate now possible very cheap and recombined will release gigantic energy, which is stored in atoms. How big is the ocean and how deep?

If familiar with thermo-dynamics should be linked to the second entropy law of the 4th cosmos Bible creation day forming a firmament (Ausdehnung) which gives us additional awful energy embedded in a moving moon influenced by the SUN crystallizing a GRAVITY-ANTIGRAVITY force, light and heat energy. All energy types each are a little different will give us free energy if the "two" entropy laws are combined. A number of choices are pointed out on this Website never postulated in universities totally new, which gets mixed replies as many have a problem not educated in true physics believing in unscientific evolution religion.

Solar panels converting electricity from the sun can be useful to split the water molecules and should no longer be denied by the energy cartel, described in (UREE #3 and UREE #14). That process was discovered by a forgotten German scientist, Hoffman, and rejoining the gasses will gain perpetual free energy in a ∞ energy loop cycle if you understand physics now linked to an extended UREE energy concept.

Trying to find what is the Cosmic ENERGY, the driver for modern living and must consequently be our priority in investigating our earth a little closer. We should no longer refute the Bible pointing to infinite light in the first verse of Genesis but use our intelligence rooted in our MIND the center of our existence, which is the greatest gift God gave us.

Please read that paragraph once more to open your MIND to the metaphysical reality like the Genie Spirit in the bottle expanding when released!

Alternative green energy from solar panels, gravity, high-tech magnets linked to simple technology like splitting-recombining water proposed in my UREE concepts should no longer be avoided by ignorant governments? Is it in conflict with corrupt cartels employing special interest lawyers paying off to get favors from senators eager to get reelected to the class of privilege?

But Taxpayers now waking up should have choices, that free energy can be extracted from GRAVITY, AIR and WATER should no longer be denied what is posted free on the Internet for everybody's evaluation, or shame me on the Internet town square if I am wrong, but come with three witnesses heard enough fairytales.

I do not mind abuse if it will greatly benefit future mankind. One thing I am sure the energy cartels only interested in obscene profits will hate this Jonah preaching ruining their business and on top dare to announce Gods Wrath to stop mankind from destroying his creation.  

If you are not religious, this pearl will attempt to widen understanding of nature governed by physics interwoven with forbidden metaphysics. Sir Isaac Newton described some of it hundreds of years ago, but unfortunately, 50% what he postulated is still suppressed in our universities.

Going back where it all started to follow a new energy trail as God's foreknowledge granted what mankind needed at the end of time when the population would skyrocket. The time has arrived for that question to be answered as we have run out of coal-nuclear-oil energy. What is the next revealed energy source for tomorrow? That will now be answered.

Energy Options

Technically, there are three considerations for any civilization. Each will represent different approaches of applying various energy types, but ultimately any design must be balanced by calculating the energy cost per KW - often forgotten in our time. Three simple energy generation choices are presented:

  1. Stationary in home and office.
  2. Mobile for cars - streetcars.
  3. Airplanes and high-speed 500m/hr trains.

Presently the cost per KW, regardless of application, is decided by politicized criminal power elite controlled by a prevailing relativism. Historically, money interests were concentrated in building projects like cathedrals, which took several centuries to build by taxing future generations.

Now the nuclear power elite have created lethal radiation poison that needs babysitting paid by taxing future generation for about 100,000 years. Otherwise it will release deadly radiation in accidents like Japan and Russia causing permanent extinction.

Mankind is only 6,000 years on this planet. Already 80% of life has become wiped out. Calculating the probability rate of extinction for the remaining 20% from a technological perspective is unbelievably shocking - now accelerating to 10 years max.

But Bible prophecy overrides a society gone totally evil like Sodom and Gomorrah. God has promised to stretch it another 1000 years with his Kingdom on Earth appearing after the Apocalypse, giving birth to the prophesied third civilization in 2018 AD, which will never be controlled by relativism corrupted by evil.

