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  1. Understanding the Bible better by using science instead of theology

  2. Revealing the true scope of God’s Plan for Humanity

  3. Illuminating why God’s plan includes an Apocalypse - when, where and why its main events take place

  4. Discovering why ancient cultures built pyramids, outdoor observatories like Stonehenge and complex calendar clocks to mark seasons and worship celestial bodies like the sun

  5. Explaining the catastrophic consequences of Genetically Modified Organisms

  6. Demystifying global warming

  7. Presenting a new theory for a startling, donut-shaped structure of each atom’s nucleus that also explains how the universe in the Time Dimension was created using recent discoveries about the nature of light and its velocity

Inventor-scientist Herbert R. Stollorz has written six Babushka books from an unusual and scientific perspective never done before. He discovered a Rosetta Stone in the Book of Daniel that unlocked Bible prophecies seldom understood before by theologians. For the first time, God’s Plan for Humanity can be seen from new discoveries in biology and physics.

Like international trains, God’s plan must conform to an exact schedule. Significant events in human history and prophecy are like the train stations on a railroad line that crosses international time zones. Similarly, God’s plan is marked through the course of time by events prophesied in the biblical books of Revelation and Daniel.

He refers to his writings as Babushka books because they all go together in a way that recalls these well known Russian dolls. Russian Babushka dolls have a number of dolls - one embedded inside another–all painted wearing the same costume. They represent scaled concepts as the larger ones enclose smaller ones with balanced similarities in structure and design to emphasize God’s creative plan duplicated in various sizes. Each design tells the same story only scaled a little smaller needed for a witness to establish truth. To avoid misleading opinions, Deuteronomy requires “two [+one]” witnesses for something to be acceptable in court.

Bible prophecy confuses many theologians because they are not educated in science and do not match the witness requirements. As a result, thousands of Christian books have been written over the centuries that do not give clear answers about some of the most important issue of Bible history and prophecy. Many are just speculations to make money. Other teachings postulated in churches that lack the five Bible witness references required to elevate a human opinion to the level of dogma.

An angel sent from the Creator told Daniel that in the last days there would be those who were wise (have insight) who would understand the prophecies about the end of the age, the coming of the Messiah and the restoration of Israel. In these pages you will discover Bible prophecy confirmed by the numeric structure of the Hebrew language (the Hebrew Alphabet Number System or HANS), by the function-driven design of ancient calendars and gold-bronze clocks found in museums around the world and by the Hebrew calendar of fast and feast days.

These analytical tools revealed that Daniel’s writing delivers meaning on two levels. One dates and describes to the first coming of Jesus, and the other dates the season, but not to the day or hour, of his return to rule the earth as Israel’s Messiah and the Nations’ King of Kings. When someone gives dates, it sounds like an opinion, but The Babushka books cross-reference often, which in all exceeds the witness requirements due to a surplus of confirming information outside the control of the author.

My Babushka books explore many new concepts never preached in any church and expound on God’s Plan for Humanity with specific, biblically-based elements of how it is being and will be implemented. If you have a bit of an open mind and a willingness to think logically, you will have fun reading these books designed to widen your horizons of understanding the Bible linked to science.

One of his first discoveries was an ancient Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS). The numeric structure of the Hebrew language provides vital keys that opened up answers to a number of Bible mysteries that have stumped theologians for centuries. By using rational scientific principles learned from his years as an inventor who made devices that worked, the author’s discoveries debunk many false teachings postulated by theologians. This research even includes new discoveries in science and the ancient world, which surprised him greatly.

His greatest discovery came from applying HANS to Bible prophecy because it revealed a divine plan for humanity that has never really been understood well by theologians. God’s purpose for humankind can be summed up in the first three Hebrew words in Genesis linked to, or completed by, the last two Greek words of Revelation:

[In the beginning,] [created] [God] – [all] [the Saints]

The Saints are the reason we have a Bible from God using 40 Hebrew scribes across 1,600 years. Applying modern science cross-referenced with HANS reveals many concepts hidden in the Bible that dates specific future events precisely to a day and hour. Like cuckoo clock cycles, overlaying history and ancient clocks announces 21 December 2012 just as surely as we expect the cuckoo bird at 12 o’clock. We should be watching as the continuation of humanity’s historical past became this series of Babushka books. It reassembles the puzzle of God’s creation captured in wholesome new concepts never preached in church. It will even surprise many scientists!

