Pearl #205 -

Ultimate Renewable Energy Engine #15:
Zapperino Bicycle - Golf Commuter Car


Reviewing my underwater UREE version once more, I looked at a revealed picture design in the Babushka egg concept book UREE #9, Page 83. It took sometime to better understand it because these concepts are still new to me not familiar with the laws of physics governing a universe.

I am sure there are just no books available agreeing with a new Donut Atom model. Only my theory explained how life is embedded inside every atom nucleus. And further discovered each atomic nucleus is controlled by intelligence living within the proton-neutron structure matching the formation of matter a totally new concept.

I kept wondering how energy is transferred. The pictures from the Hubble telescope show the many lights on in the nightly sky that is energy to me I can see. Questioning where it comes from everybody seems to affirm that a black hole could be the energy source for our Milky Way Galaxy as postulated in these Babushka egg concept books. I am very open to hear anyone’s different opinion but back it up with three factual science witnesses conforming to the thermodynamic entropy laws. Very few have ever attempted to combine physics with the mystery metaphysics in a full rounded 360⁰ perspective. Sir Isaac Newton tried to explain it, still suppressed half of his collected writings.

Let's investigate Jonah's biggest underwater UREE fish once more. It is exposed to ten thousand times higher, unlimited energy resource than the Hoover Dam. Massive energy is stored in the ocean still a forgotten discovery pointed out nearly hundred years ago by the German scientist Hoffman. My first attempt to explain again the #1 UREE it is still a simpler and better design. The other UREE models each became a little more complicated depending on application. Fundamentally, they all work the same as electricity can only be converted when kinetic energy is moved perpetually. What at first seems IMPOSSIBLE gets better once you understand the UREE theory principles. 

Trying to understand the pressure conversion principles present in an ocean-water media once more, I soon discovered that it could also be applied above ocean. It is also linked to magnetic GRAVITY, but the huge ocean pressure can be substituted for by air pressure to make it portable for driving a car perpetually without gasoline. Or, a container boat can refuel its high-pressure steel bottle tank by sinking it deep enough in the ocean to replenished pressure for the next trip if it had a leak.

For the UREE home-version, a tire compressor is enough to maintain free energy with your house detached from the Hoover Dam electrical system. That means disconnected from your energy bills, too. It works when perpetual motion can be converted to electricity as proven in many UREE examples. To gain useful profit, a little added energy must be returned for perpetual motion. Similar to a cuckoo clock running with a fixed static gravity weight, it needs a weighted chain-force to run it perpetually, thus conforming to the ∞ energy exchange. 

Basically, a static high pressure, like GRAVITY, will move a piston down, but it must have a little higher pressure returned to the piston back into the same pressure tank to make the motor run perpetually ready for another cycle. The UREE system only works when a flywheel is first cranked to maximum speed but still needs as explained in physics a little extra energy to keep it going. What is overlooked it will store every bit of energy for a short time until the next cycle takes over as linked to the crank. 

Back to my first UREE invention to explain the principle once more, think of a single cylinder linked to a small pressure air bottle about 200 lb., for example, some might need more depending on application. Later, I discovered that the piston could be made from super magnets of Neodymium-Iron-Boron as mentioned in Pearls #201, #203, #204 and #206. Using super magnets will create extra electricity by means of a coil mounted on the outside of the cylinder. If an extra coil is used on the top and bottom of the cylinder, polarity can be switched for the right timing adding to the overall system, utilizing the nature of magnetism that opposite polarity is attracting and reverse will repel.

For a Zapperino version, the underwater picture shows that we must mount on the other side of the now converted magnetic piston with an embedded return spring of 20 lb. Its compression and expansion would only consume 10% of the total force - plenty available from the air tank.

It will be used in helping to push the piston back on the return cycle needed for perpetual motion designed to give some inertia back just at the right time. We know the flywheel will store every bit of kinetic and inertia energy and like a pendulum of a cuckoo clock the velocity starts with zero accelerating like the piston being pushed down.

At halfway it is already maxed out, as the flywheel crank will slow it down forcing the energy velocity to become zero again like a pendulum. Analyzing the motor theory, the pressure valve from the air tank should be closed at that halfway stroke. The added energy for perpetual motion is still needed. It accumulates by a continued full stroke compressing a spring first from gravity force, but midway it switches over being converted from the embedded, extended inertia.

