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Forbidden Divine Paradox - Karl Marx Forecast


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Karl MarxThe king of socialism Karl Marx lived in a Christian neighborhood. He saw so much wrong in society and argued about the abolishment of private property to form a classless proletariat, which has been a goal fervently desired by millions hoping for a better government for more than a hundred years. Regrettably, he had thrown out the baby with the bathwater. His socialism is still very much in vogue, being desired by the majority and pursued worldwide by many governments. Though socialism is now mislabeled democracy, it is still grossly misguided by enforced atheisms.

History should have taught us by now what works, or does not, to improve the living standards worldwide. But in reality, life on earth got worse. Many decent people abhor having big government controlling every facet of life, telling you what to do, with ever-higher taxes, and a state controlled MEDIA to curtail your freedom in every detail even deceitful about how to educate your kids. The whole schlimazel just could boil your blood if you still have a logical mind?

I feel sorry that there was no true Christian to tell Marx that he was not wrong in his observations of injustice in society, but he should have dropped the lies of atheism and investigated Life on the other side of the coin rooted in the Torah-Bible, to be better educated reading 2 Timothy 2:1. Thus, he missed the good NEWS compared to prophecy about when Yeshua-Jesus will return in power to establish exactly what Karl Marx hoped for but now is linked to God’s Kingdom on the front door.

The King of Kings, Yeshua-Jesus, will organize his global Kingdom and will start a new government without pay, as money will no longer exist, obsoleting the bankers. Hallelujah! He will give mankind a Sabbath rest eliminating private property but let you live free in a big house and only work when you feel like it, like pursuing a hobby to create a masterpiece. Everyone will feel safe to raise a family looking forward to the next party to meet the other kids.

It gets better. He will dictate and enforce that only one religion is allowed to worship his Father in heaven. His new laws will be brought from heaven. That is where we all want to go, but maybe earth is still a good place as it responds once more with untold blessings, flourishing with a reborn nature never again polluted and poisoned. Fishing for fun will be everywhere. My grandkids will see butterflies once more and turn over rocks to see a hundred creatures running for safety to use as bait for fishing.

Why not read the Bible still the bestseller translated in thousand languages to find out what will happen next year? Read and listen a bit to this crazy scientist diving repeatedly in the Bible Ocean to find my last goodbye in Pearls #666, 777, 888, if you want to know current world politics and understand recent history. Karl Marx paradox theories are still contested in the US Congress, which is involved in the continuing “Islamic Spring” revolution linked to a cult evolution religion based on lies and deception exposed in the Babushka Concept Eggs.

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