For example, many ancient clocks exhibited in museums around the world connected to diverse cultures and dating different times come together to confirm independently a strange chronological-calendar system of cycles mentioned in the Bible’s first book Genesis. They revealed that the Prophet Daniel’s kitchen clock was different from our modern ones because in his day the earth still had a wobble in its rotational axis leftover from a massive asteroid strike that occurred on 5 February 2287 BC at the beginning of Noah’s Flood.

More is explained in Babushka book #3, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries. For example, Daniel’s system of 70 prophecy weeks matches a 14.305789 calendar constant that appears in several ancient clock mechanisms and calendars discovered by secular scientists. Not only will this discovery shock theologians and atheists, this constant makes it possible to calculate the exact date of the Apocalypse 2008-2015, which makes church building projects unnecessary and obsolete. These ancient calendars project another asteroid strike, which iis confirmed by science magazines to be already in orbit as well as by Bible prophecy.

The Creation of Time and the Material Universe

Originally, Mr. Stollorz believed that heavenly dimension (Heh=5), which is a dimension without time or clock, was disturbed by something unanticipated in the vast timeless of eternity. Before this disturbance, there was no need for time. The Bible describes this heavenly disturbance as the rebellion of its highest administrator, Lucifer. The rebellion, or fall, of Lucifer/Satan and his associates caused a break in the peaceful flow of eternity that created the necessity for time and a material universe manifest at a lower energy level and subjected to time according to mathematical laws of physical forces like gravity.

Satan’s ruckus ventured into unauthorized territory, a forbidden direction that required God’s attention and correction. God devised a plan and set it in motion to get everything back on track the way it should be. Two paths, tracks or dials for dealing with Satan’s rebellion were incorporated in that plan:

  1. A way to deal justly with the rebellious angels – Satan and his demons
  2. and the other to find replacements to take their place in the administration of God’s heavenly realm, which became God’sPlan for Humankind.

The old order of the Heh (=5) dimension got broken and needed a new, higher order or Jod (=10) dimension in order to restore peace to the universe. Once the old system was broken, it could not be fixed and needed replacement. The whole shamazzle Satan caused created the time dimension with cycles that cannot be constant as different problems requires longer or shorter cycles to accomplish a goal of restitution and redemption of what went wrong.

Two main players had to be dealt with in parallel; therefore, a number of related, extra creation projects were devised. First, there had to be a court system set up to separate the bad from the good angels in the Heh dimension. After that, a special environmental incubator was made to nurture new beings created with a special design under controlled supervision. That incubator became our earth, which remains unique in the universe in its physical characteristics. We humans are the beings created to become the replacements for the many vacant positions left open in God’s administration, or kingdom, by the massive rebellion of corrupted angels.

Adam and Eve were created to establish a human race some what different than angels. People are not as powerful, and are born material as the first of a two-stage system analogous a butterfly’s lifecycle. The first stage is the caterpillar, which ends in the death and grave-like stillness of a cocoon. Successful transformations from the cocoon stage emerge as beautiful adult butterflies.

To eliminate the potential for a future rebellion, the newly designed humans were embedded with high intelligence. Being mortal, they could be tested in the first stage with evil and eliminated if they failed to learn essential spiritual lessons imbedded in a built-in memory that can be activated automatically like an immune system against evil of any kind. Graduates of this two-stage system (the Saints) will by free choice always reject any infectious evil should it appear again in either the material or spiritual dimensions. They will snuff out any evil in the bud, before it grows like a mushroom overnight so as not to give it time to infect a whole community with evil, which would inevitably result in another rebellion.

Because evil was a new experience for everybody, God appointed Satan as the experienced school teacher. Satan’s activities and consciousness transcends all human history while mortals only live for a short time. Since Lucifer (now called Satan) started the original mutiny against God’s established order, he was well qualified to inoculate humanity with evil. Despite his permitted evil role in the divine order, Satan will be executed for his crimes at his appointed day.