Watch the apocalypse ending our global atheistic culture and compare it with a new proposed energy conversion will be totally different after the Apocalypse 2018. In my judgment, mankind's future energy needs will come from ocean, water, gravity, solar and magnetism utilizing my new energy conversion approach only on this web site.

If my new concepts pointing to Perpetual Energy in form of electricity linked to a UREE hypothesis eventually being confirmed as a viable economical option, it will give future mankind unlimited energy. Other secondary energy extraction can be combined like solar panels, wind, tidal or water flow enhancing the UREE principle if applied.

How does the 12th UREE Work?

The latest Popular Science magazine, January 2012, has an article by Theodore Cray on super magnets.

Fatal Attraction-Magnets don't have to be big to produce deadly force.

They are made from Neodymium-Iron-Boron.

These very dangerous and incredibly strong [2x2x1 inch] magnets have a force of 520 pounds. Previously, we expanded on the UREE technology connected to many rollercoaster concepts improving a generator design by proposing the use of bigger copper wire looped embedded inside thin, printed boards allowing for lower inertia gaining higher speed. Only when magnetism is ∞ recycled at a higher speed will we get electricity on a higher level.

The magnetism in the wire loop could be 1000 times bigger with a super magnets’ force of 520 pounds as described in magazines. We are on the right path in postulating what will work, as my inventor's instinct never disappointed me. Now I hypothesize possibilities for much bigger electrical output. Just follow the UREE trail. The stronger magnet increases electrical energy possibilities. Now more UREE designs show up being added to the list. They are proving again the theory for the ultimate UREE system.

How do we Apply Deadly Strong Magnets?

The basic UREE invention is converting energy from an air-tank environment exchanging a pressure to a round cylinder piston-head and heated up the air expanding with a higher force on the return cycle is now either replaced or added. The piston head made from ordinary metal is instead made from super strong neodymium-iron-boron magnets. That will add a horrendous energized magnetic force when slammed down and up pushed by a coil mounted on top and bottom of the cylinder and synchronized alternately switched with opposite polarity.

The magnetic piston attracted a supplementary force to a polarized magnetic field that will add energy to the flywheel. When the piston is bottomed out, the coil field polarity is reversed forcing the magnet-piston back expelled with tremendous power as the electrical field is now opposite pushing against the high air pressure tank source never changes like cuckoo clock weight aided by the flywheel to repeat the cycle.

An additional option for bigger UREE can be supplemented using an external coil required via a capacitor to produce the extra heat needed to fire a spark plug expanding the compressed air mixture for the return cycle. A ceramic sleeve cylinder wound on the outside with a cooper coil can be simultaneously used with the same piston stroke to produce extra magnetism expelled when super-magnet-piston moves across coil windings on the outside produces electricity redirected to the net. According to Faraday’s laws applied to coils will produce a bigger pulse.

The piston magnet therefore has a double purpose. It creates immediate electricity for the spark plug by charging a capacitor while transferring extra kinetic energy to the flywheel for bigger electrical profit. The principle ultimately is linked to David's rubber slingshot theory expanded with a larger centrifugal force running faster than the speed of the earth around the sun linked to gravity-antigravity force.

For a practicable application, read the section “Technical Recommendation" on page 62 of my 9th Babushka egg concept book. It mentioned an aluminum-oxide ceramic sleeve insulator for higher wear resistance inside the cylinder wall could be utilized to hold a copper coil on the outside, as the high-pressure motor never gets hot. That would allow magnetism radiating from the magnet-piston to pass through unhindered generating electricity.

Both options will be increasing a bowling ball velocity force further as every extra bit of energy generated in the system is transferred to two flywheels mounted on the end of the crankshaft for temporary energy storage. It is immediately converted to electrical profit by two new generators.