Once more GRAVITY is applied to the first half cycle passed on to the flywheel, which is now maxed out and switched over to collected inertia energy on the second half cycle. I should slow down a little, but it has energy still stored in iron atoms unnaturally compressed on a much higher energy level in form of the external steel-spring. Once the atom force is released in the return cycle, it can be converted to electricity via a magnetic bridge and driving a flywheel that ends with zero velocity at the end of the stroke. It is only visible when the interplay of kinetic energy to inertia is needed as in the rollercoaster example where the uphill pendulum motion became an inertia force no longer GRAVITY kinetic power. It has switched over to oppose gravity as demonstrated in a cuckoo clock pendulum.

Once the atom force is released in the return cycle, it can be converted to electricity via a magnetic bridge embedded in the flywheel but ending at zero velocity at the end of the stroke. When time is zero, remember where the energy is. It is only visible when we observe the interplay of kinetic energy to inertia needed as in the rollercoaster example where the uphill pendulum motion became an inertia force no longer a GRAVITY kinetic power but switched over to opposing gravity as demonstrated in a cuckoo clock pendulum.

For perpetual motion, the embedded compression spring of 20 lb. could be enough to store the extra inertia energy needed. When activated, it adds to the return trip expanding across a full return stroke pushing the magnet piston back with an extra 20% spring force to become 100% entropy when the spring atom force is added. This counter net-force seems supplemented in our example, being added mechanically to the coming stored energy from the flywheel.

But for driving a bicycle a little more energy is needed. It can be extracted from a cylinder coil - magnetic piston converted to electricity by charging a properly timed fat capacitor. The extra compressed spring force of 20 lb., now added to the capacitor spark force via a coil, will create the additional inertia force required for perpetual motion. It will easily return to 200 lb. plus the weight of a bicycle rider.

The magnet-piston of 1000 lb. will return the previously stored air tank with no trouble because the static pressure has not changed but was closed by a mid-stroke valve before being maxed out. Now inertia takes over pushing the magnet piston further. It will add the converted electrical energy to aid perpetual motion to continue for another cycle to have a bicycle running with free energy. That little extra energy needed is generated from the magnetic-piston-cylinder coil that converts electricity via a solenoid coil on the top and bottom of the cylinder that collects energy generated by the passing magnetic piston stroke. Energy is fed back via a link to the discharged capacitor to energize the coil both ways and keep the flywheel running to drive the bicycle.

The mini-electrical UREE once cranked amplifies the recycled perpetual energy from the cylinder coil created by the magnet piston motion. When leftover electricity is reinvested in a solenoid, it gains energy I call profit, which drives a bicycle with free energy without an electric generator and perhaps without an air tank.

Summed up once more: the basic principle of exciting a higher electron flow comes from recycling energy by adding a stronger magnetic pulse to the next winding. The repeating oscillation becomes a generator to the other.  Since the single piston Zapperino UREE design has limited output, it could be connected to a number units lined up perhaps in a golf car or in the basement of your house to balance out varying day and night power usages, or as an add-on to several UREE units.

The Zapperino Mini-UREE is perfect for applications without an electrical generator using free energy stored in a flywheel. I mentioned a rubber pressurized collapsible commuter car on the end of my #9 UREE story. It is the perfect application for a single piston, or miniaturized for a bicycle.

Two billion poor people could add it to the bamboo frame bicycle kit mentioned on the end of my Babushka book. If more energy is needed could link it to two generators with a flex coupling to enhance a flywheel at higher speed. Many more design options are available for special applications favoring one or the other design features depending on cost. 

Have fun and let me know if you found another way to get green electricity dirt-cheap. You still can make obscene profits if you start your own business. It is easy to become a millionaire and sell globally where no electricity exists or to angry people who get ripped off from the energy cartel married to the automobile industry controlling the global market. But progress cannot be stopped.

You write the next pearl, as more applications are possible like the Wright brothers’ invention expanded was seen on the moon watching TV. It takes some time to digest the new UREE theories applied to existing technology, I am sure it will be suppressed by the energy cartel ruining their business. But once a crack developed in the Hoover-Dam, it cannot be plugged up as the infinite Alpha(+ONE) energy is too powerful for mortals, as only explained in my Babushka egg concept books.

I am still learning about how the Eternal ELOHIM created his universe and energized it down to every atom to fuel each Zapperino heart beat, giving me unbroken perpetually free energy for 80 years. The new UREE concept revealed by the ELOHIM will become the next energy source one way another lasting 1000 years fueling the prophesied Kingdom of God becoming a divinely controlled third civilization described in Babushka egg concept books. 


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