God will choose only qualified graduate students to replace the fallen angels. This is why all people, including the Saints, must be exposed to the evils and sufferings of this age, forced to live in a world that ignores the true Creator and denies His established definitions of what is good and what is evil. By suffered experience, humans deeply learn to recognize and know the difference between good and evil so as to avoid what is bad, what is not love as defined by the divine nature. The mortals who graduate from living in the school of hard knocks (the caterpillar stage) will be called the Saints(butterflies). By their own choice and transformed nature, they will be forever loyal to the Creator in the future Jod dimension community.

The restoration of peace in heaven required a schedule and needed a calendar with clocks. Since there are two parties, Satan and Mortals, both need to be on a synchronized time schedule. Their ages of activity and consciousness run in parallel, intersecting at key milestones or railroad stations in God’s plan. Faithful servants of the Creator can look forward to being resurrected into the new, beautiful Jod dimension world, transformed like a caterpillar into a butterfly.

By that time, Satan will be fired from his job and executed for his crimes of rebellion against God. All human institutions and civilization will be closed down. The time dimension will end at the Last Day of Judgment in front of a Great White Throne. Any remaining, unsettled issues will be resolved for everybody. The scales of justice will be balanced, all debts paid and unnecessary junk burned up along with the old, worn-out earth in a fiery lake. The material world will be reduced to simple atomic ashes and recycled as infinite energy to begin and build the new Jod dimension system without a time dimension, schedules or clocks, which will no longer be needed. God’s Plan for Humankind was written only for those who want to be Saints in God’s kingdom administration. The rest of humanity is not interested in, or even opposed to, not privileged to understand these precious, concept pearls.

Russian Babushka DollThe First Babushka book, Apocalypse Prophesied: From Eden to New Jerusalem

This book identifies who the main players are in God’s Plan for Humanity. Many are ignorant about the Bible because we are not allowed to read it in public anymore, which has created a vacuum in understanding and led to a totally atheistic society. Also, our modern pace of life forces everybody to be in a hurry. We have so little time left to discover what is most important in life, like what will happen after death.

That raises a lot of questions theologians have tried to answer but failed because they are not educated in applied science. This first Babushka book tells the story of God's Plan for Humanity in a short version balanced by pragmatic scientific principles. This approach is analogous to a stabilized, two-rail track system for trains.

I use illustrations from science to communicate Bible concepts so that they can be understood in other cultures without Bible knowledge. Since some countries prohibit the Bible altogether, the Internet becomes a good tool to reach those shut out from the light of truth by oppressive governments.

As a scientist and engineer, I also present God’s 7,000-year Plan for Humanity depicted by a cuckoo clock system composed of two dials. Each dial marks the time dimension by cycles according to the Hebrew Rosetta Stone 7:5 ratio - a peculiar clock used on earth.

Anciently, time was measured on earth a little differently than for the last 2,000 years because the earth then experienced a wobble in its rotational axis that required early priests and astronomers to devise calendars with two dials. In my system, one dial became the time cycle allocation for Satan the school teacher of evil, and the other clock dial became the history trail for mortals, who are the students in Satan’s school.

This book explains who is involved and presents a synopsis of God’s plan from the creation of the universe to the end of human history. It was written for those who might not have easy access to a Bible and so included a thousand Bible verses organized so that everyone can understand - even those who never read the Bible. The entire book (or by chapter) may be downloaded for free and is translated in all four languages. Published editions may be purchased in English, Spanish and German through our Amazon book store.

Have fun! Even if you are a Christian, reading this book will widen your horizons. You will learn much about science embedded in the Bible, which came to me as a total surprise as a German scientist.

Russian Babushka DollThe Second Babushka book, Mystery of Tammuz 17: Ancient Hebrew Keys to Dating the Apocalypse

This book deals with what will happen by detailing the main events of the 7-year Apocalypse prophesied in Daniel and Revelation. These seven years end our present civilization of human strife under Satan’s schooling. They conclude with the birthing of the Saints, who are the resurrected graduates of Satan’s school. A massive Resurrection of millions from the grave begins the Kingdom of God Jesus told us about.