To explain it once more, the magnet system could still further be amplified to a higher 10,000 Kwh energy level with a newly patented Cup-Printed-Board (Pearl #206) Generator designed for jets and applied to high-speed levitated trains using gravity like airplanes as a levitating means. If you are still not convinced on free perpetual electricity, let’s first review how the first magnet piston UREE work similar to a clock.

Perhaps skeptics not believing in perpetual motion could be persuaded by a third witness from visiting a clock shop. I saw a fancy clock design where the pendulum driver looks like an upside down boat anchor that becomes the motor. On each side of the curved tee was an invisible magnet going through a round coil creating magnetism to push the oscillating pendulum with an electric current synchronized to the pendulum weight. Again we have a heavy mass storing energy like a flywheel.

When a mass is moved, kinetic energy is expelled and converted into electricity and makes gears run in this clock to measure time perpetually. Notice, if we converted the clock principle to a UREE system, it would take very little energy to turn a number of low inertia wires passing over a magnet or vice versa.

But to make it run perpetually, the pendulum needs a little more force added to the return kinetic energy cycle. Several ways are possible. Everyone knows that a solar panel will give us free energy. If the clock is connected to a solar panel, it will get the needed push for the return cycle to make a UREE or clock run perpetually. That is not permitted by the energy cartel lying and saying NOT POSSIBLE. Fearing revenue loss, most refuse to check out the many energy pearls describing scores of possibilities, with chances made worse due to a Bible link not tolerated as a reference.

I originally got the idea to investigate the infinite energy from the Bible. Genesis 1:1 started a process of discovering a magnetic bridge in the Hoover Dam electric generator. I proposed that condensed free electrons levitated from surrounding atoms can be extracted to create electricity, but much more electricity can be gained in a new UREE invention by using a double rotating generator design. That design forces more electron slaves over the magnetic bridge to give us mega-free ELECTRICITY.

It all started with examining ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited in many museums that were still a mystery for scientists. It was a challenge for me to crack their codes. I discovered that they measured an ancient earth axis wobble with an exponential time curve matching physics. This led to learning that ancient gravity was different from what is measured today, which surprised me greatly.

Following the energy path led to a new Donut Atom theory to explain why to my grandkid, which led to a better understanding of science. These new ideas should meet the requirements of future society. If you follow my philosophy never taught in any university, you could understand the true nature of electricity.

Applying the laws of physics to how my cuckoo clock works, linked to gravity, pointed to the many different UREE designs: all matching physics. When a super magnet is moved inside copper wire coil mounted on the outside cylinder wall of a basic UREE or vise-versa, it will separately create electricity.

These principles could be expanded in unlimited design possibilities. When biased magnetism is added to the wire loops, it gets a bigger pulse once more added to the same loop to create a bigger bias. Increasing multiple-clustered magnetism will become mega bigger, even possible in fueling future jets as explained to my grandkid. The principles of an uncomplicated application are in Pearl #206-A.

But for simple amplified energy in my next UREE application and to program my reader circle follow the energy trail one step at the time to understand the biggest invention of the century with (7) more UREE ideas (Pearls #201, 202, 203, 204, 205 and 206) still have not heard from the Energy Department as Obama never answered my courtesy letter instead being investigate recently by the IRS wondering why being harassed longtime retired only on meager Social Security no longer have income. What a coincidence?

That could only mean their many oil sheiks and energy cartel friends maybe upset as more UREE version showed up creating free electrical energy extracted from GRAVITY, WATER and AIR beyond previous theorized now get 1000 times more energy. All UREEs are linked to multiple choices depending on application just follow the energy trail to the next generator version many more are possible like different airplanes where build after the first Wright bothers contraption.

The Most Dangerous Energy for Mankind

Our greatest challenge for a modern society is how to produce "unlimited green energy" now postulated can be extracted totally free from GRAVITY, WATER and AIR only explained in complimentary Babushka concept books. It may look on the surface impossible but is not magic applying old-fashioned physics.