The present, corrupt and evil world system will be terminated and burnt by cleansing fire to remove harmful genetically modified organisms, which greatly offend God. Satan and his school will be disposed of - like a placenta no longer needed. As the Saints inoculated against evil are released from the present age school of evil, the teacher is put in jail for one thousand years to be executed later for his crimes.

This book explains many mysteries found in reading the Bible that have stumped theologians for centuries. In particular, it explains how key events of the Apocalypse can now be dated and why it was not possible before. The prophesied Apocalypse will take place over a seven-year period, which was precisely scheduled from the beginning of time.

Those interested to know how, when and what will happen must read this second Babushka book specializing in the Apocalypse, 21 December 2008-2015.

It was also written for those who might not have easy access to a Bible and so includes a thousand Bible verses that can be read free on the Internet in four languages. The entire book (or by chapter) may be downloaded for free in all four languages. Published English, Spanish and German editions may be purchased through our Amazon book store.

Russian Babushka DollThe Third Babushka book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries: 2012, Aztec Pyramids, Antikythera & Other Ancient Calendar Clocks

This Babushka book is about when. It links to time cycles measured by ancient bronze-gold clocks found in many museums around the world. They were never deciphered. For hundreds of years scientists could not figure out what kind of time and calendar events they kept track of. Even the Antikythera clock in Athens with 32 bronze gears and three dials dated 100 years before Christ remains a mystery to them.

All clocks conform to ancient calendars and zodiac positions to tell time. I discovered a world clock in Genesis, the first book in the Bible, describing hidden cycles not obvious to theologians. That cracked the code for all the other clocks. Since many theologians and scientists are ignorant of the Bible, they have preconceived and faulty concepts about nature. Some even think that God must be stupid.

To most theologians and scientists, God is not real: the almighty Creator is just a figment of human imagination, fears and needs for psychological support. It is inconceivable to them that real intelligence is structurally embedded in His creation that even reveals his plan and purpose for humanity. These biases have prevented the understanding of many mysteries for thousands years.

They have missed the natural cycles functioning like a cuckoo clock seen above his Throne in Heaven surrounded with a rainbow with spectral lines embedded as described by John in Revelation 4 and explained in my 6th Babushka book, A Donut Atom Nuclear Story. Genesis reveals a clock calendar schedule for two ball players - humanity and Satan. I am not surprised to find one clock veiled in heaven above God’s Throne, as the plan for humanity originated there.

The ancient priests of various religions did know some interesting aspects of the earth’s orbit around the sun, which they embedded in ancient clocks they designed. The structure of these calendar clocks serve as independent historical witnesses across the ages and from around the world to confirm what was written in the prophetic Word of God called the Bible.

Ancient clocks tell us that the earth once rotated with a backwards wobble. It posed a great challenge to early scientists and priests contending with switched sunrises and sunsets a few times and is very interesting to see how various ancient cultures solved the common problem of uneven years and shifting lengths of seasons by building so many pyramids, outdoor observatories, clocks and calendars. Each of their complicated systems required advanced mathematics, which has not been understood in modern times because almost all university researchers believing in atheistic fairytales assume that the earth’s seasonal cycles have remained unchanged for billions of years. This book examines newly discovered science facts of recent research work published in magazines to balance it with wisdom from the Bible, which took some time to accumulate.

To write for an audience of scientists believing in evolutionary fairytales elevated to educational dogma requiring billions of years is a challenge to any writer. Yet, with all of our modern technology, most still do not know the purpose for human existence and do not know why the universe exists either. God has now revealed the explanation of many mysteries concerning ancient bronze-gold clocks hanging in museums, ancient pyramids and stone circles and even the reasons for some of the traditionally preserved features found in fancy clocks from the Middle Ages. That really served no critical function, such as the last ancient astrological clock design in Prague high up the bell tower that even serves as a model for a cuckoo clock sold to tourists.

This book upends a lot of faulty teaching found in universities being postulated by an atheistic academic priesthood trying to undermine and silence God’s Word. Ancient clocks adjusted to NASA atom clock calculations were needed by God, and by mankind, to keep a redemption plan right on schedule. That schedule reveals preset dates of ancient prophecies dated like a railroad is planned with stations going through different time zones.

That schedule reveals preset dates of ancient prophecies like the dating of the Apocalypse laid out with stations going through different time zones on a dual railroad for balance. History cycles can project future dates accurate to a day if ancient clock-calendars are calibrated to our present NASA calendar because God planned it that way. The present astronomical calendar does not change any longer because the earth’s wobbling axis has almost come to rest at a 23½° tilt.

Ignorance of God’s Plan for Humanity and ancient clocks has created much confusion in Bible seminaries, where ivory tower philosophers come up with all kinds of dogmas that do not make scientific sense. Faith got a bad repudiation from these dreamed up religious dogmas because the theologians did not recognize the logical, scientific evidence embedded in the Bible, which is identified clearly once one knows God’s Plan for a new Jod universe.

We can find out about the schedule and learn a lot about physics in the process. Bible prophecy connects to a time dimension following scientific laws, which puts the Bible back on top, worthy once again of great respect.

Russian Babushka DollThe Fourth Babushka book, Genetic Modification Exposed!

This book explains why the Apocalypse must be so severe. Because of modern technology’s unnatural and greedy manipulation of many species’ genetic codes, God must destroy large areas of the globe to preserve the creation. The world’s environmental ecosystems must be cleansed and purified through fire and extensive calamities so that mankind can survive.

Modern society has become totally corrupt. In their race of mega-profits, global corporations are destroying the earth for the next generation by genetically modifying all foods. The products of this mad science are destroying the natural balance built into the creation, such as causing massive extinction of honeybees that are disappearing. If left unchecked, this irresponsible use of scientific knowledge would by itself terminate God’s creation and destroy His Plan for Humanity at the same time.

Massive biological manipulation is poisoning the environment with wholesale destruction. God must interfere to save what he created for future generations. A willful rebellious atheism lies at the core of this global threat to all life. It has almost reached the point of no return and must be stopped in the next three years or Satan will be able to gloat, “This time, God, I screwed up your creation irreversibly because I am more powerful than you!”

Watch God’s reaction to Satan’s greatest challenges since the Flood. God must not delay His schedule by showing mercy for a second chance. Instead, He must hurry up to save the creation before the natural order becomes extinct. The cuckoo bird now set to appear at the “midnight hour” of 21 December 2012, which will reset the time dimension in another parabolic time direction as even the ancient Mayans and Aztecs recorded in their calendars. To become educated about one of the greatest crimes being committed against humanity, read this Babushka about a primary cause of the Apocalypse 2008-2015.

Russian Babushka DollThe Fifth Babushka book, Reflections on Global Warming

This book witnesses against the false opinions promoted by atheistic governments, which is one of the latest and most popular hot buttons for politicians to put more money in their pocket. Not surprisingly, they are not interested to learn that historical events reported in the Bible can tell us the cause of global warming.

We can become informed about climate change in ancient books of many civilizations especially coming from a historic 4,000-year Bible perspective. Learning about events recorded by ancient eyewitness can aid us in a global warming theory why the weather is changing in our time which could give us enough data for a climate model and not wasting a lot of dollars in wild speculative assumption on top of assumption.

Therefore any discussion on global warming connected with the Bible should not be stifled by the establishment. I invite my fellow scientists to get a little educated in the true realism of what is happening to our globe from a spiritual Christian perception using a dual rail approach. Global warming theories finally come around to agree with the Bible to establish facts and reject fairytale theories from the past as explained in Science News.

Studying God’s creation increases knowledge and makes us wiser. If you want to be educated in science from God’s perspective, this short booklet unifies a number of scientific and theological concepts that are scaled from larger to smaller patterns of structured principles like each Babushka book is a little smaller.

Russian Babushka DollThe Sixth Babushka book, A Donut Atom Nuclear Story

This last book is wow. It discusses how God created and sustains the universe. For centuries people looked up into the starry sky and wondered about how it got started. How old is the universe? Why does it exist?

When electron microscopes were invented, it became possible to look at the universe found within an atom. At the subatomic and atomic levels, the smallest scale model of the entire universe may be found. The universe’s vast spaces between humongous galaxies are replicated by the relatively vast spaces found between an atom’s particles. Today, peering through a telescope or a microscope looks the same.