But can it be used for space travel? It will take some time to really understand how it is possible to get free energy but must be linked to a new Donut atom theory explaining how electricity is created within atoms that could be extracted quite cheaply without a nuclear reaction. The answer is yes, now 16 UREE model ideas are postulated depending on application and size but for political reason will take a little more time to implement some of it.

Neutral green non-polluting energy rooted in a teeter-totter science world of good and evil must be controlled by a sound mind. We have choices when compared to life. Jesus advice us chose LIFE or chose a mushroom in the sky prophesied in Armageddon we all have become familiar with. Both are connected to energy in my last discussion describing how a UREE works for the benefit of mankind or will it be used for the destruction of all mankind. You be the judge.

The biggest teeter-totter energy exchange became visible in movies and pictures of a mushroom in the sky. Original the incentive of going nuclear was to build bombs like a bigger bat to bludgeon others to end all war of wars. In time it expanded and to make it salable to ignorant people now disguised and promoted as the cheapest energy we need, as oil price is too high another lie (remember $15 a barrel). That opened another good reason going into space and told us that nuclear is the only viable option crossing the vast open space another lie.

Applying nuclear energy for peaceful purpose is another lie never counted how many people since have died on radiation never included the cancer victims do not even know that it is the most expensive energy ever extracted and converted to electricity which is a true statement. Our government never stopped lying to us for a bona fide reason still hidden and never revealed the real cost per KW/hrs buried in the national debt never had a budged accounting, it does not exist.

We kept producing deadly nuclear material to be superior and have enough bombs to destroy the world over a thousand times, but a good opportunity is never wasted to make obscene money to some to continue along a destructive path which made it easy to siphon off and steal billions of Dollars on a regular basis by none existing consulting companies and contractors presented only on phony invoice paper which cannot be traced, remember no accounting exist. Mega money is needed now to be re-elected to high office to remain in the class of privilege, but that has horrendous consequences for our grand children if we still believe that Newton's law has consequences and still work.

Pay attention if you want to live a little longer and follow my path being a scientist investigating the facts from a technical perspective with a sound mind forbidden in the public arena as it will point out corrupted politics evil to the core. Using deadly nuclear power is absolute insanity which ultimate in a relative short time will totally poison this earth more so like a thousand bombs exploding but because it is invisible to everyone nobody knows about it and therefore is very urgent.

Once again, because radiation energy is invisible most people are not concerned. But judging what some honest experts tell us that this invisible lethal radiation will kill eventual all LIFE on earth as it is so long lasting 100,000 years. It is scandalous and evil to continue with this program. Still have not after 50 years invented a single container for the hundreds of nuclear power stations to safely hiding the spend radiating nuclear rods.

If you want more proof of the biggest lie that nuclear power-stations are safe, postulated by most universities lying to get the next government grand and cover-up that rusting iron is safe linked to another lie that cement is sturdy and will not crack when applied to radiating storage pools. That is announced by a paid off media to an ignorant comatose public. We hear on TV do not worry we tested every aspect of safety with the latest science controlling nuclear radiation to be stable for 100,000 years. If we repeat a lie over and over will become facts for a deranged mind.

But only Babushka egg concepts dare to expose that the emperor has no cloth on not believing in fairytales but pointing the finger to vast areas of abandoned ghost towns and farmland check out Japan and Russia, which cannot be denied now void of all life and conveniently blamed it as an act of God.

Ignoring warnings look at humpty dumpty when cut off the branch his was sitting on, has consequence in physics and no longer applied and now suppressed in our culture. Notice everything became relative advertized as a better choice forgetting that to know the difference of evil and good made mankind survived for 6000 years now conveniently ignored, because it is found in the bible not allowed anymore, another story.