Many forces we experience daily cannot be fully explained by physics. For example, how is “life” manufactured? Where did it come from? The same line of questioning applies to gravity, which is still a mystery. Add to it magnetism, electricity, light and what we call the dimension of time, and even more concepts debated in science and religion in fact become even more complex. Their study demands a concentrated gathering of information that seems to come with a lot of confusion not following the path of logic. They become so complex that their equations can no longer be processed without massive computers capable of handling billions data bytes per second.

However, God has turned on the light to shine in darkness. Now, for the first time in history, His Plan for Humanity has been more completely revealed from the dual perspective of applied science and the Bible. That is because the time has come for the Apocalypse to begin, which will consummate human history outside of God’s government. These ideas will not be found in theological institutions or explained in the halls of leading universities. They arrived just in time to set the record straight for true scientists during a time dominated by an atheistic education system devoid of common sense

This final Babushka book presents a new theory of atomic structure. Many believe in fairytales and false doctrines invented by fallible human beings that blind them to the total picture of God’s plan for humankind from a heavenly or Heh perspective. To understand the time dimension of the material universe, we need clocks. The first cuckoo clock invented is in heaven. It was not made in Germany.

But clocks with cycle gears are linked to calendars that must work together like calculators measuring time. It requires a little background knowledge to understand how it works. My theory of atomic structure is a concept from the Bible that is much better at explaining the laws of physics, such as how gravity works. I present it from a biblical perspective unheard of in the halls of higher education. The Donut Atom Theory explores an intelligence system embedded within the rainbow found above God’s throne in the bible’s book of Revelation. It looks at atomic structure and the physical laws of the universe from God’s perspective. To read it, one must first acquire a little instruction on how atoms were created as related to the beginning of the universe. The answer conforms to God’s Plan for Humanity. Without that plan nothing makes sense, which is why atheistic university halls are full of confusion and false teaching. My last Babushka book explains nuclear science in simple language for the average person.

Russian Babushka Doll The Seventh Babushka book, What is the Time Dimension?

All my Babushka concept books are linked to the Bible, which is really the biggest Babushka book embedded with God’s concepts to educate us. Within its pages we read about the history of humanity, many of God’s laws and principles for life and may discover God’s Plan for Humanity.

It includes ancient calendars to measure time. The plan of God revealed that the earth is God’s laboratory where we learn for ourselves the consequences of good and evil and may qualify for the promised First Resurrection of the Saints similar to the illustration in nature, a two-cycle system like the caterpillar-butterfly life cycle.

My Babushka books attempt to explain more fully many concepts of God’s design of the universe and purpose for life as cross-referenced with scientific discoveries. I present a balanced, 360° theater-in-the-round projection by including discoveries like HANS – the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, which opened many more mysteries.

The HANS overlay of science led me to write these six concept books that should educate some skeptics biased from incomplete information supplied by our educational system’s atheistic religion. Simply stated, God’s Word can be trusted and agrees with true science.

My Seventh Babushka book presents a new model explaining the physics behind HOW THE UNIVERSE WAS CREATED utilizing structural physics that reveal the missing dimension in science.: An invisible Galactic-Atomic Force linked to a universal Strong - Weak Force connects Gravity and Magnetism in a Time Dimension, which can be expressed mathematically as:

Time Dimension Equation

Which explains the first Genesis Creation Act:
“In the Beginning God created the heavens and earth.”
(Genesis 1:1-2)

Have fun reading these Babushka books that are designed to widen your horizons by learning something you probably wanted to know about since childhood. Learn how to become a Saint who will be resurrected after 17 September 2015. Despite being disturbed many misled pastors will join the crowd who probably will not survive the Apocalypse either being too proud to be warned by a modern day Jonah.

I urge you to read – listen - think for yourself, so that you will not perish but accept God’s gift of Eternal Life to be saved just in time. God’s serious message to the peoples of all nations today is announced:

The Apocalypse is scheduled for
21 December 2008 - 21 December 2015.


Science News, October 25, 2008 - Cooling climate “consensus” of the 1970s never was - Myths often cited by global warming skeptics debunked: by Sid Perkins at

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