Pay attention to make my point, recently seen on CNN TV our President Obama visiting South Korea University in Soul (3/15/2012) and reaffirming nuclear power once more. Student listening being scared looking at their faces now hearing another round was planned to build another lethal nuclear power-station to be started once more in America programmed to end in massive death not told. It is obvious our governments not listening to the United Nation Energy Department warnings. Germany usually leading in technology is the first country to realize its danger to a society and therefore announced shutting down every nuclear-power-station under their control. They just discovered 2012 radiating drinking water next to a nuclear plant. But our corrupted American government typical ignores such NEWS.

Last Warning 2012

A deadly Genie spirit will soon rise out from the underground-drinking water system everywhere near nuclear power-stations as storage cement unavoidable will be cracking from rusting iron which will cause deadly radiation seeping into the sub-terrain mixing with dinking water accelerated by the next earthquake.

The public does not know that such evil exist prevented by a surrounding fence nor allowed to asked question in public to keep this big lie secret from being exposed. But if not convinced how nature works visit a Jewish survivor monument seen on TV have a big problem seeing cement cracking now held together temporal with metal straps like a band aid until more money is available to fix it. Or better to be convinced look at the old cement bridges in the countryside build 60 years ago, but radiation is very hot will accelerate the corrosion process.

Also seen recently on TV employing young ignorant 25 year old women needing the money only $25 dollars an hour to risk their health volunteered in bunny suits diving in the pool storage of nuclear-rods to fix the cracking problem. But later mentioned offhandedly being unaware not told the danger they have big thyroid problems some already died from radiation, or still not convinced visit farmers in Russia and Japan and listen to their stories.

What is not mentioned on TV will soon be forced to make big headliners seeing the effects of radiated lethal ground-drinking-water being poisoned forever killing every LIVING-THING, even the girls in protective bunny-suits would not be save proven from absorbing deadly consequences never ever to be healthy again, get that! "Forever". That is not an act of God.

We all know even my little grandkids understand that once the Genie in Aladdin story is released, "it will never get back in the bottle". That is not a fairytale but trustworthy supported by government lies.

To be better informed why not visit Russia and Japan which started the process of many eerie ghost towns and farms now empty void of all life never to hear babies crying again for 100,000 years the experts tell me!

This generation must be the most evil; watch Gods Wrath - has not left town still around, but very angry. A corrupted society evil to the bone destroying totally globally the environment based on political correct thinking changed a 200 year old Constitution based on Christians value and law now morphed it to be "relative" most lawyers love it to make big profit. They are now eliminating globally the ancient bible rules no longer knowing the difference of good and evil, which used to be taught to every child.

What is put forward is not pie in the sky but based on true science not a fairytale should have gotten some comments from the establishment but no longer wonder why is it suppressed? I cannot phantom why Obama would once more increase uncontrolled deadly poison to cause future death for millions? He pledged that fatal radiating accidents will not happen in his administration and promised the government will watch somehow to contain nuclear radiation for 100,000 years? I wonder will he be the president next year. Avoiding responsibility what happened to Japan and Russia quick to blame it on an act of God. People may not realize that God may no longer be around and left town with his bible no longer found in the classroom or on the desk of Judges forgotten and allowing evil heading for destruction.

It is a risky business to get the attention and paddle against the stream of a godless corrupted society allowing such deadly nuclear evil in conflict with a 6000-year-old bible thrown out as being worthless. It changed a society believing in false rigid opinions based on fairytales brainwashed in an atheistic unscientific evolution religion exclusively taught globally in most universities. Follow the laws of physics irrevocable will demonstrate the consequence either for good or evil should not be exchanged to be relative. What men sows, he will harvest fixed in the unalterable law of nature.

I hope my Babushka concept books will gain credibility. It will take some time to understand this totally new Donut Atom theory offending the sensibility of many who do not have the ability to think logically anymore on two levels. They willfully deny that physics blends with metaphysics. Start reading the First Chapter of Romans in the New Testament. The Apostle Paul wrote it 2000 years ago, and it is still around to widen horizons.

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